• Published 11th Sep 2019
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Twilight's Nightmare - Nightsclaw

Twilight in her most desperate of moments, issues a cry for help. She was not expecting the Nightmare to be her saviour.

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CH 6 Interrupted Night Court

Canterlot Times; Special Edition
Princess Twilight Dead!

Yesterday the Princess valiantly sacrificed herself, securing the safety of everypony within the Manehatten area. She valiantly contained a blast that could have destroyed the whole city, to merely a single building. Nopony has so far claimed responsibility for the Dark magic used. Investigators will have to wait for at least a moon to begin seeking evidence, claiming intense magic fluctuations as the reason for the delay.

It is expected to be at least two moons before any of the residents are allowed to return to the city (see page 45 for the economic ramifications). The Royal Mages citing health concerns due to long term exposure to Magic Flux (see page twelve for advice from our health expert).

Twilight died as she lived, giving her all for this great Equestria. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her friends and family. Long may she be remembered as a true hero of Harmony. (see page five for information of our campaign to get a monument built for the late Princess Twilight Sparkle at the site of her death)

With this disturbing news, the Elements of Harmony our greatest defence lay broken. (see page nine for our defence expert’s assessment of the military situation and how it will change relationships with both the Griffons and Dragons)

"Eager little vultures," Luna muttered darkly from her throne, throwing the paper to one of her aids.

"We shall not allow this tripe to be published. Our fellow Princess's fate has yet to be determined."

The Nightguard who had delivered the paper to her spoke, "My Sovereign, I am afraid it is too late."

Luna narrowed her eyes, "Explain."

"Sovereign, they rushed it, wanting to be the first to break the story. By now it will be already distributed and on sale even at this hour."

"So the first news Twilight's friends will hear..."

"Yes, my Sovereign," he said head lowering in submission.

"Unacceptable, gather her friends and family. We shall explain the truth of the situation ourselves."

The Nightguard bowed, took one step back and then faded into the shadows.

"Send in the next petitioner," Luna declared in the Royal Canterlot Voice.

The grand doors to the throne room swung open, admitting the new group of dejected-looking ponies. Refugees, she had been dealing with them all night. Some demanded to be able to return home right now, other demanding bits but most simply wanted hope. By the look of this family, they were the latter. The little foal held a homemade Twilight Sparkle plushie and seemed to be doing her best not to cry.

As pleased as she was to have hundreds of ponies wanting to seek her counsel, she wished it could have been because of a pleasant situation.

Luna offered a reassuring smile even remembering not to use the RCV "We offer greetings, what brings you before the Princess of the Night?"

Luna was fuming, fighting to contain her power; she did not need to do any damage to the throne room. She had just literally thrown a petty noble out of the Throne room. He had the gall to demand the refugees were removed from Canterlot immediately because they were interfering with a party the selfish foal was hosting.

A cheer came up from the remaining petitioners shocking her. Luna's rage broke in an instant replaced with a deeply felt feeling of contentment. She smiled warmly at the ponies in line and offering a bow of her head to them. "Next," she said not even using the RCV.

A thunderous boom rattled the windows. Luna's whole body felt the magic pulse that went with it. All the unicorns in the room flinched.

Holding up her hoof stilling everypony, she closed her eyes, examining the mystic texture of the magic. Pain, terror, rage, desperation, determination and love. All of that mixed with the unique deep burning fire that could only be caused by somepony burning out their wellspring. Luna was well aware of that sensation. It had been the cost of her Element-granted freedom from the Nightmare.

She personally knew all the ponies that could cast magic of this magnitude. She knew all except one of them had been safely at peace dreaming in her realm.

"Twilight?" escaped Luna's lips as a fearful whisper before commandingly bellowing out, "Night court is now suspended indefinitely, Nightguards on me."

Without hesitation, in a flurry of membraned wings and bursts of teleportation, a dozen Nightguards exploded from the shadows. Each landed in well-practised formation around their Sovereign. With no regard for the panic her sudden departure would cause, Luna gathered her magic. The shadows seemed to deepen in the room as the stars in her mane glowed all the brighter. Barely a moment later shadows erupted from her mane gathering around her guards, a flash of magic and the sound of displaced air, they were gone.

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