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Long Live the Queen - QueenChrysalisForever

The current Queen Chrysalis has been wounded beyond the healing a good feeding provides. So she invites Discord over, to perform a spell he has been helping with for centuries. Will the new Queen be able to handle the pressure? Or will she fail?

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Discourse and Trials

Changeling Castle-Throne Room- Apatelodes

The night grew old as I sat around a table with nine other changelings. Besides Queen Chrysalis and me, they were the only other changelings who knew about the threat. She had felt forming a council of some of our older changelings would be a good idea. That they would run ideas off each other and make plans for the future. But so far, all they had done was argue, and it had been going on all evening!

“No, we can’t do that! That would just be inviting them to attack us!” One growled, Morpheus. He had been the one to find Leptostales, having been out of the hive for some time like him. Being pretty much forced to return had him in an awful mood, and he wasn’t afraid to show it. “I’ve been around the Princesses for the last year or so, and there is no way in Tartarus they would help. They HATE us, like a good portion of their ponies. If we were to die out, they would be glad to get rid of such a threat.”

“It wouldn’t hurt to ask,” another said. “The better-laid plan the more likely we are to survive. If this threat ever shows their face again. Maybe seeing all of us return they have grown scared.”

“Oh, believe me, an extra hundred changelings wouldn’t scare them,” I said, and they all looked to me. “You forget I met them. Their confidence was astounding. They will be back, I have no doubt of that. Is there anything else that needs to be covered? It is almost 3 am, and I’d like to get some sleep.”

Morpheus rolled his eyes and sighed. “This is important Apatelodes, if they will return as you say, then we must plan for that. Sleep can wait. Maybe figuring out who the pony was will be a good start. You’ve yet to say if they were a mare or a stallion.”

“That’s because I don’t know. Somehow they disguised their voice to sound well… like it could be either.” Morpheus just gazed at me. “With that necklace of theirs, and the threat of the Umbrum all I can think is it was King Sombra. But that doesn’t sit right for me. For one, last I checked he was still destroyed by the Princesses. For another, from the stories about him, it doesn’t seem like his style.”

“He’s been gone over one thousand years, maybe his style has changed?” Morpheus said, but I shook my head. “Then what do you suggest?”

“That we need to do more research on this necklace, and on other ponies that might benefit from the Umbrum being released. Let us retire, and we can start on this in the morning. We’ll be able to think more clearly then.”

“Fine, but if that pony comes before we are prepared, it is on your hooves,” he stood, and the others followed. “Let’s go.” I watched as they walked out, the door slamming behind them, and sighed. I stood and walked over to a throne room window. “I’m doing the best I can,” I said, looking up at the moon. “Be careful out there my Queen. We still need you, I still need you.” I stepped away from the window, and out of the throne room. I needed to get some rest, couldn’t help my Queen well when asleep!

Little Pony-The Timberwolf Fang Inn- Shiny Whistle

I lifted my head upon hearing hoofsteps outside our door. Somepony coughed, and I heard the voice of Buck Shot say “this is it.” The room was still dark, but looking out the window I could see the faintest traces of light near the horizon. Dawn was near.

“Chryssy! Chryssy wake up!” I whispered, shaking her shoulder. “Turn back into my sister, I think they suspect us.”

She groaned, flicking her ears about as she turned to face me. “What you talking about Shiny?” she asked, yawning. She perked her ears up as the door handle was wiggled back and forth. “That Zebra!” she hissed softly. “She must have suspected me. I have heard tale that some Zebras can see through our disguises.”

“Transform then, before they get in!” I said, two hooves to my cheeks as I heard one pony curse, and the latch stood still.

“It is too late for that, they would see the flash as I transformed. Get up and grab your things, we’ll have to make a run for it when they open the door.” I nodded and slowly rolled over and sat up, cringing when the bed creaked. The latch started wiggling again and I stood, levitating my bags onto my back. I looked back to Chryssy, who had stood up as well. Her horn glowed a faint green with magic.

“You’re not going to hurt them are you?” I asked as the lock clicked, they had finally gotten it undone.

“Nothing serious, just a little knock to the side so we can get by.” She grinned and turned to the door, head down slightly as she aimed her horn. “Be ready to run when I tell you to.”

The handle went down, and the door opened slightly. A hoof kicked the door and it whipped the rest of the way open. With a bright flash of green flying toward them, a handful of ponies were scattered across the hallway floor. “Now!” Chryssy yelled and I bolted by the tumbled ponies, racing down the stairs. With the sound of stomping, I looked to see Chryssy behind me. I grinned up at her and watched surprised as she tripped and tumbled down the stairs, hitting me and sending us both to the floor below, her landing on top of me. “Curse these hooves,” she growled, then looked down, realizing I was under her. She grinned slyly at me. “As much fun as this is, we should run,” she stood up, stepping off of me, and grimaced.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, stumbling to my own feet.

“Twisted ankle,” she said, gritting her teeth. “Go, run. I’ll catch up.” She lifted out her wings and hovered in the air.

“I can’t leave you behind!” I protested, but she pushed me forward with an uninjured hoof. I looked up to see Buck Shot and the others had recovered and were on their way down.

“I can handle these buffoons,” she said with a grin, “They didn’t even bring a unicorn with them.” She flew toward the door, magicking it open, “I’ll catch up quickly with you,” she said. I sighed but nodded, and raced out the door, adjusting my bag as I went. I looked back and she had cleared the door, flying higher into the sky.

Yes, now she would be fine I was sure. I took a deep breath and raced on, passing by startled ponies as I ran through the town. As I reached the edge of the town I stopped to catch my breath. Not a soul was behind me, even the skies were clear. Where was she? I trotted back and forth on the path, eyes peeled for when she would first appear.

Above me a yellow pegasus mare appeared, flying hard toward the edge of town. Her flying was erratic, and as she came closer and she tried to stop, couldn’t and let out a loud ‘head’s up!’ as she rammed into me and we both slid along the road a few feet. Standing up, she offered a hoof to me, “Sorry about that handsome,” she said and chuckled. Her light blue mane lifted in a breeze, her cutie mark a teal-colored butterfly over three green musical notes.

“Thanks and no harm done,” I said and took her proffered hoof, blushing a little.

“It’s no problem,” she giggled. “Shall we head off? I am heading the same way.”

“Oh I would, but I’m waiting… wait… that is you, isn’t it Chryssy?”

“You better believe it, figured until we get a little farther on I should choose a new disguise.” She grinned and circled around me, wings curled up against her body. “What do you think of the new me?”

“Well, it’s not my sister, but that could be a good thing.”
She chuckled at that.

“Shall we continue on then?” I asked.

“Of course, now that all that excitement is over,” she said, licking her lips.

“Do I even want to know?” I asked, raising one eyebrow.

“Nopony is dead if that is what you are wondering, but other than that no probably not.”

“Then yes, let’s go. Next town is about a day’s walk away.” I said.

“Good, we have plenty of time to talk then. Like, about how much fun we had last night,” she giggled.

I blushed. Last night had been very awkward, but… enjoyable. Chryssy might not have had any fur, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t comfortable to sleep next to. Other things though… I shook my head. She was a Queen, why would she ever fall for somepony like me for? Was what I was feeling for her actually love, or just the affection earned between friends? Or maybe she had even put some sort of spell on me? I had no clue, nor on how she felt. She sure had been flirty lately, was that all an act, or was there more to it?

“You know, a conversation starts with two changelings or ponies,” she said and put a wing around me.

“Right, sorry I was… lost in thought.”

She chuckled, closed her eyes, and grinned. “I can imagine why.”

We continued on, the sun warming our backs as it rose. “So, this new form… is it from one of the ponies in town? Or an original? Can you guys do original ones?”

“It is harder, takes more concentration and more power, but we can do a unique looking pony. Usually just easier to take the form of another, especially since we’d be trying to lull their loved ones into caring about us enough that their love will be stronger. This pony is an original one though,” she said.

“Well, you did a great job on her. I just hope we don’t run into any more zebras!” I pondered for a moment, stopping. “Can Zecora see through them?”

“Who? Not sure I ever met a Zebra with that name.”

“Oh, she is from Ponyville, or at least that is where she lives now, in the Everfree forest anyway.”

“Of course, how could I forget her? I’ve heard of her, but have yet to meet her. Not sure if she can see through it,” she said.

“Is it a common trait?”

“Not especially. Maybe…” she paused, eyes going unfocused, then nodded. “More uncommon, perhaps one in every thousand or so? I guess it would make sense to have one living in Little Pony though. After all, they probably get many changelings there being so close to my castle. Better protection from us than those fumbling guards.” She chuckled. “Though, still not seen too often. Didn’t even think about it until she ran off last night.”

“At least she is not one of our bigger problems. Just need to avoid her on our return trip.” All this new information, even about the zebras, was so fascinating! Maybe I would write that book after all. The changelings did seem to deserve a better reputation. Or did they? What had Chryssy done to those guard ponies or the zebra mare? She wasn’t limping anymore, so either changing form fixed that, or she had fed off at least one of them. I daren’t ask though.

“Shouldn’t be too hard,” Chryssy said, following the path. “But let’s be careful anyway.”

I nodded, and we continued on in silence.

Changeling Castle- Nursery- Apatelodes

After breakfast, I trotted downstairs to check on the princess. Five of her fellow hatchlings had hatched in the last two weeks, all colts, leaving eighteen still in their eggs. All six of them looked up from their incubators as I walked in, blue eyes bright and mouths open in grins. Phengaris chuckled, coming over to me from where she had been checking an egg on the far side of the room.

“Looks like they are excited to see you. Might not have any of your own, but you sure are good with them,” she said and grinned, watching as I smoothed out one colts frill who was next to Citheronia.

“Don’t you dare tell anyling,” I said, and looked up at her.

“I know, you want to keep up your tough changeling impression. Wouldn’t do for them to know you have a soft spot for the hatchlings.” Phengaris winked at me.

“Exactly. How are they doing today? Especially our Queen’s little one.”

“Oh, all growing up nice and strong! Might need to get another changeling down here to help soon, don’t know if I could handle so many by myself. And Citheronia is growing well. If you look closely,” she said and led me over to the princess’s incubator, “there are cracks in her chitin. A few pieces have even already fallen off.” She levitated a little folded blanket near the incubator, to reveal a handful of chitin pieces. “Not too many large bits yet, but they will come. Then we can have your first molting ceremony, can’t we Citheronia?” She crooned to the little hatchling, who chirped up at her, then laughed.

I looked down at the bits of exposed fresh chitin beneath the old and stepped closer. “Is it just my imagination, or…?”

“Nope, you are correct. Her color seems to be lightening as she grows.”

“It looks… blue…”

“It’s probably just a trick of the light, these green fire torches give everything a blue-green look to it,” Phengaris ruffled the princesses mane. “She’s a good hatchling, well-bred, a bundle of laughs, and already showing signs of magic.”

“Already? But she is only a few weeks old! I thought magic didn’t start until they were older?”

“Well she is technically a little older, just stayed in her egg longer. Though yes, still quite early to be showing. Usually, at least a year old before they show, most of the time closer to five years old.” She picked Citheronia up and put her hoof to the filly’s mouth. “Time for lunch, little lady,” she said. Citheronia giggled and bit down, sucking softly on the hoof. “But then, from what I hear her mother was the same when she was born. Early to gain the first signs of magic, early to rise to power when her mother died when she was not quite a full-grown mare, and now the Queen to have lived the longest in our hives history!”

I pondered on that as I watched her feed. “She is certainly her mother’s daughter then. She’ll be a great queen herself one day.” If Chrysalis allows her that chance, I thought. I had no idea how many new Chrysalis’s there had been from the start, only she and Discord likely knew that, but with her now having a daughter, would they end the cycle?

“Indeed, I look forward to seeing her bloom and grow,” Phengaris sighed, then removed her hoof from the princess. “That’s enough for now dearie,” she said, smiling down at Citheronia when she held out her hooves as if asking for more. “No, no. We want you healthy, but we don’t want you fat. Plus your fellow hatchlings need to be fed too.” She placed Citheronia back in her incubator and pulled a blanket over her. The little princess yawned and curled up into a ball, closing her eyes.

“Do you need help with that?” I asked. “I’d so rather be down here than back with the planning committee. They just can’t agree on anything.”

“Of course, Citheronia has already been fed, of course,” she chuckled, “but unnamed number four hasn’t yet if you want to start with him?”

I nodded and walked over to the little hatchling. He had been the next to hatch after Citheronia. Yet noling knew where his parents were. They were still missing, even though the vast efforts to find them out in Equestria had been through. “Come here little guy,” I said and picked him up, offering him my hoof. He bit down with a little growl and began to feed. “A little feisty isn’t he?”

“He is indeed. He’ll make a great guard changeling for the princess when they get older.” Phengaris said and grinned. She held onto the next hatchling, who was feeding quietly. “Maybe even a mate.”

I chuckled. “Not even a month old yet, and already setting them up?”

“Well an old changeling has to have some fun in her life don’t I? Too old for much else, can’t even have any more foals of my own,” she sighed. “So I’m glad I can still work with the hatchlings, even if they always belong to others.”

“It is a noble and honored task, to be trusted so with our future,” I said and pulled my hoof away. He growled and tried to grab it back, but I put him back into his incubator and covered him up. “Sleep tight, little one,” I ran a hoof through his frill, as he yawned and stretched out. I grinned at him, then moved on to the last changeling colt.

He had been born just two days ago, and though he kept a smile on his face, he didn’t look too good. His eyes were a cloudy blue, and he was just so tiny. Probably hatched a little early, as happened sometimes. I picked him up, and he just grinned up at me, but when I put my hoof to his mouth he turned away.

“He hasn’t been eating well, poor little one, I don’t know what to do for him,” Phengaris said, coming over beside me. “He has a good fire in him, but that might not be enough for him to survive. I hope we don’t lose him.”

“I hope he lives as well,” I said and offered my hoof to him again. He grunted and turned his face away again. “Come on little guy, you need to eat,” I said, and rocked him in my hooves.

“We can’t force him, if he won’t now, maybe he will later,” Phengaris said and kissed the little changeling on his forehead. “I’ll try again in a little while, you go ahead back to your meetings.” She took the little changeling from my hooves and laid him back down in his incubator. “Thanks for all your help.”

I took a deep breath and nodded. I just hoped he would survive. We needed every changeling we could get if we ever wanted to take over Equestria again, after all. “It was no problem,” I said and nodding to her, groaned softly, and headed off to more of those torturous meetings.

On the road-Queen Chrysalis

None of the ponies from Little Pony chased after us, and I was glad. It had been a few hours now since we had such a wild escape. Chasing after them while Shiny got away had been fun, blasting magic at them, missing purposefully, as I only wanted to scare them. A few of the pegasi had tried to catch me from the air, but even with what little practice I had had so far, they just couldn’t come close to me.

I had snuck around doing my best to lose them before I spotted the zebra from the night before running from the commotion I had caused. I grinned, looking around her to see nopony else, and dropped down, hovering in front of her face so as not to put weight on my sprained hoof. “So, you have the power hmm?” I said and chuckled at her.

“I do indeed have the power,” she said and gulped. “And in front of you, I will not cower! Like other Zebras, I possess much more, yet fighting you will not be a snore.”

“Ugh, enough with the rhyming, I hate poetry,” I groaned. “I’m not going to kill you, this time,” I said and grinned. I put a hoof to her chin, “no, I’m simply going to show you what it means to mess with me.” I bared my fangs at her and hissed.

“What do you plan on doing to me? If it is not in your plan to set me free?”

“Feed off you of course,” I said and chuckled, lighting up my horn and putting it against her neck. She cursed under her breath. “Oh, temper, temper,” I said and laughed. “This is all your own fault. I planned on leaving this town unscathed, but thanks to you, now they are in terror.”

“Stop this right now,” she groaned, “or you will pay for it, I vow.”

“You just keep telling yourself that,” I said and licked my lips, pulling away from her as I felt my leg heal, and she fell to the ground in a deep sleep. “Better think more wisely when you mess with the Changeling Queen,” I hissed.

“Excellent work, now let’s get to transforming. Why not try to come up with a unique pony?” Chrys said.

“Unique huh? Hmm, let me try that.” I pondered what I would look like, pegasus, of course, wanted to be able to fly far away to catch up. No pinks… “Okay got it!” I said and closed my eyes. I felt the fire tickle over me, and when it was done, I looked in a living room window next to me. “Yes, that looks perfect,” I said and held out my pegasus wings, admiring my new yellow coat and blue hair.

“Nice job, for your first unique transformation,” Chrys said. “Now, let’s get back to Shiny Whistle!”

“Of course,” I said and lifted up, flying towards the edge of town.

Yes, that had been fun. I looked over at Shiny. A thin sheen of sweat covered his neck, and he seemed nervous again. I didn’t blame him, that attack could have been close. I needed to be more careful and control both our anger.

“Sorry about that dearie. It is just part of a changeling Queen’s… self if you will? We are VERY protective of our own, and what we consider our own. We will fight hoof and fang for their sake. We might not ‘own’ Shiny or anything, but since he works for us, I consider him in that category. Sending him away when we were threatened… was the only way to keep him safe.”

I nodded, understanding. “Like a big mama bear protecting her cubs,” I said with a whisper, and she laughed.
“Yes, that exactly. No one messes with our changelings!”

I chuckled and looked up ahead. In front of us, a large hill led out of the valley that the town had been in. Stairs had been carved into the rock on one side, and I groaned. “I hate stairs.”

“You and me both. It was always Sombra who loved them, so much so that I just wanted to throw him off one.” Chrys laughed.

“We can do it,” Shiny said, a grin on his face. “You could even fly up if you like? I can take the stairs myself.

“No, no. I’m not leaving your side. I’ll take the stairs.” I sighed and walked toward them with him.

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