• Published 11th Sep 2019
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Twilight's Nightmare - Nightsclaw

Twilight in her most desperate of moments, issues a cry for help. She was not expecting the Nightmare to be her saviour.

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CH 15 Family Reunion 

Cadance stood proudly atop her cloud fort. Shining Armor, her handsome Alicorn husband, beside her. Multiple rolled up newspapers floating in her aura, as crystal razors lined her feathers.

Searching the sky, her eyes narrowed on her targets. Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon were in a high-speed dive, eyes fixed on her Shiney.

Daybreaker wielded her husband's favoured snack, Nightmare a limited edition O&O book. Both were clad in stockings and sexy lingerie.

Cadance screamed in wordless defiance. She launched wave after wave of her paper missiles at them, each exploding into broken pink hearts.

“Awaken Now,” Luna’s impressive voice shattered the sky, blowing everypony but her away.

Cadance eyes snapped open, the moonlit ceiling of her room in Canterlot Palace greeted her. The sound of Shining’s breathing comforted her as she snuggled against him. After her dream, she was feeling extremely protective of him.

“You would look so dashing with wings.” She whispered to the night air. She fought against the images of him dying, frail and old, held in her forever-young hooves.

A single tear fell and splashed on his ear. It twitched. She closed her eyes slowly breathing in his scent. I will always remember you my Shiney. She silently pledged.

She remembered the dream and how Luna’s words had ended it. Was it real or just my tired imagination? She finally remembered to extend her mystical senses. The cool traces of Luna’s magic clung to her, she had clearly used her domain to force her to awaken fully alert. Whatever was happening, it was important.

A powerful hoof knocked on the door before it was pushed open. A pair of Luna’s Nightguard stood at attention saluting. They did not even wait, this is bad. Cadance worried.

“The Sovereign sends her regards, a chariot is ready for your immediate departure to Ponyville.” The unicorn said, offering a scroll.

“Honey,” Shining asked tiredly but clearly alert.

Cadance took the scroll in her aura and snapped it open and started reading.

Subject Twilight Sparkle,
Confirmed Location Castle of Friendship.
High levels of Active Alicorn magic detected...

She stopped reading and looked back to see Shining’s horn lit, likely he was ready to cast a shield spell at a moments notice. My faithful protector. She thought fondly.

“We are going to Ponyville, now,” she said commandingly.

Shining responded with long honed training, lifting everything he might need in his aura and headed for the door. Bags, armour and weapons finding their place on him as a brush tamed his mane.

Cadance trotted after him, a flash from her horn taking care of her appearance and snagged her overnight bag with her wing on the way past.

“Lead on,” she instructed the two Nightguards.

The group headed off at a decent canter. The Nightguard doing something that dulled the sound of their multiple hoofs falls. Glancing at her hooves, it looked like she had shoes made of shadows wrapped around them. Aunty, you are pulling out all the stops here, what is wrong. She thought.

Turning down a passageway, a Nightguard up ahead waved them back, directing them to go another way.

“Cady, I don’t like this…” Shining said quietly.

“You trust Aunty Luna, right?”

“Yes… still, something feels wrong here.”

A massive pulse of Celestia’s magic rippled through the building. Cadance barely had time to screw her eyes closed with the pain before Shining’s shield formed around the small group, providing instant relief from the Solar Alicorn’s overbearing magic.

“Celestia,” Cadance said.

“The Sovereign will tend to the Solar Princess,” One of the Nightguards said, pointing with a hoof down a servant's passageway. “Go now.”

Twilight or Celestia, the choice warred in her mind. Who should she go to? She could feel the hurt radiating from Celestia from here. Cadance’s eyes flicked the other way considering. Shining's magic lifted her as he galloped off, taking full advantage of the muffling spell on his hooves.

Aunty, please be alright. She thought as the choice was taken out of her hooves.

The flight was rushed, it was uncertain if the Wonderbolts could have gotten them here faster. There was no opportunity to read the rest of the scroll, it would have simply blown away if she had even made the attempt.

Cadance lit her horn, fixing both her own and Shining's windswept manes as she started to canter hopefully towards Twilight. She reached out with her unique sense and found the line that connected her to Twilight and followed it, taking wing to go faster. Celestia was not the only one in distress this night.

She could hear Shining’s hooves hammering into the ground as he started to gallop after her.

Cadance alighted just before the entrance. Her horn lit, magic reaching for the door. The magic reflected as if the door was a mirror. Her horn tingled, making her sneeze. She looked at the door in confusion as Shining came up beside her. “What sort of ward makes somepony sneeze?” she asked.

“One using a prank spell as a base. It is a harmless way to keep people out, and let them know you want them to stay out.”

Cadance’s horn lit again. There was the pop of displaced air and a ripple of magic. “Wait.” Twilight’s instantly familiar voice called from the other side of the door.

Cadance’s heart soared, Twilight was alive, she was here. Shining leaned closer. “She probably has it set so if you try again, you get a meaner prank.”

A complex spell array flashed into existence over the door. It twisted and faded out of existence. A very familiar magenta aura covered the doors as they swung open.

Twilight was revealed before them, her horn blindingly bright. Her body glittered as she was covered from horn to hoof with magenta crystals. Twilight’s eyes shed tears as she saw them, they sparkled in the light as they traced down her crystal-covered face.

Twilight's horn dimmed to a comfortable light level and Cadance got her first good look at Twilight. Is she taller?

Under her Crystal armour, Twilight was a mess both physically and emotionally. The wounds on her flesh seemed nothing in comparison with those on her heart. Seeing bandages under magenta crystal was a bit surreal.

“Shinny, Cadance… I… I…” Twilight looked down, unable to continue.

“Twily,” Shining said, the happiness at the sight of his sister warring with his shock at seeing her state,

“Did.. did she send you?” Twilight asked her expression hardening in an instant.

“No, we are here because you are LSBFF,” Shining said, offering a smile.

Twilight visibly relaxed, she took a few steps back, each making a clink of her crystal hooves on the crystal floor. Gesturing for them to come in with a flick of her wing. She froze a sudden look of stunned realisation crossed her face, her ears flicked.

Twilight turned her smiling gaze to her old foal sitter, then launched into their traditional greeting. “Sunshine, sunshine, ladybugs awake. Clap your hooves, and do a little shake.” Cadance only hesitated a moment before joining in.

Twilight swayed on her hooves giggling. Cadance smiled warmly and pulled her into a hug. Twilight leaned heavily into the hug, closing her eyes.

She sensed something was wrong with her sister in law, even without deliberately using her powers. Twilight’s heart was too full and confused. It was flooded with powerful emotions. They ran across the whole range, from intense love to vengeful hatred. The two extremes holding a thin sheet of happiness above a pit of despair. Twilight what has happened to you? She thought.

Cadance let her vision shift to see the connections between ponies, she needed more information. She had to do what she could to mend Twilight’s wounds.

The lines reaching off to her close friends were healthy. She could see how Twilight gripped them, holding on to them for dear life as if she feared she would lose them. Some sort of energy was travelling from her to her friends. It was only causing the connections to grow and shine brighter, so whatever it was, it was not harmful. Maybe something to do with the Elements? Cadance thought.

Four new connections caught her attention, they seemed to turn around and link back to Twilight herself. It made no sense. One bloomed with young romantic love, two with something like family love and the last might become a friendship given time.

She moved on, the links to almost everypony else were normal, there were a few new ones but nothing really unexpected. There was one that held family love that she did not recognise.

Luna’s and her own were faded a little with the slight fraying near Twilight’s end, signifying a lack of trust. That hurt Cadance, but it was minor enough to be easily fixed with a few conversations.

The last two were dark lines, she was almost afraid to look at them. The first she had no idea who it was linked to. From Twilight’s side, it was a jagged mess of terror, hatred and murderous intent. Who would Twilight want to kill? The only thing coming from the other end was mild interest and a sense of respect.

Fearfully she looked at the last one. The line dripped horrid purples and toxic greens. Secrets and betrayal. She thought with fear. It transitioned from the bright love tempered with sadness from the distant end, to almost black twisted by hate. Arcs of lightning danced upon it, indicating powerful rage from Twilight’s end. Cadance could swear she could see a book fort guarding it, with little paper ponies building siege weapons.

She dropped her sight, she could not stand to look at it any longer. It twisted her guts with nausea. That line connected to Aunty Celestia. It took every diplomatic lesson and her many years of experience to prevent letting out a shocked gasp. Oh, Twilight, what did she do to you? Why Luna rushed them here was starting to make a terrifying amount of sense.

“BBBFF, How much do you know about what Ce… Princess Celestia did to me when I was living in the Palace?” Twilight asked voice wavering, her body tensing almost as if she was expecting an attack.

“What do you mean?” Shining Said.

Cadance’s ears flicked towards him. Was that a hint of guilt? She turned her eyes to him. “Shining… what do you know?”

“Twilight!” Rainbow’s voice barged in only moments before the mare herself did. A forceful wave of wind followed her. “Twi, don’t just disappear like that. We only just got you back.”

Twilight rubbed the back of her neck. “I had to disable the wards before anypony got hurt…”

“Twilly,” Shining said in a light tone of reproach.

“I was worried, Cel… The Princess might come back...”

“Twi got into one Hay of a shouting match with Celestia. Oh, hi, you two.” Rainbow interrupted.

Twilight’s eyes narrowed darkly for a moment. “Rainbow, head back to the Girls and let them know everything is alright, please.” She smiled fondly. “I have a few words for my BBBFF and old foal sitter here. I will be back with the snacks soon.”

A faint wash of Alicorn magic brushed against Cadance’s senses as Twilight had spoken. She is using that? Cadance thought.

Rainbow saluted playfully and zipped off with all her typical disregard for her wingpower. Cadance sighed. Now three ponies have windswept mains I need to fix.

Twilight regretfully pulled free from the hug and made her way towards the kitchen. She flicked her wing gesturing for them to follow. “So, Shiney, Cadance, care to answer?”

They both moved to follow her, “When you were younger,” Shining said before hesitating.

Cadance brushed a wing against him, her feathers parting his coat. “Go on,” She said.

“You learnt some very dangerous dark magic… Celestia had to seal it away for your safety.”

“Is that what she told you?” Twilight’s voice sounded dead.

Cadance could feel the connections with herself and Shining strengthening, as the one to Celestia darkened even more. She used an old trick repositioning her wings, hiding the shudder that passed through them.

Cadance’s heart fell, there as no doubt in Twilight’s words or expression. Something terrible had happened.

Shining nodded in response. “Twilily? Did something else happen?”

Twilight simply nodded. “I will tell you in a bit. I don’t feel like saying any of this more times than I need to, and my friends deserve to know as well.”

The door to the kitchen came into sight. Twilight’s horn lit and the sound of things moving around could be heard within.

Twilight opened the door and led them inside. She did not even pay any attention to the amazing display of magic she was performing. She simply made her way to the table where her aura was placing sandwiches, hot chocolate, tea and biscuits.

Cadance paused in amazement. Despite her current state, Twilight was wielding her magic in a perfect dance of coordination. She was doing it with no apparent effort nor paying any attention to it whatsoever. Aunty Luna was right, I am so far behind her… Cadance thought.

Twilight looked at Cadance searchingly, “Come, we have a lot to talk about, and I need to check on my daughter.” Twilight headed further into her home, leaving Cadance and Shining stunned. “Are you coming?” She asked.

“You have a foal?” Cadance asked

“Yes, she is, my Little Star,” Twilight smiled fondly. Cadance did not need her powers to tell there was real love there.

Twilight’s horn flashed, Cadance felt the annoying twisting in her gut and shiver in her horn whenever anypony cast higher dimensional spells around her. She glanced back to the table, finding it empty. She must have stored all the food, and she did it in a single cast. Cadance was starting to feel more than a little underpowered compared to her sister in law.

“How old is she?” Cadance asked.

“A few days or years, it is a bit hard to tell,” Twilight said.

“What?” Shining cut in.

“Magic,” Twilight answered.

“That's not an answer you would normally be happy with,” He replied.

She twitched her wings in a shrug. “It had something to do with the Elements of Harmony.”

“The elements can give you foals,” Shining said in confusion.

“Yes, if you ask nicely, and it promotes Harmony.” Twilight giggled. “Wait here, I will be back in a moment with her.” Twilight trotted off round a corner.

Cadance lowered her voice. “What do you think?”

Shining thought for a moment. “I don’t think Twily’s lying to us… If her mane were going crazy, I would have been worried about another lesson zero incident.”

“... Do you know of anypony your sister hates?” Cadance hesitantly asked

“Tirek, ponies that return books late and those that spoil the ending of books. Why?” He said trying to lighten the mood.

Cadance took a calming breath before stating. “There is somepony out there she hates enough to kill.”

“... is it Celestia?” Shining said in growing horror.

“No, thank all the Stars,” Cadance let out a long breath. “There is a lot of dark feelings, but it is not quite that bad.”

A young fillies voice interrupted them “Yes, yes, yes, yes.”

Twilight laughed from round the corner. “Now there are two ponies I want you to meet.” The odd clinks of her crystal-covered hooves drawing closer.

“Are they nice ponies?” The filly asked.

“Yes, they are two of the nicest ponies,” Twilight said. Cadance could hear the warm smile in Twilight’s voice.

“You know I would never want you to meet any more bad ponies.” Twilight continued before stepping around the corner with a small lavender filly standing on her back. The filly looked just like Twilight did when Cadance had started to foalsit her. She was wearing a fire damaged Daring-Do helmet with spell runes around the rim.

“Hi, my name is Little Star!” The filly called out waving a hoof.

Cadance smiled, she could not hide the joy foals brought to her just by being near. “Nice to meet you, Star, I’m your Aunty Cadance.” She pointed to Shining with a wing. “And this is your Uncle Shining.”

“Where are your wings?” Star asked, looking at Shining, eyes full of innocent curiosity.

Looking to one side, Cadance tried to hide the sadness in her eyes. By the way that Twilight’s ears tracked her, she must have failed.

“Sorry, I’m just a unicorn,” Shining said, rubbing his neck.

“That’s ok, I’m sure Mommy can fix that.”

Shining laughed and reached over patting Star on the head affectionately.

Cadance met Twilight's gaze. “Can you?” she silently mouthed.

Twilight tilted her head and looked thoughtfully at her brother. Then moved closer as she guided the group of them towards the next destination. “Possibly,” she whispered in Cadance’s ear.

Cadance’s horn shivered, and in a burst of light, Star was standing on her back. “What you talking about?” Star looked up at both of them, eyes full of wonder.

“Wings,” Twilight said.

“Oh, ok,” Star said.

“Twilight, can I ask why you have that crystal covering you?” Shining asked.

Twilight stiffened for a moment. “I needed it for protection… and the only way I know to get rid of it is to smash it.”

Cadance blinked. “Oh.”

“It’s been a very long week, and it takes a lot of effort to break it. I will do something about it later,”

“It looks pretty,” Star said. A scroll and quill popped into existence and she started sketching her mother.

The rest of the walk was full of Star sketching everyone as she teleported from pony to pony.

“Girls, I have somepony to introduce you to,” Twilight called out, as the group walked into the map room.

“Don’t be silly we already know your brother and Princess Cadance, we were at the wedding… Unless this is another fake Cadance, or is it a fake Shining now or a Fake Twilight? Is Twilight a fake?.” Pinkie's ramble was cut off as with a flash of magenta light a sandwich materialised in her mouth.

A moment later the rest of the snacks appeared, divided evenly amongst all the ponies in the room.

“Hi, Pinkie, thanks for the cupcake,” Star said, smiling. Drawing the Bearer’s attention to her.

“Twilight, since when is there a mini-you?” Asked Rainbow.

“May I introduce my daughter, Little Star,” Twilight’s aura wrapped around Star pulling her close as she nuzzled her. She turned Star to face the room.

Star waved happily “They are all good ponies, right?” she asked in a stage whisper.

“Yes, they may be a bit strange, but I like them anyway.” Twilight grinned.

“Is that a Daring-Do helmet?” Rainbow asked flapping closer to have a look.

“Yep, had it when I went on my first adventure with Mommy. We had to clean up and escape the Temple of the Hidden Path.”

“You took your foal on an adventure?” Applejack sounded angry.

“More ‘Adventure’ found us AJ.”

“Why is it burnt, what's with the strange marks?” Rainbow said, pointing at the runes.

“Oh, it got burnt when I saved Mommy from the Bad Ponies…. So as soon as I could, I added some protections to it. I need to be ready in case the Bad Ponies try and hurt Mommy again.” Star was grinning happily.

AJ was giving Twilight a very stern look. Cadance could see that words would be spoken and it was probably better if little ears were not around to hear them. “Rainbow can you show Star here Twilight’s collection of Daring-Do books?”

That got both of their attention. “Race you there, kid.” Rainbow said, “Three, two, one, go.” She dashed off at a languid speed for her.

“Bye everypony.” Star waved before just disappearing.

Cadance noticed the only one not seeming worried was Twilight herself.

Twilight closed her eyes for a moment and then nodded. “She has just gone to the library.” Twilight then trotted over to her throne and sat a little stiffly.

“You have some explaining to do,” Applejack said.

“That is what we are all here for,” Twilight replied.

“First why the buck was that little one in danger?” Applejack exclaimed.

“Because that is where she showed up…” A clamour of voices cut Twilight off.

“Enough!” Twilight’s horn glowed, and suddenly only Twilight’s voice could be heard. “Now I am going to talk, and you are all going to listen… I don’t want to tell you any of this, but you have a right to know.”

Twilight took a deep breath. “Now please, let me speak, there will be time for questions at the end.” Twilight released her spell.

There were nods and murmured agreements around the room.

“There is no easy way for me to say this…” Twilight looked at Shining with tears falling from her eyes. “The Twilight that was sent to Ponyville was not the same Twilight as from before attending Celestia’s School.”

By the mild reactions of Twilight's friends, they clearly knew about this already. Rarity was looking unhappy, Fluttershy was hiding behind her mane and Pinkie was staying still, too still for her. Applejack on the other hoof was watching Twilight, studying every word she said.

“Twily?” Shining’s voice was weak.

“The Twilight you got back after the magic was sealed away was not the original. The Princess… she created a tool, her perfect tool to save her sister.” Twilight looked down, unable to meet his gaze.

Shining slumped, guilt and grief warring for his heart. To Cadance, it seemed like he felt some of the blame was his. “The Alicorn only spell,” He whispered so quietly that only she could hear him.

Cadance could remember a time when Twilight had changed. When she had withdrawn into herself and her studies. A time when Celestia had forbidden her using her sight so she could learn how to interact with ponies regularly.

Twilight glanced back at her wings. “Even these wings were part of her grand plan,” She said, flaring her wings.

Twilight’s eyes met hers. Cadance could feel concern, sympathy and the desperate hope that she was not another victim.

“Simply put, the original died, and the Princess made a replacement… I’m so sorry.” Tears started to roll down Twilight’s face.

“This has got to be a joke, a bad dream. Luna if you're there, this is not funny,” Shining said to himself.

Only something this terrible could have changed the connection between Celestia and Twilight so drastically. Add to that Applejack, the Element of Honesty, was not pointing out any lies. Cadance just looked into Twilight’s hard eyes. “It's true.” She whispered.

“... Princess Celestia even said so…” Fluttershy voice was frail and hollow sounding.

With a mighty flap, she was next to Twilight, pulling her into a hug, wrapping her wings around her sister in law. “Oh, Twilight,” Cadance said, nuzzling her.

Twilight closed her eyes and rested against Cadance. “It means so much to me you don’t hate me,” she whispered trembling.

“I could never hate you,” Cadance answered, matching her volume.

Twilight sniffled then nodded. Still leaning against her sister, she returned her gaze to her brother. She opened her wing in an invitation.

“Family is important… even if its a mite strange,” Applejack said, encouraging Shining. He looked to Cadance, before slowly approaching and joining the hug.

“You can tell Luna all of this if you like,” Twilight softly said into Cadance’s ear, using the hug as cover. “I can feel her magic on you, she woke you and sent you here, yes?”

“We were going to be arriving in the morning, she woke me and told us to get here as soon as possible.” Cadance admitted.

“Then please give her my thanks. It has been wonderful to see both of you.” Twilight said with a warm smile.

“One of the many things I have been learning since…” she paused. “Shining, how much do you know about Alicorns?”

Cadance subtly shook her head. Twilight looked to her then back to Shining. “I got a chance to look at the spellwork the Princess left in here.” She pointed at her head with a hoof. “It answered a lot of questions for me.”

“How can you be so calm about this?” Shining asked.

“I’m not," She let out a bitter laugh. "I’m just so very tired, it feels like it has been years since Manehatten.” Twilight gave a weak laugh

“You should have heard her shouting match with the Princess,” Pinkie happily added, suddenly being a part of the hug.

Cadance noticed Twilight just seemed to enjoy the extra contact. Shining jumped back in fear and maintained a safe distance away from the pink pony.

“So, now how did you get a filly Twilight,” Applejack asked.

“Alicorn magic, the Elements of Harmony and me. Somehow the end result was my daughter.”

“But how?” Applejack insisted.

“I can conjure permanent objects from nothing but raw magic. If you know everything about a living creature, the same should be possible.” Twilight stated.

With her voice dripping with disbelief Applejack exclaimed. “Are you saying you can just light your horn and make a pony!?”

“You remember what happened with the Elements of Harmony when a certain Twilight Sparkle exploded.” Twilight said, oddly sounding a little like Trixie.

“Yeah, you were fine sugercube, all a miss-understanding.” Applejack said.

“More than fine, you got wings, you became a princess,” Rarity said.

“It was scary, we all thought we killed you,” Fluttershy meekly added.

“I really did explode, my entire body was destroyed and turned in to magic.” Twilight said.

“Buts that's just how teleporting works silly.” Pinkie jumped up.

“No, it… hmm” Twilight stopped.

“But you can’t just teleport and become an Alicorn, that would just be silly, it would need to be an extra special teleport.” Pinkie continued.

Twilight was now just staring at Pinkie. Deep in thought. "Forty-five percent," she said before teleporting away in a flash of magic.

"Can an Alicorn become and a double Alicorn? Do they get four wings, eight legs and two horns?" Pinkie asked.

Twilight had returned with Star and Rainbow just in time that nopony sent out a search party. Many a pleasant conversation were had. The gathering slowly changed to a party. Pinkie for once not using her party cannon, yet she still got everything set up in a remarkably short time. It was officially the pre-party for both Twilight's Glad-You-Are-Alive party and Star's Welcome-to-Ponyville party.

Star rendered everypony's likeness in ink, sending the completed ones away in a flash of magic. Cadance had happily accepted a drawing of herself and Twilight hugging, as a gift to Aunty Cadance.

Rarity stepped out for a moment and came back with everything she needed to make Star a few items of clothing. Star even managed to get her to make a Bat-mare style cape. Somehow it matched the Daring-Do helm.

Rainbow flew around the room with Star doing stunts and telling the tale of when she teamed up with Daring-Do. Cadance had never seen a filly with eyes that wide before.

Star got Fluttershy talking in great detail about the animals from the Everfree. Star seemed to be very interested in timberwolves and everything about how animals made of wood were possible.

Applejack even came around, demonstrated a few rope tricks which Star tried and failed to copy.

Cadance watched the ponies around her and smiled, the connections between them were strengthening, and everypony was slowly forming ones with Little Star. For a time, everything was good, Pinkie used her talent to fight off negativity and put smiles on everypony's faces. But nothing lasts forever, time passed and one by one the ponies found places to sleep. The late-night even catching up with the energetic Pinkie.

Finally, Cadance looked at Twilight, the only other pony awake. She was softly stroking her daughter’s mane using her wing as a feather blanket. Despite everything, that look of contentment gave Cadance hope.

Twilight looked up at her as she got up, lifting Star in her aura. She moved up next to her and slowly wrapped her in a one-winged hug. “Do you know how to tend to an Alicorns leylines?” she asked softly.

Cadance looked confused but returned the embrace. “With the normal healing spells for the type of leyline, right?”

Twilight quietly sighed. “What is your bastion like?

“You mean in the Empire?”

“So they kept things from you as well,” Twilight said, smiling sadly. “I expected as much.”

Twilight pulled away from the hug and slowly headed out the room, humming a lovely tune to her daughter.

Cadance listened to the tune until it faded from her hearing. She found herself humming the tune, trying to work out what words belonged with it. She lifted Shining in her hooves as if he were as light as a newborn foal. She took wing, making her way to the room Twilight typically saved for them.

Cadance was lying awake next to Shining in one of the guest rooms of Twilight’s home. Her mind was full of questions. Those two questions Twilight had asked her during their last hug before bed still consuming her thoughts. What did they mean? Why did she ask them? Her biggest fear was finding out she was not who she thought she was. She feared she might just be a tool created by some pony, just like Twilight.

Aunties, what are you hiding from me?

Her horn lit with a three-hour sleep spell, she released it, and the bliss of dreamless sleep chased away her fears.

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