• Published 11th Nov 2015
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Long Live the Queen - QueenChrysalisForever

The current Queen Chrysalis has been wounded beyond the healing a good feeding provides. So she invites Discord over, to perform a spell he has been helping with for centuries. Will the new Queen be able to handle the pressure? Or will she fail?

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A New Beginning

Two years after the attack on Canterlot…
At the Changeling Castle- Queen’s Chambers…

“I think it is close to time Discord,” I sighed, leaning back on my pillow. “I just don’t have the strength anymore.”

“Well, you have led your changelings well through these last two years, even with it being harder to feast on ponies' love. Your time in this reign has been longer than many before you. Five hundred years, I believe?” Discord dipped a washcloth in a bowl of cool water, wrung it out, and placed it back over my aching head.

“Would have been five hundred ten next Tuesday actually. At least I can help the next one as the previous one has for me. We’ll be whole again, with a renewal.” I spread out what was left of my wings. They had always been holey, but when I had landed after being thrown from Canterlot with the power of Cadence and Shining Armor, the landing had shredded them badly, beyond what repair feeding gave me. Two years, since I had been able to soar into the sky.

Discord nodded, ears flickering back and forth as if listening for something. “There is one ready to take your place, just need to find the dimension she is in. I’m going to miss you Chrys, it has been a delightful last five hundred years.”

I laughed, “and I, you. How could anyone not miss such chaos?” A little ding sounded somewhere off in the distance. I opened my eyes, looking up expectantly at Discord.

“Ah, found it,” Discord snapped his fingers, and a portal opened on the other side of my bed. Blue and black smoke circled it, showing a world far different from our own, and yet similar. Instead of ponies and other four-legged creatures walking around, a bipedal, almost naked ape-like creatures, humans? I think I heard they were called in a time long gone, filled the window as they walked by. They were surrounded by a city, skyscrapers and other similar buildings all around. Hardly any of the transportation was pulled by horse or pony, but by some other magical feat. “She is from Earth this time,” Discord said as we watched, buses and taxis passing our little window into the world, along with a strong smell of some type of meat cooking.

“What’s her name? Does she know of us?”

“That is one of the qualifications. I know not her name yet though. Anytime now she’ll be appearing on this road. Then I can reel her in.” He chuckles, and I close my eyes, biting my lip at the pain coursing through me. “We’ll find her in time, I’ve done this for every Queen before you, and I won’t fail you now.”

“I’m not worried about that Discord. I’m just worried if she will be able to rule my changelings well. To… keep our secret. There are so few who are allowed to know, safer that way.”

“Oh don’t worry, she will be perfect,” Discord said and grinned.

A busy road in Salt Lake City, Utah

I really hated this time of year. I sighed as I adjusted the strap of my knapsack, and continued on my walk home from the mall. The sky was filled with soot-colored clouds, and the smell of rain strong in the air. A chill wind blew down the collar of my coat and I shivered, pulling it tighter. Cars and trucks roared past beside me, throwing up soiled fast-food wrappers and old, yellowed newspapers from the gutters.

As I turned a corner, a flash of lightning lit up the sky, followed by a loud crack of thunder. It was then the rain came in a deluge. I pulled my hoodie up and began to run, the rain soaking me in mere minutes, and falling so fast as to make it almost impossible to see more than a few feet at a time. I slipped into an icy puddle of water and shivered as I stood, wincing as I put weight back on my right ankle. I'd have a slight sprain most likely.

I continued, now limping, with water dripping from the brim of my hood. A passing blue Sedan splashed through a puddle, pelting me with more water on my already soaked form. Seeing the crosswalk ahead of me, I sighed in relief and limped up to the light, pressing the button and waiting for the light to change. As soon as it turned red, I stepped over a puddle near the curb and started across the street.

A loud honk and screech made me look up, startled to see a school bus swerving out of control heading right toward me. My eyes widened and I froze in place, the bright headlights all I could see as I raised my arms to await impact. I let out a surprised gasp as something grabbed me from behind and pulled me backward.

All around me was a bright blue-and-black smoke, looking ahead of me, I could see the rainy day pulling away, the bus prominent, but slowly fading away until all I could see was the blue-and-black smoke. What was happening? Did I die? Never thought the ‘pathway to Heaven’ would be lined with such dark smoke. Wasn’t it supposed to be all pinks and whites? For that matter shouldn’t I be facing forward? I tried to turn around, but the thing that had pulled me away from the bus still had a firm grip on me and I couldn’t. Another light appeared behind me, and I heard a whispered “goodbye Chrys, treat this one well” before everything went dark.

Changeling Castle- Queen’s Chambers

Hunger, but it was unlike any other hunger I had felt before. I groaned and opened my eyes. The lighting was dim around me, torches lit on the walls with some type of green fire. Stone walls, dark grey - a crack running through the one to my left. A dark wood dresser with a mirror on the wall was ahead of me. I closed my eyes and put a hand to my head, but… something was missing… I opened my eyes and gasped. I didn’t have a hand, but a hoof, a holey one at that. I lifted my other arm, to find it was the same. What had happened to me? I tossed the blankets off my body, with a little difficulty, not having fingers, to find not only my arms and hands had changed. My body was covered in some type of shiny black exoskeleton, my body thin and tapered, leading to holey hooves for legs. A teal-colored tail was spread out on the bedspread, connected to my lower spine. What had happened to me?

“You must be a strong one, the others took at least a day to awaken after the transformation.”

I looked up and gasped in shock at whom I saw before me. It was Discord! “But… how can this be? You… you’re just a character in a show,” I stammered, sitting up only to have a strand of teal-colored hair fall in my face.

Discord chuckled. “Well then, so are you now.”

“And I am here too dearie.”

“Wha?” I scooted backward in shock. Where had that other voice come from? Discord and I were the only ones in the room, and it had sounded close.

“I’m in your head, but don’t fret, it is normal for us.” The voice chuckled.

“Am… am I going insane?” I ask, looking over at Discord. “Or is this some crazy coma dream? First I wake to find I have hooves, then I find you here, then I have another voice in my head!”

“Why don’t you look in the mirror and see for yourself?” Discord holds out his right-pawed hand. I place my hoof in it, and he helps me up. I try to stand on two hooves before I fall back to all fours. This is so weird. I walk over to the mirror, my eyes widening as I take in my reflection. My eyes widen as I take in my appearance. I look just like Queen Chrysalis!

“Now I know I must be dreaming. I can’t be Queen Chrysalis. How is that possible?” I run a hoof through my teal hair, reach up and touch my pony ears, my horn. I shake my head in disbelief and sit down at a chair beside the dresser. “I knew it, I’ve gone crazy.”

“Oh, it is possible, all through a little spell.” Discord grinned, showing off his one fang.

“A spell?”

“Obviously we need to explain a little history to you,” the voice said and chuckled.

“And who is this voice in my head!”

“Aw, you don’t recognize me? I would just say I’m your conscience, but then we don’t have one. It is I, Queen Chrysalis! Or at least, the previous one.”

“Okay, now you guys have me seriously confused.”

“Then let me explain,” Discord said, and chuckled. He pulled a chart down out of thin air, covered in drawings of little Chrysalis’s. “Around a thousand years ago, the original Queen Chrysalis could feel she was getting old, even for a changeling queen. She didn’t want her changelings to be without a queen, so she contacted me with a plan. She concocted a spell, which would pretty much let her live forever, in a sense. When she was about to die, I would search the dimensions for the perfect girl to take her place. But she had to be in mortal danger, else I couldn’t whisk her soul and spirit out of harm’s way and to our world.”

“So in other words, I would have died if you hadn’t brought me here?”

“But of course, you did freeze in front of that bus. Everyone in your world will think you are dead, as it will still have hit your body.”

“Great,” I sighed. “Go on.”

“Well, a few years went by, and Queen Chrysalis, the first, was on death’s door. So we cast the spell and brought in Chrysalis the 2nd. When we pull the new girl into the body of the Queen, the body is renewed fully, fixing things even a good feeding can’t fix and bringing back a little of her youth. And, as we found out later, the previous queen’s… essence if you will, lingers in the mind of the new queen.”

“How else are we to make sure the new queen can pull off fooling others into believing she is the same one they know and love? If we are not there to guide them into becoming us?”

“Yeah, I guess that is true. But, why me? I’m not evil, I’m just your… average college student. A little obsessed with well,” I pause and grin a little sheepishly. “A little obsessed with My Little Pony, but I’m a generally good person.”

Discord shrugs. “I know not why you were the right one. I’m sure we will learn in time though.” He laughs. “I am always a call away if you need me, though I really must be going now that you have awoken.”

“Wait, so you’re just going to leave me alone with well… myself?”

“You’ll get used to me dearie. Just… try not to talk out loud to me in public. We’re already seen as crazy enough as it is.”

Discord magicked himself into a suit coat and hat and tipped the hat to me… us. “Have a good day ladies,” he said and disappeared with a pop.

“Well, that… this… is certainly interesting. So… if I’m the new Queen Chrysalis, what does that make you?”

“Just call my Chrys dearie, makes things easier. Now, I believe it is time for you to feed. Our minion Apatelodes will deliver your first meal any time now.”

“Yeah, I guess I am hungry.” There came a knock at the door, and I stood, walking over to it. I reached a hoof to the handle before I remembered, no hands. “So, how exactly do you guys’ open doors?” I whisper, not wanting those on the other side to hear.

“Magic of course. We are already well versed in it, so just will it to happen and it will be so, concentrate.”

Closing one eye and sticking out my tongue, I concentrated hard on the doorknob and was surprised when with little effort the green glow of my magic surrounded it and I pulled it open.

“See, easy for someone as strong as us,” she chuckles. Before us is a handsome young changeling, a quivering yellow unicorn mare with a light blue mane and three hearts for her cutie mark tied up in front of him. “Thank him for the meal and take her inside with us.”

“Right, thank you for the meal, Apatelodes.”

“Of course my Queen,” he said, and bowed. “I’m just glad to see you doing better. Will you be joining us later for dinner, or shall I bring your meal to your room?”

“Will we… I…”

“Not tonight, you have much to learn still before going out in public.”

“Not tonight, perhaps tomorrow for breakfast?”

“Very well my Queen. Enjoy your meal then.” He bows again and leaves.

“He seems like a nice guy, er… changeling,” I say as I concentrate and with a little effort, levitate the pony up, bringing her into the bedroom and closing the door behind us.

”Yes, and he can keep a secret. That is why he is the one I trust the most. Besides Discord, he and just a hoofful of others know. Now, as for how we feed…” I went to put my fangs in the pony’s neck. ”No no not like that, that’s only for emergencies, when we need love fast. Lay your horn against her neck, and I’ll tell you the spell.”

I did as she said, and whispered the spell. My horn grew with a green pulsing light, which flowed down to the pony’s neck. She gasped, and I did as well feeling her love pour from her into my horn. She had a coltfriend somewhere, whom she dearly loved, I could taste all that as it wavered over my body and filled my empty stomach. A nice sweet but bitter taste, like dark chocolate. Chrys stopped me after just around a minute, and I let the pony fall to the floor, in a deep sleep. My tongue rolled over my lips, licking them. So, this is what love tasted like. “No wonder you feed on love, it is delicious!”

“Yes dearie it is, and with a new stronger Queen, you can eventually lead the changelings to get revenge on those Princesses, and have all the love you could ever want.”

“Well then, I guess you better start preparing me. We’ll come up with an even better plan this time, and won’t fail,” I grinned. “Not that your plan wasn’t good, after all, you did come very close to winning. This time though, they won’t get away.” Whoa, did those thoughts come from me?

Chrys chuckled. “I think I’m already rubbing off on you. Little good girl you? Ha! Not for much longer. I think this is the start of a perfect friendship.”

“I couldn’t agree more.” I looked down at the sleeping mare. “So… what do we do with her? Not kill her, I imagine?”

“No, we very rarely kill. After all, there are far worse things than death to deal with our enemies.” Chrys said and chuckled. “Apatelodes will come to get her later. Until then, let’s start your training with a little flight.”

“But I’ve never flown before, not even in an airplane. Does it just come naturally like the rest?”

Chrys sighed. “You sure are full of questions aren’t you? But I shouldn’t blame you, I was the same when I was brought here. Yes, it should come naturally.”

I walked over to a balcony on the far side of the room and stepped out. The sky above was grey and thickly covered by rain clouds. An iron gate and fence, with dark-grey stone pillars, ran around the castle, and a forest covered much of the area surrounding the castle, dark pine trees, and quaking aspens. Peering over the railing, my eyes widened. “Oh my,” we were quite high up. I backed away from the railing, breathing heavily. “Maybe we should start this... lower to the ground.”

“Don’t tell me you are scared of heights!”

“From this high up when I’m still learning? Yeah.” I turned to look at my wings, they seemed so fragile.

“You will do just fine, just close your eyes and flap hard. It’s really quite easy.”

“That’s what you think, you’ve done it before.”

“Have I been wrong yet for you? Just do it, I’ll instruct you as we go.”

“Okay,” I said and stepped back toward the railing. I lifted my front hooves to it, resting them on it as I looked down. “I can do this,” I said taking a few deep breaths, flapping my wings gently. A cool breeze picked up, blowing my bangs into my face.

“The wind can help you fly better, when it is gentle like this, jump now!” I took a deep breath, nodded, and bunching the muscles in my back legs together, jumped into the air and off the balcony. The wind rushed by me as I began to plummet toward the ground. “Use your wings!” I nodded and flapped my wings furiously, slowing my fall as I began to hover, wings creating a buzzing sound.

“I’m doing it! Well, at least hovering,” I said and laughed, adrenaline pumping through me. As I gained confidence I grinned. “Let’s try actually flying now.” I turned to face the iron gate, eyeing one of the pillars. The top of them was flat. I leaned forward and found myself flying toward the pillar. Lifting as I reached it, I hovered above it for a moment, then let myself land, finding just enough room for my hooves.

“Not bad for a first try. It feels so good to fly again,” Chrys sighs.

“What do you mean? Don’t you fly all the time?”

“Not since the attack on Canterlot. My wings were ruined beyond repair. With your arrival, they were finally healed. I’d say we should fly farther, but you need time to strengthen your wings. Think you can make it back up to the room?”

I grinned, more confident now. “I think I can manage that,” I chuckle and bending down, jump back into the air, wings spread as I lift up to the balcony and settle gently onto its floor. “You know, I think I’m going to like this flying thing.” The unicorn mare is still asleep on the floor when I walk back inside and look into the mirror once more. “It sure will take some getting used to though, my new reflection.” We looked much the same as what I remembered from the show, only a little younger now. A healthy flush of green covered our cheeks from the flight, our eyes shone a bright green, and fangs almost glistened in a smile, lit from the green torches.

“Yes, flying is a wonderful way to relieve stress, and helps us look beautiful. But there is much more that we must cover, especially if you plan on breakfast with our changelings. So, time to stop admiring our reflection and get to work.”

I chuckled. “Did I mention that you were always my favorite character from the show? Sure the other ponies might be the main characters, but… I’ve always been fond of the villains.”

“And you call yourself a ‘good girl’? Normal ‘good girls’ are not fond of villain’s dearie. You must have always had a dark side. I like it. Will make it easier for you to adjust. Plus, our essence if you will, will turn your heart black as mine soon.”

“We all have our weird obsessions, doesn’t mean we let them take us over.”

Chrys chuckled. “Well I think that doesn’t apply to you, at least, not anymore. Your ‘obsession’ was probably part of the reason you were perfect for the part. And now you ARE me, at least in the flesh.”

“Yeah, I guess you are correct about that.” I turned away from the mirror, looking around the room. Over by the bookcase, I noticed a dark wooden closed door. “What’s in there?” I asked and stepped over to it. A miss-step of my front hooves and I stumbled, bowling over into a tangled heap against the door. My crown fell off and twirled in a pirouette before coming to a stop in front of my nose.

“Looks like someone needs more practice even walking,” Chrys laughed. “How can you find walking on four hooves harder than two? I watched the other humans passing by while Discord and I waited for you to appear, and it seemed like they were going to fall with every step. No tail to help with balance, I’m surprised you all are not black and blue with bruises.”

“Practice pretty much,” I groaned, stretching out my long legs and rolling onto my belly, legs beneath me, pulled myself back up, and levitated my crown back to my head. “Guess I will need that here now.”

“Well, to help you stay alert and awake tonight, we’ll have you pace around the room while I drill you then. Can’t have you tripping in front of our changelings after all.”

“Yeah, that wouldn’t be good. We need to appear strong,” I took a deep breath and blew a strand of hair out of my face. “Let us begin, I am ready.”

Author's Note:

My first MLP fic on here yay! It might not be perfect just yet (I am using this for my NaNoWriMo novel this year) but once November/NaNo is over I will come back and make it all sound better.) Just an idea that came to me one day, lots more to come! Will try to post a chapter at least a few times a week, depending on how far I end up getting. Hope you all like it! Comments. critique, etc all wanted! I want my story to be the best it can be. :)
5/5/2021- Some small edits are done, just grammar or spelling pretty much.