• Published 11th Sep 2019
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Twilight's Nightmare - Nightsclaw

Twilight in her most desperate of moments issues a cry for help, she was not expecting the Nightmare to be her saviour.

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CH 31.3 Night's Night

Night looked around at the ashes she lay partially buried in. Her heart pounding and pain lancing through her very essence. That...that.. whore. Was the first thought to filter though through the pain. That fiery mare had burnt her, had somehow burnt away some of her wellspring with a simple attack. That should not be possible for a simple strike, body of flames or not. Mental scape or not.

“Do you even know who…” Night started an angry tirade and was interrupted by a painful coughing fit. The ash and smoke hanging in the air burnt her lungs, so she just spent a little magic to no longer need to breathe.

The internal conflict in the mental scape had somehow spilled over into an inferno of flames. Fortunately, the protective magic Twilight had laid upon her room to keep Celestia out had almost stopped the destruction from spreading outside the room itself.

Night staggered to her hooves. Why did you stop me disciplining that fiend? She tried to send to Twilight, but there was no response.

She pulled herself to her hooves and surveyed the burn marks. They seemed familiar. It did not take long for Night to have a suspicion. Perhaps it was not the Dark Mage that tried to kill me by setting our wellspring alight…

Night would have to do more investigation. Her wellspring had only been damaged, not set ablaze… Perhaps it was just a chain of events that had caused what had happened at the temple. Perhaps something the Mage had done interfered with what the fiery mare was trying to do, and it all went horribly wrong. Two different types of dark magic mixing were always unpredictable. The pride and contempt powered magic of the Dark Mage and the rage-fueled magic of Twilight’s little daemon.

The pain was not lessening, it was soul-deep, literally. So like an attack meant to utterly destroy the foe if enough of them landed. So very much like sister’s methods…. Well, this is part of her student after all.

Concentrating and casting a dark type of illusion on herself, the pain melted away. Night knew it was still there just she would no longer feel it. In the end, she would have to release the pain, but the good thing about the spell was she could unleash on others… all that saved up pain dumped on a pony to be felt in an instance.

She recalled saving up all her battle wounds in an engagement and passing them on to a pony just to watch them die of shock right there and then. Ahh, good times. She thought, letting herself feel past glee.

The expected response from Twilight did not happen, there was no feeling of revulsion, disagreement or outrage. There was just nothing. If it was not for the fact that she knew that Twilight was still inside the mental scape, within her bastion, Night could easily mistake the lack of sensations from her host as her being dead.

“Most likely Dreams is shielding you from me…” Night said regretfully to the room. There was going to be a lot of explaining to do. The argument with Twilight, Nova’s interference, Nights own reactions.

Night hung her head. “Perhaps being bad when family comes into play does not only affect Tia.” She shook herself. She was not going to stay here moping, there were better things to be doing.

Night decided on a long shower in one of the guest rooms and soothed her nerves and drove away the last memories of the pain. She would have to release that spell within a month. She only hoped she found a worthy target or it would be going to waste on an animal of the Everfree.

Night felt odd. She considered as the water washed the ash and soot from her coat. The only sounds were the water, her hooves as she adjusted position, her breathing and her heartbeat. There was nothing else, no voice in her mind commenting, no hints or suggestions. Everypony else had left the castle other than her Little Star who was sleeping soundly.

“Loneliness” She surprised herself by whispering. “I can cope with a thousand years on the moon, and less than an hour along and now I am…” She rested her head on the crystal wall, just letting the water fall like rain on her back and wings. “Since when did I become so weak.”

Night glanced at the black stained wings and groaned. It was going to take forever to clean all those feathers.

She thought about getting to her daughter and hugging her. The chance of waking her was not worth the comfort it would bring Night.

There’s another she could call, they would provide a different type of distraction, but it should at least fill the building hollow-sensation for a time. Night glanced at her wings, and the help in cleaning them would be nice as well.

Night let her power reach out, finding a link she had recently forged. “Come to me,” she whispered.

“Night.” Twilight’s cool level voice woke her. It only took an instant for Night to realise that the voice was not in her head, but was in the physical world.

Night snapped her eyes open and assessed her situation. As expected, she was wrapped around Emerald Shade. She remembered her weakness. Having given in to her need for company, Night had summoned her.

By the fact that she had no reaction, it was clear that Emerald was under the effect of a powerful sleep spell. The thrum of the power was intimately familiar to Night. There was no mistaking it was Twilight’s magic, using one of Luna’s spells.

Raising her gaze to meet who she was expecting to be Twilight, she froze. White luminous eyes looked back at her from a form of darkest night. The creature’s body had faintly glowing magenta markings slowly shifting within, it was pony in shape, but was not a physical creature.

Twilight had manifest her magic in a very real way in the physical world. It was not the same as Night’s shadow clone spell. This body was made of power, it was almost as if part of Twilight’s wellspring had been made manifest. Most worrying of all like this Night had no hold over her.

“We need to talk,” Twilight spoke.

In a flash of magic, Emerald was left alone in the room.

Author's Note:

Happy new year.

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