• Published 11th Sep 2019
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Twilight's Nightmare - Nightsclaw

Twilight in her most desperate of moments, issues a cry for help. She was not expecting the Nightmare to be her saviour.

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CH 31.2 Nova's Night

Author's Note:

Hi, hope you all are doing well. Sorry for the delay in this chapter, the holidays turned out to be a little bit more manic than I was expecting. Now back to the normal release schedule. All the best and thank you for reading.

Patchwork was a nice pony, Patchwork let Nova feel things, she shared like a good filly should. Patchwork reminded Nova of her doll, Smarty Pants. Nova missed Smarty Pants. Until Patchwork started talking to her, she was alone, with nopony.

Ever since their first conversation with knocks and roars, Nova had looked forward to their interactions. It had hurt her head trying to remember that code. What the knocks meant and the distant memory of a white stallion that made her feel safe, teaching her. Nova thought the pain of remembering the softer times was worth what she had now.

Not long after letting Nova talk, Patchwork started to let Nova see outside of her cage. All she needed to do now was close her eyes, and she would dimly see what Patchwork was looking at. Sometimes the sights came with other sensations.

Nova must have been good, Patchwork has shared her time with the Nice Monster that sings. That was nice, much Nicer than just listening to the singing. Nova wished she could remember the song to sing it herself. It would make her cage feel less empty.

Nova did not understand Patchwork. Patchwork saw what she wanted but did not take it. It was confusing.

She was also not reacting to danger. The sun mare was over there, Nova could feel the burning solar magic. The Moon mare's shielding wing, the only thing keeping a burning blade from cutting into her again. Nova was ready when the Sun Mare attacked, she would strike back.

She could feel the Moon Mare nibbling on her ear in that way that made Nova's insides squirm and tingle. Nova let out a low rumble of pleasure. She closed her eyes so she could see better. With her eyes closed, she could see the purple muzzle she used to have. It seemed to replace the scarred white one she really had.

Everything felt good, until she saw the Sun Mare again.

Moon Mare was still being distracting, what she was doing to Patchwork’s ear felt so very nice, but with Sun Mare here, Nova could not give in, she had to watch Sun Mare. Sun Mare was evil. Sun Mare was the most evil of evils. Sun Mare would burn.

Nova prowled back and forth in her lair, the remains of her siblings scattered amongst the floor. Other than her burning hoof prints, the only light down here was her burning mane and tail. She looked hungrily at the piles of bones and scraps of flesh. She hated what she had to do to survive, she hated what the Sun Mare had made her do. She hated the Sun Mare and her burning sword.

Nova was smart enough to know that Sun Mare was powerful. She would be hard to defeat, hard to kill. If she was to strike, she would need to strike true. Her fire was hungry, but Patchwork was calm. Somehow she did not fear the Sun Mare… maybe she did not recognise her?

Patchwork’s view turned, revealing a white pony and a pink pony. The Pink one interested Patchwork more. The white stallion made Nova’s heart skip. Memories of being small and sheltering next to him filled her mind. “Shinny,” she said, though no one could hear her. Far too quickly he disappeared from view as Patchwork did some sort of strange motion, was she dancing with the pretty pink mare?

“And do a little shake” Nova finished their little saying a beat before they did. Where did she know the big pink mare from? She banged her head against the wall of her cell, adding a few more dents and burns to its walls. “Think, Think, Think.” she tried to remember, but it was so hard. It felt like the memory was a good one, but was out of reach, no matter how much she banged her head on the remembering spot, it did not work.

Even with Sun Mare being here, Nova felt a little safer after only seeing Shiny Stallion. She wanted to go over to him, to press against him, to inhale his scent and feel protected. Memories of a dome of magenta magic keeping pain away. He could protect her, he would protect her. She reached out with her hoof towards him, Patchwork’s body did not respond.

“Shiny,” she whispered. A moment later she stomped her hoof in the code, spelling his name, She did it again and again, but Patchwork did not notice, she was being deaf again.

Moon Mare running a feather down Patchwork’s back, stopped her frantic messaging. That felt nice, she closed her eyes and let the sensation take her. Patchwork may be being deaf today, but she still shared this. She still remembered Nova.

Moon Mare did more, and it felt better. She let herself collapse on the floor, unable to pay attention to the bones she was sharing it with. Her rumbling purr vibrating the floor.

The sensations stop, Nova growled a little, out where Patchwork lived, they were talking again. Why were they talking when they could do things like they were a moment ago? She wanted to roar, to scream to try and force Patchwork to continue things, but no… that would not be nice. Nova was good, Patchwork shared so Nova would wait… or she would try to at least.

She dragged herself to her hooves and started pacing again, a burning need she only recently knew how to sate, building moment by moment.

The food came. Nova wanted the food. It looked so nice, but she could not taste it, she could not smell it, she could only see it. With how Patchwork dug into it, it must have been the most delicious food ever. Nova gnawed on a bone, trying to keep her hunger at bay. Her sharp teeth scraping new marks into its surface. ‘Share food’ Nova banged out in code.

“Please keep it down,” Nice Monster shouted from upstairs. Nova grumbled and tried not to pay attention to the feast that she very much wanted. Nice Monster sometimes sung, Nova liked the song. An upset Nice Monster did not sing.

Patchwork’s desires called to Nova again, waking her from her fitful resting. The Moon Mare started doing something to her back. Jolts of pleasure shot down Nova’s spine. She arched her real body and purred. She could feel her powers being drawn to Patchwork. The sensations deepened, and it was almost as if she was Twilight. Slowly the room around them made more sense as Patchwork’s, no… Twilight’s thoughts and memories joined Nova’s own.

The Moon Mare, Luna was preening their wings, and it felt divine. Nova’s body in her cage was forgotten. She wanted to thank Twilight for sharing, needed to let her know how much she appreciated these gifted moments.

Twilight answered something that Luna asked, “Why can I not just partake of you?”

Yes Nova thought as Twilight made them look into Luna’s beautiful eyes.

Luna pulled back just slightly, “Ah ah, Cadance would not approve until after our wedding.”

Nova did not care who Cadance was, Nova wanted Luna right now. She could feel Twilight felt the same way, but Twilight did nothing other than asking a question. “And me partaking of a guard wouldn’t be disapproved of?”

“No, it would simply be using one of your privileges of being royalty. Speaking of advantages of being royalty, I have a present for you.” Luna purred seductively, Nova liked the sound of that. She could wait for a gift that sounded like that.

Nova used Twilight’s eyes to devour the pony before her. The exotically beautiful body was suggestively wrapped up in ribbons of shadow. Nova could feel Twilight’s desires magnify her own. Twilight focused on the wings. Nova noticed that the mare had no horn, but the rest of her features more than made up for that shortcoming.

Nova tried to take a step towards this most beautiful of ponies. Twilight's body moved. Luna clamped her wing down around her, holding her in place. She coiled her muscles, trying to burst free, but Luna was just too strong. She could feel her power, her flames freely advancing along her body. Her magic free in Twilight’s world felt exhilarating.

Luna continued her preening, Nova let out a groan of pleasure. This was all a game, a most wondrous of games. She let the feelings wash over her, let her flames tenderly lick across Luna’s form. Luna was teasing her, she was deliberately stroking her desires.

Nova watched as the mare looked down at the binding wrapping her up. She relaxed as she looked up to see Twilight being held and preened by Luna. The mare was interested, the spark in her eyes reflecting some of Nova’s own hunger.

“I offer you your first guard.” Luna said, whispering into Twilight's ear, “And we all know that a princess’s guards are part of her harem.” Luna looked to the beautiful mare. It only took a moment for Twilight’s understanding of what that meant to filter into Nova’s thoughts. Luna had given her this gift. She would treasure this, this was even better than Smarty Pants. She was being given a living breathing pony, to be all her own.

Nova’s mind raced through all of the many things she wanted to do to her right now. Twilight added her own ideas. Some of them were dull, but others, others were getting put at the front of Nova’s list.

Her gift took a moment and looked straight at her. “Oh hello, Twilight. I thought I might be meeting you soon, but this is not how I thought it would occur.” Something happened, and then the bindings loosened themselves a bit, allowing her to move around. The ends of the ribbons now floating around in the breeze. The decorations just made Gift look all the more desirable.

The door to the dining room burst opened forcefully. A white stallion, Not Shiny, burst into the room calling out. “Aunty, I must speak with you immediately…” After a long moment, he stopped in his tracks, actually taking in his surroundings. “What is going on here?” He demanded.

Nova’s eyes fixated on the annoyance that interrupted, letting out a low growl. Her flames wanted to burn him, to incinerate him. If she had her fangs, she might just have torn out his throat.

Luna spoke before Nova could act. “This intrusion is most unwelcome.”

Nova begrudged Luna’s overpowering strength. Stopping her from doing what she wanted to.

The weak prey-pony nodded and started to leave, “At least you’re finally putting those hybrids in their place. They all deserve to be tied up and tried for treason against nature.” He said.

His words made no sense, what was a hybrid, and how were they turning against nature. Twilight’s anger flared Nova’s presence adding fuel to it. The meaning of what that waste of flesh-meat had meant, hit Nova like a blow, she growled, straining, nearly breaking free from Luna’s hold.

Twilight’s magic surged, lighting their horn. Not Shiny vanished in a flash of magenta light. Nova longed that he had instead been reduced to a smouldering pile of meat.

Twilight worked more magic, securing the room.

Gift’s mood had turned away from the sensual and become darker. This just added more reasons for Nova to burn the Not Shiny.

Twilight took control of their body and did some strange breathing, it somehow calmed their heart rate and made Twilight at least feel calmer. Twilight muttered. “At least I didn‘t kill him.”

Nova wondered why that was a good thing. That pony would make the world a better place if he was dead.

“And what pray tell did you do to him?” Luna asked.

Twilight answered, Nova’s anger flavouring her voice. “I dropped him in the fountain at the centre of the garden maze. It was either that or off the side of the Canterhorn.”

Luna pulled both of them into a hug. That was good, it put Nova closer to her gift.

“I hope that the interruption didn’t take too much away from my gift. Why don’t you ask my most recently converted chosen about her qualifications,” Luna suggested.

Nova looked at Gift as Luna stepped back from the hug. Yes, the mare was still beautiful, sexy and desirable. The silver accents on her body just added to the appeal. Nova could feel Twilight also agreeing.

Gift liked being looked at, soon Nova would find out how much she liked being touched. She walked forward, letting her eyes take in every part of her gift. If she had a horn, she would be perfect.

"Are you really a guard?" Nova asked in a seductive tone. She was unsure if that question came from her or Twilight.

"Nightguard or Nightchosen if you prefer. Also much more. I can list my qualifications if you like. Even give you demonstrations of anything you chose." Gift said.

"Anything?" Nova said. She felt her mane burn a bit brighter.

"Ranging from magic experiments in your lab to cleansing most of your ley lines. Discussing magic theory to combat training. Or if you have any suggestions, I will at least try to fulfil them." Gift said in a tone of playfulness.

The Bad Monster stirred to action, her desire making Twilight’s wings extend. Most of the sensations faded, she could feel her mind slipping from her as The Bad Monster turned their body to Luna. "You know just what to get a mare."

Nova found herself back in her cage, she roared and threw herself against the door again and again. Ignoring the bruises and the blood. Bad Monster did not share. Nova wanted to be with Patchwork, Nova wanted to feel, to think, to be. Nova wanted out.

Finally, after hours, days, weeks, years, a small crack had appeared.

“You’re hired,” Nova heard Patchwork say though the gap.

“Now run along and take your gift with you,” Moon Mare said.

Nova was just reaching to Patchwork, just starting to be able to see the outside world. She could see the view from Patchwork’s eyes, she was looking at Moon Mare.

Nova could feel Patchwork’s hunger, her desire, her need for the Moon Mare. Nova looked hungrily at Luna, clearly wanting to take her with as well. “Just wait until our wedding night,” Luna soothed.

Patchwork did something with her magic, and things got too confusing, Nova retreated to her cage to try and stop the world from spinning.

Whatever had happened, she did not like it.

Patchwork looking at Gift dragged Nova’s attention to the outside world again. She had to screw up her eyes and hope, but it worked. There was no horrible spinning as the world came into focused Gift was beautiful and right there. Something pushed her away, deadening her flames and trapping her back in the dark of her cage.

Nova whimpered. She growled. She raged. She thrashed. She battered herself again and again into the walls of her cage. Using her hoof, her horn and just her sheer body weight to try and force her way out. All she was rewarded with, was a few minor injuries, a scratch or two on her cage’s door.

Her gift was out there, and she was in here. It was not fair.

She would make that crack bigger.

The sensation of a kiss brushed her lips. Nova’s senses snapped to the outside. The brief kiss was over all too quickly. She looked around the room full of ponies. Gift and the yellow pegasus with a pink mane were the two that currently held Twilight’s attention. There were many more that Nova wanted in the room, but she would be more than happy to start with the ones Patchwork wanted.

Nova could feel the Bad Monster here, but it was sharing with Patchwork so Nova could be here too. Patchwork did something with her magic, concealing Nova’s flames and allowing them to touch nopony. It made no sense, but Nova had not been forced back to her cage. So she did nothing about the restriction.

Patchwork wondered her way further into the party, tapping her hoof in a patten whenever she was still. It took three repetitions for Nova to get it. Patchwork was using their knock codes to speak to her. ‘Nova, behave, time for fun later, now time for talking.’

Nova really did not get why Patchwork liked talking so much, but she was sharing. Nova knew to be nice, polite and grateful to those that shared things you wanted with you. Nova very much wanted her Gift so she would behave, she was a good filly, after all.

Nova lounged in her cage, playing games with the bones of her siblings, she tried stacking them. Rolling them to each other and even using them as drums. Conversations were dull, but she was a good filly, or so she used to be told. So she waited. It was hard, but she did it anyway.

Patchwork’s passion, and her Gift’s words, snapped her attention back to the outside. “I’ll be here for you in whatever way you need me, whichever way you want me. All you have to do is ask.”

Nova’s mind danced with all the possibilities that could mean. She was very much looking forward to this. Maybe not all conversations were bad.

Patchwork’s passion and desire opened the way to Nova’s power. A heartbeat later, Patchwork’s mane was engulfed in flames. She felt her flames seep into Gift’s skin in the most pleasant of ways. Nova flexed her body seductively, invitingly. "Show me how much you love me, then?" Nova or Patchwork said. Nova was not sure which.

"Sorry." Patchwork closed her eyes, Please Nova, wait.

Patchwork was being polite, and mother always said to listen to polite ponies. That was important, even if she could not remember who her mother was, or what she looked like.

The conversation was a distant memory, but she could hear small fragments of it.

Pathwork relaxed against Gift. The sensation felt nice enough. Patchwork spoke something she thought was important, “Even if you thought you were taking advantage, it would be me taking advantage of you, but thank you."

Nova stroked Gift’s mane with her wing, "You can't take advantage of me. All I ask is that you tell me when you're calm, that it's what you want and that it will make you happy. You do that, and I will be yours in any way you want me."

Nova’s flames burst back into existence. The time for waiting was over. Nova nuzzled into Gift’s neck before asking "Any way I want?"

"Yes, any way you want, just as long as you can tell me that it's what you want, when you are calm, and without the fire in your mane. Whether that's alongside you in the lab or making love in your room. Just as long as it's your rational side telling me that, and not your passions driving you." Gift said while still embracing Patchwork.

Gift wanted Patchwork to deicide, that was mean. Nova knew Patchwork wanted Gift, and Patchwork shared, unlike Bad Monster. After one last hungry look, Nova retreated to her cage once more. Nova was not going to be mean to Gift, even for this.

She was a good filly and was starting to hate that fact.

Nova was bored, Patchwork was doing stuff that did not interest her. Maybe Smarty Pants would have liked the stuff. She always liked books and stuff that happens when there were lots of them. Nova did not understand any of it, she only knew that Patchwork and Gift were happy.

Nova wanted to be happy too.

The slightest shiver of pleasure tingled along Nova’s back. She dashed over to the door of her cell. Pressing against the small crack, she could just about make out what was going on.

The Bad Monster was in control, the Bad Monster did not want to share with Nova. She shared with Patchwork, Patchwork did her best to share, but it was so very little. Gift was doing something wondrous, something that even a fraction of it filled Nova with the need to experience the full thing.

She would not be left out, she would not be denied. She had been good, she had been patient. Bad Monster was being selfish, she would be made to share.

It was over before Nova managed to force her way closer to Patchwork. She was laying there now, sharing a deep feeling of contentment. Patchwork just lay there, happily purring. Nova could feel the same purr rumbling in her chest.

Nova had missed whatever had made Patchwork feel like this. Patchwork lit her horn, not bothering to move or look. A book came in to being next to Gift.

Patchwork and Gift spoke, it was hard to make out what was being said. The book popped out of existence in silver magic. Gift spoke again, this time the words were clear, Nova was closer. “Thank you. It would appear that we have the same idea of what makes a good gift, my fellow bibliophile. I have a gift planned for you as well, but it will take me a bit to complete it,” Gift finished as Patchwork's growing lust let Nova slip into Patchwork’s mind.

Nova once more knew who Patchwork was, their minds started to mingle. Twilight’s aura gently squeezed Candice in a hug. Nova could feel her power blending with Twilight's own. After a moment the magic rippled with small motes of Twilight’s flames. Nova could feel Gift, her magic was wrapped around the mare she so wanted, the mare that Luna had given to her.

After so long of waiting, Nova almost drooled with anticipation. She fixed her eyes on Gift. "Oh, I can think of another gift you could give."

“You know what you need to do to get that.” Gift rebutted and looked at her levelly.

This was not how Gift was meant to act. Gift was hers, Gift was the seductive mare draped in Luna’s shadow throwing herself at Nova. What had Bad Monster done to her?

Bad Monster tried to push Twilight away, Nova was having none of it. Gift was being bad, Monster was being bad. Nova felt a growl escape, she was not going to be denied, not after Bad Monster did not share the ley line cleaning that had clearly felt so good.

"Who are you dictate to me?” Nova and Twilight spoke, the whole of their emotions inseparable. They were angry, they were needed, and they would have Gift right now. They tightened their magic around Gift, dragging her closer.

Something happened, her magic failed, and Gift fell to the ground. “Someone who isn't going to let you back out of what you agreed to before.” She was looking disappointed.

“How badly did Celestia hurt you? Or was it what happened to you after Manehatten? Or both?” Gift asked with sad eyes.

Mana bubbled up from Twilight, she twisted from Monster's grip and laughed hysterically. Everything that happened to Twilight on the Altar hit Nova, Combining with the memories of Celestia carving her open with her burning blade. Rage and flames drowned everything.

The smell of ash and scorched air greeted Nova sometime later. Twilight was looking at Gift's hooves and the burns. Nova’s heart fell, she never meant to harm Gift. She retreated mostly back to her cage, she had made everything worse.

“You’re seriously unstable and apparently explosive. I can’t enter into any kind of relationship with you if you’re like this. I’ll head back to Luna if that is what’s needed.” Gift said as she started to turn towards the door.

No, No, Sorry, Sorry, Stay, Please! Nova begged, but only Patchwork heard her.

“I'm sorry,” Patchwork’s voice was as weak as a foal. “A part of me still hates Celestia.”

Twilight's magic reached out doing something. Gift, all too slowly, paused and looked back at Twilight. Gift was going to leave. Just like Smarty Pants, she would be gone.

“Yes I know I’m broken, more than you can ever know.” Patchwork said.

Gift was quiet, quiet was bad. After what felt like hours she spoke. “I would be able to know if you chose to tell me.”

Twilight, if you were not such a foal, we would be enjoying dear Candice right this very moment. The Bad Monster said.

Patchwork let out a long drawn out sigh, Please just be quiet for now Night. Patchwork answered, before speaking out loud to Gift.

“When Celestia crafted me, she left out the bits that she thought were unnecessary for a future Princess of Friendship. Now I’m no longer just her puppet. I have parts of me that I don’t know how to deal with, but they know how to deal with me.” She gestured towards the burnt bed.

Nova took in the state of the bed, her fire had done that. In her cage, Nova trembled. She could have killed Gift. Nova was bad. Nova deserved to be locked up. Nova curled up on the floor. Maybe she was a monster.

Shouting startled Nova to full alertness. Patchwork’s anger flaring into existence moments later. It was hot, it was passionate, it was so intense Nova could do nothing but be dragged to it.

Nova was on a black plane, under stormy skies. For one moment she was distracted, just laying there. This was new.

“You think I bucking want to be like this?” Patchwork shouted at Bad Monster. Nova's flames were rippling along Patchwork's body. “You think I would have done that if I could have stopped it?”

“Perhaps I should tighten your chain?”

The bad monster had Patchwork in chains? “NO” Nova roared as she charged The Monster. With a whoosh of flames, the impact came far sooner than anypony expected, even Nova.

Both mares had just started turning to face her, Nova slammed into the Monster, crushing her to the ground. Nova’s flames burning into the one that would dare to chain the nice Patchwork.

Nova bit and slammed her hooves into any part she could reach.

Something ripped her from her prey, the Monster glaring at Nova as she hung helpless in the air, surrounded with a magenta aura. Nova roared and flailed, trying to get one last hit on the monster.

The monster glared, using a hoof to wipe some blood from her muzzle.

“That is enough,” The monster said, her voice as cold as ice. The monster slammed a hoof into Nova’s barrel. It hurt, it hurt a lot. Nova’s whimper morphed into a feral scream of rage.

Nice, kind, good Patchwork tackled the Monster and in the distraction the aura holding Nova faded.

As soon as Nova’s hooves hit the ground, she rushed towards the Monster again. She smiled in satisfaction as the Monster’s eyes widened.

A black collar appeared around Patchwork's neck again, a chain bursting out of the distance and connecting to it. Nova was almost to the monster.

The chain pulled, and Patchwork was dragged, kicking and screaming, into the distance. Nova wanted to help her, but this was the Monster's fault, all the Monster's fault. She needed to stop the Monster before she could help.

Nova lurched to a stop, something in her chest gripping tight. The Monster mockingly waved. The world blurred and Nova was flung into the endless darkness.

Nova roared in frustration.

Nova had walked for hours, she had never known how deep her cage was, this dark cell, the basement below Patchworks domain. The only sounds were the Impacts of her hooves on the earthen floor and her fires searing its surface.

Why had Patchwork protected the Bad Monster? It made no sense. And the Bad Monster had thrown them both away. Bad Monster was almost as bad as the Sun Mare.

Finally, she got back to the familiar. The scattered bones and long dried hides of her siblings, as ghoulish as it was, felt like home.

She tiredly made her way to the cell door. It was burned and battered but was whole. That one crack now sealed over. All of that energy spent, and she was still trapped. Nova felt her weakened power surge, her anger restoring her. The dim embers of her mane burning back to their true eye-searing intensity.

She went to slam into the door again, but a flicker of firelight caught her attention. Nova turned to see what this new thing was.

A dirty looking, powerfully built, white mare looked back at her. Their body was covered with horrible scars, it looked as if they had at one point been split open from neck to tail and their wounds had been poorly cauterised. The mares slit eyes stared into her own. Nova snarled, her flaming mane thrashing wildly. Her opponent matched her motion for motion.

Something stirred in the back of her mind, there was something about this. Nova stilled, so did the mare. Nova lifted her left hoof, they lifted their right, perfectly mirroring her. It clicked, it was a mirror, there was a mirror in here, and she was looking at her reflection.

Nova turned one way then the next, this was the first time she had really seen herself. She looked a lot older than she thought she was. Most of her said she should be small and purple.

She slowly walked up to the mirror, her flames dying down to small flickers and she placed a hoof on its surface.

The image rippled and showed elsewhere. She could see lavender forelegs and a crystal floor. She tried to reach thought the mirror, but no, it was solid. She moved this way and that, trying to take in all she could from this window.

It seemed that she was looking out from Patchwork’s neck. It seemed that Patchwork’s body was sleeping. Her chest falling and rising to a rhythm. The image was clear and took no effort on Nova’s part to see.

Nova looked at the mirror’s frame, it was magenta, just like Patchwords magic. Nova smiled, her cell now had a window. She fell back on her haunches and just watched in hope-filled awe.

Nova felt a tear fall from her. Patchwork had given her this. She nuzzled the glass’s surface, hoping that Patchwork could feel how she felt.

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