In the land of Twilight, under the Moon

by Snow Moon

Canta per Me

Canta Per Me

"Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth." Ludwig Borne

Cadance was having a good enjoyable afternoon, that day she saw her favorite little sister in a good mood for the first time in a long time just before Twilight went to bed, Luna also looked happy as she read the report about her new Night guards, and her aunt Celestia was also happy to be off court that day, as she was going to be out away from Canterlot visiting Sunset at Ponyville. She apparently needed to retreat some artifacts herself as they were dangerous or so she told her. But probably also wanted to eat some sweets baked by Pinkie Pie, it has been days since she was able to find any on the castle.

The idea of seeing her family having a good day/night meant she will also do so.
Shining Armour was busy that day training the guards, ever since he felt that the new night guards were getting better than the currently royal guard, and as the captain he couldn't let that happen.

“Oh big dummy,” murmured Cadance annoyed as she looked over the window all the guard running in full armor.

Since Celestia was away and Luna was currently resting, it was Cadance the one in charge of any important situation. She was currently in her office, reading a report about an infestation of unknown creatures that apparently eat anything except for meat, even magic.

With the Gala so close it was important to keep anything from getting out of control. Another report came from Ponyville which also had the same problem but was taken care of by Sunset and her friend Pinkie Pie who apparently knew how to handle the creatures. She requested the guards to inform their captain and mobilize a squadron to get help from Pinkie Pie and deal with the creatures before they eat every town’s food supplies.

With Celestia on Ponyville she most likely knew the situation so that will make things easier.
Most of her day went normally, at least for Cadance’s standard, not much paperwork was left after learning how to review and to read in between the lines, as must nobles tend to get away with some crazy stuff.

‘Like something of that obvious would go by without double checking any document, aunty really need to teach these ponies some remorse.’

Thought Cadance, the craziest of the petitions involved transferring Twilight out of Canterlot for good to some remote place were her “special talents” could benefit Equestria better, which only made Cadance roll her before vaporizing the document to dust.

Another one wanted for Twilight to step down of commanding the “Night Witches”, which was the name nobles referred to her and her team, and give full authority to the noble faction. Like that will ever happen, if not Twilight, any other of those girls would likely put on their place anypony that wanted to try that. And so many of these nobles forget that Skystar is royalty to begin with. She thought as she vaporized another document causing her Assistant Inking Rose to hold her laugh with a hoof, as she could guess the crazy request write in those papers.

“I think this should be enough “royal” work for today, don't you agree Rose?” Asked Cadance stretching her wings as she left her seat.

“Of course Princess, would you like to go meet the Captain or enjoy some tea at the gardens?” Asked Inking Rose as she took the papers and reorganize the desk.

“Let's do both,” said Cadance with a bright smile as she left the room.

Twilight walked through the halls of the castle early in the afternoon, for her was another day impossible to have a nice time sleeping, and another day to depend on her power to recover from her tiredness.

Like most days at that time the castle was full of ponies working, guards making sure nothing happened and nobles keeping their noses high while trying to look important. The majority of the ponies would ignore Twilight’s presence, the guards would always salute her, official or not she was part of the Equestrian special forces and was an icon for many mares on the guard. Nobles feard her, and would normally tried to have as little time around her as possible, and Twilight loved that panic she caused to them.

“Twilight Sparkle!” called an authoritative voice of a stallion, which caused Twilight to scowl before rolling her eyes as she stopped.

“Prince Bluey, what can we do for you this afternoon?” asked Twilight as she turned to face the stallion who looked insulted.

“Lady Sparkle, I would appreciate it if you don't call me like that anymore,” Blueblood said as he shook his mane.”We were foals when Lady Shimmer started calling me that.”

“Oh Bluey, are you afraid any of those crazy mares that always follow you around heard the nickname sis give you?” asked Twilight while smirking.

“Please, we both know that you would be doing me a favor,” said Blueblood rolling his eyes. “Anyways, I was looking for you because it came to my attention you and your friends will be participating in this year’s Gala.”

“Oh yes, although is more like made to take part by your dearest auntie,” responded Twilight sighing “trust me we don't like it more than you do,”

“Mmhmm, well if that is the reason I will say no more.” said Blueblood looking to see if anypony was still around. “Now, could you please tell me if Lady Catrina would be taking part too?”

“Oh little Bluey, We both know she hates the Gala as much as any of us,” responded with an understanding smile before placing her hoof on his shoulder, “but we could request her presence this year as the “heroes” of Equestria would be taking part too.”

“Of course, what could be the cost of your help this time?,” answered Blueblood trying to hide his true emotions.

“We will discuss it on a later day, right now we need to get to the archives before Celestia returns from her visit,” commented Twilight as she turned around and continue her way while shaking her hoof.

“Great job Blueblood, you just made another deal with the “Witch” of Canterlot, hopefully no ponies heads would be flying this time,” said Blueblood to himself as he retired from the same way he came.

Twilight stopped for a moment and looked at her shadow, a pair of red eyes appeared making her smile, getting closer to it she received a message taking away the smile from her face.

“Lady Sparkle!” said behind Twilight the powerful voice of princess Luna causing Twilight to sigh.

Cadance was on her wait to meet up with Shining Armour when she was abruptly stopped by a group of nobles led by the patriarch of one of the most influential houses of Canterlot, Lord Fancy Pants. Apparently there was a situation regarding the Gala guest list, many nobles were worried regarding having both Princess Celestia’s students and their friends attending.

The idea nobles had of Twilight wasn't that good, and over the years the idea of a unicorn filly getting achievements on every adventure she went didn't help. Especially after she made it clear they couldn't control her.

Listening to the ridiculous excuses and theories of why should be impossible to accept the participation of Twilight or any of her friends to the Gala, Cadance was starting to feel tired.

She did her best to calm everypony, to make sure all those conspiracy theories regarding Twilight were just crazy ideas. She definitely knew Twilight hated politics, just the idea of her trying to take over Equestria was silly enough.

As soon as she declared that Celestia herself was responsible for having them attend the Gala most of them calmed down, unfortunately they were still some who believed something bad would happen at the Gala.

Cadance spent a lot of time dealing with the nobles, and by the time she was able to get away from all the complaints and concerns, her tea time date was ruined. It was almost time for Celestia to return. She decided to take a well deserved break, her first stop would be her favorite pony, so she headed to the archives as Twilight was most likely there already.

Candace arrived at the archives, she was greeted by a unicorn mare that looked just like Twilight but with a little different color scheme, and she also wore glasses.

“Good Evening Princess,” said the mare with a smile as Candace entered the archives.”I'm sorry but we still don't have magazines here.”

“Moondancer, good to see you,” responded Candace smiling while ignoring the comment, “I'm looking for Twilight, have you seen her?”

“She’s probably wrecking the history section by now with Moonflower,” responded with a slightly angry tone pointing with her hoof.

“Again?” asked Candace and sighed, “I'm sorry, most be hard for you to clean up after her,” She said with a worried tone.

“Don't worry Princess, she always cleans up when she’s done,” Moondancer responded with a smile, “besides it’s part of the job here.”

Soon after she disappeared into the office were Jade Singer was finishing her work. Looking at Cadance she rolled her eyes while the love princess give her an embarrassed smile. ‘She still remembers that day’ Cadance thought as she walked through the halls full of bookshelves, she knew that most likely the only ponies to ever read all the information there were her Aunt and not so surprising her priced students.

“History is written by the winners...” commented Twilight going through another book while scowling,”more like history is destroyed by the winners.”

“Maybe a time travel spell?” suggested Moonflower closing another book.

“Neigh, to many variables to take into account, the book could be destroyed,” responded Twilight closing the book before sighing in annoyance. “This is like Luna all over again,” She said before hitting her head on the desk as she got an enlightenment, “This is like Luna all over again!” She proclaimed looking at Moonflower who seemed to be lost in the idea she got. “Moony, we were looking for ancient history at the wrong castle!”

“Oh! The Castle of the two sisters library!” responded Moonflower just as happy,”by the stars Twily, how we never thought of that! Thousands of uncensored history books!” as she hugged her by the joy.

“Oh, am I interrupting something?” asked Cadance mocking her while getting closer to them smirking.

“Nothing that you haven't seen already,” responded Twilight rolling her eyes before smiling at her. “We were just looking for important information.”

“Like Nightmare Moon?” asked Cadance looking the towers of history books.

“Yes, that kind of information,” answered Moonflower before looking at the tired face of Cadance. ”Long day?”

“You have no idea,” responded Cadence sulking on the desk, “between pests control, Gala preparations and annoying nobles, today wasn't what I expected.”

“Care to share?” asked Twilight placing a hoof on Cadance's back smiling at her.

A couple of days before the Gala Sunset arrived to Canterlot train station with her friends early in the morning. To Sunset’s surprise nopony she knew came to receive her at the station just a couple of guards. They took every single piece of luggage, which was mostly Rarity’s, before going to the palace. It wasn't the first time in Canterlot for most of them but still they felt a little out of place, and having many ponies were staring at them didn't help. Unaware that the reason why they were gathering the attention was mostly because of the incredible amount of luggage the guards were struggling with.

Spike took a different path along the way to visit his grandparents, he would not be taking part at the Gala and didn't want to be near the castle at the time of the year either. The girls were quite eager to get to the castle, Rarity couldn't wait to finish the last details of the dresses. Fluttershy really wanted to talk to all the cute animals at the royal gardens, Pinkie Pie just wanted to party as soon as possible, Rainbow Dash was mostly trying to act as cool as possible while the only one not there yet was Applejack, who would be arriving the day of the Gala as she needed to prepare the food she was going to sell. In Sunset’s case it was her home, her family life on the castle, even the guards would take a moment to welcome her, for her friends it was an interest sight, they never really knew just how important Sunset really was, for them, she was just their friend who has a very interesting family.

Entering the castle caused different reactions from Sunset’s friends, Rarity looked like she was about to fly in the air, Fluttershy felt quite intimidated, and Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie were needed to be held still by Sunset with her magic before they ran into the castle and cause some trouble.

As they made their way through the halls of the castle, Princess Celestia came to greet them.

“Sunset! I’m so glad to see you, my student.”said Celestia as she got close smiling to them, “and your friends.”

“Princess!” responded Sunset while she ran and hugged the tall mare. The rest of her friends bowed in presence of the princess before giving their greetings. ”Long time no see!” Sunset said smiling. Celestia gave her a warm smile agreeing with her.

“Would you and your friends accompany me for breakfast? Both my sister and Twilight would most likely be there soon,” Celestia asked guiding the girls with her wing.

“Oh we will be honored, your highness,” responded Rarity, the other girls agree with her following Celestia.

Once they made it to the dining hall, they were greeted by many empty tables the only ponies present were a tired looking Luna and Twilight with her face buried in a book flowing on her magic, while the chef was nervously waiting for their dinner order. Celestia continued until she sat right next to her sister, Sunset made her next to Twilight. Twilight closed her book and smiled at her.

“Morning Lil’ sis,” Sunset said as she hugged Twilight, who returned the hug as Spike hugged both of them.

“Come my little ponies and join us,” addressed Celestia at Sunset friends. The girls smiled as they sat next to Sunset and Celestia. Celestia requested breakfast for Sunset, the girls and her. Luna requested a salad and daisy sandwich, Twilight asked for a gryphon special which earned strange looks from Sunset’s friends. Spike asked for the same as Twilight plus some gems.

Sunset looked at her friends’ concern with her sister eating habits she asked Twilight why she wasn’t eating with her friends, Twilight ignored the looks and while patting Spike she answered. “We normally have dinner earlier but princess Celestia wanted for us to join her today, they are probably waiting for us at our room.”

“Since we won't be able to have a moment to eat together until dinner,” Celestia commented with warm smile, “I thought Sunset would like to have a typical morning like before, only with more family members,” said as she placed her wing around her sister Luna who gave her a shy smile, “although Candace still sleeping, poor dear had a long week with the Gala preparations.”

“Is valorous to see thee again, bearers of harmony, ” announced Luna making her best to look awake besides the tired she was, “please enjoy thy stay at our home” the girls smiled at her and thanked her for the invitation.

Their breakfast went without issues, the only uncomfortable moment was when Rarity and Fluttlershy almost fainted when Twilight ate her dinner, for the princesses and Sunset it was a regular thing, Rainbow thought she looked badass especially with how she got used to it while exploring lands outside of Equestria. After having breakfast Luna and Twilight retired to their own towers to rest for the day.

The Gala would start the next day and Rarity wanted to get the dresses ready as soon as possible, the princess had prepared a special room for them with all the accommodations for the occasion. Fluttershy was able to enjoy the gardens while the Gala was being prepared so that she could accompany her friends during the event. Pinkie and Rainbow tried to be part of the preparations but were taken out by Sunset.

And after days of preparations the night of the Gala arrived, many nobles and powerful ponies came from all over Equestria just to be part of the event, others would wait on the red carpet to be able to greet many celebrities.

Tempest and Zipzee were in charge of announcing every pony the entered the event to greet princess Celestia, Moonflower was acting as Celestia secretary making sure she had time to receive everypony and enjoy the party.

Twilight and Sunset were at the edge of boredom, looking at the nobles trying to appeal to the princess or the dumb mares trying to get Blueblood attention surprisingly even one of Sunset friends was in there.

The party was just as both of them remembered and hated. Tempest and the others were on duty not really enjoying the party, their job was mostly guarding Celestia and presenting the guest as they entered. Skystar was the only one beside Twilight and was mostly trying to make her friends have a good time.

So far the Gala looked like any other, that was until a disturbing powerful magic was felt by every creature present, those who felt were worried, all except Twilight who couldn't help but smile.

The red carpet used by the nobles to enter and greet the princess turned into a road full of soap water causing everypony stepping on it to slip and crash. Blueblood was turned into a pile of push dolls resemble his image causing every mare fight to get their hooves in one of them, including Rarity.

“Bwahahahahahaha!” resonated an evil laughter all over the hall, many of the ponies present started to panic, others thought it was part of the entertainment.

Princess Celestia felt like her whole world just crumbled in front of her, she knew that laughter, it haunted her for many centuries, the vile creature with godly powers was back.

Sunset saw the distress on Celestia face as she was looking for something or somepony, the only time she saw that same expression was when Nightmare Moon returned.

'Something is wrong' Sunset thought as she ran to be next to Celestia.

Suddenly the fountain in the middle of the hall turned into a chocolate geyser, the alicorn ice sculpture turned into a clown pony with rainbow afro and a big nose. The musical instruments started to play by themselves leaving the musician stunned. A disco ball appeared in the middle of the hall followed by pink cotton candy clouds randomly appearing in the sky. Random tables were stuck to the ceiling, leaving many ponies holding on to their chairs just to not fall to the ground.

“Now this is a party,” said Twilight grinning looking as chaos happened.

“Ooh I agree!” said Pinkie as she appeared next to Twilight grinning before jumping into the chocolate geyser.

“Into the gala♪, now is the time! Into the gala♪, And we'll have the best night ever!” sung the draconequus as he appeared through the front door wearing an orange tuxedo causing ponies to run in panic. “At the Gala!! Bwahahahahahaha!”