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In the land of Twilight, under the Moon - Snow Moon

Twilight Sparkle was dying because of the magic flare but the one the came to her rescue was not Celestia...

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Circus (Unedited)

“In your life you will meet shooting stars. You will see them, make your wish and see them disappear.” Nahiar Ozar

A week after the defeat of the Storm King Twilight got a notice saying that her brother and a group of ponies from Equestria were looking for her and where on their way to Abyssinia. The first thing she did was request Queen Novo some kind of letter or document that explained she was in Hippogriffia helping her taking care of a little problem with some bandits. She didn't want the princess know about her participation in the defeat of the Storm King, she end up explaining to Queen the Equestria was to peaceful and violence was the last route they would take. Queen Novo understood, she knew Celestia personally and the way ponies did things, she helped Twilight with a fake letter for her princess as one of many gift she got from the hippogriffs as thanks for defending them.

Fizzlepop Berrytwist or Tempest Shadow as she wanted to being call, was waiting for her punishment in the dungeons of the castle. Next to her cell were two noble guards keeping an eye on her, she was being treated with the highest security they had, after the last time she was there, they knew she could escape easily if underestimated. Tempest was grateful of Twilight convincing Queen Novo that her actions were not totally her fault. She still had to pay for endangering the city and its inhabitants with an invading army, but luckily for her no hippogriffs was injured. She was thinking of what would happen to her regarding her punishment when somepony entered the dungeon and sat in front of her cell as the guard left them alone.

Twilight was there to speak with Tempest regarding her punishment, she would had to do physical labor while helping rebuilding the city, as there were still some places that needed work to be done. But what Tempest didn't expected was Twilight asking her if she wanted to be part of her team and go with her back to Equestria. She knew the abilities of the others ponies that were with Twilight as they fought back in the throne room against several guards, but she never expected that a Goddess would like to have a servant like her.

“We need not servants, but we would like a friend,” said Twilight with a sincere smile,”and we may have something that could help you with that wound.” said the lavender unicorn pointing out Tempest broken horn.

Tempest was shocked, would she really be able to have her horn fix after everything she went through, that was the only thing she ever wanted since joining the Storm King’s armada. Twilight knew the reason of her ways and offered a deal she knew Tempest couldn't ignore. She was offering true friendship, the power Tempest needed and a place to start over back in Equestria. It was too good to be real where the words the came on Tempest mind.

After accepting the deal, Twilight returned to her true form and cast her dark purple magic while taking a single twinkling star from her mane and placed inside Tempest chest. The magic ritual was done really fast and Tempest didn't know what happen, until the magic from the blessing when through her body cleaning the impurities of her mortal life and fixing her magic circuits from her horn through all over her body. Her horn looked the same but when she cast magic the broken piece appears made of magic, it almost looked like a horn made from a star beast. Twilight told her she has been blessed by Monoceros and now she could use her magic without any issues and her horn new true form would appear when so.

But that was not the only thing that happened with the blessing, to both young mares surprise a light shined on Tempest flank lighted the room. Tempest who didn't had a cutie mark, because of never finding her special talent after running away from home many years ago, finally got her cutie mark. A big lavender star with a small white firework design on both sides of the star and with two crossing sword behind the star.

Tempest who in all her life never knew true friendship, never had true comrades and never got happiness from the world. No only she finally fixed her horn, she found somepony to call friend, but also got a cutie mark that connected her to the one who gave her everything she wished. Her eyes began to water, her hurt heart began to heal as hope and faith filled her soul, she was reborn from a nopony to something greater. While crying she bowed in front of Twilight and swore to follow her and to be her loyal guard from that moment on even after Tartarus.

Twilight felt overwhelmed by the display of gratefulness from Tempest, scratching her blushing cheek with a hoof she accepted the oath and gave her a warm hug. She stayed next to Tempest until she recovered and with a smile she welcome her to the team. She would wait for Tempest to finish her punishment before going back to Klugetown and Equestria from there. She needed to prepare for the upcoming talks with both her parents and mentor after all.

“Are you sure about this?” asked Queen Novo to her daughter.

“Yes!” responded Skystar with a blissful smile.

“Alright then, I will talk with her,” responded sighing Queen Novo, “at least nothing worse than the Storm King will appear there, but you are still grounded so I would have to be creative with the punishment.” said smiling at her daughter that lost her smiling face to a worry one.

After the events at the former Storm King realm both Hippogriffia and Abyssinia were fully rewarded with profit from the treasures of the Storm King. Twilight didn't took anything from it requesting for just the weapons that were confiscated from the defeated army. Twilight friends did get some reward for their participation, Moonflower got a good amount of bits that would help her family for years to come and Zipzee was happy with enough bits to eat whatever she wanted. Thanks to the treasures, Abyssinia was able to recover from the situation the Storm King let it.

The Queen of Abyssinia that was communicating through her star beast with Twilight was more than grateful with her, she requested her to come live with her and become somepony with great wealth, Twilight didn't want any political job of any kind so politely declined. During this conversation Twilight found out through some of Queen Novo’s messengers sent to Klugetown that her brother and Cadance were on their way to Abyssinia’s capital Panthera looking for her, she requested from the Queen to keep her participation on the Storm King defeat hidden from them and tell them that she would be on her way to Equestria soon after finishing some stuff on Hippogriffia.

Queen Novo requested from Twilight to take some hippogriffs with her, she wanted to strengthen her relationship with both Equestria and Abyssinia, so an ambassador was needed in both nations. They would take separate routes once they reached Klugetown that was the new Abyssinian city. Twilight thought that Skystar would be the one been sent to Equestria but Queen Novo didn't mention her at all. Probably lock on a dungeon or her room as punishment...thought Twilight was she walked next to the Queen that was receiving reports of the post-battle cleanup, she was worry of what could happen to her when her parents knew that she was returning soon.

Twilight needed to speak with the queen about Tempest situation and waited until they finished all the preparations and all the meetings that were happening one after the other on what to do with everything taken from the Storm realm. The island that used to be the realm of the Storm King was full of armories, factories and shipyards. Hippogriffs didn't need airships to fly but could use them for trading with other nations, Abyssinia was the one the wanted to get as most of the ships they could to transportation and military use. The Queen of Abyssinia would never again let her realm be a victim again and she was making sure of it with all the help she was getting from Queen Novo and Twilight.

After a long week of paperwork and meetings Twilight was able to negotiated with Queen Novo Tempest’s fate. The queen didn't like Tempest even knowing the reasons behind her involvement with the Storm King. Luckily for Tempest they were expecting an attack to steal the pearl anytime soon after Twilight’s report, so not damage to her subjects occurred, but she didn't like it at all being toy with. There were some conditions for the transfer of Tempest custody to Twilight, some that were expected by her but others that were a little too much even for Queen Novo. in the end they were able to get an agreement the would make both parties happy and Tempest was transfer from hippogriffs custody to Equestrian.

“Who knew the Novo was not just a pretty face…” murmured Twilight on her way to her room to called a day after the long and tire negotiations.

They would leave in less than a week together with some hippogriffs officials and Princess Skystar to Equestria, Skystar would become the Ambassador in paper but the job would be for another poor soul to do instead. Twilight just hoped her mentor would agree on the terms of the new alliance.

Far from the location of Equestria and a little closer to Hippogriffia was located Abyssinia, Phantera was its capital, a city specialized on trade was full of piers and many merchants. For Cadance and the ponies with her it was their first time coming to such place, many felines creatures were moving like crazy. The news from the Storm King defeat arrived just before they docked at the city. Many merchants already were preparing to move their products to the new city and to Hippogriffia, others were moving personnel to help on retrieving the new nation wealth under theirs Queen’s orders.

For the ponies surprises they were received by a full military welcoming led by two deep black felines with fancy attires wearing golden crowns, the King and Queen of Abyssinian themselves. Cadance undid her disguise under her coat, she knew that a princess was needed in this occasion and she wanted to make a good diplomatic impression.

“Welcome to Abyssinia ponies of Equestria!” said the king with a nervous smile.

“We’re honored to been received by yours majesties” responded Cadance with a bow, “I’m Princess Mi Amore Cadenza of Equestria” finished while taking off her coat revealing her pink feather wings.

“We were expecting you and your guards, the Warrior Princess inform us of your arrival.” responded the king with a bow in return.

“Warrior Princess?” asked Cadance confused as the ponies next to her.

“That’s the nickname many gave Twilight when she was here,” responded the Queen with a smile as she go close to Cadance and give her a welcoming hug, “She fought bravely with her friends helping our people during the invasion.”

“You were invaded? And Twilight fought?” Shining Armor next to Cadance could be quite anymore and had to ask for details.

“Oh yes, if it wasn't for her and her friends Abyssinia would be no more.” responded the king, “But please let us continue in the palace, I’m sure you and your ponies would like to rest from your journey too.”

“Is Twilight at the palace?” asked innocently Cadance.

“Oh no, she is at Hippogriffia helping Queen Novo with something, She was informed of your arrival to Phantera by some hippogriffs that made it to Klugetown after your arrival there, she let us know so we could welcome you in her stead.” responded the queen.

Both Cadance and Shining were astonished, the one they were looking for was on the place they were going in the first place, but now they would have to stay for a while there, it would be impolitely if they were to leave just as they arrived. They could get some information of what Twilight was up to during her time missing.

On Equestria Sunset Shimmer had been taking care of Spike, the poor baby dragon haven’t seen or known anything from his mom in more than two months. Doing the best she could for the little dragon, she had been dealing with both Twilight’s and Cadance’s job. While helping him with his studies Spike burped purple fire that turned into a letter, at first she thought it was from the princess but it was a letter from her missing little sister Twilight. She read the letter before showed it to Spike that became excited knowing that his mom finally wrote to them.

Sunset took the letter together with Spike to Princess Celestia that was doing her paperwork at her chambers together with her secretary. The princess was happy to know that her student was alright, she was surprised that Queen Novo was responsible for her delay, and apparently she was helping the hippogriffs with some bandits problems near their realm. She could only frown knowing that the reason her student stopped reporting was that she forgot, Princess Celestia knew she would have to have a serious talk when Twilight returned.

Twilight would return in a few days with her friends, she found out that Cadance and Shining were on Abyssinia looking for her. Celestia would make sure to contact Cadance and let her known that Twilight was alright and returning to Equestria soon.

Twilight requested that somepony let her parents know that she would be returning soon, and make sure that they were completely explained of the situation, for her own sake. Sunset would be in charge of let them know, they knew her and Spike loved to spend time with both of them. Princess Celestia made the arrangements for Twilight’s arrival and informing Cadance as soon as possible too. She was thinking that it would be important to go to Hippogriffia and talk with her old friend Queen Novo, maybe also be able to get the whole picture of what happened at Mount Aris. Princess Celestia ordered her guards to send somepony to Abyssinia, to make contact with Princess Cadenza and inform her of her student arrival.

Things were normal back in Equestria, Sunset was advancing quite good in her studies and Princess Celestia was only worry on Twilight’s. The stars doing what they wanted was an issue that rarely happened, keeping the princess less worry about them. At least it was, until some started to fall a few nights ago, but apparently no a single star was missing the next night as the astrologers informed her. Now it was time for her students to prepare for what’s to come and she needed them both for that. As soon as Twilight returns and catch up with her studies is time to start with Harmony, thought Princess Celestia as she looked at the window hoping for greatest things to come for Equestria.

In the darkness of his prison the draconequus of chaos was waiting patiently, he knew that his old friend would helping as soon she knows how. While contemplating the dark emptiness, the darkness around him turned into a ocean of stars, he knew his favorite alicorn just came for a visit.

“Oh Starbutt, welcome my dear,” said the draconequus as he smiled at Twilight that appeared next to him. She smiled a him and after exchanging some quick greetings Twilight started to tell him all about her vacations which were as entertaining as he guessed.

“Well that was a little over doing it don't you think my dear?” asked Discord as he listened what happen to the Storm King.

“Oh my, we don't go easy on those who offend us,” responded Twilight with a innocent smile, “besides we needed to test our power, we are not near as Asteria used to be yet.” continued as her expression got dark.

“Well, you are not her to begin with,” Discord said as he flowed next to her, “at least not anymore.” he smiled at her as he continued, “but I think your power could be bigger, you have to powerful souls merge together after all. So don't over do things.” turning in a serious expression he finished.

“We know,” responded Twilight while sighing, “we were just having a little fun out of Celestia’s gaze.”

“Oh I know the feeling,” he responded laughing, “which remind me, how are things with the whole stone freeing Ol’ Discord?” he asked with what could be seen as a bad try of innocents in his smile.

“No good, we have no idea where those artifacts are or what harmony magic is yet,” responded Twilight ignoring the fake smile on his face, “but we should be getting some information after we catch up with our studies. Disappearing for two months and things increase a lot here.” said while sighing.

“Oh well, I should probably get use to the dark around here anyway.” said Discord as he kicked the air looking down.

Twilight rolled her eyes and smiled at her friend bad acting, she place her hoof on his shoulder and ensure him that she would helping him get free as soon as she found out how to do so. The conversion when short as they just shared a few stories and ideas to have some fun at the princesses expenses. For Twilight talking with Discord was a good escape from the serious situation that waited for her back at her parents house, they waited for Shining to return so that they could have a full family talk.

Some months after the events that only few knew that actually happened, Tempest was the newest member of the royal guard of Equestria, she passed all her tests and training with excellent marks. Even if somepony thought that with her physical scars or more precisely her broken horn she would have failed, she proved to be on the same level of the other unicorns, for the surprise of not only her superiors, peers but also old Silver Might, that placed her in the training by Twilight’s request as payment for the successful mission. Her physical capabilities were as good as any earth pony and her fighting style was very effective against anypony that tried to beat her. The special magic arts she used compensated for the broken horn, she didn't liked to show off the true power of her magic, she knew her benefactor never showed off to nocreature and she wanted her to be proud of her and she worked hard to do so, she knew that she was not longer broken and using magic was not necessary to remand her that.

Tempest became part of the royal guard and was under direct command of Shining Armor, and so she would be part of Twilight’s team as requested for her and Silver Might. Shining would have somepony that would protect his little sister and keep him updated during her missions, although Tempest would never betray Twilight’s trust in any way. Her loyalty to Twilight was something that nocreature could measure, Zipzee was the only one that wanted to competed with her, she end up thinking of Tempest as her direct rival for Twilight’s loyal guard position. The different silly competitions between the two sometimes ended up with Twilight getting more attention than she ever wanted, in some occasions testing her patience.

Princess Skystar was also together with them, she finally was free from her mother’s wing. She could have fun and explore the new land that Equestria was for her, she only needed to make sure that Twilight or any other guard was with her, since in paper she was the representative of her nation, although Stratus Skyranger was the one entrusted by Queen Novo to do all the ambassador’s job paperwork for her, since the queen knew that Skystar would never do anything correctly or it would end up messy.

The princess of Hippogriffia was not the only creature that made it to Equestria, Abyssinia also sent together with Cadance their own ambassador, a female orange feline with red hair named Catrina was the one selected by her queen, she would made sure that Equestria and Abyssinia continue to stay as sister nations, she would also contact Twilight if her queen ever needed her assistance.

Princess Celestia couldn't be more impressed, by the time she knew all the achievements her student made on just a couple of months, no only did she helped two different nations but was able to create a mutual bond between them and Equestria. Sunset on the other hoof was becoming an even greater sorcerer, her ability to learn magic was always impressive, and her compatibility with Celestia’s own magic made her even more. Soon it would be the time that both her students needed to put everything they learned under her guidance to test, soon it would be the time for her beloved sister to return, and Princess Celestia was still uncertain of who between her students would be the key to free her sister from her the darkness of the nightmare and bring back harmony to the land of Equestria.

Author's Note:

Finally back with another chapter, feeling better too. :twilightsmile:

This chapter is a follow up of the events after the battle(?), its purpose is to bring together what happened and close the arc while getting us ready for the next chapter. Also this chapter have many events happening all around the lands because we got characters on different places and a minor time skip at the end to finish with the arc.

Next chapter it would be the last time jump and we will be finally on the series timeline, hopefully it would be ready this month. :twilightblush:

As always thank you for reading, Cheers~ :twilightsmile:

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