In the land of Twilight, under the Moon

by Snow Moon

First published

Twilight Sparkle was dying because of the magic flare but the one the came to her rescue was not Celestia...

Their universe has come to an end, two goddesses sacrifice what is left to make sure it doesn't happen again. But fate lets them start over somewhere else...

Twilight Sparkle was dying because of the magic flare she emitted during her entrance exam to Princess Celestia's school, when she was about to destroy herself along with everypony on the school grounds a deity offered the little filly a deal that would change not just her life but the world itself.

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The Key of the Twilight

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“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” William Shakespeare

“There is not night without its stars.”

“Or night without its moon.”

A lavender filly was dying, she was in the middle of her entrance exam for Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns when a sonic rainboom caused her magic to spiral out of control, discharging a flare so powerful it tore at her body and consumed her life force.

In the most critical moment, just before Princess Celestia arrived to restrain the filly’s magic, time froze and the filly teleported to a stark white room.

“W-What happened? Where am I!?” the filly asked in panic. ”Am I dead!?”

“Not yet my little pony,” responded a soft but powerful voice “but you almost were.”

“Who’s there?” the scared filly asked. “Show yourself!”

“I'm right here...” responded the voice as it started to take the shape of an alicorn in front of the little filly, ”My little pony.”

“Princess Celestia?” asked the filly.

“No, I'm not this Celestia you speak of,” responded the alicorn. ”I'm Asteria, goddess of the stars, co-ruler of the night, and all of Equus.”

The filly was astonished by the presence of the alicorn calling herself a goddess in front of her. The newcomer was almost as tall as Princess Celestia, with a coat of dark purple and slitted draconic eyes in pink, an intimidating sight to the young filly before her. The alicorn's mane and tail resembled a colorful night sky full of stars, all dancing in a nebula shifting between dark blue, violet, and purple. She wore a toothy smile on her face. Her wings were majestic and her feathers went from that dark purple color of her coat to a violet at the end of them.

Neither of them spoke for a while until the goddess lowered herself to the eye level of the little filly.

“What is your name my little pony?” asked the goddess.

“M-my name is T-twilight Sparkle your Highness.” responded Twilight, bowing to the alicorn.

“Please, there is no need to do that,” said the goddess, “and call me Asteria.”

“Why am I here your Hig- I mean Asteria?” asked Twilight.

Asteria stayed silent for a moment while keeping her stare on Twilight, her horn glowed, an image of Twilight having her flare in a room with other ponies and a huge dragon appeared between them.

“You suffered a magic flare of unimaginable proportions for a mortal,” said Asteria, “I felt the magic by chance during my travel through space and time, I ended up freezing time to save your life, and changed space to speak with you.”

“Wow,” responded Twilight with sparkle filled eyes.

Asteria smiled and giggled at the filly's response, “It looks like your magic power is too much for your mortal body, I could help you survive, but the price would be large for both of us.”

“W-What would be the price?” asked Twilight shyly.

“Your soul...” responded Asteria straight and cold.

“What!?” shouted Twilight frightened.

“More like both our souls,” continued Asteria ignoring the panicking filly,”You may not realize it, but both our existences are similar to each other, as if you were me, and I were you, even our cutie marks are the same but with a different meaning.”

“Wait, I haven't got my a cutie mark yet,” said Twilight reacting to the comment and looking to her flank, then noticing that she actually got her cutie mark. It was a big purple star with five little white stars “I got my cutie mark!!! I got my cutie mark!!!! Yes yes yes yes yes!”

Asteria was astonished, looking at the filly jumping around happily at the realization that she had her cutie mark, only able to response with a soft smile.

“You're right, my cutie mark is the same as yours,” said Twilight as she stopped her happy dance. “How is that even possible?”

“Well my little pony, it’s really simple,” said Asteria looking at the filly cutie mark, “I'm you from a different universe or dimension, where you are a goddess and ruled for more than 3 thousand years.”

“Wow, but if that’s true, why are you here on my universe?” asked Twilight tilting her head.

Asteria lowered her gaze from the filly and her expression changed to pure sadness, almost to the point of crying.

“My universe is no more,” responded Asteria in sadness, she sighed before continuing, ”My world had been in peace for thousands of years, I ruled together with four other goddesses; my twin sister ruled the light, and I the stars of the night, while my older sister ruled over love and other such emotions.”

“What about the other two goddesses?” asked Twilight

“They were not my sisters by blood,” said Asteria closing her eyes and smiling softly as she remembered, “They were the goddess of the moon and the goddess of the sun; as the goddess of the stars, I worked together with the moon and after a few decades we fell in love, ruling the night for almost 3 thousand years until everything was gone.”

“One day, out of nowhere a dark, evil essence appeared on our world, it happened like an explosion, consuming everything it touched from life, magic, and even space and time; nothing was safe, it grew fast and deadly, my sister and sister-in-law were the first to go, they were on the side when it appeared, soon after, it had destroyed half of our world, and I'd lost my older sister too.”

Twilight was listening to the story in shock, just imagining the pain Asteria must be feeling by just remembering brought tears to her eyes.

“When all was almost lost, my love and I fled to the moon while trying to come up with a counter attack or a plan, unfortunately for us the darkness was consuming the magic of the sun and my stars, it was getting stronger, our last resort was to try to contain the darkness on our world so it couldn't do the same anywhere else. Using all our magic and power as goddesses we started to seal it, but just as the spell was to be complete we were attacked and only our souls survived the spell. We ended up lost in time and space; I lost track of my love centuries ago and I got here because I felt your magic.”

Twin streaks of tears rolled down Asteria and Twilight’s faces as the goddess finished her story. Twilight embraced the goddess, doing her best to comfort the Alicorn.

Both stayed in the position for quite a while until Asteria broke free from the hug with a small smile on her face.

“Thank you Twilight.” said Asteria as she nuzzled the filly cheek.

Twilight went back to sit in front of Asteria, her eyes still red from crying, but she was more calm than the goddess.

“Let me explain your situation since I can't hold you in this place for too long,” said Asteria, staring Twilight in the eyes, “I told you that to help both our souls would be the price, but is not what you think, as we are the same pony from different worlds and both share the resonance in our souls.”

“But I'm not a goddess.” said Twilight in a small voice, looking to her hooves.

“No, you're not. Your destiny on this world will change from what you were supposed to become, since your soul is as powerful as mine,” said Asteria, “I don't really understand the concept of your world, but your soul is linked directly to magic, which represents your special talent. That's the reason your body was almost destroyed by your flare, your full powers awakened for a moment and you were about to destroy yourself.”

“What can we do to fix it?” asked Twilight

“I can use what I have left of my power to fuse both our souls to help you ascend to godhood so you can control your power, but both our existences would disappear and a new one would begin with both our memories and power. Or you can choose to let destiny take its course and see if you survive, and I will continue to travel through time and space for all eternity until I find a new beginning for myself.” Asteria responded closing her eyes.

“No pressure...” responded Twilight sarcastically, sighing deeply, “How I do know that you’re not lying just to get my body?”

“I would have taken it by force if it was like that, also I'm not a evil goddess, I ruled for thousand of years taking care of my little ponies.” responded Asteria, “Besides it’s your world, you have the right to choose.”

Twilight closed her eyes and checked the possibilities, for one she would be reborn as an alicorn with the power of the stars, and magic at her command, the other was to tempt fate and hope to survive her own power.

For what looked like an eternity Twilight opened her eyes and for the first time while being in the presence of the goddess, her eyes were full of determination.

“Would I be able to live with my family or continue with my studies?” asked Twilight.

“Of course you will, your age will not change, nor will be your memories, you will share both our lives and experience, plus my knowledge and magic.” responded Asteria, “It’s more a continuation for you, and a new start for me, I lost everything I loved and now I'm giving you a chance to not lose yours.”

“OK, then I choose to have a chance for both us now, than wait for the best for both our existences.” responded Twilight with a bright smile on her face.

Asteria gave the most caring smile she could to the brave filly version of herself before channeling all her power to her horn, making them both shine in a bright purple light before they disappeared from the white space.

A “Thank you” was the last sound Twilight heard before everything went white.

A white, large alicorn fled from the castle to the school at great speed; Princess Celestia was moving as fast as she could to find the source of magic that blasted the school. When she finally arrived in the room she realized what was happening inside; the ones in charge of evaluating the entrance exam were in a panic as they floated, trapped in the filly's magic alongside a colossal dragon and plants who used to be ponies. And in the middle of it all the chaos was a filly having a magic flare.

So much power coming from just a little filly, thought it was an alicorn for a moment, thought Celestia, getting closer to the filly she tried to reason with her while using her own magic to control the filly's, she soon noticed her magic was not powerful enough for that.

Celestia started to think of all the different alternatives to stop the filly from destroying herself and everything around her. Then all of the sudden everything stopped, the magic came under control and all returned to normal as the filly slowly gathered her magic just before teleporting from where she was once all was back to normal.

Celestia didn't understand what had just happened, she just knew that the filly stopped the flare by her own power, and returned everything back to normal before disappearing from the room. She couldn't process the events for a moment.

Twilight's parents were in shock when they realized their daughter was missing from the room, and demanded the princess give an explanation of what had just happened.

Twilight appeared in her room back home, with her eyes closed she organized her thoughts, all the memories and experience of both their lives, making sure that she was still Twilight Sparkle but once she opened her eyes and looked in the mirror in her room, that thought disappeared.

Her appearance was mostly the same, but she now sported wings, an ethereal mane and tail, the dragon eyes (though the color was now a gradient of violet to pink, combining both their eye colors), and some small fangs.

Those parts were Asteria's but the body was Twilight's, the memories, the knowledge and experience were from both.

Asteria was right, we are a totally different existence now, thought Twilight, contemplating herself in the mirror.

After awhile Twilight focused and a purple flame surrounded her and as soon as it disappeared her eyes and mane were back to normal, and her wings were no more.

“This will help to keep our life as normal as possible, since there is no alicorns other than Celestia and our foalsitter,” muttered Twilight to herself, “Our parents must be panicking right now, but will be back soon, we should rest until they return and get ready for a long, long talk from mom.”

Laying on her bed and closing her eyes, the new goddess of this world took a nap, waiting for the hardest test of her new godhood. Her angry, worried parents.

The World

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“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it, you will land among the stars.” Les Brown

Twilight was sleeping peacefully on her bed until she felt something was squeezing her to death, opening her eyes she saw her mom Twilight Velvet hugging her as hard as she could while crying.

Her parents were really worried, they were turned into plants during their daughter's flare and when they recovered she was gone. Princess Celestia told them what she knew but after hours of searching, nopony knew where Twilight went.

“Oh thank Celestia, you're okay.” Velvet continued to hug her, ignoring her daughter struggling for air, “You have no idea how worried we were for your safety, even Princess Celestia has no idea where you had disappeared to.”

Night Light entered the room and joined his daughter and wife, the tears still running down his cheeks. It took some time before Twilight was free from her parents wrap, but she didn't find herself free from the scolding for disappearing without a trace.

Twilight made sure to tell them that she had panicked after everything that happened during the exam and when the princess entered the room she feared for the worst. The next she knew, she was in her room safe. All of it was pretty much a lie, but she didn't want to make them worry even more, especially since she almost died during the flare.

When things calmed down in the Sparkle home Velvet went to prepare some dinner, Night accompanied his wife out of Twilight's room. The new goddess got out of her bed, looking around her room started looking for books from her collection, anything about history, myths and creatures of legend will do, maybe just maybe, Twilight hoped would help her to set her new goals from now on.

The white alicorn was in a luxury room, drinking some tea, Celestia was in her personal chambers revising all the notes and testimonies of what happened during Twilight's exam. She needed to know everything she could of the events. Everything implied that Twilight was having a hard time at the beginning of her exam, but because of the sonic rainboom that occurred during her test, she panicked and had a magic flare.

The amount of magic to hatch the dragon egg and make it grow to that size must have been immense, for a filly like her to survive on her own... Just how was she able to do so? Celestia’s train of thought was interrupted by a knock at the door.

“Please come in,” Celestia responded, leaving her notes on the table with her golden magic.

“Sorry for being late auntie Celestia,” said a friendly voice as the door opened. A pink alicorn much younger and smaller than Celestia; Princess Mi Amore Cadenza entered the room before closing that door behind her. The adopted niece of Celestia herself got closer to the table.

“Thank you for coming on such short notice Cadance,” Celestia said smiling at her niece, “I have some important matters to discuss with you.”

Cadance took a seat next to her aunt while Celestia prepared her a cup of tea and refilled hers. The young princess saw that around the table were many papers and scrolls, trying to guess the reason of her aunt’s distress, she took one of them.

Celestia smiled at her nieces curiosity, realizing she was found out. Cadance smiled at her and asked what was wrong. Sighing deeply Celestia gave Cadance her tea before sipping hers.

“Today was the admission exam of little Twilight Sparkle,” Celestia said while scanning her notes.

“Oh that’s true!” reacted Cadance, “How did it go? Did she pass? Oh, I hope she did, she was so nervous last time I saw her.”

Celestia stared at Cadance, making her stop her questions with a raise of her hoof, making her niece worry.

“Twilight Sparkle had a magic flare during the exam,” said Celestia while she stopped her niece with her hoof from interrupting and continued,“She is alright now, just when I made it to the exam room she regained control all by herself, and no harm came to anypony present. What came to my attention was the magnitude of her magic power during incident, I know you told me that she was an impressive unicorn, but what I witnessed was not even close to that.”

“What do you mean? Auntie, is there something wrong with Twilight?” asked Cadance, worried by the statement in Celestia words.

“Oh no, nothing like that,” said Celestia reassuring her niece, “She has the power to do great things with the right guidance.”

“Or do really bad ones if not,” responded Cadance with a serious voice, “Is that what you wanted to imply?”

Silence dominated the room, both alicorns kept staring at each other with no break in eye contact; Celestia knew that Cadance was attached emotionally to Twilight since she started her job as foalsitter, but she also new that a unicorn like Twilight going wrong would doom Equestria. She feared a new King Sombra at minimum but it could be even worse. Celestia had witnessed many great wizards during the centuries, many had made great things, but some took the wrong direction, causing much damage and loss.

Celestia closed her eyes and sighed then broke the silence,“I will send a letter to Twilight's parents in the morning, requesting to be their daughter's teacher.”

“Another protégé? What about Sunset?” Cadance reacted, “She will think you don't need her anymore, you know she isn't feeling well lately with the pressure you are putting on her.”

“Do not worry my dear niece. Sunset will be fine once she understands she’s got nothing to worry about.” responded Celestia somewhat annoyed by the comment, “I can have as many students as I please. In fact, you should be happy that your favorite filly will be living here with you once all is settled.”

“I'm sorry if I disrespected you in anyway,” responded Cadance, bowing slightly to Celestia.

“It’s okay, I appreciate your concern for both my student and your little friend,” said Celestia smiling softly at Cadance, “Now, would you be so kind as to tell me how things are going in your life while I set the sun and raise the moon? And by the way, I have a little guy that needs a foalsitter right now.”

Celestia parted from the table and went to the balcony to proceed with her daily duty of more than a thousand years now.

“Of course! That sounds good to me. My studies as princess are going well, as is my control of my power over emotions,” said Cadance as Celestia moved, “School is going really well, Shining Armor is helping me with...”

Celestia lowered her sun and rose the moon while the mark on it reminded her of her actions almost a thousand years ago, giving sadness to her heart, but soon it disappeared to be replaced with fear and panic as she looked at the night sky.

“Impossible...” Celestia said with a widened expression as her body trembled.

“What is it auntie?” asked Cadance, realizing the panic in Celestia words, moving closer to her, “Is something wrong?”

The moment Cadance got to the balcony and looked up to the sky, she shared the same expression as the panicked Celestia. The night sky that always showed the beauty of the moon and the stars was in complete darkness save for the moon shining like it always did, not a single star could be seen.

Twilight read all the books she could find in her house, about ancient history, legends and myths of old times, but instead of answers she had found more questions. The history of Equestria had a lot of holes in it. It was impossible for a single alicorn to rule for so long alone, 3 races of ponies fighting each other was a good example of that. There had been no order or control within the kingdom, mortal royalty had shared control over the nation. That alone was a source of corruption, thought Twilight. Over the ages great figures were born but none had ascended to godhood as Cadance or herself, she couldn't find a reason why.

But what give Twilight the biggest headache was the Equestrian flag, the symbol of unity for the 3 races under the rule of Celestia herself, was a clear proof of a lie hidden in plain sight. Two alicorns one white, the other dark; day and night. Celestia had a sister and she had made sure that nopony would remember her, but why, and since when? Those questions were killing her inside, it was obvious that she didn't fear sharing her rule since she had Cadance, but that could change over the centuries of loneliness. Did she kill her sister? Did her sister get sick or killed by another?

Celestia also controlled the sun and the moon by herself, probably since she got rid of her sister. Could this secret sister have been her love counterpart on this world. She needed answers and she need them fast. Too many secrets, and too many questions and she was just starting her first night.

She Sighed deeply while moving to the window, looking through the window to the night sky she froze for a second. Her stars where not to be found, but then she remembered she hadn't called for them yet; but before she did she saw the moon for the first time since her ascension.

A sealing spell on the moon itself? How? Why? Twilight's train of thought was going wild until it hit her; the missing sister, the one in command of the night was sealed on her moon itself. Now she knew where to start looking. But how could her own sister do that? And showing to the whole world her sister’s misery like that for stars know how long.

“Mmm...what a headache..” murmured Twilight, pressing her head on her forehooves.
When she was about to call her stars to paint the night sky she stopped, this was probably the first time ever that the night sky had nothing in it, thought Twilight. Soon a devilish smile appeared on her muzzle, showing her little fangs.

“Consider this a welcoming gift from a Goddess of the Night to you, Celestia of the Sun,” said Twilight as her eyes shone violet before returning to her studies on her bed.

The following morning the courtroom was in chaos, hundreds of ponies were there asking for answers as to why the stars had disappeared from the sky the night before. Princess Celestia was still in her chambers, completely exhausted, trying to find answers of her own. She thought it was her sister’s doing, but it was not near enough to the time for her thousand year sentence to end. There was also the possibly that she had made a mistake calling that night, since it was not her domain to begin with, but with her power the stars simply ignored her completely last night.

Cadance left soon after the night started to the Canterlot Archives to find some answers together with Celestia’s protégé, but by sunrise they still hadn't left the place, which means that they're still looking, thought Celestia.

Leaving her chambers Celestia gave her secretary the letter for Twilight's parents requesting it to be sent by today. While trotting through the hallways of the castle to the courtroom she was reminded of her duties for the day, the idea of hundreds of her little ponies panicking over the stars was a headache she wished she never had to deal with.

“Please summon everypony, I would like to reassure my subjects that everything is alright.” said Celestia as she trotted through the hallways.

Once she communicated to the her ponies that the stars were not gone, or that it wasn’t a prophecy of some evil coming to destroy them, she returned to her regular schedule. Though, with the matter still in her mind, she lost no small amount of sleep. As well as a matching headache.

Twilight was in front of her parents in the living room of her home, they were upset, again... She was up all night researching, and had gone to sleep at sunrise. Her mom found out when she tried to wake her up for breakfast, now she had to deal with their lecture, but she was saved by the sound of a knock at the door.

A messenger from the castle had delivered a letter from the Princess herself, Velvet and Night were now deciding how to reply since it was not the apology they were expecting.

The Princess want to make us her new protégé? This could complicate our plans, although it is something we thought we only dream of happening... thought Twilight. Though, her parents were having their own discussion about it.

“Twilight, honey, what do you want to do?” asked Velvet to her daughter that was lost in thought, “We know this is something you always wanted, the same reason we let you take the exam for Her Highness's school.”

“But we want you to tell us if this is something you could take, since it will be more difficult. Plus the responsibilities will be larger than those of just going to the gifted unicorns school.” contributed Night Light standing next to his wife.

Twilight was having a hard time, her options were few and she really didn't want to give up her dreams just because of Celestia's secrets.

“We know, that was our dream,” said Twilight, as her parents already gotten used to Twilight’s new way of talking and referring to herself that started since she had recovered from her flare, “Is it alright if we decide to do this?”

“But of course honey, we don't want to stop you from going. All we want is the best Canterlot can offer you, ” responded Velvet.

“Also, being the Princess’s personal student will give you access to the biggest library Equestria can offer,” said Night winking at her, “maybe you can find more information about ancient history there.”

That's true! The Canterlot Archives are at the castle! thought Twilight, “Alright we will give it a try, but if it’s too much can we return home?” Twilight asked with a smile.

“This will always be your home honey, no matter where you go.” responded Velvet, hugging her daughter.

“You will be spending the weekends here at home anyway” Night comforted her.

They gave their reply to the messenger who returned the castle, Twilight's parents helped their daughter to pack her stuff since the next day she would be living in the castle under Princess Celestia's care.

“Mom can you make us a cloak like that one Clover the Clever used?” asked Twilight, giving the cutest puppy eyes she could make.

“Of course honey, but it will not be ready by tomorrow. Maybe some time next week?” replied Velvet with a smile.

“Sure! Thanks mom, we love you!” responded Twilight with a hug.

We love you too honey” said Velvet hugging her back.

It was almost sundown and Celestia was doing her best to concentrate while rising the moon, she needed to make sure it wasn't some bad premonition of evil, or that her sister wasn’t going to be free sooner than she should. The day had been awful. Tons of ponies, many of them nobles, had come to her requesting answers and reassurance, even after her proclamation before court.

By her side stood Cadance, waiting patiently while keeping her eyes on the sky, just as her aunt she hoped for the best. Her eyes were bloodshot and tired, she had been up all day researching with Celestia's student Sunset, looking for answers or prophecies.

The sun disappeared on the horizon together with the beautiful colors of the sky. The twilight sky called for the night, soon after, the moon began to rise as an ocean of stars welcomed it, but unlike any other night, the stars shone even brighter than normal, an incredibly gorgeous starry ocean covered the sky. Many ponies and astronomers around Equestria were astonished by the view, it didn't matter if the streets or the cities were full of light, if you looked up to the sky you could see every single constellation shining bright next to the moon, even competing with it for attention.

“Well the night is back to normal, it even looks better than before.” said Cadance next to Celestia, enchanted by the view.

“Yeah it’s gorgeous...” responded Celestia lowering her gaze to meet Cadance, “But I didn't do it.”

Cadance looked at Celestia and could only responded with a very unladylike sound.

Up in the skies above Canterlot a beautiful melody sounded as the stars shined brighter, a single alicorn spread her wings as she flew around the moon. Twilight danced in the sky under the moonlight, keeping her altitude as high as possible, enough to not be seen or heard as she called for her loving children to fill the night sky, while being showered by the light of the moon. Her tears fell as they shone brighter, welcoming their goddess, happy for her return, happy for her melody calling to them, happy for her.

She didn't hide her appearance at all, her ethereal mane and tail almost mixed in with her starry ocean sky, like a colorful nebula of space, her slitted eyes shined a gorgeous violet, showing as bright as her stars. Her wings were majestic and beautiful, even with her filly size, they were still those of a goddess. The performance was not for mortal eyes to enjoy, they were not worthy enough to even appreciate it.

At the end of her melody, while keeping her eyes glued to the moon she teleported back to her room, back to wearing her disguise. Even if she didn't like to sleep at night anymore, her parents would be mad again. Besides they needed the sleep to be in the presence of the Princess by the morning, and receive her mentor.

The morning was supposed to be like any other, but unfortunately not everything can go to plan. For Celestia, it was clear it was not going to be a good day. Up in the blue sky anypony could still see the stars, not all of them, but some were still visible, and were competing with her sun for attention.

Somepony must be messing with me, or someone up there hates me for some reason... thought Celestia, already tired of the mess the stars had been causing lately. How was all this possible? She didn't know, but she also didn't care anymore, not for now at least. Her new student would be here soon to meet her after all.

Finishing her tea, Princess Celestia trotted through the hallways, her secretary right next to her, and rattling off the different appointments that needed to be attended today before arriving in the courtroom. She still had some work to do before Twilight arrived today.

Nopony dared mention the stars in the sky, at least until court started when some nobles started asking the reason behind it, and like a miracle for Celestia’s well being the stars disappeared later that morning. The day skies finally returned back to normal.

Right after noon Twilight and her parents were in presence of Princess Celestia herself. They were in the middle of the royal gardens having lunch, Velvet and Night were doing very little to hide their nervousness, not even able to even eat at all. Unlike her parents, Twilight was eating normally, recovering from the mess of emotions she felt when she met the Princess personally.

Celestia was used to seeing many kinds of emotions in the eyes of those around her, but never expected to experience so many from the filly staring her in the eyes. Fear, joy, love, anger, hate and respect just to mention some of the most obvious ones. Why would she feel all of that for her? Did she blame her for the magic flare? Of the starless sky? Princess Celestia had no idea what to predict from her new student.

But the most important part of their meeting was the filly’s cutie mark, Twilight Sparkle's cutie mark was an exact representation of the Element of Magic itself. Celestia didn't know what to think, she had been so certain that her current student, Sunset Shimmer was to be the holder of the Element of Harmony, but now she wasn’t so sure. Could both of them could be the holder with the right preparation?

“Well, it’s really a pleasure to be able to speak with you Twilight Sparkle,” said Celestia with a soft smile, “and both you Twilight Velvet and Night Light of course.”

“But of course. It’s an honor for us too Your Highness,” responded Night Light, bowing his head in unison with his wife.

“Please, there is no need for that here,” said Celestia rising her hoof, “I will be your daughter's mentor from today onward, she will be under my wing, and I will care for her as such.”

“Jeez, thanks Princess Celestia. It will be an honor.” responded Twilight with the most innocent smile but the sarcasm in her tone was not lost to Celestia.

“The honor will be all mine Twilight, I know you will become a great pony someday,” said Celestia, keeping her smile, and ignoring the tone in the filly’s voice, “and I will make sure you do.”

The rest of the lunch went without any issues, Twilight's parents left to go home soon after, leaving their daughter at the castle. Celestia took Twilight to her new room, she wanted to have both students living together, but Cadance thought it would be bad for both of them. So Celestia brought Twilight to a small library in one of the wings of the castle where her personal chambers were. She knew Twilight loved books, so it would be the perfect place for the filly and make it easier for her to grow.

On the way to the library and Twilight's new room Princess Celestia was giving the filly a brief tour of the castle, like where her personal chambers were, the kitchen location, etc. Twilight listened to Celestia while carefully studying the castle’s structure and guard locations, if she wanted to have some privacy, or leave the castle without being seen it was necessary to know the best place to do so.

Luckily for Twilight, Princess Celestia had her duties to take care of pretty much everyday, so she would have enough privacy to keep her personal research going. She would study under Celestia, there were some things she could probably find useful, although many were probably already given to her by Asteria's knowledge.

When they enter Twilight's new room the lavender filly's eyes widened seeing the amount of books in the room, Celestia felt she had achieved her goal to get on the good side of the filly.

“Welcome to your new room Twilight Sparkle,” Celestia said as she closed the door behind them with a smile, “all the books in here will be useful for your studies from today onward, I personally selected them for you.”

Celestia thought this will give her some more points on the filly’s good side, but inside Twilight's mind she only got half of those points. So that means everything she doesn't want to be seen or found of the past, ancient history, forbidden spell or so on is no longer here, Twilight thought as she sighed. She hadn’t assumed it would be easy but, this complicated her research plans a little.

“Can I read other books too, like those in the Archives for example?” Twilight asked as she contemplated her room and some of the book's names around the closest bookshelf.

“Of course, being my student will grant you access to the Archives any time you want to go, as long as it’s open that is. Or is not a restricted area, granted you finish your assignments, of course.” Celestia responded with a smile.

“Great!” said Twilight with a smile, “Thank you Princess.”

“You are very welcome Twilight Sparkle,” Celestia responded. “Now, I will let you set up in your new room while I finish my duties for the day,” said Celestia as she left the room, “We will meet again during dinner and I will introduce you to my other student.”

Alone in the room the only sound Twilight could make was, “Eh?”


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There's never one sunrise the same or one sunset the same.” Carlos Santana

A brilliant amber colored unicorn with cyan eyes trotted through the hallways of the castle, her red and golden mane and tail shook violently with each step. Sunset Shimmer, protégé of Princess Celestia was not happy, in fact she was furious.

Nothing was going as planned for her since a few days ago, the project she had been going to work on ended up destroyed by some kind of sonic explosion. Luckily for her, the princess was kind enough to let her continue under her wing, even when she shouldn’t have continued going behind her mentor's back. It had taken a lot of apologies and tears to get away from expulsion being her punishment.

Then the stars had decided to stop listening to her mentor's command, and all went to Tartarus. Her sleeping schedule was a mess because of two days of continued research about prophecies and star related tales. Everything just to apologize for her little rebellion phase, as Cadance had called it. Or as her mentor had called it during her disappointed talk when the stupid mirror had broken, a stupid obsession.

Having been Princess Celestia’s student for three years now, she was confident that nopony could surpass her magical talent and genius, although lately her mentor was bothering her about learning some humility. Now, during her morning lesson, her beloved mentor had just told her that she had gotten a new student. For Sunset this meant trouble, somepony could take her place if she wasn't careful, especially since the incident.

The position of Princess Celestia's protégé was her pride, the castle her home, the princess her mentor, and she would fight anypony she had to, to keep it like that. Celestia ensured her that the decision of getting a new student was taken before learning of Sunset’s research, but it still made her cautious of her actions.

She was responsible for hatching the baby dragon Cadance is taking care of. I don't even know her and I already don’t like her for jeopardizing my future. Sunset thought as she kept trotting through the hallways on the way to her mentor’s chambers to meet the Usurper soon after.

Stopping at the door of Princess Celestia’s personal chambers, the guards at the door didn't move as they payed attention to her, and said nothing. Sunset took a deep breath and knocked at the door.

“Princess, it’s Sunset,” said the unicorn as she prepared herself.

“Please come in Sunset,” responded Celestia on the other side of the door.

Celestia enjoyed the view from the balcony as the sun started to set. After Sunset entered the room she walked to Princess Celestia’s side. Princess Celestia closed her eyes and concentrated to raise the moon and start the night. Both mares knew it had become a delicate time these past couple of days.

The night took place in the sky accompanied by a curtain of stars as the moon raised and shone with the shadow in the shape of a mare in sight. It was a peaceful night as the wind blew around them, Celestia thought she caught some kind of melody in it with her sensitive hearing, but placed her attention back to Sunset and the matter at hoof.

Both mares stared on in awkward silence as they sat next to the table where the tea was served. Celestia drank her tea, enjoying the taste with her eyes close, Sunset wasn’t that comfortable drinking her tea, trying to avert her attention from the princess, her ears bent down as the time being ignored increased.

Breaking the silence, Sunset asked with her eyes reflected her worries, “Do you want me to apologize again?”

“That won't be necessary,” Princess Celestia responded opening her eyes and placing the cup back on the table, “I’m quite aware that you learned your lesson, but it’ll take time until you regain my trust.”

Lowering her head, Sunset felt depressed, this was the first time since being Princess Celestia’s protégé that her mentor was so cold to her. Being obsessed with gaining power wasn’t a problem until the mirror incident.

She should have known better, the princess was not going to let her learn anything significant until she could prove it wouldn’t happen again, and had learned her lesson for real.

Taking a moment to analyze Sunset’s behavior, Celestia spoke again, “That’s why I think it’s necessary to start over again between both of us,” Sunset feared the worst possible outcome, “I’ll be taking care of a new student as you know, and you will take some classes with her. I’m sure you will learn what you need, and in the process earn my trust as you grow into a better mare with her.”

Sunset was flabbergasted by the princesses’ words, you will take some classes with her, those words echo in Sunset mind, she couldn’t believe it, her mentor had just sent her to start her classes all over again. You gotta be kidding me, going back and starting all over with some filly as a classmate… She just didn't understand what good she would get doing something like that. “Why?” was the only word she could voice.

“Don’t get me wrong Sunset, I’m not degrading you. You will continue your original studies with me, but will be taking new classes together with Twilight. I know you will learn from one another,” Celestia said as she gave a soft smile to Sunset.

“What can I possible learn from a filly?” Sunset responded, annoyed by the situation. Things were going wrong and didn’t seem to be changing at all for her.

Celestia chuckled, “You could be surprised, Twilight is a smart pony like you, and her hunger for learning rivals yours,” after taking a drink her tea she continued, “give it time, I’m sure you could become great friends.”

“Sure... friends, can’t wait,” Sunset said giving up. It wouldn't change anything no matter what she said. After all, her mentor had already made up her mind.

Celestia continued the discussion with Sunset about her future under her mentor’s wing. It was decided that Sunset would help Twilight with her magic lessons, tutoring her with anything she needed help with, or anything Celestia herself sees fit.

Sunset had to sit there listening to her mentor and all her new ideas for her upcoming lessons and new studies. She wasn’t sure if the mirror issue was such a big deal, but with everything the Princess was going to teach the filly and her, maybe it was. Something must have made a change in the princess, probably the issue with the stars together with my little behind her flank moment put too much on her. Great… Sunset was lost in thought, feeling depressed again when Princess Celestia decided it was finally time for her to meet the new student.

Twilight was enjoying her first dive into the Archives, so many books, so many sources for her to research and read.

Luckily for her, the time spent in the Archives was productive and she was able to learn a few things about history that her dad’s library didn’t cover. So many historical figures… Starswirl, Rockhoof, Mistmane, Somnambula, Meadowbrook, and Flash Magnus. Great heroes that simply disappeared without any explanation, and ended up becoming legends. Just how chaotic was a thousand years ago to have so many events during just a few centuries, Twilight was enjoying her reading, research was giving her so many clues that she needed.

Two wars against the Griffin Empire, almost a war against the dragons. By the stars, Celestia was busy this millennium. Twilight was sure that many of those events were because of Celestia not being very yielding. Well, with mediocre leaders as those that founded this Equestria, We’re not surprise, things could have been worse.

Twilight levitated a few of the books, she exchanged those she had read for new ones and placed them on the table she was using. Starting the next day, her free time would be limited, Princess Celestia would give her lessons every two days, the other days she would have some other classes in the Gifted Unicorns school. Apparently she would have some special lessons with the other personal student of the princess too. Luckily the weekends she would return home and spent some quality time with her family, so she had some afternoons during the week just to research and study in the Archives.

The Archivist was impressed at how organized Twilight was, every book she read would be exchanged and placed in their respective place. She wished everypony that used the Archives was the same.

Miss Singer was nice enough to show us the location of the books we really wanted to read, we just needed to see through her persona, Summer Mane, which was way too easy. Who knew our favorite author was the Royal Archivist… thought Twilight as the aforementioned green coated mare with blonde mane and glasses stared at her in defeat. Twilight withdrew herself from the book to look at the time.

She wished she could just spend the whole night reading, but the time to call for her stars was soon, also Celestia wanted to meet her for dinner and introduce her to the other student of hers.

Twilight took her time requesting of Miss Jade Singer a few books to take with her to continue her research. Miss Singer took a quick liking to Twilight, her straightforward personality and her love for books gave a nice charm.

“Are you sure that's all you need?” Miss Singer asked as she registered the books Twilight was taking with her.

“It’s alright Miss Mane, we should come back tomorrow to return these and continue with some others,” responded Twilight taking Miss Singer by surprise. She had used her persona’s name in public, taking into consideration her personal reasons to not use her real name.

“Alright then,” said Miss Singer with a soft smile on her muzzle. “Take care and get some sleep tonight.”

Twilight smiled and said “Will try.” as she picked the books up and placed them in her saddlebag.

Leaving the Archives behind, Twilight walked through the hallways of the castle on her way to her room. She didn’t know if Celestia was aware of her little trip to the Archives or not, so she wanted to be in her room by nightfall to call the stars in peace.

Princess Celestia walked together with Sunset through the hallways until they reached Twilight’s room. Knocking at the door received no answer, the princess opened the door after a few more tries gaining the same response.

As they entered the room they were greeted by walls of books, every book from the shelves was on the ground. Princess Celestia and Sunset opened a path to go through. The door of the balcony opened as Twilight entered the room with a book levitating in front of her face.

What Sunset expected as her first impression of the usurper wasn't exactly what she thought, she saw a lavender unicorn filly that was more focused on her book than what was going around her. Cadance had said a lot about the filly, so she pretty much expected a bookworm of a pony, but this was too much.

“Twilight Sparkle?” Princess Celestia said as the filly entered the room.

Twilight looked away from the book and noticed the princess in front of her “Oh, hello Princess, what can we do for you?” asked Twilight returning to her book.

“If I remember correctly, we have dinner plans for tonight,” said Princess Celestia with a smile on her face.

“Right, sorry. We were enjoying the stars,” responded Twilight closing her book.

“Sunset Shimmer, I would like you to meet Twilight Sparkle, my new student,” said Princess Celestia smiling at Sunset before turning her head at Twilight, “Twilight Sparkle, I would like you to meet Sunset Shimmer, my current student.”

Sunset sighed deeply before responding, “Yeah, yeah, nice to meet ya.”

“Sure, it's nice to make your acquaintance.” Twilight didn't even bother to look at her as she placed the book back to the table in the middle of the room.

Sunset was getting irritated by the filly's attitude. Did she even care about having competition? On having to share her mentor with somepony else? Sunset was not sure how to response to that.

“Twilight, please pay attention and address your peers properly,” said Celestia with the authoritative tone of a teacher.

Sunset was certain that the filly had rolled her eyes before looking back at her, Just who does she thinks she is, taking that attitude against her own mentor. Is this the same filly Cadance bragged about so much? Sunset couldn't make up her mind, it was like a smaller version of her on her worst day.

Twilight sighed as she took a look at Sunset. Twilight’s eyes widened, she froze, just as her brain stopped working for a second. The only word that came out of her mouth before she tackled Sunset to the floor with a hug while crying was “Sister!?”

Sunset didn't know what to do or how to react, Princess Celestia didn't know either as she looked at the situation with worry. Twilight was hugging Sunset while crying without letting her go for quite some time now. She kept referring to Sunset as sister in between sobs. There was nothing they could do, Twilight continued until she fell asleep from exhaustion. Celestia took the filly with her golden magic and placed her on the bed. “What was that about?” asked Sunset, shocked as Princess Celestia tucked Twilight in bed.

“I can't really say,” responded Celestia as she sat next to the table stacked with books, “I'm sure Twilight has no sisters but an older brother, perhaps you two have met before?”

“No, I haven’t met her before today,” said Sunset sitting next to the princess, “all I know about her is from Cadance.”

“I will have to make request of her parents for information, she hasn’t been here for two days and already had an emotional breakdown,” said Celestia looking at the books on the table with a worried gaze.

“Aren’t those books from the Archives?” asked Sunset as she inspected some of the books titles. “Hmm, it seems she likes history...”

“So it would seem, she was really happy when I give her permission to go to the Archives to read,” Princess Celestia responded checking the book Twilight had been reading a few moments before.

She was reading about the constellations, she must really like the stars. She may have been stargazing on the balcony before we entered. Celestia thought as Sunset began to feel a little awkward from the silence. Sunset got up from her seat and reminded the princess that they were going to have dinner, since Twilight was sleeping both mares left her there. Princess Celestia made a mental note to have somepony bring her something to eat later if she woke up.

Neither said a word on the way to the dining room, both mares were lost in thought. Sunset was confused, she hadn't expected to be in that situation with the filly, she was even beginning to feel bad for thinking of her as a usurper.

Celestia was not so different, ever since Twilight had become her new student she was having trouble getting on her good side. The filly seemed to respect her, but sometimes she felt disappointment or uncertainty from the filly.

If Sunset or Twilight are candidates to be the bearer of the Element of Magic I need to change my approach, I almost lost Sunset because of that… Celestia was still lost in thought through dinner. Sunset wasn’t bothered by it, she just became focused on eating, having her mentor’s company was good enough. After dinner they got to the living quarters before taking different ways.

“Well, it was a crazy night.” said Sunset as she moved to the door before returning her gaze to her mentor, “Good luck, mentor.” with a mocking smile she left to her room.

Celestia sighed deeply while looking out a nearby window, the stars were not as bright as the night before, but her gaze was on the moon, more precisely on the shadowed figure in it. “Luna...”

Darkness, everything was darkness, no sky, no land, nothing to be seen. In this darkness stood a single dark purple alicorn, she felt small, she felt fragile, she felt lonely. The only thing she could do was curl herself up in the darkness and cold.

She didn't know how much time passed before she discovered she wasn’t alone anymore. Next to her in the darkness was another being, she was like her but not like her. Her coat was brilliant amber, her mane and tail a crimson and golden ethereal flame with cyan slitted eyes. This new alicorn was smiling at her, and with a comforting voice she said “Morning lil’ sis.

Twilight woke up startled, while tears rolled down her face, looking around she realized she was alone and it was still nighttime. Getting out of bed she walked to the balcony. Once outside Twilight undid her disguise and flew into the sky. She was feeling the cold from the darkness of her dream, she felt hopeless.

She flew as high as she could, until it was too hard to continue going up. She let out a sorrowful scream that echoed in the night. The stars lost their twinkle as Twilight cried her heart out, and for a moment the sky was almost covered in darkness, but soon every single star shined as bright as they could.

Even in her suffering Twilight looked up to see every single of her stars twinkling at her, she could feel their presence, their love, their warmth, she wasn’t alone anymore. There was no more darkness in the night, there was again radiance in her life.

Cleaning the tears from her eyes with her hoof, the cry became a smile and the sorrow became laughter as she looked at the stars. “Thank you,” she said.

It was close to dawn when she finally returned to her room, Twilight decided to continue her studies. She didn’t want to sleep again, she was afraid she would remember the pain.

We must have looked like such a silly filly yesterday… we should apologize to Sunset, and probably Celestia too. We just couldn’t believe we were able to see her face again… Twilight was trying to concentrate on her reading but the events of the day before were still present on her mind.

Come on Twilight, focus! We need to research as most as possible before the start of school… Now, that would be interesting. Being the youngest in class will give us the peace we need to prepare ourselves. Twilight thought as she checked the content of the book. Starting today we should play low, we don't want to call too much attention, especially from those disgusting Canterlot nobles.

Soon the morning sun started to raise as Twilight let her stars go to sleep, some still glowing in the morning sky. After finally eating something during her breakfast Twilight prepared her saddlebag and went to meet the guard that would take her to the school. It being her first time attending the prestigious school, the Vice-Principal herself give her a tour around the school grounds before guiding her to her first class of the day.

School wasn’t as Twilight thought it would be. Her first class was Magic Theory, her knowledge of magic was kind of different to what she was being taught. She learned how to produce the same result of the spells by using less runes or at least less complicated ones. The problem was that now she was getting too much attention, which was not what she wanted.

Things continued all day with every class, she caught up really fast with her peers. Even without Asteria's knowledge Twilight was really a smart filly. She loved books, studying, and she was always ravenous to learn anything she could. She was exhausted but that didn't stopped her from going to the Archives again. Miss Singer was happy to welcome her again. Returning the books she read during the sleepless night,Twilight greeted her friend and went to hunt more knowledge before it was time to do her daily duties.

That night Sunset was in presence of Princess Celestia and Cadance, they were discussing the events of the night before. Cadance was shocked and concerned for Twilight, she had never experienced an episode like that before in her years taking care of the filly.

Princess Celestia requested that Cadance make a visit to Twilight before returning to her room, she wanted to confirm the wellbeing of the filly. The pink alicorn agreed with her aunt and she requested Sunset to have some patience when dealing with Twilight. Sunset didn’t really care much for it, but promised not to complain if the filly continued calling her sister.

Taking her leave, Cadance went directly to Twilight's room, knocking at the door she received a response before entering the room. Cadance entered the room and found the filly reading, before greeting her “Hi Twily!”

Twilight looked away from her book to find Cadance there before jumping at her for a hug while greeting her “Big sis!”

Soon after the hug they shared their accustomed dance, "Sunshine, sunshine. Ladybugs awake! Clap your hooves and do a little shake." before laughing and sitting at the table. Once Cadance explained the reason for her visit, Twilight’s humor declined.

So the shrewd princess sent Cadance to cheer us up… thought Twilight as Cadance asked if everything was alright. After explaining that it was a minor case of homesickness, Twilight ensured it would not happen again. They shared a for few hours, talking to each other before calling it a night.

Cadance was sure Twilight changed a bit after the her surge incident, but she was still the filly she loved. “She even calls me big sis now. It makes me happy knowing she thinks of me as family, but I don't think Shiny has told her yet about us… Oh well, Twily is a smart filly, she probably figured out.” Cadance murmured to herself as she went back to her room with a less worried mind.

Gentle Dawn

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“What is pride? A rocket that emulates the stars.” William Wordsworth

It’s been three years since Twilight became Princess Celestia’s student, unfortunately for her, things haven’t been as she wanted to be. Her relationship with Sunset hadn’t improved much since the day they met, she still calls her “sis” even if Sunset gets mad or just ignores her.

Her school life wasn't as bad as it could had been, but she spends most of her time focused on her books and studying. Twilight had never been a sociable filly. She was known for being distant with others peers, and she seemed to spend most of her time around Sunset or a book.

There were some bullying attempts that ended up really badly for the bully, the first few were dealt with help, to Twilight’s surprise, from Sunset Shimmer. The others Twilight simply transmuted them into frogs and that was the end of it. A fact Twilight learned during her time at the castle is that she couldn’t put up with nobility, their arrogance and behavior just made her want to banish them out of Equestria, if not just make them disappear, which she couldn't do it as her mentor would be mad.

Her relationship with her family hadn't changed, her parents were always eager to have her during the weekends. Even her “BBBFF” Shining Armor would take some time from his guard training to be there too. To her brother’s surprise, Twilight started to find his royal guard training fascinating. She even helped him arrange a training schedule that would help him surpass his limits.

She had recently been trying really hard to convince Princess Celestia to let her train with the royal guard, she even wrote down an essay explaining the importance of physical ability for a mage or scholar. The princess still had it in consideration for now, but that didn't stop Twilight from training with her brother during the weekends, plus her nightly flights kept her wings in good condition.

The number of classes in the school lessened, but the lessons with Princess Celestia and Sunset increased. Unfortunately for Twilight that meant her free time in the Archives had decreased over time. The Archivist, Miss Jade Singer let Twilight take some of the books she was using with her to work in her room, since she couldn't made it to the Archives as much as she wanted because of her schedule.

Thanks to that, her studies and research of the hidden history of Equestria were going slowly but steady. There were some events that had become impossible to find, Princess Celestia’s sister banishment was the most important one and there was not a single document about it. So Twilight was sure the princess had erased those events from records or had made sure they were never published.

Other holes in Equestrian History were events from a millennium ago, most of the documents in the Archives were from post Princess Celestia’s sister banishment around nine hundred years old, or the founding of Equestria. There were some sealed documents and books in the Archives, but only with the princesses approval was it possible to get access, which Twilight didn't have, yet.

Her magical studies were going really well, her knowledge in the area had expanded greatly, as well as her magical power. Even if she was younger than Sunset, Twilight had grown to almost the same height as her, not to mention slimmer, tragically for Twilight, that had added another reason to why Sunset couldn’t deal well with Twilight.

Currently Twilight was walking through the hallways of the castle on her way to a new class with the princess and Sunset, the latter had been helping her with different assignments as Princess Celestia didn't have the much free time. On her way to a new lesson with the princess, riding on her back was a purple, baby dragon. Around a year ago Princess Celestia explained to Twilight that during her entry exam the egg hatched the purple dragon, making Twilight the mother. To the princesses surprise, Twilight was more than happy to take responsibility for raising the baby dragon, now named Spike.

Cadance took care of Spike for almost two years before sharing the job with Twilight, some days even Sunset would spend time with the baby dragon, if either of them couldn't. Thanks to Twilight’s care, Spike grew up viewing her as his mother while Cadance and Sunset became his aunts. Being just a three year old baby dragon, the most he did was giggle, sleep, play, eat and sometimes burn stuff. But Twilight loved to take him with her on her walks. It also made him happy to spend time with her. Besides, during her lessons Princess Celestia would entertain the baby dragon while Sunset and Twilight studied.

That day after the lesson, Twilight was taking Spike to bed with Sunset’s assistance, this was the only moment both of them would be together without the excuse of work. Normally Sunset would try not to interact too much with Twilight, she would lose her calm and remember why they weren’t friends. Sunset knew Twilight would love to have a sister like relationship with her, but Sunset couldn’t accept. Her pride as Princess Celestia protégé kept stopping her, besides being older and more experienced than the filly. Things continued like that for a few more months. One day, Twilight confronted Sunset, she respected her and really wanted to think of her as the sister she lost returning to her life. During the experiment they were doing during a lesson, Sunset decided to ignore Twilight's warnings, almost ending up killed by an explosion.

If it hadn't been for Twilight quickly deploying a magic shield around them, the damage could have been deadly. Right after the event Twilight couldn't take anymore of Sunset’s stubbornness. They ended up saying a lot of stuff to each other, Sunset almost attacked Twilight when her rage built up too much. If it wasn't for the Princess Celestia arriving just in time, the lab and probably part of the building would have been destroyed. The princess had been really disappointed with her students, she requested both to retire to their respective rooms for the day while she came up with a suitable punishment.

Sunset had had a lot to think about, she knew why she didn't like Twilight, but it never made her blow up in rage like that. She knew Twilight had warned her before the explosion, she also knew that Twilight was worried about her and that started the discussion. The rest of the day she was looking at the big picture, she was considered a smart pony, it was time to prove why.

By the time Princess Celestia came to Sunset’s room, the amber unicorn had made up her mind and decided to give the lavender unicorn the opportunity to be part of her family. Celestia requested that Sunset take a few days to think about how to solve the issues that she was struggling with. Sunset did so, and the next few days she spent talking and discussing with Cadance on the perfect way to make peace with Twilight.

That evening Twilight received her punishment from the princess after the fight, she was banned from the Archives and the Canterlot Library for a week. Later at moon rise the stars didn't came out until around midnight. Princess Celestia didn't have a peaceful night, as for Twilight, she read her books with a peaceful smile on her face.

A few weeks after the incident between Sunset and Twilight, their relationship improved. Sunset talked with Twilight and after adding some conditions she accepted the sisterhood relationship with her. Twilight was so pleased that she had cried in Sunset’s hooves. Princess Celestia decided to add some new lessons to their schedule now that both had finally become friends.

A year after Sunset and Twilight becoming friends and sisters, Twilight discovered by chance some nobles that were plotting on misusing the funds they collected for the Royal Guard. She notified her brother and Cadance about it. In her room that night she realized that she needed someone to get information and do some surveillance for her. She needed a spy.

It’s time to get some assistance around here… thought Twilight as she contemplated the stars. We think our magic power should be strong enough to make a single summoning, maybe someone small with wings would do… oh, I know who will do.

While on the balcony of her room Twilight undid her disguise and focused her magic to her horn and gazed at one of the stars in the sky. The spell gathered the magic power on the tip of her horn. A small magic circle appeared on the floor a few steps in front of her, and a shadowed figure started forming in it, as one twinkling star disappeared from the sky.

The shadow creature took the form of a bird, an owl to be precise. Its wings grew, so did a dark blue beak, its eyes were violet, cat-like and the rest of its body was equally similar to a starry night as small stars twinkled inside of it. If it closed its eyes it would be difficult to discerned from the night sky. Twilight smiled at the creature as it looked at her with its violet slitted eyes full of anticipation, “Hello Owlowiscious, welcome back. It's so good to see you again.” The small alicorn hugged the owl that hooted happily at her.

Twilight explained the situation to her old friend and familiar, who was more than happy to assist her. The spell used a big amount of her current magic power so she went to bed soon after she had given the instructions to her familiar.

Owlowiscious stayed a few moments next to the sleeping filly before he flew out to start his job. Twilight needed eyes and ears around the castle, in order to keep everypony she cared for safe, also to know exactly who to trust in the castle, and keep those annoying nobles from doing anything stupid.

Flying around the castle, Owlowiscious explored his new home and every inch of the city, he wanted to do an effective job for his master. As a star beast Owlowiscious had full advantage in the night, he could communicate with Twilight telepathically since he was her familiar, so informing her about any important development around the city was easy. He could use the shadows to move and hide if necessary, being connected to a goddess of the night gave him some magic abilities to protect himself and do his job. Just during his first night on the job he was able to uncover three crime syndicates operating in Canterlot. Twilight simply informed her brother about some rumors she had heard in the library, and Shining Armor would do the rest, he knew Twilight’s clues always gave him good results.

Princess Celestia has been struggling with finding a way to interact with her students, dealing with Sunset has never been easy, but the amber unicorn had started opening up to her in the last few years. She loved her as a daughter and Sunset respected Celestia like a mother. But Twilight was different, Twilight respected her, though, at the beginning she was sure the lavender unicorn had feared her. Over the years, Twilight had begun to warm up to her, but not on the level she wanted. She predicted that Twilight would interact with her on a similar level as Sunset, unfortunately for the princess, the scholar unicorn preferred to keep her distant, and keep their relationship at a professional level.

This would normally be the best situation for Celestia, since many of her former students were the same, but there was something about Twilight that reminded her of her sister Luna. Her way of doing things, of interacting with the nobility, the way she acted around Sunset. All were exact representations of how Luna used to be with Celestia herself before the Nightmare incident. And that wasn’t even mentioning her love for the night sky, she would even do some stargazing before bed every night.

The image of her sister Luna began to replace that of her student, Celestia knew both were two different ponies, and she had fought those feelings for the last two years. The problem was that Twilight’s professional attitude towards her made her want something more on a personal level, maybe at least the way she interacted with Cadance would be pleasant to the princess.

Princess Celestia thought really hard to find a way she could made her reclusive student open up to her, she eventually remembered on what she used to do to enjoy a few days off decades ago. Using her magic she opened a secret vault that only her magic could open, from it there were many magic artifacts some of which were too dangerous for any other pony to use.

Taking a golden amulet from the vault, she wore it around her neck as the magic in it transformed the alicorn princess into a cream pegasus mare with golden mane and tail; Sunny Skies, Princess Celestia’s persona. She normally used this persona to interact with her ponies on a level where she could discover problems they would never tell her without the disguise. She would also use it to escape her duties for a while when the stress was to much.

As Sunny Skies, the princess flew from her balcony to look for Twilight and study a way to be able to get her to be more open with her. That day both her students were free of lessons or duties so they were probably spending it doing their own things. Her first stop was Spike’s room. Looking through the window she didn't find Twilight, but Cadance was reading a fool's tale to the baby dragon. Her next stop was the Canterlot Archives, Twilight would spend most of her time inside here while doing her own research.

She entered the building as any other pony would, looking around she walked through the hallways full of books and documents. After spending almost an a hour she finally found the lavender unicorn sitting next to a few towers of books. Princess Celestia took a seat close to Twilight, taking a random book from the shelves next to her, she waited for Twilight to move, but she didn't do so for hours, only using her magic to move or change books.

All the books she reads are about old Equestrian history, what would she be looking for? Oh, some books are about myths, is she looking for the hidden history? Interesting… Celestia was going through her thoughts as she pretended to read as she observed Twilight.

After a few hours of observation, Twilight ears twitched for a moment, she took her eyes out of the book and looked at the princess in disguise. Celestia could swear she saw a glint in Twilight’s eyes for a second as she stared at her.

They continued to stare at each other for a while, the princess started to think her disguise had worn off. Taking her eyes away from the unicorn she made sure the amulet was still on her neck. Twilight started to pick up the books with her magic and placed them back in their respective places before going to were Miss Singer was working. Twilight placed some books in her saddlebags and picked up a dark brown dark cloak before donning it as she left the Archives.

Princess Celestia waited for Twilight to walk out of the Archives before moving after her, she knew Twilight would wear the cloak that her mother had made for her for when she would go into the city. For some reason she didn't like being recognized by the nobles as the princess’ student. She really hates standing out. Well, I can’t blame her right now. Thought Princess Celestia as she looked at her reflection in a window as she walked out of the castle. She didn't chase after Twilight, it was getting late, and soon it was time to return to her regular duties.

She really needs to get a healthier hobby, maybe I should approve her proposal of training with the royal guard. Celestia flew back to her room as she thought of what she had learned from her observations. The next day she had a meeting with Twilight after their regular lesson, after talking for an hour the princess agreed to let her student start training with the royal guard, but she explained that she could only do so three days a week. Twilight was so pleased with her mentor’s decision the she had jumped around Celestia in delight. Princess Celestia could only smile at the happy unicorn, she was sure that would help her student to spend less time inside studying. Maybe even open up to new people, not just the same four ponies.

As the day before, Princess Celestia took her amulet and went outside the castle, she decided to explore Canterlot. She would not follow Twilight to the Archives since the unicorn was probably at school that day. Celestia enjoyed her noon as Sunny Skies, having lunch like a regular pony, chatting with a friendly mare; she was a tall, slim unicorn a with pink mane and tail, Fleur de Lis was her name. Both talked about fashion, sweets, cakes and the modeling carrier of the beautiful mare. Fleur also invited Sunny to some social gatherings she would be attending during the week, even inviting her to the modeling agency she was part of, since Sunny was a beautiful mare herself.

Celestia couldn't help but to laugh in her mind, just imagining the Princess of Equestria as a fashion model almost made her lose her self control and laugh her heart out. She refused the modeling job with courtesy but promised to try accompanying her on one of the social gatherings if she could get some time. It had been a great day for the princess, it was so long since she had relaxed like that. On her way to the castle she felt like someone was spying on her, looking around she didn't see anything suspicious or out of the ordinary, so she returned to her regular duties for the day.

Princess Celestia continued using the Sunny persona for the rest of the week, every time she felt like somepony was watching her from somewhere. Mostly when she was tailing Twilight to understand her better and build up their relationship. She decided to take Fleur de Lis’s offer and accompany her to one of her social gatherings. It was a lovely party with food and sweets on Jet Set’s garden. She met with some nobles she was used to dealing with on a daily basis, and finally found out who Fancy Pants’ secret lover was.

Her annoying nephew Blueblood was also at the party which ended up making her uncomfortable and nauseated with his attempts to court her. If she suppressed Blueblood’s presence from the party it was a good escape from her routine. She almost forgot about her original purpose for using the amulet. The week after the party, she had returned to her regular life as Ruler of Equestria. She took some of her free time to visit Twilight who was training for her second week under Silver Might, the one that had trained Shining Armor when he started at the guard.

In the training grounds of the guard, a lavender unicorn was following a series of exercises under the constant screams of an old white unicorn stallion with gray mane and no tail. Once Princess Celestia requested somepony help train her student, the old and experienced stallion requested personally to be the one. Apparently he was impressed by how Twilight’s training regiment helped her brother to grow. And his experience told him that the young mare would be even better than his brother. Luckily for Shining Armor, Twilight’s goal was not to be part of the guard or the military.

Nopony knew exactly what the lavender unicorn had planned when she had requested to be trained under the royal guard regiment. Those who knew Twilight never imagined the scholar pony would like to train her body as hard as her mind. When the princess made her presence known Silver bowed to her like almost everypony present, Twilight just continued her exercise until she was stopped by Silver. The princess requested that they should continue and only came to know how her student’s development was.

Silver laughed hard, he was impressed, he wanted the young mare to be part of his team. Princess Celestia smiled at him before refusing to let her student leave her guidance. Twilight couldn't help sneering while she continued to train since nopony was paying attention to her.

After a few months of training Twilight grew to become a great battle mage, she learned fast, more than Silver or Princess Celestia had thought. Sunset laughed when the princess expressed her surprise. After finally getting along with Twilight, Sunset realized her sister’s true ability to learn.

Twilight finally had a peaceful week, for months she had no moments of peace. There was always either Princess Celestia tailing her disguised as a pegasus mare, or the crazy old stallion Silver requesting her to become the next fighting force of Equestria.

Enjoying her coffee at Donuts Joe’s place Twilight read one of the many myths and legends book she took from the library. While taking her time she realized that a pony she had gotten used to seeing; maybe more that she wanted, was in the shop. Oh shooting stars, please princess not again. What is it that you are trying to achieve? Twilight almost spilled her coffee when she saw Princess Celestia a few tables from her spying at her through a couple of holes in a newspaper using her disguise. She doesn't know that we can see clearly through any kind of illusion magic, still, our mentor spying on us is kind of creepy. Twilight sighed as continued her coffee break paying no attention to her disguised mentor.

After leaving Donuts Joe’s shop Twilight walked through the streets of Canterlot, as always she was wearing the cloak her mother fixed for her every time she increased in height. She knew the princess was following her, ever since day one Owlowiscious informed her about the pegasus mare gazing at her on the Archives.

We were sure that the princess had realized we saw through her disguise the first time we met, but we were wrong. Owlowiscious tailed her for a couple of weeks every time she escaped the castle in that form but normally she didn't spy on us everyday. Twilight thought as she entered a fashion shop escaping through the backdoor. Then again she started doing it, maybe she felt worried that we would agree with that old Silver’s annoying request…

Twilight thought for a moment as she was getting close to one of the gardens near the castle, that she should talk with the princess and stop her from tailing her. Maybe pretend she didn't know it was the princess and only talk about that stalking mare. Twilight was finally able to lose Princess Celestia when she entered the gardens. She was starting to get annoyed with her stalking mentor. Walking through what looked like a garden full of stone statues of ponies, some were just decorations but other had inscriptions with names that didn't sound like heroes but criminals.

Interesting we don't remember coming to this garden before. Getting close to one of the statues that decorated the garden she pressed her hoof on it. How strange, we can feel some can of magic coming from the statue… like it was alive or frozen… wait a moment! She panicked for a moment, and started checking each pony statue that she could see. From all those she checked only a few were emitting the same kind of magic energy. Well, who knew our beloved princess had a hobby for decorating her gardens with her defeated enemies. It’s kind of impressive… thought Twilight with a shy smile on her face.

Twilight was enjoying the princess ‘collection’ until she came to discover a certain statue. She froze for a moment, this statue was something she could swear she knew. Walking slowly in the direction of the unusually designed statue she stopped right in front of it. “Discord?” Twilight said as her eyes widened when she got in front of the statue of the strange creature. “How is this possible?” She felt like she was seeing a ghost, cold sweat ran down her back. She felt happy for a moment but it quickly changed to a feeling of horror and worry. “What can imprison you?” murmured the frightened goddess.

A Stray Child

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“Set your course by the stars, not by the lights of every passing ship.” Omar N. Bradley

In the darkness of night in the outskirts of Hollow Shades, a group of foals played in a field full of white flowers. One peculiar filly was sprawled in the middle of the flowers, her face staring up to the starry sky. Her coat was light grey, and her mane and tail silver blonde, her eyes were dull silver without light in them, but the most particular feature were her bat like wings. Her name was Moonflower, a blind filly from one of the many thestral families living in town. Thestrals were rare, they lived in small communities all over Equestria. One of the biggest was in Hollow Shades, a town protected inside a forest east of Canterlot passed Foal Mountain. This peculiar tribe of ponies were similar to pegasi, with a few differences like bat wings and their nocturnal abilities. Their tribe legends said the Goddess of the Night, Princess Luna herself gave them her blessing. Making them strong under her moon’s light. Because of this reason many were persecuted in ancient times post Nightmare Moon’s imprisonment.

For Moonflower, it didn't matter if it was day or night, ever since her birth she had seen nothing but darkness. The only place she could feel like any other foal was in middle of the flower fields, you don't need your sight to smell the flowers, but one peculiar night everything changed for her. Her big sister Night Bloom, always brought her to the flower field every night with the other town’s foals. Unfortunately that particular night the whole town was in a frenzy; only the moon appeared, not a single star twinkled in the sky. Many of the thestral families were worried, as ponies of the night, not having a stars in the sky was a bad omen. Moonflower, like anypony else, did not left their homes that night, she was sad because she was unable to enjoy the flower essence, but at least she was able to spend time with her family.

The following morning a group of ponies from town went to Canterlot to find out answers to the question of what had happened to the stars. News came just before nightfall, nothing bad had happened and they expected the night to be back to normal. Then it happened, the most magical star-filled sky known to modern Equestria, everypony left their homes to behold the beauty of the stars shining brighter than ever before. “Oh Moonflower, if you could only see this,” said her mom Sparking Orchid, a thestral mare with a gray coat and a dark blue mane and tail while embracing Moonflower.

“I… I see a road made of bright white dots. Are those stars mom?” replied the filly shyly to the mare.

“What you-?” was the only thing Moonflower could hear before losing focus of everything around her, she was fascinated by the view, her first view. Are those stars? Oh, I can see the stars! By the moon, I can see the stars!!! Moonflower couldn't believe it! for the first time ever, she saw light in her darkness. Tears were shed, not only hers but her mother’s too, who was hugging her tightly the whole time. Moonflower saw a tiny orb of light descending from the sky until it touched her muzzle, a few seconds later she felt a warmth on her flank, shifting her sight from the sea of lights in the sky to her flank she felt something but couldn't see what happened. Not until her mother told her that she had just gotten her cutie mark, a beautiful moon flower in the shape of a white five pointed star. Moonflower still couldn't see anything but the stars in the sky, they were forming a twinkling road going west of Hollow Shades. She may be young but she knew that stars were telling her to go there. When she asked what was in that direction her mother responded by telling her it was Canterlot. She needed to go to Canterlot, that was what she felt the stars were telling her.

Moonflower may have a disability but she wasn’t useless, she loved books and her family always read anything they could for her. After that special night, she started to see shapes of anything that was under the stars’ light, even some types of magic and during the next upcoming years of her foalhood she learned and trained her new gift of sight.

She needed to go to Canterlot, every night the stars reminded her of that, making their twinkling road in that direction, but she was still too young to go alone. Her parents would not take her there, since thestrals were not very welcomed by the nobles. Her parents loved their daughter too much to make her experience at such a young age that of the hateful Canterlot ponies. It would take almost five years since that fateful night until she was able to travel to Canterlot.

It had been a few months since Twilight discovered Discord’s stone statue and currently she was taking care of Spike. The baby dragon was finally grown up enough to be outside, so Twilight took him to the royal gardens to play and as always she was wearing her trusty cloak. It was a beautiful day, birds were singing, great weather and she was banned from the library that week. Her mentor Princess Celestia was concerned that she was avoiding anypony who tried to become friends with her. She requested that she needed to open her circle of friends, only interacting with Sunset or Cadance was not enough.

But for Twilight there was no time for meaningless get together with some school acquaintance. She had been researching about Discord, the infamous Spirit of Chaos for the last few months. She found out that Celestia and her sister had turned him into stone, all thanks to Cadance who provided information regarding the creature. The princess was repudiated to share information about Discord stone prison. Princess Celestia was displeased with the sudden fascination her student had for the chaotic draconequus. She didn't want her students to know about the elements yet, it was necessary to keep some information from them.

Twilight needed to find out how they defeated had Discord, she knew it was connected to powerful magic, there was no way to capture the representation of chaos itself so easily. But thanks to the princess she couldn't research anything for a week. She was planning her sweet revenge on Celestia when Spike ran out of her sight, chasing after him she stopped dead in her tracks. Next to her adopted son was a kind of pony she would never thought she would meet in Canterlot or Equestria for that matter. Spike was trying to made some kind of conversation with a thestral filly, who was next to another thestral mare not much older than her. But that’s not the reason Twilight froze, she could feel something really special about the filly, something she had never felt, something only Asteria had the power to do.

For Moonflower, going out during the day wasn't something she liked. She preferred to do so at night when the stars were out, they made her feel safe. During the day she was reminded of her disability and she hated that. She had finally made it to Canterlot as she had so wanted to for all these years, but she hadn't expected to arrive during the day. The filly finally realized why her parents were against the idea of letting her travel to Canterlot. The ponies of the city were really callous with her and combined with her eye problems didn't help much.

Her sister Night Bloom took her to one of the royal gardens to help her relax and forget about the unwelcoming morning. There she was enjoying the refreshing breeze and singing of the birds, when she felt somepony approaching. Moonflower was blind, she could only see something when her gift used the light of the stars, but that moment for the first time she saw a lizard kind of creature right in front of her. She could see his features, color of his scales, not even with her gift had she been able to see somepony with so much detail before.

The creature waved at her with a smile on its face. It tried to speak some words but it was more like baby talk. Her sister said that the creature was a baby dragon which was a really rare sight in a pony city. Soon after somepony was yelling “Spike” which looked to be the baby dragon’s name since it reacted when it heard the call. Moonflower was shocked by a strong sensation, she felt like something really heavy had been placed on top of her. She felt her cutie mark react, even her eyes felt warm, then it happened. She would never have thought in her short life that she could see another pony, much less the night herself. The pony that had called for the baby dragon was none other than a unicorn wearing a cloak, but Moonflower could see her mane, it was made of the night sky with beautiful violet colors, her slitted eyes were intimidating but full of passion, her whole presence was overwhelming.

Moonflower flinched when she started moving closer to them, she immediately bowed completely to the ground. Moonflower knew, what was in front of her was not a pony, it was the night herself, their goddess. For Twilight it was strange for somepony to bow in her presence, especially since nopony knew what she really was, not even Spike. When she got near the thestral filly she realized why she did what she did. Oh, this child of the night was blessed by my stars. That’s quite rare, they normally ask permission to do something like that… Twilight was analyzing the filly with her mind’s eye and magic as she processed the information she had received.

Twilight decided it was better to let the filly relax in her presence, she requested for her to get up from the floor, while the filly’s sister didn't know what was happening. Twilight cast a sleeping spell on the older thestral so she could have a private talk. “Do not worry child of the night, your companion is only sleeping,” said Twilight as she sat in front of the filly, “please relax, we just want to know a few things about you.”

Moonflower ended up sitting in front of the goddess completely frightened, she couldn’t say a word or look away from those powerful eyes. “What’s your name my child?” asked Twilight, smiling at the filly as she tried to make her feel better.

“M-Moonflower M-my Goddess,” replied the shaking filly.

“That’s such a beautiful name,” responded Twilight with a smile, “and please, call us Twilight.”

“I-I can’t do such a thing!” said Moonflower in panic.

“Oh, we must insist. Since nopony knows our real self,” Twilight replied trying to convince the filly. It reminds me of the time we met Asteria, thought Twilight giggling in her mind.

“O-okay T-Twilight, if you insist, ” replied Moonflower still nervous.

“Please tell me, How did you end up blessed by our stars?” asked Twilight still keeping her smile.

Moonflower slowly told her about that day five years ago, how she, who couldn’t see a thing was able to see the stars as well as getting her cutie mark, and the way she was able to see under their light. How the stars guided her to Canterlot. Twilight listened to Moonflower’s story while her mind went through Asteria’s knowledge and analyzed her options. Meeting Moonflower was not mere coincidence, her stars were behind this meeting. After evaluating her options and finishing listening to Moonflower’s story, Twilight moved close to the filly. “Tell me Moonflower, what are you going to do now?” she asked.

“About what M-Twilight?” replied the filly confused tilting her head.

“Well, the blessing you got from our stars is not complete, we could make it so that you finally see even in the day if you like,” said Twilight smiling at her, “but we think you meeting us was not just for us to fix your eyes.”

“You could help me fix my sight!?” reacted the filly bowing again in front of Twilight and begging her to do it.

Twilight calmed the filly down again with a motherly smile, before focusing her magic. After a few minutes of concentration a shining star came out of Twilight’s mane into her hoof. She placed the little star into Moonflower’s body which started to shine for a moment before going back to normal. The dull silver eyes of the filly became bright silver, the moment she saw the green of the grass, the blue of the sky and the colors around her for the first time, those eyes were full of tears. Twilight hugged the filly tightly. Spike who was bored of waiting and had been playing by chasing bugs now came running to hug the crying filly with a worried look on his face.

When Moonflower calmed down Twilight continued talking, she wanted Moonflower to stay in Canterlot with her. Being blessed by the stars was something no other pony in Equestria was able to accomplish, especially without her assistant. Also she wanted them to become friends, she wanted to teach Moonflower how to use her gift. Moonflower really wanted to stay with Twilight, she also wanted to be friends with the Goddess of the Night, but she knew her parents would never let her stay in Canterlot, they didn't like it there and the ponies there didn't like thestrals either. Twilight considered her options, she needed Moonlight close to her. She could talk with the princess to help her, but she would have to explain why she had to stay with her. She couldn't let anypony known about her, not yet at least.

After considering every single pony she could ask for assistance, Twilight came up with a plan, she explained to Moonflower what she wanted to do and asked if she would accept those terms. Moonflower thought deeply on what would happen if she went with the plan, taking a few minutes, she accepted the conditions of staying close to Twilight with firm determination. Levitating Spike and placing him on her back, and Moonflower’s sister floating next to them with magic, Twilight went with Moonflower to the only pony that could help her set her plan in motion.

Silver Might was busy in his office, he needed to finish checking the paperwork of the new recruits for the royal guard. Some new rank promotions were also on his do list. Besides being the Lieutenant General, lately he just did paperwork and check on the recruits for the princess’s forces. He would gather excellent candidates to become great soldiers for Her Highness Celestia, the only pony he still couldn't recruit was the princess’s personal student, even the princess herself was against the idea.

While trying to finish his work for the day somepony knocked at his door. As the doors opened he expected his secretary Sharp Quill to appear, but it was the princess praised student herself, the one that followed behind Twilight was a thestral filly no far younger than the unicorn.

“Well, well, if isn't Miss. Not want to leave my books, herself, ” said the old stallion while laughing hard, “What can I help you with Miss?” asked with a smile.

“Good day, Old Bones” replied Twilight with a fearless smile, “we came to ask for a favor.” For some reason Silver felt like he was about to jump out in front of a timberwolf as a cold sweat ran down his spine, looking at Twilight’s eyes.

After convincing Silver to help, Twilight and Moonflower took him to the thestral’s parents, Night Bloom woke up after the meeting so it wasn’t necessary to carry her anymore. After a long talk between the old stallion and the parents, Twilight’s authority as Princess Celestia student, puppy eyes from the thestral filly and a baby dragon, Moonflower’s family agreed to leave their daughter, under the condition of a free scholarship in the Canterlot’s Military Academy under Silver’s supervision.

The topic that made her parents give in was the realization that the filly’s eyes had been cured. Twilight had made up some crazy story about using some secret magic spell that only worked on thestrals that she had found on the Archives during her research. Being Princess Celestia personal student didn't bring doubt to her abilities with magic, so they were able to deceive everypony. Twilight was happy that the princess or her sister, Sunset had not been there to deny such a spell’s existence.

Moonflower and her family returned home to get the filly’s luggage and made her a party to celebrate her recovery. They would return in a couple of weeks to bring Moonflower to her new place, which would be Twilight’s home after convincing her parents to let Moonflower stay. Twilight ended up helping Silver with all the paperwork and every piece of work he needed to finish that week. Though, Silver hadn't expected Twilight to finish all the work in only two days.

The Badlands are known as a dangerous and deadly place. Those that lived there were adventurous or had no other place to call home. One creature that called the place home was about to become an example of why it was called a deadly place. It’s family had left it to die, it was weak, it was useless, it's kind wouldn't feed the weak. It was alone in the middle of nowhere, waiting for it's time to come. That was until it looked into the sky and saw something it never knew was there, a calling. It was not like the ones from its mother, it was something more powerful.

Its big arctic blue eyes shined with the stars’ light, they were telling it to go north and it obeyed. In the darkness of the night it set its course for Mount Canter, it flew as fast as it’s weak body could. During the day it would hide, when the darkness came it would fly. It continued on that pace for days, only stopping at daylight or to eat anything it could. Finally it’s journey came to an end when Canterlot came into sight, soon it would find out why the stars were guiding it to the Sun Tyrant’s home.

Stopping on a hill with perfect view of the city it waited for the moon to rise and moved into the city, the shadows of the night were perfect for cover. Unfortunately for it, another creature made the city their territory. A loyal star beast patrolled from the shadows, making sure the city his master resided in would be safe. When the new resident of the city made its way in the shadows trying to find somepony to impersonate, it was already being tailed. Owlowiscious saw the creature entering Canterlot while doing his night flight, he immediately notified his master, and tailed it awaiting orders.

This is quite a busy month... Thought Twilight as she flew away from the castle to meet up with Owlowiscious. Moonflower finally moved two weeks ago and she had a hard time dealing with the princess after Silver needed her approval for the scholarship.

Her research on Discord hadn't gone well, the princess really didn't wanted anypony finding out anything that could let him be free from the garden. Now some creature was trying to invade her city using her night as cover. It took her a few minutes to find her familiar, landing on the rooftop of somepony’s house Twilight looked around for the creature. To her surprise the creature Owlowiscious was tracking was something she had a lot of knowledge about.

“A changeling drone?” murmured Twilight as her eyes widened. “How is that possible?”

Twilight charged with great speed and landed right where the changeling was about to proceed. The drone was startled by the sudden appearance of somepony, before it could even flee from the place the pony commanded “Kneel”. The changeling froze, it’s body moved on its own kneeling in front of the pony. The changeling was frightened, the creature with the form of a pony was not a pony. It was terrifying, her glowing violet eyes were piercing its soul.

What’s your name?” said Twilight with a commanding voice to the changeling.

The changeling tried in vain to resist but its mouth moved “K-Klaxie...”

Well, Klaxie, What are you doing in our city?” asked Twilight, keeping her gaze on the changeling’s eyes.

“The stars told me to come here,” responded the changeling with its own feminine, rough voice.

Twilight kept her gaze of the changeling as she analyzed the creature, after confirming her worries she smiled at the creature. It was a caring smile, the same she gave Spike. “Well, daughter of the night. You just found the reason for your journey.” replied Twilight keeping her smile. The changeling’s eyes widened realizing what kind of creature was in front of her. Twilight used her magic and teleported both to her room, in the night sky a single star turned orange before it disappeared.

The following day Silver was enjoying his coffee in his office when somepony knocked at the door, to his surprise Twilight entered through the door followed by a yellow unicorn mare with an orange mane and tail, aquamarine eyes, her cutie mark was two stars; a big white star with a small orange star by its side, her age not so different from Twilight herself. Twilight gave the old stallion a carefree smile before requesting from the stallion another favor. Silver sighed in defeat before taking another sip of his coffee, he knew it was going to be a long week.

I will tell 'Bout the Secret of the Sun

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“Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain't goin' away.” Elvis Presley

In the middle of the training grounds inside the guard’s academy two mares, a light grey thestral and a yellow unicorn were recovering from what would probably be the worst training session of their short life. After almost a year of training Moonflower and Klaxie finally were officially part of Twilight’s unofficial team, ol’ Silver had pushed them to their limit and beyond. Twilight had requested for those two to be trained under Silver himself and if he was able to get the results she needed in a year, Twilight would volunteer on missions Silver would require a special assistant. Silver was pleased, it was hard, he had almost given up along the way but those two mares didn't. They put heart and soul to get strong and overcome all the training.

“You know, Miss. Not want to leave my books, I knew pegasi and thestrals had good eyesight but that little mare is on another level,” said Silver to Twilight who was standing next to him while they looked at the tired mares.

“Could you stop calling us that,” replied Twilight frowning at Silver, “and we knew they could do it, you should trust our instincts Old Bones.” Silver laughed hard like he always did as he ordered the dead tired mares to take the rest of the day off. Leaving the mares to themselves he left to his office to finish his work. Twilight walked close to her two friends with a smile of her face.

“Sorry my Queen, I can’t move to properly welcome you,” said the yellow unicorn.

“It’s alright Zipzee, also please don’t call us that, at least not in public,” replied Twilight as she used her magic to pick both mares up from the floor.

“Thank you Twilight,” responded Moonflower as she floated in Twilight’s magic, as her friend just smiled at her.

Twilight teleported them to her room, she took both her friends to the shower and left them to clean and refresh themselves. She also made sure to get some food from the kitchen while they got ready. On her way from the kitchen she met with her sister Sunset, they shared a hug and talked for a few minutes before parting ways. Sunset had been working with magic artifacts under Princess Celestia’s supervision lately, apparently the princess would have the same lesson with Twilight once she was more advanced in her own lessons.

After the deal with Silver regarding Moonflower and Zipzee, Princess Celestia wasn’t very happy, she was proud of Twilight’s decision to help her new friends, but she hadn't liked the way Twilight had dealt with everything. She was also kind of hurt by Twilight not trusting her enough to ask for her help. Returning to her room she brought Moonflower’s and Zipzee’s food. While her friends were eating Twilight continued with her research regarding petrifying spells and the state their victims were left to inside the stone prisons. From cockatrice’s magic gaze, simple dark magic spells to artifacts that created petrifying smoke, she had researched for the last month after giving up on getting Princess Celestia to tell her what she had used on Discord.

“Twilight, How is the research going?” asked Moonflower after finally recovering her strength with the bath and food.

“Not so good, Moony,” responded Twilight with a sigh, “These kind of spells are hard to get trustworthy results from.”

“Would you like me to volunteer my Queen?” asked Zipzee full of excitement to help.

“Zipzee, please stop calling us that, also no need to put yourself in danger,” replied Twilight, withdrawing from her book, “Besides in these books they explain what happened to the ponies after the use of the spells.” The disguised changeling’s ears pinned back, Twilight wrapped her wing around her and smiled at her to make her feel better. After their talk Zipzee became loyal to Twilight, she had also gotten her own blessing from the goddess, evolving from a simple changeling drone to something different, she was not longer linked to the hive and she wasn’t starving anymore. She could still eat emotions but now it wasn’t her only source of food. Zipzee’s new goal became making sure her new queen was happy, she trained hard so she able to protect her against any danger. Twilight was happy for her friend and supported her goals, she knew how loyal changeling’s could get.

Moonflower had also grown powerful as an airborne fighter, she had even received some interesting tips from the uprising Captain of the Wonderbolts, Spitfire herself. Spitfire was meeting with old Silver Might and discovered the young thestral training. She even requested Silver to transfer Moonflower to the Wonderbolt Academy to turn her into Wonderbolt. Luckily for Moonflower, Silver refused, pointing out she was not Wonderbolt material, she was too good for a showoff group. Spitfire laughed with Silver on their way to the meeting, the next day Silver had a new training regimen for Moonflower to follow thanks to Spitfire.

For Silver, Moonflower’s strength was in her head. She was really smart and combined with her excellent sight she was becoming a great strategist. Twilight was able to get some help from the princess in granting access to the Archives and Royal Library for Moonflower to study military strategy and history. After gaining sight Moonflower’s studies had never stopped, she loved books as much as Twilight, so both had become fast friends, and Moonflower had even opened up to Twilight after a couple of months ending the princess / guard attitude.

The trio of friends spent their time together almost every night before they had go back to their respective housings. Moonflower ended up adjusting to a diurnal lifestyle in order to live with Twilight’s parents and assist the academy to train. Zipzee was living with the others recruits in the living quarters, she was able to find a place thanks to Silver. Twilight’s parents were happy to have Moonflower at their place, Twilight would visit more often during the week to spend time with her friend and family. Her “BBBFF” was also helping Zipzee with her new life and even helped her get used to the military life.

Life was simple for Twilight and her friends, her studies were progressing at a good pace, her sister Sunset was happy with her and also liked to hangout with the other two. Spike could talk more and was able to walk without help. Princess Celestia asked Cadance to teach him to read and write, as he had requested from the princess so he could help Twilight and Sunset at some point. Owlowiscious helped her keep the corrupted nobles at bay, and her clues were helping her brother rise within the guard. He was now a lieutenant and he would continue getting promotions, he wanted to become the Captain of the Royal Guard and Twilight knew he could do it on his own.

One day after many books, research and experiments done Twilight found a way to know what happened to the Spirit of Chaos. One book of black magic from the secret shelves of the princess had the clue she needed to continue. She just needed to train to learn the spell and not destroy the target statue by accident. She needed to practice away from the princesses eyes since it was technically a forbidden spell. Unfortunately for her, that week, as had been usual for a while, every few months Princess Celestia would disguise herself as a pegasus mare and hang out with Twilight. She realized long ago that, if she tried to be friendly to the disguised princess she would be happy, so she discovered by chance the reason why the princess was stalking her all those occasions.

At some point she mentioned to the princess about a strange pegasus mare that followed Twilight everywhere every now and then, Princess Celestia was really nervous that day and commented that maybe the mare wanted to be friends with her but was shy. Twilight had wanted to facehoof but had used all her godly powers to not do so and ended up changing the conversation topic for both mares’ own good. Twilight didn't know what to think after that revelation, so she did what she thought would be the best for her private time and Princess Celestia’s own well-being and honor, she started talking to Sunny Skies and befriended her. They spent together a few times every month when Sunny returned from her work trips to Canterlot, getting some tea or enjoying the cultural parts of the city.

But that week she couldn't keep the princess busy, she needed that opportunity to test the spell, she asked Zipzee to entertain Princess Celestia by disguising herself as Twilight for that day. While Twilight went to the Canterlot Statue Garden to test her luck with Discord’s statue and the new spell. It took her the whole day to master the spell, but by moonrise she was ready to start.

Bored, that’s what this place made him feel. He felt bored, all around him was just darkness. He couldn’t cast magic, make a joke that he hadn't heard already. He would kill to have a drink of chocolate milk or summon a T.V. to entertain himself. Darkness was all he could see, feel or think. He didn't know for how long darkness became his world. He had felt some interesting events in the world outside of his prison, or heard a few conversation near his location, but he couldn’t influence the world or free himself anytime soon.

His head was horse-like, he had a deer antler on the right, a blue goat horn on the left, one long fang, different-sized red pupils with bright yellow eyes, a snake tongue, a goat beard, and white bushy eyebrows. He had the right arm of a lion, the left claw of an eagle, the right leg of a lizard, and the left leg of a goat. In addition, he had a bat's right wing, a Pegasus' left wing, a horse's mane, and a dragon-like snake's tail with a white tail tuft. The shape of his body resembled that of a snake. A draconequus, a mysterious creature the came to Equestria from nopony knows where. He fed on chaos, disharmony, those were his domains to rule and he loved to cause trouble. When he got bored of the world he would make it interesting for him. Unfortunately for any other creature that usually meant troubles or something worse.

He had lived that way for thousands of years, but when the pillars disappeared from Equestria he knew it was his opportunity to have some fun. Which left him to become a stupid garden decoration. Who knew that those six would have a backup plan in their absence. Thought the creature as he floated in the darkness. He felt the darkness leaving as love magic disappeared in the north. He felt when his favorite princesses had disharmony with each other, he thought that was his queue to enter the stage but that hadn’t been it either. Lately he had felt something growing in the south but nothing useful to help escape. But things were too quiet, his boredom grew stronger. It had been maybe a few thousand years but he was starting to get tired of waiting.

“I should have enough magic now to break a flower vase in Celestia’s room... “ murmured the draconequus floating in the void. Suddenly the void transformed itself, he was still floating in darkness, but now there were stars twinkling everywhere. “Am I in space now?” he said looking at the changes that happened.

“No, you’re still a garden decoration,” replied a female voice. Startled by the reply to his comment he looked around trying to see who was talking. He saw the shape of an alicorn made of shadows entering into existence in the middle of the sea of twinkling stars.

“My, if it isn't Moonbutt, ” responded the creature with a grin, “To what do I owe the honor of a dream visit, my dear?”

“Oh Discord old friend, we think you have the wrong alicorn,” responded the alicorn shaped shadow.

“Sorry but my last friend was Hubbert and you don’t look like a butterdragon,” responded Discord to the figure, snarling. To Discord’s surprise the alicorn started to take color, it was a small lavender alicorn, her wings a little too big for her body, and her ethereal star shimmering mane and tail mixed together with the stars in the space they were. When she opened her slitted shining violet eyes she smiled at him.

“Impossible… ” said Discord shocked, “You can’t be her… maybe her daughter? No, she only had eyes for her moon, maybe this world’s version of her...” he kept murmuring while looking at the small alicorn.

“We can hear you, you know,” replied Twilight looking at him with a smile still on face, “and to answer your question, yes we were once... Starbutt.”

Discord smiled broadly at her before pushing himself to hug Twilight tightly in his arms, only to stop after a moment. “Wait, Were?” he asked. Twilight, while still in the arms of the draconequus embracing her explained to Discord what happened years ago to Asteria and the original Twilight. Discord listened to the story, his face turned pale and became sad when he discovered that the other universe was no more and his friends forever lost.

Hugging Twilight even tighter he shared a few tears for what he had lost, it had been thousands of years since he had left that universe to enter the one they both resided in now. Different to his current circumstances, the other Equestria hadn’t bothered to chase him out. Asteria and her sisters were his friends and he had cared for them too. Asteria herself loved to prank her sisters with the help of Discord. The chaos they both made in the name of making the Goddess of Love explode with anger was incredibly fun. After exchanging happy moments of the past, Twilight asked what circumstances had made him end up as a garden decoration.

“Oh, my dear Starbutt, you have no idea how different things workhere,” responded Discord floating around Twilight.

“Well Dissy, from what we have learned over the years we wouldn’t be surprised,” Twilight said sighing, “Especially when it comes to Celestia of the Sun doing the work.”

“Oh yes, Sunbutt. She is quite the party pooper,” replied Discord, a frown marring his face, ”Turning me into stone over a little Equestria sized chaos party, those princesses take harmony too serious.”

“What did they use? A spell?” asked Twilight with a serious gaze.

“Nah, some harmony powered artifacts, The Jewelry of Harmony I think they were called,” replied Discord bored just by remembering how long he'd been there.

“Jewelry of Harmony? Could those artifacts have been used to seal a goddess of the moon too?” asked Twilight to herself while thinking.

“Well, my dear child they did turn me into stone,” replied Discord laughing at his own fate.

“Point taken… ” Twilight said with a sigh.

“Do you think you could let Ol’ Discord out?” Discord asked with a grin on his face.

“We don't even know how harmony magic works, the concept is new to us,” responded Twilight with an apologetic face, “But we’ll try once we find out where Celestia has those artifacts hidden.”

“Oh ho ho ho, that’s my girl,” responded Discord, happily clapping

Twilight smiled at him but them her face turned dead serious making the draconequus nervous, “It something wrong?” he asked.

“Tell me Dissy, when you came to this world. Did you bring something or some creature with you from our old one?”

Discord started to think on what had happened those thousands of years ago to see if he had brought something with him or not. Then his expression changed to a nervous smile with a cold sweat running down his spine, “Maybe?” he said with a small voice.

Twilight slitted eyes began to shine brightly, making Discord feel unsafe, he was suddenly wrapped in dark purple magic and pulled to Twilight’s eye level.

“Would you kindly tell us what you brought?” Twilight asked in a powerful, commanding tone, making the draconequus flinch. Discord knew he didn't have magic at the moment since he was imprisoned, and Twilight obviously did have enough power to hurt him. Giving up to his fate he told her he may have brought a few creatures, which may have also included a small city that Heartbutt had asked him to take and a pitch black tree from somepony’s forest without permission. Twilight released him from her magic grasp while sighing deeply, taking a moment to think she closed her eyes. Discord took the opportunity to get some distance between them. After a few minutes that had felt like an hour of uncomfortable silence for the draconequus Twilight opened her eyes and smiled at Discord, making him feel less worried.

“Well, we must say the we’re mad that you took one of our children without permission,” said Twilight with an angry voice, “But thanks to your doing we didn't lose everything to the deadly darkness.” she continued saying, changing her tone to a graceful one. Though he knew what kind of questions would come next, he was happy that he actually end up helping an old friend while thinking of ways he could create chaos. Twilight continued asking questions, about what he brought, about what he knew about the past, the Jewelry of Harmony, the pillars he mentioned and what he knew about Princess Luna. Unfortunately, the only information regarding the banishment of Luna he knew was the disharmony he had felt long ago, but he mentioned a few ideas he thought were the cause of the fight.

They spent quite the time talking, but soon Twilight’s magic was starting to weaken because of how hard it was to keep the connection with Discord’s trapped mind. Seeing this Discord decided to go back to his bored sleeping darkness while he waited for his freedom.

“Oh, one last thing, my dear Starbutt,” said the draconequus, his eyes shining red, “I recommend you to take a trip south soon, it’s lovely this time of the year, there’s even a chance to find a chaotic storm forming that you could find quite entertaining, ta-ta...” waving his lion claw with an evil grin he disappeared into the darkness, only his laugh could be heard before Twilight was back in front of Discord’s stone prison in the garden.

“We hate when he does that…” Said Twilight frowning as she flew back to her room for the night with Discord’s warning on her mind.

Cynical World

View Online

“Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.” Helen Keller

That day was supposed to be her special date with Shining Armor. It was going to be perfect… She said to herself as the sound of her hooves echoed in the empty hallways. For Princess Cadenza a regular day was just taking care of Spike for a few hours, go to class, deal with some nobles and spend the rest of the day with Shining Armor or have tea with Auntie Celestia. She never imagined that the day would come where her position as a princess would bit her on the flank.

Just a few weeks ago her favorite little sister went on a mission under the orders of Lieutenant General Silver Might, her Aunt wasn't happy about it but Twilight had promised to do a few jobs for ol’ Silver as thanks for helping with her friends. It was a simple reconnaissance mission to the Forgotten Hills south of Equestria; a few ponies were attacked by some unknown creatures that were chasing a unicorn mare, Twilight only needed to go check any information regarding the mysterious group and return.

Princess Celestia agreed to let her continue with the assignment as long as she didn't do anything reckless and reported back after a few days. She went with her friends Moonflower and Zipzee to keep an eye on her. Unfortunately it didn't go like that, she didn't find anything there but clues to go further south. After a couple of weeks Twilight wrote that they made it to a town, she reported that no creature wanted to cooperate or deal with any Equestrians, but then her reports stopped. After a week of silence they got a message that said she was returning soon, that had been three weeks ago.

“To think Twily would do something this crazy…” Cadance murmured as she walked to the throne room, “Auntie is really upset, too.” Cadance made her way through the doors of the throne room as the guards proclaimed her name and title. In the throne room only Princess Celestia with her famous neutral face waited for her, although Cadance knew inside her aunt wanted to hang somepony.

“Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, I’m glad you came at such a short notice,” said Princess Celestia smiling politely at her niece.

“Princess Celestia, I have come to express my support and help where it is needed,” responded Cadance bowing at her aunt.

“Thank you Princess Cadance,” replied Princess Celestia sighing, “I would like you to go south and find my missing student. In this mission you will get the assistant of Lieutenant Armor and his squad, you would have to travel in disguise as well, we cannot let any creature know a princess is there.”

“You know where she could be?” asked Cadance hoping for a quick trip.

“I have a hunch,” replied Princess Celestia sighing again, “First you will travel to the same town my student went missing, if you find any clues please follow them carefully. If you don't get any results there you should continue south to Mount Aris, where Hippogriffia is located. There, request aid from Queen Novo of the hippogriffs, only to her will you reveal your true identity and be polite when asking for help.”

“Yes Princess, I will.” replied Cadance bowing to her aunt.

“Thank you Cadance, please be careful.” said Princess Celestia with a smile.

“Is it alright not bringing Sunset with us?” asked Cadance knowing the other student was absent.

“She refused to go, apparently she trusts her little sister enough to not worry for her safety,” responded Princess Celestia with a huff and massaging her head with a hoof. “The way she said it made it sound like I don't trust my student enough.”

“It's okay Auntie, you are just worried like all of us” replied Cadance trying to support the princess on the matter. “I’ll make sure to have a talk with Twily when I find her.”

“Please do,” responded Princess Celestia, “And don't get distracted too much,” said the princess with a grin, causing her niece to blush knowing what she meant. Having left the throne room Cadance met with Shining Armor who had been waiting for her. He was joined by three cloaked ponies outside the castle ground, she guessed they were Shining’s team. Shining was upset and worried for his little sister, when he found out he almost took a whole platoon of soldiers south to find Twilight. Luckily for the crown, Silver had stopped him just before he actually did it.

Silver Might and Sunset Shimmer were the only ponies that were not worried about Twilight’s safety, they knew the young unicorn was strong and smart. Besides she was not alone, her team was with her and they were in great condition after so much training. Silver bet the princess his current position in the army that they were fine and probably ended up helping somepony.

The five ponies took a train from Canterlot to Appleloosa, from there they would travel through the Macintosh Hills all the way south to a place called Klugetown, where Twilight was last seen. Their journey went smoothly all the way to Appleloosa, but once they arrived they needed to prepare for a long journey by hooves. Cadance couldn't imagine how hard it must have been for those three to go, since only one of them could fly.

“They probably traveled by night through the Bone Dry Desert," Shining Armor said to her. “After all, Moonflower is a thestral. They had an advantage during the cold night rather than under the blazing sun.“ Cadance wanted to do the same, but they didn't have any way of knowing what kind of dangers could appear along the journey through the desert. They couldn't put Cadance’s safety in jeopardy just to save some bits on water. Cadance was not happy, but she trusted Shining knew what he was doing.

It took four days for them to go through the Bone Dry desert, it was a hard trip for Cadance, she was not used to using her legs that much. She could fly instead of walk, but only two of her companions were pegasi. They rested just before sunset to prepare their camp and would start walking again when dawn came. They made it to the outskirts of Klugetown before sunset of the fourth day, but by Shining Armor’s orders they prepared their camp for that night. It wasn't an Equestrian town and they didn't know what creatures lived there or how friendly they could be, if they were.

When the fifth day of the journey started they entered the town, to everypony’s surprise they were welcomed by a group feline-like creatures which identified themselves as Abyssinian soldiers. Cadance knew about Abyssinia, she knew Equestria traded different products with them. They asked the guards why there were Abyssinian forces so far from home. The Abyssinians asked them a similar question. The unfriendly mood was interrupted by another Abyssinian, his fur was orange and he was wearing a red coat. He introduced himself as Capper and the current Mayor of the Klugetown, and he was more than happy to welcome anypony from Equestria. After all, the town was given to Abyssinia as a new trading post by an Equestrian. The five ponies gasped in shock, they knew only three ponies were in that town and none had the authority to do such a thing.

Cadance requested to know exactly what had happened in the town, Mayor Capper was happy to answer their question, he requested them follow to him to his office. The town was full of different creatures, from fish-like creatures, lizardfolk, mole creatures, pig creatures, bird creatures and lots of Abyssinian merchants. Once they gathered inside the Mayor’s office Capper sat down and explained what happened in Klugetown a few weeks ago. “To put it in simple words, a lavender unicorn mare named Twilight Sparkle came to the town and took care of every creature that dealt with slavery, crime and any other misdeed,” said Mayor Capper.

“So, Twily- I mean Twilight came and cleaned the town, but that doesn't explain how the town became Abyssinian territory,” replied Shining Armor still with doubt of his sister’s doing.

“Oh, you know Miss Twilight Sparkle?” asked the feline Mayor with a business smile.

“Yeah, she’s my sister,” said Shining sighing, “and she has been lost for weeks.”

“Lost? That’s strange,” said Mayor Capper placing a paw on his chin, “I’m sure I spoke with her a week ago.”

“You know where Twily is!?” reacted Cadance hearing Capper comment.

“Of course, after cleaning the town she requested information about the southern nations, including Abyssinia,” said Capper, checking a few scrolls on his desk and passing one to Shining. “Panthera, that’s the last place I know she went after leaving town. Then after a week many merchant airships and soldiers from my home nation came with a letter from the Queen announcing that Klugetown was now a trading post of Abyssinia.”

“So only the Abyssinian Queen in your land knows how the deal was made,” said Cadance sighing.

“Correct, I’m the Mayor by Miss Twilight’s request since my predecessor was the leader of all the crime groups of town,” said Capper while relaxing on his chair, “Besides, the town didn't have an owner to begin with, although it does now,” he said, pointing at the Abyssinian flag in the office.

“So, what now?” Shining Armor asked Cadance, not knowing which clue to follow.

“We should go to Abyssinia, that’s the last place Twilight and her friends went after all,” said Cadance after thinking on their options, ”Do you know how we can get to Abyssinia?” She asked the mayor.

“Oh, that’s easy! Just go to the airship docks on the east of town, any Abyssinian ship would take you there,” responded the feline mayor, “You should make it in a few days trip.”

Leaving the Mayor’s office after giving their thanks for the information they traveled through the town on their way to the docks to get a ship that would take them to Abyssinia. Just are they took the airship with the destination of Panthera, capital of Abyssinia, Mayor Capper received the visit of a messenger from Hippogriffia with a request from Twilight Sparkle and Queen Novo.

A few weeks before Princess Celestia sent a search party for Twilight and her friends, a group of mysterious creatures made their way through the forest near Basalt Beach north of the coast of Mount Aris. Two cloaked figures separated from the rest and made their way out of the woods while the others kept themselves hidden while awaiting orders.

“A-are you sure a-about this?,” asked the small cloaked figure with a clearly nervous male voice.

“Just shut up and let me do the talking,” the other replied harshly in a female voice.

Both made their way through the beach, approaching the huge beautiful gates of the fortified city at the foothills of Mount Aris. The city’s name was Hippogriffia, home of the hippogriffs; powerful creatures that were half equine, and half eagle. They liked to keep themselves from interacting with others creatures, they lived in peace and their land was full of wonders. When the two cloaked figures got near the gates, two hippogriff guards landed between them and the gates. They both wore golden helmets, protective gear on their chest and on their front claws. In addition they held golden spears ready to attack at any provocation.

Stratus Skyranger, a light cerulean hippogriff was one of the Noble hippogriff guards of Queen Novo, noble ruler of Hippogriffia. He was one of the guards that greeted the mysterious visitors at the gates. “Who tries to enter our city?” asked Stratus Skyranger at the two cloaked figures.

One of the figures took off her hood, revealing a young, dark orchid, unicorn mare with a rose colored mane, opal eyes with a scar over her right eye and a broken horn. “Hi, we are lost and need a place to spend the night.” The unicorn said to Stratus Skyranger, showing a concerned look. Her companion also took off his hood, revealing a dark gray hedgehog with a light gray mane, a goofy face and big opal eyes.

Both guards look at each other before turning back to the strangers, “Go back from where you came, you still have time before nightfall.” responded the other guard.

“Please, we just need to stay one night. You won't even know we are here.” begged the unicorn with tears appearing in her eyes. Stratus narrowed his eyes inspecting both creatures before looking behind them, alert for any movement on the beach, whistling he called two other guards which landed next to him. He asked the guards to keep an eye on the visitors while he flew into the city. After what may have been almost an hour Stratus Skyranger returned from the city, landing once again in between the other guards and the visitors he spoke.

“The Queen has granted your stay in the city, but only for the night. What are your names?” Stratus Skyranger asked while keeping alert of any movement from the visitors.

“I'm Cherry Pie. And this is... Mort.” The unicorn responded while pointing out her companion with a hoof.

“Alright Cherry Pie and Mort, follow me and I will take you to the castle.” Stratus said, turning around and entering the gates as the other guards opened the path.

“The castle?” asked Cherry Pie, concerned.

“Our Queen would like to meet you both and hear your story,” replied Stratus, walking in front of both visitors, ”Maybe after both of you have some food.” He said, chuckling after hearing the sound of Mort’s stomach.

The small hedgehog smiled and blushed as Cherry Pie sighed and shook her head before glaring at her companion. Mort flinched and smiled shyly at her. As they passed through the city, they saw peculiar types of buildings that looked like nests, beautiful sculptures resembling hippogriffs. Many hippogriff families stared, curious of the peculiar visitors to the city. Many children got near Mort to look at him before flying away laughing, to his annoyance. After walking for some time they reached the center of the city where dozens of guards surrounded the detailed doors of the castle. When the doors opened, a light grayish indigo hippogriff came out of the castle, Stratus saluted the arriving hippogriff. General Seaspray was Queen Novo’s navy general and Stratus’ superior.

“At ease Soldier,” commanded General Seaspray. ”Are those our new guests?” he asked, inspecting both Cherry Pie and Mort.

“Yes Sir, General Seaspray, Sir!” responded Stratus, still adhering to protocol.

“Good, take them to the dining room, our chefs have prepared a meal.” replied the General, ”After that, the Queen would love to have a talk with our guests.” He said with a polite smile.

Opening the path to the castle General Seaspray greeted both guests before continuing his way into the city. Cherry Pie paid close attention to the position of the guards outside and inside the castle as they continued their walk to the dining room where their food was waiting. That’s a lot of security for a city that normally doesn't let strangers in...thought Cherry Pie as they walked through the beautiful hallways. Could they be waiting for some creature important? Cherry Pie was lost in thought while inspecting the infrastructure of the castle and the hallways looking for routes to take.

When they arrived to the dining room they were welcomed by a massive room full of tables and chairs. Stratus explained it was the dining room for the guard, the queen had her own dining table which she normally shared with important guests and her daughter only. Taking their places at the table, they enjoyed a vast amount of food, from different fruits and vegetables to many kinds of sweets. After some difficulties finishing all the food they could, although it was Mort who ate the most, especially the sweets, they made their way to the throne room were Queen Novo was waiting to meet them. Like before, Cherry Pie studied the route they took, the number of guards and the locations of the windows. Mort kept himself busy by eating some cupcakes he still had. Stratus was always next to the both guests, keeping an eye on them to make sure their queen would be safe.

When they entered the throne room they were greeted by a great amount of Noble Guards, and like Stratus, fully armed. In the middle of the guards was a big throne of stone, decorated with beautiful designs and flowers, upon it sat Queen Novo of the hippogriffs, an elegant and refined light fuchsia hippogriff, her mane and tail were gradients of brilliant fuchsia to mulberry colors, with beautiful magenta eyes. She was the definition of royalty, every feather was well taken care off, her stance was elegant and her presence inspired beauty.

But what caught Cherry Pie’s attention was the strange bird on a stand next to the Queen, it looked like a crow; it was dark as the night and filled with small twinkling stars. She remembered a creature with similar characteristics, the thing responsible for her scars and broken horn, a star beast. As they got near, both bowed to the queen and Stratus placed himself next to the other Noble Guards making introducing the guests to the queen. “Welcome to Hippogriffia,” said the queen with an elegant smile, “Please stand.”

“Thank you for letting us spend the night in your lovely city Your Majesty,” Cherry Pie replied politely .

“What reason has made you both come all the way to Mount Aris?” asked Queen Novo, keeping an impartial expression that could compete with Princess Celestia’s.

“We have traveled from the Forgotten Hills, searching for a better place to call home,” responded Cherry Pie.

“The Forgotten Hills? Isn't that north of Klugetown?” The Queen asked curiously of Stratus.

“Yes, Your Majesty,” responded the Noble Guard.

“Wouldn’t that place be a good enough home for the both of you?” Queen Novo asked of Cherry Pie

“That wasn't a better place than where we were Your Majesty,” responded Cherry Pie with an apologetic smile.

“That’s strange, I’m sure Abyssinia owns the city now, it has become a much better place by now, or so my friends tell me,” said the carefree queen as she started petting the star bird.

“Abyssinia? Wasn't that place under the Storm King’s control?” Mort asked Cherry Pie, confused by the news.

Cherry Pie looked annoyed by the sudden information but tried to control her emotions, she knew her master wasn’t going to be pleased by the information. Abyssinia was supposed to have fallen under the Storm King some time ago. Mort was correct in feeling confused, he had been there when the Storm King conquered their capital, Panthera.

“I thought star beasts were impossible to tame,” said Cherry Pie curiously, trying to change the subject.

“Oh my, they are,” replied the Queen as she looked at Cherry with a smile, still petting the star bird, “Corvus was a gift from a trustworthy friend of our nation.” said the Queen as the bird cawed at her.

“It must be a powerful friend to tame a star beast enough to leave it with another owner,” said Cherry Pie, glaring at the bird.

“Yes, she is. In fact she should be returning tomorrow with my daughter,” replied Queen Novo, looking at her guests with a mocking smile, ”I would love to introduce you both to them tomorrow.”

“Of course it would be our pleasure Your Majesty,” said Cherry Pie with a bow.

“Good then, Stratus please guide our guests to their living quarters,” said Queen Novo looking at her guard who bowed at her.

Stratus took the lead and opened the door to leave the throne room, Cherry Pie looked with attentively around the throne room before leaving. Next to the throne on the opposite side of the bird was the thing they had come looking for, the magic pearl was sitting on a pillow. Queen Novo narrowed her eyes as her guests left the room, once they were gone she looked at Corvus and sighed, lowering her head. “You were right, they came to my home,” said the Queen to the bird, who just cawed as his purple eyes shined violet briefly.

In the dead of the night a unicorn moved, carefully avoiding any creature that guarded the hallways of the castle, Cherry Pie used the shadows of the hallways to hide her presence and moved without difficulty, the guards didn't noticed any intruder as they continued their rounds. Her destination was Queen Novo’s bedroom, she had already searched the throne room, but the pearl was no longer there. She needed the pearl, it was her ticket to prove her value to the Storm King. That way she could finally get what she lost long ago, her master promised to grant her wish as long she made it back with the pearl. Her companion had already left to inform the others to follow with the plan, she needed to grab the magic pearl and get to the gates where her backup would keep the hippogriffs busy for her to return to the Storm King’s island.

Finally arriving at her destination, Cherry Pie knocked out the two guards at the door and proceeded into the room. Looking around she saw Queen Novo sleeping on her giant bed, the star bird was sleeping on a stand next to the queen. Moving carefully she searched for the pearl, she found it right next to the queen, resting on a pillow. Stopping right next to the bed she grabbed the pearl with her hooves, placing it inside her bag, she started to leave the room when the Queen talked.

“Interrupting my beauty sleep again?” said Queen Novo half sleep, “Stratus Skyranger, how many times do I have to tell you? A queen has to look her best for her subjects.” Cherry Pie froze in panic as the Queen started to get up from the bed, looking behind her she saw the bright eyes of the star beast staring at her. Corvus gave a series of loud caws, startling the Queen to fly from her bed in time to see Cherry Pie leaving the room.

“You dare to come into my home and try to steal from me? Nocreature wrongs the Hippogriffs. You will pay dearly!” screamed the Queen from inside the room as Cherry Pie ran through the hallways looking for an escape route. At the gates, Mort was completely scared as he ran through the gates and fired a flare from a small dark staff he carried. That was the signal to start the attack on the city, and from the darkness of the night sky four airships of the Storm King’s armada started to get closer to Mount Aris.

The guards gave the alarm of enemies approaching the city, as dozens of fully armed hippogriffs took flight. Others started to move the civilians and children into the castle, they needed to protect every innocent before the enemy arrived. In a few minutes the sky was full of hippogriffs ready to defend their home, the streets full of those that were evacuating to the castle. Making her way through those entering the castle Cherry Pie ran without stopping, she needed to get to the gates before it was too late. Queen Novo was flying right behind her, completely furious, her eyes were blazing in anger. From the gates Mort finally saw his companion making her way close to the gates. “Tempest hurry!” He screamed at the running unicorn.

“Grubber! Order the attack!” Tempest commanded at the little hedgehog, getting closer to the gates. Grubber took the dark staff and fired another flare into the sky, the airships started to descend as dozens of creatures in full armor jumped onto the ground, roaring as they landed. They started to destroy anything they came in contact with, the hippogriff guards started to attack them as they defended their home. Just as Tempest was about to get closer to one of the airships that was already on the ground something stopped her. She couldn't move, she realized she was being held in purple magic. Grubber started to flee into the airship when he saw his companion helplessly captured.

“Return here you little traitor!” Tempest screamed mad at the fleeing hedgehog. As she was trying to get herself free using her own magic Queen Novo pinned the unicorn to the ground while glaring furiously at her.

“You took our kindness and you repay it by bringing an army of beasts!” scorned the queen as she took the bag with the pearl from Tempest.

“It’s alright Queen Novo, we will take care of throwing out the garbage.” said a female voice from behind the queen. Looking behind her, Queen Novo realized that another unicorn was already there next to them. She smiled when she saw not only the lavender unicorn but also her beloved daughter getting closer; a colorful light gambogeish hippogriff with light arctic mane and tail, and bright cyan eyes smiled at her mother.

“Skystar, Twilight Sparkle I’m so glad you made it in time,” replied the Queen as she moved from on top of Tempest to where the others were, “Is the rest of your team on the way?” she asked as she only saw Twilight and Skystar there.

“Uh uh, Moony and Zipzee are already helping in the city,” The young hippogriff responded cheerfully with a smile.

“We are glad that We made it in time to defend the city from the attack,” said Twilight, carelessly looking up to the rest of the invading forces, “Please go back to your hippogriffs in the castle, we will help the guards repel the enemy.”

Taking her pearl and flying away, accompanied by her daughter Queen Novo gave her thanks to her pony friend before returning to her castle to help defend it from the invaders. Twilight continued to keep Tempest under her magic grasp and studied the enemy unicorn with her eyes, while Tempest looked up at her with a deadly glare full of hate.

“Tell me Cherry Pie, how did you get those scars?” The lavender unicorn asked to the trapped Tempest.

“An Ursa Minor attacked me when I was a filly,” responded the trapped Tempest not changing her glare.

“An Ursa? Really? Interesting...” replied a doubtful Twilight looking at her broken horn. But before she could ask anything else a group of Storm soldiers caught her off guard and pinned her to the ground, freeing Tempest from her magic grasp.

Tempest took advantage of the situation and ran into the airship were Grubber awaited to fly back to the Storm King’s realm. Ordering the soldiers to take flight, they left the rest of the soldiers to continue their attack on Mount Aris. Tempest was really mad, she had failed to get the pearl and had probably failed to defeat the hippogriffs too, she knew the Storm King would not be happy to hear the news.

On the ground Twilight watched the airship as it flew away, around her were the charcoal remains of the Storm soldiers that had tried to stop her. She knew their armor was magic resistant but their bodies were not. Sighing she moved her gaze to the city and then to the sky were the other airships were still attacking. Casting her magic she flew into the sky and started to shoot dark purple magic attacks into the airships propellers making them fall into the ocean as she cast a shield around the city, making sure they didn't fall inside.

In the city Moonflower and Zipzee were fighting the armored creatures of the Storm King, Zipzee transformed into a hippogriff and helped Moonflower who was giving orders on how to defend the city. Queen Novo and Skystar were making sure the civilian’s were safe and uninjured. The defensive battle took no more than a couple hours until the enemies fled or were defeated, once Twilight made sure no more airships were coming, she dispelled the shield around the city. Moonflower and Zipzee, who had returned to her unicorn form reunited with their friend at the castle gates where the queen and the princess were.

Queen Novo requested a full report about the damage to the city, the number of injured and if there were any casualties. Skystar was worried about the state of the city with all the smoke coming out of several houses. Twilight placed a hoof on her shoulder, reassuring the hippogriff princess that everything would be fine as Skystar smiled cheerfully at her in return. They knew it was going to be dawn soon, and they could contemplate the damage to the city and know what repairs were needed.

After Celestia’s sun was finally rising in the horizon the hippogriffs that were hidden in the castle began to go out and evaluate the damage to their homes. Moonflower was assisting General Seaspray and Queen Novo’s brother-in-law, Sky Beak, verifying that no more enemies were coming to attack the city. Zipzee was helping in the city using her magic to move the remains of houses or edification while the hippogriffs cleaned the rubble. Twilight was having a meeting with Queen Novo and Princess Skystar, they were discussing what would come after fixing the city. The Queen wanted to leave Mount Aris until it was safe for her subjects, using the power of her magic pearl she could build a new realm underwater and transform all the hippogriffs into aquatic creatures. Twilight was against it, she knew it would be easier to attack while the Storm King thought he was unstoppable.

Twilight could request aid from Abyssinia, they were more than happy to take care of the Storm King, even Equestria could help, she just needed to send a message to Princess Celestia. But Queen Novo didn't want to expose her kin into a meaningless war. Princess Skystar was trying to mediate between the two, she knew her mother was correct but she also knew that her friend Twilight was right, they needed to defend their home not abandon it.

Queen Novo agreed to give Twilight a few days before she took actions and proceeded with the evacuation. That was all the time Twilight needed, she explained that one of her familiars was already in the airship that Cherry Pie had used to escaped. Once she knew the location of the Storm King’s base they could prepare a counterattack and end the Storm King’s invasion plans.

The Queen was skeptical about Twilight’s plan, she needed to know exactly how she was going to travel to whatever place the Storm King was hidden, or how was she so sure the she could take down the whole Storm King’s armada with just a few creatures. Twilight smiled at her she informed that thanks to Princess Skystar they got the support of a fleet from Ornithia that had been oppressed by the Storm King for some time and were more than happy in assist as long they got their freedom back. And regarding the power to stop the armada of the Storm King, Twilight just said that she knew some friends that would help and were powerful enough to turn the tables to their favor, they just needed to attack at night.

In a remote part of the southwest sea was the Storm King’s realm, the island was full of troops, airships and weapons. In the middle of the island was the location of the castle of the Storm King, inside he had all the treasures and magic artifacts he stole from all the different empires under his control. While in the middle of his lunch the Storm King received news that Tempest had returned from her mission, he was excited, she was supposed to bring him the magic pearl of the hippogriffs that could turn him into any kind of creature. In his throne room the Storm King waited for Tempest and Grubber to enter with their prized loot from Hippogriffia, but by just looking at the face Tempest had when she and Grubber entered the throne room, his mood changed. Narrowing his eyes the Storm King studied the dark orchid unicorn, both bowed in his presence and Tempest reported. “I’m sorry Your Majesty, we failed to retrieve the pearl from Queen Novo’s castle.” said Tempest darkly, she felt completely humiliated by the unicorn that appeared just before she could escape.

“You failed me Tempest Shadow,” said the Storm King, scowling.

“I have no excuse,” responded Tempest.

“Tell me what happened and I may give you another chance,” said the Storm King glaring at Grubber.

“Y-your Greatness, w-we were attacked during our escape with the pearl by some unicorn that had been there,” responded a frightened Grubber.

“Really? A little pony defeated my invading forces?” asked the Storm King, incredulous.

“Yes Your Awesomeness,” responded Grubber, “She had powerful magic, she shot down an airship with it while we fled”

“Powerful magic? Magic that I should have under my control,” said the Storm King, ‘wait… was this unicorn a lavender or purple color?“ He asked, growling.

“Yeah, you saw her too?” replied Grubber, scratching his check.

“No, I just got reports that a lavender or purple unicorn was responsible of freeing Abyssinia a few weeks ago,” said the Storm King lying in his throne, ”And I had just finished conquering it.”

“Please let me take care of that unicorn Your Highness,” said Tempest desperately, standing.

“Like you did today? That's your problem, Tempest. You still believe, deep down, that the world will be fair,” said the Storm King, standing from the throne room and getting closer to her, “You want to get the pearl from the queen, but you don't want anyone to get hurt. You want to get your horn back, but you’re not willing to do anything you don't want to.” Tempest couldn't reply, she just stared at the ground. “You are not a child anymore. Every creature for themselves. That is the true law of the land,” said the Storm King, placing his hand on her shoulder, “Learn it and live by it, and then maybe one day you will succeed.”

“I will do so,” replied Tempest with determination.

“Good, Commander Tempest,” said the Storm King, smiling but soon changing to a serious expression, ”But remember Tempest, only I have the power to make you whole. Fail me again and your horn won't be the only thing that's broken.”

“Yes, Your Greatness,” replied Tempest bowing to him.

“Good, get some food and rest for a few days,” said the Storm King with a clap, ”Then we take the armada and strike Hippogriffia with force and take what is mine,” he finished with a grin.

“Aye!” Responded both to the Storm King as they saluted.

In the shadows of the throne room a pair of bright violet eyes were spying on them, a small star beast in shape of a lizard was reporting to its master.

In a room inside the castle of Queen Novo, Twilight was talking with Princess Skystar and her friends about her plan to defeat the Storm King. After working all day helping the hippogriffs, they didn't find any injured or casualties from their part. No new airships came to attack either, and the ones they knocked down were in the bottom of the ocean.

Twilight had the advantage. The the enemy didn't think some creature would attack them at their base. The only issue was that she didn't want to request help from anypony back in Equestria, she knew her mentor was probably really upset about her disappearing. It was not her fault that Discord was right, she did find her vacations in the South entertaining. Even if she was young, Twilight was powerful, her godly power and magic had grown quite a lot during her training, and after using them so much the last month, she had gotten hold over her old magic. She finally had full control of the stars, she could call her old familiars and new ones if she needed. But the most important was that her friend’s blessings grew stronger with time, the more powerful they got the more powerful her children got.

Her altruistic ways in the south had helped her to make good and powerful allies, she defeated the Storm King armada at Abyssinia and helped the rulers of the land to start over by giving them Klugetown. She made friends with Princess Skystar during her time in Hippogriffia and was able to warn Queen Novo of the possibility of an attack on her land just to get the pearl. She summoned a few small star beasts to keep those she knew protected and in contact with her, the Abyssinian Queen was happy to receive Columba as a gift. Queen Novo was also fascinated to have her own star beast as a pet, and Corvus was able to prove his usefulness during the night of the attack. Now it was time to end her little vacation in the southern seas and return to Equestria before Princess Celestia or her sisters did something she would regret. “Eh?” said Twilight, stopping her train of thought looking at the window.

“Is something wrong Twily?” asked Skystar as her and the others stopped what they were doing.

“A report from Lacerta,” replied Twilight as her eyes shined, brightly looking at the starry sky.

“Wow, that was quick!” said Skystar cheerfully clapping.

“What did she say my Queen?” asked Zipzee politely.

“Looks like we will have to start moving faster than we thought,” replied Twilight, sighing as she shifted her gaze to her friends, “The Storm King will attack Hippogriffia in a few days with his whole armada.” Her friends gasped in shock at the news, especially Skystar. She took off almost immediately through the door of the room. She needed to alert her mother as quick as possible, Twilight knew now she couldn't count on the help of the hippogriffs in her plans. Queen Novo would never let her subjects fight a lost cause, they would probably abandon their home to the sea as she had planned, and Twilight couldn't stop her. She could tell Queen Novo or Skystar her true identity, but it wouldn't bring the assurance of winning she needed. She asked Moonflower to contact the pirates, they needed to leave the city before noon. Zipzee was sent out to wait halfway to keep an eye for possible Storm King’s airships, as for Twilight, she went after Skystar and to talk to Queen Novo. It was time to make their move and she was not going to waste it.

Two days after the report from her familiar, Twilight was on her way to the Storm King’s hiding place. The Ornithian pirates would take them close to the island, then they would hide using the clouds and wait for them to return. Twilight, Moonflower, Zipzee and Skystar, who had just commented cheerfully, “I'm gonna get so grounded, but I wanna help too!” decided to follow them against her mother's orders. Meanwhile Queen Novo was going to give her just two days while they were preparing to evacuate the city, if she didn't received any news through Corvus she would lead her subjects to a new home. As they approached the island the sun was starting to go down, that’s what Twilight wanted, an attack in middle of the night, her night. When they were right over the island, the three ponies and a hippogriff jumped out of the airship into the night sky. Skystar took Twilight in her claws and Moonflower took Zipzee as they descended.

The plan was simple, get inside the castle, take care of the Storm King, and return to Hippogriffia to celebrate. One of her familiars was already keeping an eye on the Storm King, so they flew where they knew he was. As they descended onto the island they saw a large number of airships that were being prepared to depart, they would never have a chance if they were to fight that amount of enemies to defend Hippogriffia. Skystar flew fast and was quietly followed by an experienced Moonflower, soon they landed on an open patio close to the throne room where the Storm King was discussing with his commanders about the upcoming attack. It was the perfect time to take care of him, he was alone with Tempest, Grubber and only a few of his high ranked guards were present. From the shadows a star beast lizard shot small purple fireballs from its mouth to the lights, wrapping the room in darkness. Twilight used her magic to destroy the window wall next to the patio, and entered the room.

The Storm King was startled by the sudden intrusion and hid behind his throne, Tempest jumped in front of her leader to protect him while Grubber threw himself to the floor, covering his head in fear. The rest of Twilight’s friends entered right after Twilight demanded the Storm King to choose the easy way and surrender. Tempest shot colorful magic from her broken horn at Twilight, who cast a purple shield to protect herself and her friends. Tempest’s magic attack was reflected by the shield, destroying the roof, but Tempest continued her attacks while the guards in the room charged at Twilight from behind with their anti-magic weapons. Zipzee cast a couple of orange spears and attacked a couple of guards, Moonflower took the weapons dropped by the defeated guards to defend against the other attackers. Skystar wasn't in her best shape but she flew on top of the guards and threw rubble from the destroyed walls and roof at them. Twilight just continued to defend from Tempest’s constant magic attacks.

The Storm King called for the rest of the guards to come and take care of the intruders. Tempest was starting to lose power over the amount of magic she was using, she changed her tactic to a more frontal attack, jumping at Twilight with an acrobatic kick. Twilight didn't use her magic to stop Tempest’s kick, she was well trained by ol’ Silver and she was more than adapted for a hoof fight. Twilight jumped out of the way as Tempest landed were she had just tried to bucked her, Twilight countered with a hoof to the face that threw Tempest to the ground with ease. Twilight pinned Tempest where she was and charged her horn with magic before asking her to surrender. Tempest tried to counterattack but Twilight cast magic chains that kept Tempest from moving. The Storm King came out from behind his throne and tried to calm Twilight down, asking her to rethink what she was doing.

“I can offer you a place in my Empire,” said the Storm King with a cunning smile, “What about being my right hand… or hoof?” Twilight didn't say anything, she looked offended by the offer as she gazed between Tempest and the Storm King.

“Don't worry about her, she is useless to me anyway,” said the Storm King, misunderstanding the looked on Twilight’s face, “She just follows me because she thought I would fix her horn,” he continued, mocking Tempest. Tempest felt worse by the king’s words than from the pain of Twilight’s beating. All that time she thought he would help her fix her horn and be normal again, only for it to be another of his dirty lies, even after everything she did in order to achieve her goal.

“Ho~, and what makes you think We care about your little empire?” Responded Twilight as she freed Tempest from her chains now that she wasn’t going to move anytime soon due to the shock of being used.

“Little? My empire is made of many nations that I conquered myself!” growled the Storm King at Twilight while moving his hand behind his back trying to pick up something.

“Hmm, like Abyssinia?” responded Twilight, mocking the king that just growled at her as he narrowed his eyes. Tempest was still in shock but she could see what the Storm King was doing, she recognized the strange orb in his hand, it was an Obsidian Orb from his arsenal. With it, any creature would be turned into stone and no magic shield could stop it. Just as the Storm King threw the orb at Twilight, Tempest used what was left of her strength to place herself in the trajectory of the orb. As the orb hit her side it exploded into green smoke that surrounded Tempest quickly, leaving behind a stone statue of the unicorn on the ground.

The Storm King cursed Tempest for her interruption and tried to get a new orb but he was wrapped in dark purple magic from Twilight who was looking at the petrified Tempest. “Is she alive?” she asked the captured king.

“Indeed, unless some creature were to break her,” the Storm King responded, trying to get free from the magic grip. “If you wish, we can make a trade?” He said with a nasty smile.

Only wish upon a shooting star, they say,” Twilight said as her horn started to charge more dark purple magic and smiled at him, as a purple flame flashed around her revealing her true form at the now gaping king, “Tell us, What do you wish for? Power, magic, treasures, control over others, the world?“ In the night sky five stars turned red one by one as Twilight mentioned The Storm King’s wishes just before they started to fall on course to the Storm King’s Island. Twilight gazed at the sky and smiled before turning to the Storm King who was in shock, looking at five huge fireballs falling from the sky that just missed the Ornithian airship that was hidden in the clouds. They crashed into the castle just to land in the ground without exploding right behind where Twilight and her friends were.

“Canis, Cetus, Hydra, Lupus, Ophiuchus, please take care of those fools outside,” pausing for a moment to look behind her before she continued, “And we give you permission to have fun.” Twilight said to the huge and terrifying star beasts that appeared from the holes in the ground with a motherly voice and smile. “Now Storm King, make your wish,” said Twilight with a grin as her eyes shined violet, glaring at the frightened king. The star beasts smiled before weaving through what remained of the castle walls. The Storm King really wanted that kind of power, but never to be the one who suffered from it. A giant dog star beast ran through the castle walls destroying everything as he roared at the fleeing guards, a terrifying sea dragon-like star beast flew through what was left of the castle and attacked the airships that were docked on the island, going through them and biting them into pieces, a seven-headed hydra star beast helped the dragon-like star beast to destroy airships, a giant wolf-like star beast that could make a timberwolf run for its life attacked the storm guards that still were trying to fight, and a giant snake-like star beast continued to destroy the rest of the base and castle.

Moonflower, Zipzee, Skystar and Grubber were hiding behind Twilight as the star beasts appeared and started to attack. She told then that they would be alright since they were friends, and to Grubber that he was harmless so he didn't need to worry. Taking her attention to the terrified monkey Twilight moved his face right next to hers.

“Do you like the power of a wish upon Our stars?” Twilight said, keeping her glare at him, ”Now how about that cure?”

“Please, I will make you Queen of my- your empire” said the Storm King, begging Twilight

“You would make Us queen? We, who already have the stars as Our children, the night as Our queendom? No, mortal, We don't need your petty realms,” said Twilight, narrowing her shining eyes.

“I-i know where it is,” said a frightened Grubber, raising his hand.

“Oh, that’s even better,” replied Twilight happily at the small hedgehog, “Girls could you go with him to get the cure, We will keep an eye on Cherry Pie.” After her friends left with Grubber to get the cure, she returned her attention to the trapped king. “Now, finally alone,” she said showing the most terrifying smile The Storm King had ever seen in his life. From outside the throne room in the middle of all the screams and destruction being made by the star beasts, a mortified silent scream resounded. When the others returned moments later with the cure, Twilight was alone with the trapped Tempest next to a pile of ashes. Nocreature asked what had happened to the Storm King, just as Grubber was about to ask something he was stopped by Moonflower’s bat-like wing.

When dawn came, only those that had surrendered were still alive, they were chained in groups on one of the beaches of the island. They needed to pay for their crimes, so Twilight informed her allies through her familiars that the Storm King was no longer a problem for anycreature. Queen Novo sent a fleet of hippogriffs to take care of the prisoners, while the Abyssinian Queen sent her own fleet of airships to take the prisoners so they could pay for their crimes against Abyssinia, and also sent messengers through the former Storm Empire with news of The Storm King’s defeat.

Tempest was under Twilight’s personal supervision after being freed from stone, Grubber was curled up, sleeping next to her. When the all the enemies that survived surrendered, the star beasts were sent back to the starry sky with the help of a giant magic circle that opened the path to the skies that used almost all of Twilight’s magic. Tempest was terrified at first of Twilight, who controlled powerful star beasts like pets, including her trauma from the incident that left her half the unicorn she was. She wanted to pay for her crimes against the hippogriffs and if it was possible to return to Equestria to start over. Twilight also had high expectations of her, as she not only saved her from a possible future like Discord’s, but also because even without a full horn her magic power and abilities were really good. Twilight and the others kept on calling her Cherry Pie until she explained that it had been a fake name, they started calling her Tempest Shadow, but Twilight told her that name sounded more fake than Cherry Pie. She ended up telling them her real name, which got a loud squeaking sound of delight from Skystar.

When the hippogriffs got to the island commanded by General Seaspray, Twilight and the rest were able to fly back to Hippogriffia, but not before she took a few souvenirs from the Storm King’s arsenal. Tempest asked her why she didn't reclaim the empire as hers, after all she had defeated The Storm King. Twilight smiled at them and looked at the now blue sky, before answering that she already had her queendom in the starry sky, why would she want to deal with politics and nobility like her mentor or the other Queens? Her friends laughed at her careless answer, but Tempest was astonished by the way the alicorn goddess in front of her thought.

During her trip back to hippogriffia Skystar asked Twilight how she got her wings, who panicked, realizing she had forgotten to wear her disguised form after the battle. Now not only Skystar but also Tempest, Grubber and any creature that saw her before now knew she was an alicorn. She had to stop Skystar and the others from calling her princess all the way to Mount Aris. When they arrived, Stratus Skyranger was waiting with five more Noble guards to take Tempest into custody, Queen Novo was also there and she looked pissed as not only the one that caused damage to her home was back, but also her daughter had went on a really dangerous mission without her approval. “You are so grounded,” she said to a panicked Skystar.

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“In your life you will meet shooting stars. You will see them, make your wish and see them disappear.” Nahiar Ozar

A week after the defeat of the Storm King Twilight got a notice saying that her brother and a group of ponies from Equestria were looking for her and where on their way to Abyssinia. The first thing she did was request Queen Novo some kind of letter or document that explained she was in Hippogriffia helping her taking care of a little problem with some bandits. She didn't want the princess know about her participation in the defeat of the Storm King, she end up explaining to Queen the Equestria was to peaceful and violence was the last route they would take. Queen Novo understood, she knew Celestia personally and the way ponies did things, she helped Twilight with a fake letter for her princess as one of many gift she got from the hippogriffs as thanks for defending them.

Fizzlepop Berrytwist or Tempest Shadow as she wanted to being call, was waiting for her punishment in the dungeons of the castle. Next to her cell were two noble guards keeping an eye on her, she was being treated with the highest security they had, after the last time she was there, they knew she could escape easily if underestimated. Tempest was grateful of Twilight convincing Queen Novo that her actions were not totally her fault. She still had to pay for endangering the city and its inhabitants with an invading army, but luckily for her no hippogriffs was injured. She was thinking of what would happen to her regarding her punishment when somepony entered the dungeon and sat in front of her cell as the guard left them alone.

Twilight was there to speak with Tempest regarding her punishment, she would had to do physical labor while helping rebuilding the city, as there were still some places that needed work to be done. But what Tempest didn't expected was Twilight asking her if she wanted to be part of her team and go with her back to Equestria. She knew the abilities of the others ponies that were with Twilight as they fought back in the throne room against several guards, but she never expected that a Goddess would like to have a servant like her.

“We need not servants, but we would like a friend,” said Twilight with a sincere smile,”and we may have something that could help you with that wound.” said the lavender unicorn pointing out Tempest broken horn.

Tempest was shocked, would she really be able to have her horn fix after everything she went through, that was the only thing she ever wanted since joining the Storm King’s armada. Twilight knew the reason of her ways and offered a deal she knew Tempest couldn't ignore. She was offering true friendship, the power Tempest needed and a place to start over back in Equestria. It was too good to be real where the words the came on Tempest mind.

After accepting the deal, Twilight returned to her true form and cast her dark purple magic while taking a single twinkling star from her mane and placed inside Tempest chest. The magic ritual was done really fast and Tempest didn't know what happen, until the magic from the blessing when through her body cleaning the impurities of her mortal life and fixing her magic circuits from her horn through all over her body. Her horn looked the same but when she cast magic the broken piece appears made of magic, it almost looked like a horn made from a star beast. Twilight told her she has been blessed by Monoceros and now she could use her magic without any issues and her horn new true form would appear when so.

But that was not the only thing that happened with the blessing, to both young mares surprise a light shined on Tempest flank lighted the room. Tempest who didn't had a cutie mark, because of never finding her special talent after running away from home many years ago, finally got her cutie mark. A big lavender star with a small white firework design on both sides of the star and with two crossing sword behind the star.

Tempest who in all her life never knew true friendship, never had true comrades and never got happiness from the world. No only she finally fixed her horn, she found somepony to call friend, but also got a cutie mark that connected her to the one who gave her everything she wished. Her eyes began to water, her hurt heart began to heal as hope and faith filled her soul, she was reborn from a nopony to something greater. While crying she bowed in front of Twilight and swore to follow her and to be her loyal guard from that moment on even after Tartarus.

Twilight felt overwhelmed by the display of gratefulness from Tempest, scratching her blushing cheek with a hoof she accepted the oath and gave her a warm hug. She stayed next to Tempest until she recovered and with a smile she welcome her to the team. She would wait for Tempest to finish her punishment before going back to Klugetown and Equestria from there. She needed to prepare for the upcoming talks with both her parents and mentor after all.

“Are you sure about this?” asked Queen Novo to her daughter.

“Yes!” responded Skystar with a blissful smile.

“Alright then, I will talk with her,” responded sighing Queen Novo, “at least nothing worse than the Storm King will appear there, but you are still grounded so I would have to be creative with the punishment.” said smiling at her daughter that lost her smiling face to a worry one.

After the events at the former Storm King realm both Hippogriffia and Abyssinia were fully rewarded with profit from the treasures of the Storm King. Twilight didn't took anything from it requesting for just the weapons that were confiscated from the defeated army. Twilight friends did get some reward for their participation, Moonflower got a good amount of bits that would help her family for years to come and Zipzee was happy with enough bits to eat whatever she wanted. Thanks to the treasures, Abyssinia was able to recover from the situation the Storm King let it.

The Queen of Abyssinia that was communicating through her star beast with Twilight was more than grateful with her, she requested her to come live with her and become somepony with great wealth, Twilight didn't want any political job of any kind so politely declined. During this conversation Twilight found out through some of Queen Novo’s messengers sent to Klugetown that her brother and Cadance were on their way to Abyssinia’s capital Panthera looking for her, she requested from the Queen to keep her participation on the Storm King defeat hidden from them and tell them that she would be on her way to Equestria soon after finishing some stuff on Hippogriffia.

Queen Novo requested from Twilight to take some hippogriffs with her, she wanted to strengthen her relationship with both Equestria and Abyssinia, so an ambassador was needed in both nations. They would take separate routes once they reached Klugetown that was the new Abyssinian city. Twilight thought that Skystar would be the one been sent to Equestria but Queen Novo didn't mention her at all. Probably lock on a dungeon or her room as punishment...thought Twilight was she walked next to the Queen that was receiving reports of the post-battle cleanup, she was worry of what could happen to her when her parents knew that she was returning soon.

Twilight needed to speak with the queen about Tempest situation and waited until they finished all the preparations and all the meetings that were happening one after the other on what to do with everything taken from the Storm realm. The island that used to be the realm of the Storm King was full of armories, factories and shipyards. Hippogriffs didn't need airships to fly but could use them for trading with other nations, Abyssinia was the one the wanted to get as most of the ships they could to transportation and military use. The Queen of Abyssinia would never again let her realm be a victim again and she was making sure of it with all the help she was getting from Queen Novo and Twilight.

After a long week of paperwork and meetings Twilight was able to negotiated with Queen Novo Tempest’s fate. The queen didn't like Tempest even knowing the reasons behind her involvement with the Storm King. Luckily for Tempest they were expecting an attack to steal the pearl anytime soon after Twilight’s report, so not damage to her subjects occurred, but she didn't like it at all being toy with. There were some conditions for the transfer of Tempest custody to Twilight, some that were expected by her but others that were a little too much even for Queen Novo. in the end they were able to get an agreement the would make both parties happy and Tempest was transfer from hippogriffs custody to Equestrian.

“Who knew the Novo was not just a pretty face…” murmured Twilight on her way to her room to called a day after the long and tire negotiations.

They would leave in less than a week together with some hippogriffs officials and Princess Skystar to Equestria, Skystar would become the Ambassador in paper but the job would be for another poor soul to do instead. Twilight just hoped her mentor would agree on the terms of the new alliance.

Far from the location of Equestria and a little closer to Hippogriffia was located Abyssinia, Phantera was its capital, a city specialized on trade was full of piers and many merchants. For Cadance and the ponies with her it was their first time coming to such place, many felines creatures were moving like crazy. The news from the Storm King defeat arrived just before they docked at the city. Many merchants already were preparing to move their products to the new city and to Hippogriffia, others were moving personnel to help on retrieving the new nation wealth under theirs Queen’s orders.

For the ponies surprises they were received by a full military welcoming led by two deep black felines with fancy attires wearing golden crowns, the King and Queen of Abyssinian themselves. Cadance undid her disguise under her coat, she knew that a princess was needed in this occasion and she wanted to make a good diplomatic impression.

“Welcome to Abyssinia ponies of Equestria!” said the king with a nervous smile.

“We’re honored to been received by yours majesties” responded Cadance with a bow, “I’m Princess Mi Amore Cadenza of Equestria” finished while taking off her coat revealing her pink feather wings.

“We were expecting you and your guards, the Warrior Princess inform us of your arrival.” responded the king with a bow in return.

“Warrior Princess?” asked Cadance confused as the ponies next to her.

“That’s the nickname many gave Twilight when she was here,” responded the Queen with a smile as she go close to Cadance and give her a welcoming hug, “She fought bravely with her friends helping our people during the invasion.”

“You were invaded? And Twilight fought?” Shining Armor next to Cadance could be quite anymore and had to ask for details.

“Oh yes, if it wasn't for her and her friends Abyssinia would be no more.” responded the king, “But please let us continue in the palace, I’m sure you and your ponies would like to rest from your journey too.”

“Is Twilight at the palace?” asked innocently Cadance.

“Oh no, she is at Hippogriffia helping Queen Novo with something, She was informed of your arrival to Phantera by some hippogriffs that made it to Klugetown after your arrival there, she let us know so we could welcome you in her stead.” responded the queen.

Both Cadance and Shining were astonished, the one they were looking for was on the place they were going in the first place, but now they would have to stay for a while there, it would be impolitely if they were to leave just as they arrived. They could get some information of what Twilight was up to during her time missing.

On Equestria Sunset Shimmer had been taking care of Spike, the poor baby dragon haven’t seen or known anything from his mom in more than two months. Doing the best she could for the little dragon, she had been dealing with both Twilight’s and Cadance’s job. While helping him with his studies Spike burped purple fire that turned into a letter, at first she thought it was from the princess but it was a letter from her missing little sister Twilight. She read the letter before showed it to Spike that became excited knowing that his mom finally wrote to them.

Sunset took the letter together with Spike to Princess Celestia that was doing her paperwork at her chambers together with her secretary. The princess was happy to know that her student was alright, she was surprised that Queen Novo was responsible for her delay, and apparently she was helping the hippogriffs with some bandits problems near their realm. She could only frown knowing that the reason her student stopped reporting was that she forgot, Princess Celestia knew she would have to have a serious talk when Twilight returned.

Twilight would return in a few days with her friends, she found out that Cadance and Shining were on Abyssinia looking for her. Celestia would make sure to contact Cadance and let her known that Twilight was alright and returning to Equestria soon.

Twilight requested that somepony let her parents know that she would be returning soon, and make sure that they were completely explained of the situation, for her own sake. Sunset would be in charge of let them know, they knew her and Spike loved to spend time with both of them. Princess Celestia made the arrangements for Twilight’s arrival and informing Cadance as soon as possible too. She was thinking that it would be important to go to Hippogriffia and talk with her old friend Queen Novo, maybe also be able to get the whole picture of what happened at Mount Aris. Princess Celestia ordered her guards to send somepony to Abyssinia, to make contact with Princess Cadenza and inform her of her student arrival.

Things were normal back in Equestria, Sunset was advancing quite good in her studies and Princess Celestia was only worry on Twilight’s. The stars doing what they wanted was an issue that rarely happened, keeping the princess less worry about them. At least it was, until some started to fall a few nights ago, but apparently no a single star was missing the next night as the astrologers informed her. Now it was time for her students to prepare for what’s to come and she needed them both for that. As soon as Twilight returns and catch up with her studies is time to start with Harmony, thought Princess Celestia as she looked at the window hoping for greatest things to come for Equestria.

In the darkness of his prison the draconequus of chaos was waiting patiently, he knew that his old friend would helping as soon she knows how. While contemplating the dark emptiness, the darkness around him turned into a ocean of stars, he knew his favorite alicorn just came for a visit.

“Oh Starbutt, welcome my dear,” said the draconequus as he smiled at Twilight that appeared next to him. She smiled a him and after exchanging some quick greetings Twilight started to tell him all about her vacations which were as entertaining as he guessed.

“Well that was a little over doing it don't you think my dear?” asked Discord as he listened what happen to the Storm King.

“Oh my, we don't go easy on those who offend us,” responded Twilight with a innocent smile, “besides we needed to test our power, we are not near as Asteria used to be yet.” continued as her expression got dark.

“Well, you are not her to begin with,” Discord said as he flowed next to her, “at least not anymore.” he smiled at her as he continued, “but I think your power could be bigger, you have to powerful souls merge together after all. So don't over do things.” turning in a serious expression he finished.

“We know,” responded Twilight while sighing, “we were just having a little fun out of Celestia’s gaze.”

“Oh I know the feeling,” he responded laughing, “which remind me, how are things with the whole stone freeing Ol’ Discord?” he asked with what could be seen as a bad try of innocents in his smile.

“No good, we have no idea where those artifacts are or what harmony magic is yet,” responded Twilight ignoring the fake smile on his face, “but we should be getting some information after we catch up with our studies. Disappearing for two months and things increase a lot here.” said while sighing.

“Oh well, I should probably get use to the dark around here anyway.” said Discord as he kicked the air looking down.

Twilight rolled her eyes and smiled at her friend bad acting, she place her hoof on his shoulder and ensure him that she would helping him get free as soon as she found out how to do so. The conversion when short as they just shared a few stories and ideas to have some fun at the princesses expenses. For Twilight talking with Discord was a good escape from the serious situation that waited for her back at her parents house, they waited for Shining to return so that they could have a full family talk.

Some months after the events that only few knew that actually happened, Tempest was the newest member of the royal guard of Equestria, she passed all her tests and training with excellent marks. Even if somepony thought that with her physical scars or more precisely her broken horn she would have failed, she proved to be on the same level of the other unicorns, for the surprise of not only her superiors, peers but also old Silver Might, that placed her in the training by Twilight’s request as payment for the successful mission. Her physical capabilities were as good as any earth pony and her fighting style was very effective against anypony that tried to beat her. The special magic arts she used compensated for the broken horn, she didn't liked to show off the true power of her magic, she knew her benefactor never showed off to nocreature and she wanted her to be proud of her and she worked hard to do so, she knew that she was not longer broken and using magic was not necessary to remand her that.

Tempest became part of the royal guard and was under direct command of Shining Armor, and so she would be part of Twilight’s team as requested for her and Silver Might. Shining would have somepony that would protect his little sister and keep him updated during her missions, although Tempest would never betray Twilight’s trust in any way. Her loyalty to Twilight was something that nocreature could measure, Zipzee was the only one that wanted to competed with her, she end up thinking of Tempest as her direct rival for Twilight’s loyal guard position. The different silly competitions between the two sometimes ended up with Twilight getting more attention than she ever wanted, in some occasions testing her patience.

Princess Skystar was also together with them, she finally was free from her mother’s wing. She could have fun and explore the new land that Equestria was for her, she only needed to make sure that Twilight or any other guard was with her, since in paper she was the representative of her nation, although Stratus Skyranger was the one entrusted by Queen Novo to do all the ambassador’s job paperwork for her, since the queen knew that Skystar would never do anything correctly or it would end up messy.

The princess of Hippogriffia was not the only creature that made it to Equestria, Abyssinia also sent together with Cadance their own ambassador, a female orange feline with red hair named Catrina was the one selected by her queen, she would made sure that Equestria and Abyssinia continue to stay as sister nations, she would also contact Twilight if her queen ever needed her assistance.

Princess Celestia couldn't be more impressed, by the time she knew all the achievements her student made on just a couple of months, no only did she helped two different nations but was able to create a mutual bond between them and Equestria. Sunset on the other hoof was becoming an even greater sorcerer, her ability to learn magic was always impressive, and her compatibility with Celestia’s own magic made her even more. Soon it would be the time that both her students needed to put everything they learned under her guidance to test, soon it would be the time for her beloved sister to return, and Princess Celestia was still uncertain of who between her students would be the key to free her sister from her the darkness of the nightmare and bring back harmony to the land of Equestria.

Daylight's End (Unedited)

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“There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.” George Carlin

It's been four years since the events that changed 3 nations and their future together under the light of the stars. On Equestria Princess Celestia was about to make a difficult decision, one that could affect the land of Equestria, even the world. She needed to choose one of her students to take the elements of harmony and save Equestria, if possible even her sister from the corruption and darkness of Nightmare Moon. Both her young filly students have turn into powerful and successful mares, their name and achievements were well known across the land of Equestria and beyond the southern lands. The Warrior Princess and the Daylight Sorceress those were their unofficial titles. Sunset Shimmer became one of the greatest unicorns sorcerer to ever live on Equestria and probably the world, her magic power was only rivaled by her little sister Twilight Sparkle that officially was one of the smartest scholars and researchers in Equestria, although her unofficial job was to make sure no harm ever came to Equestria and her Abyssinian nickname began to spread.

Twilight that had grow as tall as her now personal guard Tempest Shadow, became an overwhelming and beautiful mare. She was always accompanied by her also powerful friends. She got be known as she traveled all over Equestria and the lands beyond, doing her little missions of peace. Her team had become an also great asset to the Equestrian military, Moonflower strategies helped to get results with the minimum loses, with Zipzee specialty on undercover missions no crime syndicate was safe in Canterlot and the now Commander Tempest Shadow of the Royal Guard was one of Princess Celestia greatest soldiers, just behind the now Captain of the Royal Guard Shining Armor, although her loyalty was to another princess she always produced the best results.

If Princess Celestia were to make her choose of who to send for the mission at the moment it would be Sunset her best option, but the fact that Twilight’s cutie mark was the Element of Magic make it hard to be certain. Twilight successfully united Hippogriffia and Abyssinia with Equestria on a peace treaty that helped all three nations to grow stronger keeping other potential threats at bay. She was an excellent example of friendship and harmony, but only with that she was not necessary the one chosen by Magic. Princess Celestia had little time, just a few weeks and her time would run out.

Princess Cadance was aware of the situation, she and just very few others knew Nightmare Moon was soon to return. She hoped for her aunt to get a happy conclusion to what seems to be a thousand years of grief, planning and hoping for getting Luna back. Princess Celestia just needed to find the Element of Magic bearer, she had found the others elements bearers long ago when searching for the responsible of the sonic rainboom that almost killed Twilight and open a new path for Sunset, all five mares coincidentally lived on the same town, fate really was playing a big role on Celestia favor.

On Hippogriffia things couldn't be better for Queen Novo, her old friend Princess Celestia visited her a few times after Twilight helped her nation, she apologized for no knowing of the situation and unable to send real Equestrian support, for that matter she was able to send her daughter to Equestria were she would learn and grow as a ruler. Princess Skystar did grew, she got taller and her beauty was the pride of the hippogriffs. Being together with Twilight she learned many things, also become a powerful warrior and princess for her nation. Stratus Skyranger that was her personal guard and acting Ambassador of Hippogriffia helped her in learning the arts of combat, she soon become a symbol of beauty and power for Hippogriffia making her mother proud.

As for Abyssinia, they were able to recover quickly from the situation the Storm King let them, the Queen was able to establish a new trade line with not only her friend’s nations but others as well. The use of the ships they collected from the former storm realm, now a hippogriffs’ shipyard and trading post. Ambassador Catrina became good friends with Twilight, her ideas helped her nation and her queen achieve great deals for trade and with the contacts Twilight presented her with, that Twilight met during her missions, she became a strong political influence on Equestria.

Things were going really good for Equestria and her allies, but for Twilight Sparkle they were not as she wanted to be. She was stressed, after years she finally found some lead regarding Celestia's sister, all thanks to Moonflower’s family. She was heading together with her friends to Hollow Shades, after so many times of traveling and doing missions for Equestria or their allies, she disappearing from Canterlot for a few days or weeks was not longer an issue. Traveling at night as they usually did flying through the star sky as Zipzee transformed into a big wyvern helped with the transportation.

No creature say anything during their fly, they knew Twilight was not on a good mood, she had expended years searching for the artifacts of harmony but nothing came out, she was running out of ideas and time, she knew something would happen soon, she could feel the distress on her mentor and friend Princess Celestia, she needed to learn the true about the past and she needed information about what those artifacts could do besides turning some creature on stone.

Normally Spike, Twilight’s little baby dragon would accompany them on their trip, but ever since the little issues they encountered on the dragon lands he preferred to stay in Canterlot helping his aunt Sunset and training with his uncle Shining Armor. He wanted to proof the Dragon Lord’s daughter that he was as powerful as his mom. Twilight gave him all the support he needed and moved some pieces to make sure he was well train.

After not more than a few hours they made it to Hollow Shades, they were greeted by a beautiful field of moon flowers and many thestrals. They came across really important information during a casual conversation between Moonflower and her mom, apparently many thestrals from Hollow Shapes were descendants of the Princess Luna’s old Night Guard. They even had records of they time under the missing princess rule. Twilight couldn't believe that after years of searching it never came to her mind checking the children of the night for information about the former princess. She even asked the stars but many couldn't really tell much about Princess Luna and they lost connection with her before her banishment, so no information of what happen during that time was present.

The ponies of the time really did a good job erasing information about the Princess of the Night, she knew after years of investigation that Celestia was not the one guilty about the missing records. Soon after her banishment everything related to Luna was destroyed or lost during the centuries after. They really hated her, Twilight couldn't help felt mad, if she could she would exterminated those insolent foals and teach those ponies how to love the night and respect their goddess.

After a few greetings they were guided to the mayor’s office where all the books, records, scrolls and everything each thestral family was able to find about the night guard and Princess Luna was compiled. Moonflower made sure to request her family to let others know that they needed that information. Most of the documents were a combination of old battle tales, journals from some guards and some old flutter pony tales, every single one mentioned the Night Goddess Luna. Many journals commented the bravery of Princess Luna on battle, how she commanded the armies to defend and defeat their enemies with ease protecting Equestria from great threats. But most ended with the same dark stories of persecution for their kin, how Princess Luna started to show signs of depression and loneliness. How she started to spend most time with her night, her stars and moon, trying her best to make it as beautiful as she could imagine for those ponies that ignored her and her work. Soon she started to behave different, she was rude and merciless to her enemies, she would lose her temper easily and show signs of physical change when so. Just before her banishment on must journals the lovely and innocent Princess of the Night was not more as a cruel ruler of the night she became, sending nightmares to those ponies that ignore her. Then it happen she was tired of her sister ignorance, about her sister enjoying the worship she got from the ponies and how her day was praised, while her hard work on the night was ignore, she created a solar eclipse and tried to take the throne for herself.

One of the journals ended with the mention of a rainbow beam shot from the castle to the moon just before Princess Luna was banished to it, and after many years of research and studies Twilight finally found a clue of the artifacts she was looking for, she couldn't be more happy. They spent two weeks as they went through all of documents and journals, most of then ended with the same rainbow beam event and the shadow figure appearing on the moon, but the most important clue was found by Starsky on one of the flutter tails she was reading, A tale of two regal sisters.

“Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria, there were two regal sisters who ruled together and created harmony for all the land. To do this, the eldest used her unicorn powers to raise the sun at dawn. The younger brought out the moon to begin the night. Thus, the two sisters maintained balance for their kingdom and their subjects: all the different types of ponies. But as time went on, the younger sister became resentful.

The ponies relished and played in the day her elder sister brought forth, but shunned and slept in her beautiful night. One fateful day, the younger unicorn refused to lower the moon to make way for the dawn. The elder sister tried to reason with her, but the bitterness in the young one's heart had transformed her into the wicked mare of darkness: Nightmare Moon. She vowed she would shroud the land in eternal night. Reluctantly, the elder sister harnessed the most powerful magic known to ponydom: The Elements Of Harmony.

Using the magic of the elements of harmony, she defeated her younger sister and banished her permanently in the moon. The elder sister took on responsibility for both sun and moon and harmony has been maintained in Equestria for generations since.”

“No way!” reacted Skystar after she read the story. “But Celestia is so kind, how can she do that to her own sister?”

“I knew she was hidden something from our queen,” said Zipzee as she slam her hoof at the floor in anger.

“How would know that Princess Celestia had such dark past,” said Tempest as she looked at Twilight that was rereading the story looking for hidden clues.

“Well, we know that she was kind of young and blind of her status with the ponies of the time,” responded Moonflower, “maybe she was unaware of her wrongs.”

“We agree with Moony,” responded Twilight looking away from the book, “she was young and a foal, but at that same time she was guilty of her own ignorance.”

“So, now what we do?” asked Moonflower as Twilight went back to the book.

“Mmm, this confirm our suspicions. Celestia is preparing for something,” Twilight said, as she closed her eyes trying to look a the big picture,” We need to find this castle, there must be some kind of clue of the artifacts there.”

Twilight went to one of the old thestrals of town and asked if anypony knew the location of the old castle or any information that could leave them there. Luckily for them the castle location was well known, the Castle of the Two Sister was called and its location was the now Everfree Forest. They divided their team in two, Moonflower and Skystar would continue the research while Twilight and the others would go to the Everfree Forest to find the castle and explore. They knew the forest was dangerous and they needed to continue searching for clues about Princess Luna, besides they were running out of time Twilight knew something was coming, something big.

It was late a night Twilight, Tempest and Zipzee were getting close to the small town next to the forest, they parted ways early the night before with the others but needed to stop to take some rest along the way. Working two weeks straight was to much even for them, Tempest insisted the Twilight rested a few hours during the day. Twilight didn't want too but agreed with her, she knew Tempest would not back down and Zipzee would support Tempest on getting her to rest.

Since was late at night nopony was out when the got to the town, making their way through it the made it to the skirts of town where the forest begins. Creepy was the word Zipzee used to describe the forest, it was well known that the Everfree Forest was full of dangerous creatures and plants. Many would get lost and never get out, it was full of mysteries, as not even pegasi would be able to control its weather making it hard to know what would happen.

As they made their way through the woods they came across a big river, using her magic Twilight levitated her friends. As she flew over it something big came out of the water, as soon they crossed an inhabitant of the forest a big giant purple sea serpent showed itself. The creature for everypony surprise didn't attack them but greeted them as he asked for some help on finding a good brush for his mustache, he even handle Twilight a bag of bits to buy it for him since he can’t enter the town without causing a commotion. After finally being able to process what happened Twilight agreed in exchange of information of the location of the Castle of the Two Sisters. The serpent that introduced himself as Steve Magnet was more than happy to show them the way for the brush, which Twilight handled her own brush that Tempest was caring on her saddlebag for free. He told them that some meters following the road they were taking was a cave with a crystal tree on top of the cave was a wooden bridge that would take them to the ruined castle.

After giving their thanks they continued their way as Tempest and Zipzee defeated a couple of timberwolf that attacked then along the way, using their full abilities they were no trouble. Everything was like a simple walk through the park until they got near the cave Steven mentioned. Twilight felt a powerful magic coming from the cave, some kind of magic she never felt before but was aware it must be harmony magic as she felt warm and at peace at the same time. Making her way through the cave they arrive to a big crystal tree, on its trunk there were Celestia cutie mark and most likely Luna’s too but on the center of the tree was Twilight own cutie mark. Astonished by the discovery she walked closer to the tree but as she got near she felt like the tree was pulling her closer and rejecting her at the same time, this most had been the destiny Asteria mentioned long ago to the filly Twilight. Getting a better look at the tree they saw some missing spots on the branches of the tree, those were most likely where the artifacts should be, Twilight knew she just found the origin of the artifacts of harmony that Discord never found, the mysterious backup plan from the disappeared pillars of old he mention.

If the artifact were not in the tree they may be on Celestia possession or in the castle if we are lucky, Twilight thought as they left the cave. They flew over the hill until the collapsed walls of the castle came to view. They entered the old castle, time was not friendly to it as everything was mostly destroyed or in debris, some old banners were hanging on the walls with the symbols of the sun and the moon, most likely the princesses’ cutie marks. In the throne room or what is left of it were two thrones and the old evidence of battle.

‘’This must be the place were the coup d'etat started,” said Tempest as she checked the place.

“Yeah, They most likely flew through the ceiling during their fight,” responded Twilight as she looked at the big hole on the roof on top of then were the moon was shining next to her stars, “Let's keep looking through the castle, try to find anything that looks like a fight was held there.”

After a few hours of searching they came across an strange sculpture with some stone spheres on it. With a closer look at the stone spheres Twilight could felt just barely a response of magic similar to the tree. She couldn't believe it, but she was certain, she found the artifacts that turned Chaos into stone and banished a goddess to the moon. But there was a problem, they were useless now, probably Celestia most have misused them against Luna and used all their power on her, Twilight thought.

Now she was without options again, she was able to get the artifacts but she wasn't able to use them, probably nopony could. She thought that maybe Celestia had a way to reactivate them or knew how to use them even like that. She could take them to the tree and try to see if they react to it but she didn't liked the way the tree reacted to her. Leaving the stone spheres in their place they decided to return to Hollow Shades were the others were and compare notes. Maybe their friends found something new that could help them finally tight the pieces together.

“Glad you make it back safely!” said Skystar hugging Twilight tightly.

“Thanks but there was not need to worry” responded Twilight with a smile.

“Yeah I was protecting our queen the whole time,” said Zipzee with a smug face.

“You mean we were protecting her highness the whole time,” said Tempest giving a serious look at Zipzee which only responded sticking out her tongue.

“How was the exploration Twily? Did you find anything useful?” asked Moonflower ignoring her friends silly fight.
“Yes and no,” responded Twilight sighing, “is complicated.” Twilight told her two friends what happened at the forest and what they found, how the artifacts were useless now and the location of the tree were they came from. Their options were limited now and probably she would have to confront her mentor and friend Princess Celestia for answers she must likely will not get. She felt depressed after years of searching she was again without a clue, and she hated been behind the curtains. Her friends got closer and shared a hug they knew feeling their presence next to her would always cheer her up on when she was down.

“Well we have news the will make you feel better,” said Moonflower with a sweet smile.

“Did you now?” asked Twilight smiling at her, “What you girls found out?”

“Oh oh, let me tell her please!” said Skystar raising her arm flying high on the room.

“Sure, go for it,” responded Moonflower rolling her eyes.

“We found a prophecy about Princess Luna!” said Skystar with a flip on the air after getting confirmation from Moonflower.

“Oh now that’s good news,” said Twilight smiling brightly, “We are happy something came out on our favor this time, please enlighten us with your finding.” Using her magic Twilight started to help fixing the books that were all over the floor, as Moonflower pulled her notes and started reading to them what they found out.

"A powerful pony who wanted to rule Equestria, defeated by the Elements of Harmony and imprisoned in the moon. Legend has it that on the longest day of the thousandth year, the stars will aid in her escape, and she will bring about nighttime eternal!" Moonflower finished reading the notes on the book and looked at Twilight that stopped walking.

All the books the were flowing with magic suddenly fell on the floor as Twilight froze for a moment, “Oh really~” said Twilight, as she grinned and her eyes shined.

Up in the star sky four stars turned purple for a moment as they got closer to the moon for a brief moment. On her balcony Princess Celestia saw the movement from the stars, she knew the time has come and she needed to make her decision. Entering her run after sighing deeply she took hold of a scroll and a quill, starting to write a letter she hope she chose correctly for the good of her sister and Equestria.

One Thousand and One Nights (unedited)

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“We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle.” Marilyn Monroe

"The stars will aid in her escape…” it was so simple, how I have missed that. Sunset Shimmer was lost in thought, her little sister sent a note with information regarding the unusual activity of the stars for the last decade. Everything was linked to the “Mare in the Moon” story. When she and Cadance were researching what could affect the stars they never looked for old flutter tales.

Sunset started her own research with the information she received, she needed to know when that thousandth day would be. There were many possibilities of when could happen, but the fact the stars were acting strange since not more than a decade Nightmare Moon could be free sooner than ever.

“Spike!! I need you to send a letter to Princess Celestia!” Screamed Sunset as she started searching for some books.

“Sure thing Aunt Sunny” responded the purple baby dragon running at her with scroll and quill at hand.

“Dear Princess Celestia, Thanks to Twilight’s help and expertise researching the ancient text in her trip, I came to find vital information that may compromise the peace of Equestria. There is a great possibility that the events regarding the unusual behavior of the stars is connected to the tale of ‘Mare in the Moon’. If this information is proved to be actual facts and my calculations are correct the creature known as ‘Nightmare Moon’ will be returning...” Spike stopped writing and looked at Sunset as she didn't say anymore words, “Returning when?” he asked.

Sunset was checking books, notes while having then floating around her with her magic, she was calculating using dates and calendars, turning pale she looked at Spike and respondedThis Summer Sun Celebration.”

“B-but that’s like a week from now!?” Spike said panicking while finishing the letter and using his fire to send it.

“I know!” said Sunset rereading her notes.

“We need to tell mom!” Said Spike getting a new scroll to write a new letter.

“I know!” responded Sunset still checking her calculations.

“And Aunt Cadance and Shining!” continued Spike as he panicked even more.

“I KNOW!” screamed Sunset as she started to get stressed by Spike behavior.

The princess responded almost immediately to Sunset’s letter, she was certain Princess Celestia would give her instructions on how to prepare and deal with the upcoming foe. Reading the letter, no one but three times Sunset couldn't believe the her mentor treated her like a foal for giving her the warning of Nightmare Moon returns.

“My dearest, faithful student Sunset Shimmer. I’m really glad of knowing you and Twilight are still helping each other with researching important matters regarding Equestria safety, but you both must stop reading those dusty old books. I will like you to get out of the library and interact with other ponies, it took me many years to make Twilight go out more and I will love for you my student to do the same, so, I will sending you to help with the preparations of the Summer Sun Celebration this year at Ponyville and it will be the perfect opportunity for you to complete your new assignment: make some friends.

Sunset was dumbfounded when she finish reading the letter, Spike was mad, normally he would think the same way, but the warning came from his mom and aunt, they would never fool around when it comes to Equestria safety. Finishing writing his letter to Twilight, he made sure to put a note regarding Princess Celestia response. If somepony could make sure nothing bad happen during this coming Summer Sun Celebration it would be his mom.

Two days after receiving the warning letter from Sunset, Princess Celestia was currently in the throne room dealing with some nobles as any normal day, that was until the doors of the throne room were blast open with magic, entering through the smoke was a not so happy Twilight Sparkle leading a group made out of two unicorn mares, a mare thestral, a hippogriff princess.

The nobles on the room were shocked by the intrusive behavior displayed, the guard at the door were literally frozen outside the throne room, most likely by some kind of magic spell. Princess Celestia tried to keep her trademark expression during the events as she placed her eyes on Twilight’s angry glare.

“Is anything wrong my student?” Princess Celestia asked, as Twilight stopped in front of her, looking behind her student she signal the guards that were entering ready to defend the princess to stop.

“I would like a few words,” Twilight, taking her eyes off the princess she glared at the nobles, “In. Private.” she said, before returning her gaze to Princess Celestia.

The princess did her best to keep her impassive expression, sighing deeply she announced an hour break, requesting everypony to leave the room. Soon only the group of five and the princess were left on the room. She expected Twilight to be already away from Canterlot by now.

“What is bothering you Twilight? This kind of behavior is rare coming from you,” the princess said as the others next to Twilight sat down around her.

“What’s wrong with us? What’s wrong with Us!? What’s wrong with YOU!?“ Exclaimed Twilight throwing a folded letter to her hooves as the princess winced. “ Spike told us what you wrote to sis regarding our warning. Do you really believe we were joking with that information?“

Celestia have never seem Twilight that angry before, she didn't know if she was offended or mad in behave of Sunset. But before she could say or ask anything Twilight continued.

“Oh, but then we get this unbelievable letter ordering our team to leave to Hippogriffia together with Cadance for a week conveniently during your sun celebration!” Said stamping the floor with her hoof, “Who do you think we are Princess? Some foal that would blindly follow orders, ignoring our own warning?”

Princess Celestia was going to say something but Twilight cut her up, “We’ll stay in Canterlot, when Nightmare Moon appears we’ll take care of her. Regarding your little commandment to our sisters they will follow it. Spike and Shining will go with them to keep them safe while going to your old castle looking for the artifacts.”

Celestia was about to object Twilight words but she stopped because the last part of her statement, What did she just said?… How did she found out where they are? The princess was slack-jawed, she only could say was “How?”

Twilight grinned at her, “With Moony and our skill researching, your little artifacts were not so hard to located thanks to those old dusty books. We gave sis all the information of how Nightmare Moon was imprisoned on the moon in the first place.” Turning around and walking away from the princess Twilight give her one last statement before exiting the room with her friends. “We recommend you to reconsider next time you think on using us as a chess piece, as we don’t like being used. Consider it a warning from a friend Tia, when Luna returns you will need friends at your side no more enemies.”

Princess Celestia was unable to said anything and just stayed there watching as Twilight and her friends retired from the throne room with her eyes in shock, For a moment I thought I was dealing with Luna, their personalities are really too alike. First time that I couldn't react to an argument since the Nightmare Moon incident thousand years ago…. She grow up to become an exceptional mare. Sighing deeply as she look at the folded letter, “Maybe too exceptional... to think she found out.” Celestia murmured and frowned. “Did she just call me Tia?

Twilight became Celestia most trusted friend, unlike with Sunset that was more like a daughter/mother relationship to the princess, Twilight was like Luna, she would say anything she didn't like and look for the best way to benefit Equestria, she was almost as tall as Cadance but more fit because of her physical training and battle experience making her intimidating like a princess. She looked more Tempest sister than Sunset’s. Celestia though as she chuckles, It worries me that Sunset and not Twilight is going to try to use the element of Magic, I just hope I make the right choice. Celestia was reflecting the situation.

Finally finished to process all the events that happened with Twilight, the princess called one of her guards and requested to call Princess Cadenza, Captain Armor and Sunset Shimmer. Also requested for some pony to undo the spell on the guards at the broken doors that were still frozen. Sighing she left the room while requesting to her secretary to cancel all her appointments of the day. Celestia could only smile as Twilight had played her on her own game and changed everything she planned for years in one move, now it was a new game and she was about to make her move.

Inside Donuts Joe’s shop Skystar was laughing as the rest of the team were enjoying their food, soon after meeting Princess Celestia they left the castle and find a place to relax. Twilight was enjoying her coffee, Tempest and Skystar a strawberry milkshake each, Moonflower a nice cup of tea and Zipzee an extra large chocolate milkshake.

“I can’t believe Princess Celestia fell for it,” Moonflower said as she gazed at the laughing hippogriff.

“Well, that just help with the plan, we knew the cards she would be playing after we found the Tree of Harmony.” Twilight responded while enjoying her coffee.

Twilight waited until Princess Celestia played her card of using Twilight or Sunset to get the Elements without them knowing. She discussed with Sunset about the elements the day before when she returned to Canterlot, she knew her sister would love to get them as soon as possible.

Since Twilight specialty is combat magic and research, her place needed to be close to the princess to protect her from Nightmare Moon’s attack. Princess Celestia wanted Twilight to be out of Canterlot and uninvolved with the battle against Luna, but Twilight knew she will be needed and her power will be the best to fight against a mad goddess, after all what better to defeat a goddess of the night than another goddess of the night.

“Celestia will probably call for us soon,” said Twilight as she enjoyed her coffee, “Now that she knows that we know about the elements, she will have to tell the truth to her students in order to not lose key pieces just before the main event.”
Her friends nodded in confirmation, they knew what will happen was not as that time against the Storm King, they will have to confront a goddess just like Twilight or Celestia. But they knew if the prophecy was true then Twilight’s role was not just helping the mad goddess escape, she would have to deal with her once they meet.

“Do you think she will tell us what actually happen a thousand years ago?” asked Tempest as she played with her straw.

“By our stars we wish we could, we are tired of not knowing the whole story,” responded Twilight sighing, “but is most likely we will found out the truth until Luna calm herself and believe us when we say it will not be easy, she will be mad and probably my level of anger.”

Twilight words shocked her friends, if somepony with the same level of power as their friend with the same level of anger things were not going to go smooth as always.

As the mares and hippogriff left the shop a group of Royal guards appear down the street, they were sent to get Twilight to the castle as she was summoned by the princess for an important meeting. Twilight smiled internally as everything was going according to her plans, soon the moment she had waited for years will happen.

In one of the conference rooms of the castle sitting in front of a big table full of documents were Princess Celestia, Princess Cadance, Captain Shining Armor, Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle. Most of the ponies present were concerned of what could be so important to be call to a conference room and not their common meeting place. Twilight have her eyes close as so did Princess Celestia, and after a few minutes of silence the princess addressed those present.

“Thank you for coming in such a short notices,” Princess Celestia said with her trademark smile, “you all may be wondering about the reason of this meeting.” she paused for a moment to look around her ponies face and stopped on Twilight that was still with her eyes close.”You may know that in two days it will be the Summer Sun Celebration,” the other nodded in agreement with her,”but what you may not know is that it will be also the thousand year of say festivity.”

Sunset face turned pale as she started to imagine where the conversation was going, as for Cadance and Shining Armor it was new news but still didn't get where the conversation was going, Twilight on the other hoof was still waiting with her eyes close.

“But what nopony knows is that at the same time it marks the date of the...” Princess Celestia took a deep breath before continuing, “it marks the date of the banishment of my sister Luna, who felt into corruption because of the use of dark magic.”

Twilight frowned for a moment before lifting her eyebrow, That’s totally different to what it was writing on the journals thought Twilight, could it be that she still doesn't know what really happened to her sister after so long?.

Princess Celestia continued with her story, informing those present that she used the Elements of Harmony to banish her corrupted sister to the moon, tears began to for in her eyes as she remembered that dreadful day, pausing for a moment to clear her eyes she continued her story.

“After everything was over the Elements lost their power and turned to stone, they rejected me as their bearer.” Princess Celestia said sighing, “i was devastated for what I did, especially after find out that most of my sister accusation to our subjects where true. I left the now useless Elements on our old castle hoping for they would find new worthy bearers and maybe when my sister returns in two days she could be free of her corruption and without the need of another banishment or something worse.”

Everypony was looking at her with different kind of feeling on their eyes, Sunset was shocked, Cadance was sad and tearing hearing the story of her aunt past, Shining Armor was dumbfounded with the classified information just shared to him, Twilight was angry, her eyes narrowed as she glared at her mentor. Princess Celestia didn't know why but she knew her student was still angry at her, she sighed and looked at the others before she started with apologizing to the them, she explained that her goal was using her one her current students to look for the elements without their consent and made her defeat, if not save her sister when she returned. Sunset felt more shocked to know that her beloved mentor was going to use her as a pawn to fight some crazy dark magic alicorn without event warning them about it, Cadance was shocked that her aunt didn't trusted her to share such information with her and on top of everything was sending her to Hippogriffia to stay away from the events that could destroy the world, Shining was still with his dumbfounded expression and Twilight was frowning to her mentor.

After some awkward moment of silence Twilight was going to say something but was beat by her sister Sunset.

“What make you change your mind and tell us the truth?” Sunset asked as her hurt eyes where piercing her mentor.

Celestia felt really bad, the pony she loved as a daughter was looking at her with the same eyes her sister did before the transformation, she sighed and looking down in shame she point at Twilight with her hoof. Everypony looked at the angry lavender unicorn that surprising still haven't make a fuss in this situation.

“Indeed we have a friendly talk with our mentor this morning after returning,” said Twilight as she gazed at the princess, “Although we are still waiting for the part missing in your story princess.
Celestia winced at the way Twilight referred her by her title, it was the same way she did long ago when just a filly, but then she looked at her still frowning student with confusion, what did she meant by missing part of the story? She thought.

Twilight knew she didn't know at what part of the story was missing, sighing and calming her own emotions for the first time in the meeting Twilight closed her eyes, with serious yet sad eyes she took one of the documents on the table and read out loud what it said.

“Tonight our dearest Goddess of the Night tried in vain to stop those bastards in destroying our homes and hurting our children, she was even called wicked witch by some of their soldiers. Those bastards would never do that to their sun goddess, but attacking our savior was to much if she didn't stopped our forces it would have been a massacre. She say she was going to talk with her sister and that was the last time we saw her, then after the rainbow colored beam appeared on the sky we knew our goddess lost her battle again her stupid blind sister. We took our families and every single thestral in Equestria fleet to find some place to hide and I just pray for those that couldn't be so lucky.”

Twilight stopped reading and looked at the princess that was shocked of what she just heard, she took with her magic some of the papers on the table. “All this are part of the journals from the last members of the Night guard, every single one mentioned the persecution from the other ponies, the hate for their kin and the injustice done to their beloved Princess Luna.”

Celestia took some pages and started reading them in shock, the other also did the same, as Twilight just keep looking at her mentor with pity, she really didn't knew what happened in her own realm... poor Luna, she was always right until she felt as low as those that hurt her, Twilight though as she closed her eyes.

Princess Celestia was devastated, all this time every single one of the things her young sister accused her beloved little ponies was true, all the pain she suffered to let her down the path of darkness was right now justified as she went through every single document, “oh Lulu… “ she murmured before started to cry without caring for those present, her sister was not corrupted by dark magic but by Celestia own useless hooves. Sunset was still mad but she still felt bad, she knew for experience the pain Celestia was feeling as she looked at her sister Twilight, she and Cadance took their sit next to the princess as they hugged her and try to calm her down. Shining looked at his little sister, she was still not moving from her sit and keeping her eyes close while her mentor was been calm down by the others.

“Hey Twily, Are you okay?” Shining asked as he place a hoof on her shoulder.

“We are fine BBBFF,” responded Twilight opening her eyes as they glimmered for a second, “it just hard to believe even a goddess cannot see the whole picture of what happens in front of her.”

“Well you know what they say, Everypony makes mistakes.” answered Shining petting her mane or more like messing her mane.

After Princess Celestia recovered from the horrible truth of her ponies of a thousand years ago, she apologized to those present for her unladylike behavior, and offered her most deep apologies to her students for what she was planning to do. Sunset understood the reasons behind the princess decision, she knew she would have done something similar or even more crazy, but deep inside she was hurt knowing the her beloved mentor was willing to use her students like pawns. She now knew why her sister was so obsessive searching for the missing history of Equestria, she not only discovered the truth behind Nightmare Moon, she also discovered the crimes committed against one of the princess of Equestria. Sunset felt that she was falling behind her little sister again, she may be the top student but Twilight was gaining more achievements than her. Fixing the elements as her mentor had planned was her chance to get on even ground with her little sister.

Cadance anger was almost appeased as she saw the strong and wise ruler crumble like a filly as she realized all this time Luna was right, and her mistake not only took her sister but many of her beloved subjects. This time she will take part of the action, she would go with Sunset and help her gather the elements. She knew her aunt Celestia would need all the help she could get, and what better than another alicorn to get the upper hoof. She was sure Shining would stay in Canterlot as his job was ensuring her aunt safety and Twilight was more likely to be where ever the action took place.

Celestia informed them that in order to restore the Elements of Harmony they needed suitable bearers that represented the power of each element, lucky for them she was able to discover five mares that were perfect to bearer five of the six elements.

“This mares all life on the town right next to Everfree Forest on which I was planning send Sunset,” Princess Celestia said apologetic, “my plan was for sunset befriend this mares and awaken the Elements to be use against my sister.” Celestia said while looking between a shocked Twilight and a surprise Sunset. I must say this is the first time I have seen Twilight make such a face thought the princess.

Sunset felt happy, her mentor choose her to be the one to get the Elements and save Equestria, she now understood the reason behind the strange letter she got after she informed the princess of their findings. Sunset smiled a the princess reassuring her that she was going to take action and completed her assignment, the princess smiled confirming that her student agreed with her but her smile disappeared as she looked at Twilight, the mare in question was boiling in anger as she glared at the princess.

“So you were not only going to use your students but also your subjects like simple pawns!?” said Twilight as her blood boiled with anger,”didn't you learned anything this thousand years? Not only your artlessness cost you Luna but also being used as a symbol for those foals actions. Now you wanted to use those you love so much and gamble their life and yours to try and use some now useless pieces of rock the came from a tree!?” Twilight snapped.

The other ponies were shocked, not only she was really angry, she also screamed at the princess and insulted her. But Princess Celestia was shocked because of something else, not only Twilight proved knowledge of the Elements during their discussion in the morning, but now she also confirmed that she discovered the Tree of Harmony and the Elements. Everypony snapped some after recovering of the shock, Shining Armor started to scold his sister as so did Sunset, Cadance couldn't believe the filly she loved so much grow up to become such a disrespectful mare. Twilight was frozen ignoring completely those around her that continued scolding her, she just realized she spilled the beans and confirmed that she knew not only the origin of the Elements but also she had contact with them.

Sunset was enjoying the refreshing breeze next to Spike as they were riding a chariot pulled by two pegasi of the Royal guard. She was in her way to Ponyville and find those mares that the princess needed to save Equestria, unfortunately the princess didn't told her who they were as for the Elements to work she needed to discover the truth power inside each possible bearer. She was supposed to be accompanied by Cadance but after the incident during the meeting with her little sister snapping at the princess she need to stay to help in calming the Sparkle siblings and would get to Ponyville the next morning. Sunset also needed to make sure the preparations of the Summer Sun Celebration were ready in time as the princess would take part and possible would meet her sister then too. Looking at her partner during this assignment she noticed the worry look in his eyes, she placed her hoof on his head as she smiled at him.

“Don't worry Spike, your mom will be okay once her head cool off.” said Sunset at the dark purple dragon.

“Is not mom what worries me, is Shining safety,” responded the baby dragon sighing, “just imagining what mom friends will do when they discover that Shining scolded mom worries me, after all we need Shining alive to help against Nightmare Moon and protect the princess.”

Sunset looked at the dragon a little surprise before laughing until tear came out, just imagining the captain of the royal guard running for his live from Tempest and Zipzee was enough to make her cry. Now she wanted to be in Canterlot to see that, but she recovered fast, she had an important assignment for the good of all of Equestria to do.

Soon they were able to see the town right next to farmlands and to the infamous forest in which the tools to save Equestria where located. Spike knew about the Everfree forest reputation as any other pony, he also knew that his aunt Sunset would need to go there to retrieve the Elements and use them to defeat Nightmare Moon.

As soon they arrived at Ponyville Sunset and Spike made their way to the mayor office to start with her assignment, they try asking a pink mare with cotton candy like mane for directions but the mare shocking them both screamed and disappeared into town. The next resident wasn't that strange and they easily get the information they needed. The princess made sure to find a suitable place for her student, as they would be staying in the library while they continued their assignment.

After meeting the Mayor Sunset and Spike went to the library, it was getting late and they needed to check the preparations for the festivities early in the morning and once Cadance arrived go find the Elements and hopefully she could discover the bearers during their job around town.

Twilight was resting in a cloud as she had her gazed on her beautiful night sky she was so proud off, next to her on a different cloud were her friends, after the events in the afternoon with the princess and her brother she needed to clear her head and calm herself. She was mostly depressed that her emotions made her tell such important information, she didn't want anypony finding out they knew more than needed. While her friends were dealing with Shining Armor Twilight was having a private talk with Princess Celestia. The princess needed to know what she knew and the true of what she find on the castle. She told her that a creature from the forest was kind enough to guide her to the old castle when she arrived a few days ago, she discovered the tree by chance as the kind creature knew of its existence, after investigating the tree they went inside the castle and find some stones with almost not track able magic inside them. She just connected the dots as the magic was similar to the one from the tree.

Celestia was lost in thought for a moment after her student explanation, when she recovered she asked if the tree reacted on any way when she got near to it, or any kind of event took place. Twilight shrugged and simple said that the tree looked strange and she didn't took her chances on getting near it. After her small interrogation Twilight left and rested on the cloud just before was time for daily routine of summoning the stars on the sky. By the time her friends found her she was already more calm as she kept her gaze on those four little stars getting close to the moon. She knew that it was her doing that Luna was about to be free on no more than a day away, but she didn't felt bad or worry about it. She knew Luna was banished unfairly, now she was just soon to be released from her thousand year prison and most likely will be thirsty for vengeance. Twilight eyes glimmered with excitement, she waited so long to meet the other goddess, but also soon she could have fun against somepony at her level. Taking her eyes from the sky and gazing at her friends she smile and asked if they wanted to have some fun before they were busy enough to do anything, they smiled at her and all five of them disappeared on a purple flash.

On Ponyville Sunset and Spike were in the middle of a crazy party happening inside the what they thought was quiet library. The strange pink mare they saw when they arrived prepared out of nowhere the crazy and loudest party of their live, almost all town was inside the library having fun. Sunset tried to made sure the party mare didn't destroyed the library by the end of the night. Spike on the other hoof was getting to know the residents as he became the center of attraction until he mentioned that Sunset was his Aunt and she was one of two famous students of Princess Celestia. When the ponies found out that Sunset was the famous Daylight Sorceress she was surrounded by many ponies asking questions all at once. Sunset knew she would not going to be able to relax that night, she just hoped she would have the strength to complete her mission.

She met many ponies with as many question about her, the princess and a few about her sister which were answered in an exaggerated way by Spike. Luckily sunset was save by the party mare and an orange mare with blond mane. By the end of the night the party came to an end, sunset was exhausted, Spike was long sleep in the bedroom as a kind pegasus mare took him to bed when he started to fell asleep. The party was not that bad at the end of things, she had fun and end up meeting a lot of different ponies, although the superego pegasus mare with rainbow mane and the over-dramatic white unicorn mare she met during the interrogation session were close to experience first hoofed her old temper. The last pony to leave was the party mare Pinky Pie, she stayed and helped Sunset cleaning before leaving to her house.

The following morning Sunset was awaken by a hipper Spike ready to finish with the preparations to go do the real important part of the assignment. Sunset was thankfully by the help his little dragon assistant gave her, after all only the princesses or her sister were able to deal with Sunset personality completely, although Twilight would be the one pony the really could handle her well enough.

Checking the list of places to visit, some of the names on the list made Sunset frowned, sighing she looked at Spike and he smiled at her as the left the library just to met a beautiful pink coated pegasus mare.

“Cadance?” Asked Sunset.

“Morning!” responded the disguised Cadance.

“That’s new,” said Spike.

“Just a little trick I learned, is quite useful for a alicorn after all.” said Cadance proudly.

“It seems, you most teach me that spell sometime,” said Sunset as she continued to walk, “But for now what about we finish the matter at hoof first.”

“Sure, oh before we leave Auntie told me to inform you that Twilight will accompany her, Shining will stay in Canterlot ready with the guard if anything happens.” said Cadance to Spike who sighed in release knowing his mom will come to help against Princess Luna evil side.

“Great, now we have to find the Elements even faster so that she doesn't go crazy again” said Sunset to Cadance, the other just laughed nervously since the knew exactly what she meant.

They made their way to the outskirts of Ponyville where Sweet Apple Acres was located and their first stop on Sunset list. They walked through the field until they were able to spot a orange pony bucking the apple trees, as soon she notice somepony was closing by she stopped and greeted the visitors.

“Howdy, what can Ah do for ya?” the orange mare asked with a friendly smile,”oh, aint ya the unicorn of yesterday party? Ah’m Applejack,” she said shaking Sunset hoof with a strong grip and great enthusiasm.

“Morning Applejack, I’m Sunset Shimmer, this little guy is Spike and my friend here is Cadance. We came to supervise the preparations for the festivities, I hear your family was in charge of the food.” said Sunset with her business like smile.

“That’s correct, sugarcube!” said Applejack still kipping her enthusiasm,” Would’ya care to sample some?”

“Oh, that will be awesome. We didn't have time for breakfast this morning,” said Spike with a smile.

But before Sunset or Cadance could say anything Applejack answered Spike while playing a triangle, “Soup’s on, everypony!” provoking a stampede of ponies coming out of the different direction of the farm. The whole Apple family made their presence in seconds while presenting an incredible amount of different dishes in front of Sunset and the others that were too surprise and shocked to move. After having introducing the whole family Applejack asked the ponies that were still immobilized which dish would like to taste first.

Sunset was sure if they stayed and ate all that it would take time they couldn't waste. She was about to reject when Cadance and Spike moved and started to eat some on the dishes, What is it with alicorns and sweets? Sunset sighed as she thought looking at Cadance enjoying some apple made desserts. After a huge amount of food later they were able to escape the farm.

“I ate to much,” said Spike holding his claw in front of his mouth.

“I think I need a diet after this,” responded Cadance almost crying imagine how big she most look like now. Thank Celestia Shiny stayed at Canterlot she thought while doing her best to keep walking.

“I don't wanna see a apple never again,” said Sunset as she did her best to no throw up.

They continued until they entered town, there next stop was to check the one in charge of the weather, Sunset looked at the sky and just frowned as she remembered the name of the pony in charge of the job. “It looks like that show off can't even do a simple job,” she said as they continued walking.

“Oh, you know the pony in charge of this?” asked Cadance with a curious look.

Just when Sunset was about to answer Cadance question she disappeared on a rainbow color blur, leaving a surprised Cadance and Spike alone. Sunset found herself buried in a pile of mud under the mare she was looking for. Spike and Cadance appeared out of nowhere thanks to Cadance teleportation and helped her to get out of the mud. The one responsible a cyan coated mare with rainbow color mane was laughing at the now mud covered Sunset. Cadance was about to use some magic to clean Sunset up but was beat by Sunset herself as in her anger a heat spell from her horn dried the mud and this felt on the ground leaving a less messy Sunset glaring daggers at the pegasus mare that was still laughing.

“Rainbow Dash if I remember correctly,” said Sunset trying to keep her temper in check as Cadance keep a worry look on her eyes.

“That’s right, the one and only.” responded proudly the cyan mare.

“Thanks Celestia,” murmured Sunset, “Are you supposed to be so great and all?” asked keeping her voice from screaming.

“Yeah, but what about it?” asked Rainbow Dash with a confused look in her face.

“Well, I doubt a pegasus the can't do a simple job can be that great as you think you are,” Sunset said with a smirk at Rainbow Dash.

“Oh yeah? I can clear the sky at any moment. In fact I can do it in. Ten. Seconds. Flat.” responded Rainbow angry at Sunset.

“Prove it” responded Sunset frowning.

Immediately Rainbow Dash dashed into the sky and in exactly ten seconds she clear the town’s cloudy sky leaving a beautiful blue sky. Sunset, Spike and Cadance were shocked, their eyes wide and their mouths open after spectating Rainbow Dash performance. Rainbow Dash laughed at their expressions and before leaving she promised she will show more of her awesomeness on another occasion.

After recovering from the shocking performance of Rainbow Dash they continued to the next location, this time they headed to the town hall were the one in charge of decorations should be working at the moment. The moment they entered they were welcomed by a beautiful sight, many ribbons and banner with beautiful designs were placed on the most precise way possible. Sunset sighed as she noticed the one doing such a beautiful work, continued into the building she called out the mare in question.

“Excuse me, Rarity what’s it? I came to check on the decorations,” said Sunset keeping her indifference while dealing with the white unicorn mare.

“Oh my! Darling, is so good to see you again!” responded Rarity in the most friendly way possible,”oh, and who is this beautiful mare with you? Some model from Canterlot?” said as she looked at Cadance next to her, who only giggle at the comment.

“Hi! I’m Candace a friend of Sunset, is a pleasure to meet you!” answered Cadance as friendly as possible mostly the same way she handle the nobility in Canterlot as she thought the mare in questions was of the same type for the way of speaking.

“Oh darling is pleasure to meet you too! I’m Rarity, you know I have a dress that would look gorgeous on you Candace, would you like to come to my boutique? Oh, and I have another just for you Sunset, as the princess personal student you most deal with many important ponies, I’m sure it will help you on those occasions.” said Rarity as she dragged both mare to her boutique.

The young dragon was there looking how during the whole conversation he was completely ignore, sighing while scratching his head he went after his aunts and the crazy fashionista. Man, maybe Ember was right and I don't have the strong presence of a dragon as I should have. I need to go back at training with Shining after this is over, thought Spike as he ran after the others. Soon he made it to a building that looked more like a fair shop than a fashion boutique. Entering he saw Cadance being made to wear a nice white dress and Sunset with an annoying look on her face was waiting to leave as soon as possible. Rarity was talking with Cadance about her life in Canterlot asking question of the ponies and the fashion there. Spike beacon his aunts let them know it time was running out and they still need to check on the music. The moment Rarity went inside her shop to look for some materials for the dress they teleported out of there into the park.

They needed to find the mare in charge of the music, Spike knew well who was it as he talked a lot with her during the party the night before, she even made sure to swaddling him in bed. Luckily for them the yellow pegasus they were searching for was in the park practicing the music with some birds. After a brief introduction and an enthusiasm Fluttershy making sure Spike had a good experience in town that day, they confirmed the music was pretty much ready and Fluttershy was happy to spend some time with her first dragon friend.

“Well, that covers everything on the list,” said Sunset checking the paper.

“What about the party preparations?” asked Spike looking at the list.

“That would be Pinkie Pie’s job, and from what I learned from her during last night party she have that cover.” said Sunset smiling as so did Fluttershy next to her confirming Sunset point.

“So now what?” asked Spike marking a check on the party preparations.

“Now we start with the important stuff,” said Sunset giving him a daring smile, “we go to the Castle of the Two Sisters in the middle of the Everfree Forest.”As sunset finished saying that Fluttershy panicked, she knew the dangers inside the forest and how scary it was. She wanted to say something but before she could do so they disappeared after Sunset teleported them. Fluttershy took a moment to think and then started to run in the town direction with a determined look on her face.

On Canterlot Princess Celestia was looking at her old battle armor inside her hidden vault, she tried to put it on but for her annoyance it didn't fit her on certain parts. “It’s not like I was going to need it anyway…” murmured the princess leaving the armor behind before closing the vault. In her room was Twilight Sparkle sitting next to the table full of documents and tea refreshments, the young mare was going through the final preparations before it was time to leave to Ponyville. Celestia just got a message from Sunset via Spike that she and Cadance confirmed everything was almost ready for the festivities and were currently on their way to the old castle to retrieve the elements.

“Do not worry Princess, they will be fine.” said Twilight as she observed the expression on the princess face.

The princess sighed and give Twilight a small smile,“You are right, they are old enough to keep themselves from danger, but still I can’t helped, they are too important to me.” she said while gazing the documents on the table,”Is everything ready to welcome our guest?.”

Twilight giggle before giving her a positive answer, they both were trying to conform each other as good friends do, Princess Celestia was close to confront her beloved sister that most likely wanted to destroy her and Twilight was close to meet the goddess responsible of that universe night. Both were nervous and excited for totally different reasons, but their goal was the same, rescue the corrupted goddess. They continued their tea break in peace before getting back to finish the preparations for the night.

Tempest Shadow and the rest of Twilight’s close friends were preparing their silver armor and equipment, they would be in charge of protecting the princesses that night, as their specialty were night related missions not other pony or creature was better prepare to handle the operation. They were not as excited as Twilight was, they knew freeing the moon princess was important and necessary but they were worry that Nightmare Moon would be more difficult to handle than any other enemy they had deal so far.

They wanted Twilight to succeed and rescue Princess Luna but they had a hunch something bad would happen, after all their beloved goddess of the night was hour away to meet the old goddess of the night. Tempest feared the worst, Zipzee just didn't trusted anypony that would get near Twilight, Moonflower hoped her best friend could rescue her kin’s creator and Skystar just wanted everything go as plan so they all could enjoy the festivities together.

Captain Armor was next door in his office making sure everything was ready from his end, his job was to make sure no harm came to the citizens and to defend the throne from any enemy force. He had faith the princess and his sister plan would work and everything would be fine like always was. He just hoped his marefriend wouldn't cause any troubles to Sunset and Spike during their mission. Confirming the time he left his office, meeting with his sister’s team he confirmed that they were ready to meet the princess and Twilight to travel to Ponyville and get the real festivities start.

On the outskirt of the Everfree Forest five colorful ponies were discussing between them. After Fluttershy found out where Sunset and her companions were going she ran looking for her friends and try to do something since she was unable to stop her. She was able to find Rainbow Dash lazing around a cloud near the park and after informing her what happen she flew as fast she could and gathered the rest of their friends. Now the 5 mares were at the entrance of the forest they knew they needed to enter, find and possible rescue the ponies they just met from a deadly and dangerous place. Unfortunate the sun was setting soon and the night was the worst time to enter the Everfree Forest, Fluttershy wanted to help but she was too scared to actually enter the forest. Rainbow Dash tried really hard on convinced her to move and go with the rest playing the poor baby dragon scare and hopeless. After sometime they finally were about to enter the forest and rescue the ponies inside, but a bright flash of light appeared in front of them, when the brightness cleared and they were able to see again right in the middle of the route was the same ponies they were going to look after. Sunset was holding with her magic six huge stone spheres while Spike was holding on his claws a few old books, Candace had a face of discomfort as her coat was cover in mud and had branches on her now messy mane.

The five mares were surprised by the sudden appearance of the three they were suppose to go rescued. Sunset realized the five mares from before were there and asked them what were they doing so close to the dangerous forest. Rainbow Dash was the first to react asking the same question to them, Sunset frowned at her before saying it was a secret mission for the princess. Applejack asked if those strange rocks were connected to that mission, Sunset say nothing before the spheres disappeared in a flash of her magic, she teleported them inside the library where they were staying.

“Sorry but we cannot say,” responded Cadance ignoring her annoyance of her current appearance.

“Oh darling! What happened to you!?” exclaimed a shocked Rarity.

“She felt to the ground after some crazy vines attacked her,” responded Spike holding his laugh although the other didn't know what was so funny of being attacked by dangerous vines.

“You should look how the poor plants looked after she took care of them for messing with her mane,” responded Sunset chuckling.

“Are you tell me you guys went to the most dangerous place in Equestria and returned just with a messed mane!” reacted Rainbow Dash as the other three just nodded at her, “you guys are more cool that I thought! Well, besides me of course.” said proudly for annoyance of Applejack and Sunset.

“So nopony got hurt?” asked shyly Fluttershy to them, she felt much better after they confirmed nopony was hurt.

They took their conversation to another locations as Fluttershy and Rarity looked worry of been so close to the forest, Cadance decided to return to the library and take a bath before her auntie and Twilight arrive. Sunset didn't want those mares to discovered what will happen in just a few hours, but she just couldn't be as mean to send them away especially after knowing they were going to enter the forest to look for them. She may have a different opinion of those five mares even though she had a hard time dealing with Rainbow and Rarity personalities.

When they arrived at the library it was surrounded by some royal guards wearing their distinctive gold armor, the five residents were surprise as is not every day you get to see that amount of security, they just thought it was because the princess would be arriving soon to take part of the Summer Sun Celebration. Spike ran inside the library hoping to find the princess and his mom, Cadance was worry of letting Twilight looking at her on such condition. She would probably take advantage of it and use it on the next prank war… I’m still surprised how good she is at those thought Candace getting inside the building to only find a disappointed Spike and six stone spheres on the ground. The guards were there to protect the Elements until the princess arrived, as the night got closer so did Princess Luna returns they could gamble and let something happen to the Elements.

As Celestia’s sun disappeared on the horizon Twilight started her favorite melody to summon her stars, she prepared the most beautiful starry night she could make, she wanted Luna to feel welcome not only by her subjects and sister but by their night. She was placing her silver armor as she gazed the moon rising on the horizon, she could feel the magic of the seal weakening and probably so did the princess, even maybe her sister Sunset. Princess Celestia was riding a different carriage than Twilight, she wanted some time alone, she needed to prepare herself for what was coming and she wanted to be as focus as possible, Nightmare Moon would not go easy on anypony after all.

They arrived at Ponyville in the middle of the night, many residents were enjoying the party Pinkie Pie made before the main event started, Sunset and Spike were still trying to make the elements react with different spells, while Cadance was enjoying some tea on company of Fluttershy and Rarity after she finally took her bath. The others were at the party as they either have a job to do there or simple were bored.

Twilight looked around the area they landed, she gazed the huge tree that the library was and smiled, she liked the design it looked cozy. She gave orders to the guard present as they move into town, Tempest took command of the troops posted on the town and moved to secure the town, Skystar and Moonflower flew to help Tempest while Zipzee and Twilight entered the building right after the princess. Inside Cadance was having tea while two mares were bowing to the princess and Sunset was dealing with six stone spheres with a complicated expression. Spike ran and tackled Twilight with a hug that she returned smiling at him.

“Is good to see you too Spike,” said Twilight while hugging the small dragon,“Have fun at the forest?” she asked with a mischievous grin.

“Yeah! It was fun, especially when aunt Cadance ended cover up on mud and with her mane all mess up.” responded Spike with a childish chuckle.” also Steven says hi!”

“Ho~ how we would love to have seen that,” responded Twilight looking at a nervous Cadance, ”Any development with those things,” she asked, pointing at the Elements.

“No yet, unfortunately.” responded Spike looking at Sunset starting to get mad.

Princess Celestia after addressing the two ponies sharing tea with Cadance got closer to Sunset, she shared a few works on her ear which caused Sunset to be shocked looking at the smiling princess in from of her. Twilight didn't know what she told her but apparently got something to do with the artifacts her sister was trying to reactivated. Sunset left in a hurry without even saying a word to the others present. Twilight shared a look with the princess then realized she did it again, she just played her pieces after everything she told her. Celestia’s gaze on Twilight’s eyes was interrupted when she saw the young unicorn frowned at her, she knew she did it again but this time was necessary. Before she could say anything to Twilight her student left the library after stamping the floor. Fluttershy left out a squeak sound when that happen as Rarity couldn't help but feel uncomfortable being in presence of the princess without even prepared some nice outfits.

Twilight look into the sky, the jeweled sky twinkling with high expectation. The time is near thought Twilight, her eyes change to their original shape and color. “Zipzee take care of the everypony, we will moving to our post.” said Twilight, before disappearing in a flash of purple magic. The young changeling salute inside the library while a confused group of ponies looked at her.

Deep inside the moon’s core was a bright cocoon of rainbow color, inside, Nightmare Moon rested sealed for a thousand years, deep on a slumber that, similar to Discord, was impossible to awake from. At least until that moment, four small stars used their life force energy to make a small crack on the rainbow cocoon that kept their old ruler sealed. As the seal breaks Nightmare Moon opens her teal slitted eyes, they turned white as the ancient alicorn of the night channel all her magic and breaks the cocoon from the inside before dropping back to Equus like a shooting star while doing an evil laugh.

On the Everfree Forest Twilight appeared right on the old castle throne room, she had a mission to take care of while the others waited on Ponyville. As she had her eyes glued on the moon, soon she observes as the shape of the seal disappeared and felt her children disappear with sadness on her eyes, soon from the surface of the moon a bright object falls directly to her location. Using her magic she creates a shield to protect herself as Nightmare Moon lands once again after a thousand years on Equestria.

The dark alicorn laughs madly as she extended her bat-like wings and takes a deep breath for the first time since her banishment, but stops abruptly as she gazed at the night sky. Her eyes showed anger pure and raw, she felt something wrong, as she tries to command the night a purple light caught her attention back to the surroundings. There right in front of her was a lavender unicorn mare, she looked young besides her size, both keep their gaze glued to each other eyes. Although Nightmare Moon eyes reflected surprise of seen a pony waiting for her, Twilight’s eyes were wide in shock as she to a close look to the dark goddess of the night.

“Impossible...”murmured Twilight as she keep her gaze on her rival.

“Oh, what a surprise. It's been so long since We've seen one of your precious little sun-loving faces” said Nightmare Moon with a snub. “Tell me little pony, what are you doing in here all alone?” asked the dark alicorn showing her fangs hoping to get a nice reaction.

“Keep it together, is not her and we know it...” Twilight told to herself before answering the threatening alicorn, “We are here to keep you company for a while Princess Luna,” responded keeping her emotions in check.

The dark goddess took her behavior as frightened of her appearance, which make her felt good after so long without talking with anypony, but the fact that she called her by that name made her angry. “We are Nightmare Moon peasant, don't forget it! For your own good never mention that name again!” said angry at Twilight while stomping the floor and thunders of magic crashing around her.

“We think Luna fits better for the Goddess of the Moon,” answered Twilight indifferently without taking her of the other alicorn.

“WATCH YOUR WORDS PEASANT, AS WE ARE THE GODDESS OF THE NIGHT!” Nightmare Moon reacted even more angry at Twilight as she used her magical powered voice on her.

“Okay, have it your way,” said Twilight smiling at her.

Nightmare Moon anger disappeared almost immediately looking at that smile, it was not the regular smile she was used to, no, that smile was similar to the one her sister once used to use on her, it was filled with emotions Nightmare Moon never received before from any of her subjects. She got curious, who was this mare that not only knew her old self but also where she would appear. Something about her seemed to be out of place, like some kind of mysterious force that Nightmare Moon couldn't make out. “Tell us who you are peasant?” asked narrowing her eyes at her.

“You can call us Twilight Sparkle, second student of Princess Celestia,” responded Twilight keeping her gentle smile.

“So, you are our sister student? Did she send you to stop us? Did that coward couldn't do it herself?” asked Nightmare starting to get angry again.

Twilight shrugged for Nightmare’s annoyance without giving her a clear answer, “We told you, we are here to keep you company.”

Nightmare Moon was getting tired of the disrespectful mare in front of her, keep us company? More like annoying us! Wait, she is buying time! She say she was the second student which mean the other student is trying to do something with my detestable sister! Nightmare Moon thought as she realized Twilight’s intentions. She tried to use her magic to teleport out the area to the town nearby but her magic power haven't fully recovered. Turning herself into a black cloud of smoke she tries to leave, but for her surprise she was retained by a dark purple magic lasso and throw against the floor making her return to her original form.

“Now that’s kind of rude,” said Twilight looking at the shocked alicorn, “there still time for a little chat, after all the night is young.” said giving her a mischievous grin.

“HOW DARE YOU!?” responded Nightmare Moon as she attacked with a beam of pure dark magic. Twilight used her magic shield to stop the attacked as the beam made her crash against the wall behind her making it fall together with what was left of the roof. Nightmare took the opportunity to once again turn into smoke and flee to where she knew her sister was most likely hidden.

Twilight used her magic to blast her way out of the debris, she searched for Nightmare Moon but realized her opponent went after Celestia. Sighing deeply she tried to focus her emotions, she just made a mistake and she hoped it would not bite her on the flank later. She channeled her magic and teleported to a place she could stop Nightmare Moon before she reached Ponyville.

Nightmare Moon made her way through the forest at high speed, she was going to have her revenge on her sister, her magic already was recovering at great speed as the moon shone brightly over her. She felt as distortion of magic near to where she was heading, the smoke cloud twinkled for a moment and divided in two as one continued the same path and the other took a different one. Twilight saw the cloud of smoke getting close to her, she used the same spell as before to trap Nightmare but for her surprise the spell went through it. An illusion? Impossible not illusion magic can foul our eyes! Thought Twilight as the smoke disappeared in particles of light. Anger felt on Twilight it was the first time some creature made a foal out of her, and she was going to make sure Nightmare Moon paid the price.

Nightmare Moon arrived where all the ponies were gathered waiting for their princess, she knew if she made her appearance public Celestia would appear in no time to stop her. She saw many guards around town patrolling the surroundings, she made her way through one open window and land right on the balcony were her sister would be using. With a powerful lighting she gathered everypony attention as she made her debut after a millennium. The faces of her subjects were full of shock and fear, it made her felt as powerful as ever.

“Oh, Our beloved subjects. Do not be scared as we has once again returned to rule over all of you!” proclaimed the moon goddess.

“We already have our princess!” responded Rainbow Dash that was together with her friends and a shocked Sunset Shimmer behind her.

“Why, are We not royal enough for you? Don't you know who We are?” asked Nightmare Moon cocky, “Does Our crown no longer count now that We have been imprisoned for a thousand years? Did you not recall the legend? Did you not see the signs!?” as she started to get angry again.

“Ooh, ooh, guessing games! Um, Hokey Smokes! How about... Queen Meanie! No! Black Snooty, Black Snoo-” said Pinkie Pie before Applejack stopped her.

The ponies present were starting to panic as the dark alicorn in front of them started to get angrier by the moment. Sunset stepped forward and faced the dark alicorn that shifted her terrifying gaze at her. “I did. And I know who you are. You're the Mare in the Moon, Nightmare Moon!” the ponies present gasped and panicked even more, Nightmare Moon gave her a evil grin showing her fangs.

“Well well well, another pony who remembers us. Then you also know why We’re here, student of my sister,” said Nightmare Moon as she narrowed her eyes giving the now surprised Sunset.

“You know who I’m?” asked Sunset.

“We met the other student when we arrived, it seems only my detestable sister students knew of our return,” Nightmare Moon gave her an honest answer. Those who knew Twilight stepped forward, even Sunset recovered from her shock and joined the guards.

“What did you do to my sister!?”demanded Sunset at the now surprised goddess.

“She is probably chasing an illusion right now,” said showing her annoyance, ‘’that mare was being too annoying trying to by time for you and our sister.” said shrugging.

Sunset realized that her sister most have known that she needed time to get the Elements to work, the problem was that she still needed some time. Looking around Sunset saw Commander Tempest and the two more of Twilight’s team entering through the backdoor just below the balcony Nightmare Moon was standing. She gave her a signal that most likely meant for her to leave the place and get to the princess. When Nightmare Moon was about to ask for he sister location a magic attack from under her took her by surprise. Sunset took the opportunity to leave together with Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Applejack to the library where the others were.

Nightmare Moon used her magic to destroy what was left of the balcony she was in and stepped out of the debris looking incredible mad as she searched for the one responsible. Nopony was longer present on the building as every single one flee during the commotion, the only one present was her and a few guards. “FOALS! YOU DARE TO ATTACK YOUR QUEEN!” snapped Nightmare Moon at Tempest and the others.

“Sorry to disappoint you Princess Luna, but we serve another goddess,” responded Tempest keeping her guard waiting for the next attack.

Nightmare Moon didn't waste time arguing as she launched attack after attack to the guards present. Tempest used her magic to shield herself as she was right in front of the dark goddess, Moonflower and Skystar did some evasive flying making sure to not get hit by any of Nightmare’s attacks. Unfortunately the others were not as lucky, some were hit and send flying through the walls or windows of the building, others crashed against the pillars of the building.

Nightmare Moon continued her attack, until somepony crashed against her side sending her flying and hit the wall. Skystar took the opportunity to attack when the goddess was focusing on the guards. Recovering faster than her enemies really expected, she cast more dark magic transforming some of the decorations and destroyed pillars into creature of nightmare that launched themselves to the unprepared guards. Moonflower tried to escape a creature that looked like a bat like demon, Skystar was pinned down on the ground by multiple vine-like tentacles, Tempest destroyed stone golems one after another made from the debris round them. Nightmare Moon was certain of her victory, that was until she felt something wrong with her night. Somepony was using the magic of her stars, what seen impossible as only her can do so. To her surprise the mare that was defending herself from her golems had similar magic like her, doing a detailed analysis around her even the thestral and hippogriffs had magic from the night on their bodies. How is this possible? Only we can command this kind of magic, who dare to steal from us while we were sealed on our moon? Nightmare Moon thought as she glared at those defiance her.

With a blast of magic Tempest took down Nightmare Moon’s minions, her broken horn was now restore and replaced by a starry one, a mystical aura wrap up around her as all around her coat twinkling stars started to show, her eyes turned slitted and violet. Nightmare Moon was dumbfounded, she couldn't understand what kind of magic was being used, she looked like a star beast but didn't at the same time, to complicated even more the situation the other two also used the same kind of magic and the same kind of aura appeared wrapping them up, even changed in the same way.

“What sorcery is this!? How can mere mortals use the power of our stars!?” asked Nightmare looking for an answer.

“Because they are Our stars now,” responded a voice right on top of Nightmare Moon.

To the dark goddess annoyance the mare she didn't want to deal with was once again making her appearance, but this time she looked different, she was not longer a unicorn but an alicorn with the same kind of eyes as Nightmare, the same type of fangs, even her mane and tail were just like hers. Nightmare eyes went wide open when she connected the dots, right in front of her was a new alicorn that she didn't knew and her power was just like hers, narrowing her eyes she felt her anger boiling even more that when she fought Celestia. This wicked creature stole the stars from us, it was the deduction Nightmare Moon got. Twilight on her true form landed in-between Nightmare Moon and her friends, she was angry not as Nightmare but she was going to make her pay for deceit her and treat her like a foal. “Alright Moonpie, lets have some fun,” said the star goddess smiling mischievously.

In the Quiet Night (unedited)

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“You can be the moon and still be jealous of the stars.” Gary Allan

Twilight was in front of a incredible angry Nightmare Moon, both alicorns of the night were about to confront each other at any moment. Behind Twilight stood Tempest, Moonflower and Skystar a little surprise by their current appearance, they knew Twilight’s blessing gave them new abilities and powers, but it was the first time their physical appearance changed like that. Twilight turned her head at them and smile, she was proud of her friends, they were able to awaken the real power of the blessing. Nightmare Moon questioned Twilight’s identity, she wanted to know what wicked creature dared to steal her stars.

“We are just like you Luna, but if you want a proper introduction. We are Twilight Sparkle, Goddess of the Stars, Ruler of the Night and your sister second student.” responded Twilight, standing proudly in front of Nightmare Moon.

“DON’T TAKE US FOR A FOAL! THERE IS JUST ONE GODDESS OF THE NIGHT AND THAT’S US!” snapped Nightmare Moon stomping the floor with such strength her hooves were buried inches deep and raw magic destroyed the surroundings.

“It seems that we will have to make you think more reasonably, and we will be more than happy to help you,” said Twilight with a serious look on her face.

“WE WILL NOT-” Nightmare Moon was about to gave her another remark but was interrupted by a dark purple magic beam. She crashed against the wall and continued a few more meters out of the building. Twilight flew through the destroyed roof and waited. Nightmare Moon dashed against the lavender alicorn with full strength. Twilight took advantage while holding the powerful attack and teleported them both, ending up crashing right in the forest outside of the town.

Nightmare Moon was the first to recover, using her magic dark clouds formed around them and countless lighting started to fall right above Twilight. After taken a few, Twilight was able to form a magic shield around her to protect herself from the continuous attacks. The dark goddess continue to cast attack after attack, fueled by anger her attacks were getting stronger. Twilight’s shield was starting to give in, small cracks were forming all around it. Just when Twilight’s shield broke Nightmare Moon was tackled once again by Skystar. Tempest and Moonflower appeared in a flash of magic seconds later next to Twilight. Moonflower ran to help her dearest friend, while Tempest was standing by waiting for the next attack as Skystar landed next to her a little dizzy.

Twilight recovered from the lighting attacks and gave her thanks to her beloved friends. Unfortunately there was not time for them to relax as the ground started to shake and a heavy explosion of magic sent all except the star goddess flying into the woods. Nightmare Moon was standing in the middle of a now devastated area of the forest, her eyes pure white as her mind lost in her own powerful anger. She stared at Twilight how could only sigh as she saw the once glorious Goddess of the Night let herself go wild by her own anger.

Princess Celestia has never been so worried in a thousand years, just a few minutes ago she felt the magic of her sister returning to Equestria. She was about to go and confront her, but was stopped by her niece Cadance. She knew she needed to face her sister quickly, before in her madness she hurts any of her beloved ponies. Both her students were doing their tasks, she knew Twilight would buy time for Sunset to activate the Elements. She just hoped that her dearest student didn't push her sister to much, she knew that with both mares steamed behavior things could go far from just bad.

Rarity and Fluttershy were still sitting on the table with Cadance and the princess, Princess Celestia requested both to stay for their own good as she explained what was happening outside. The princess tried to rise her sun but she couldn't move the moon or the night anymore, they simple ignored her command. Now unless we defeat Nightmare Moon the day will not return thought Celestia as she gazed through the window of the library into the sky. Soon everypony present at the library heard the sounds of explosions and screams coming from outside. Everypony in town was running for their lives, the few guards that were posted surrounding the town were trying to help calm the hysterical ponies.

When Princess Celestia couldn't take any longer and was about to leave through the door, her student Sunset followed by three mares entered the library. The mares eyes went wide and in panic bowed at the princess in front of them. Celestia for the first time in her life ignored her subjects and asked Sunset what happened.

“Nightmare Moon somehow appeared in the middle of the party and made herself well known,” said Sunset taking deep breaths,”she knew I was your student Princess. She apparently was able to deceived Twi and get to town before time.”

“Is Twilight okay? Is Nightmare Moon hurting anypony?” asked the worried princess.

“Tempest and the others guards are distracting Nightmare Moon at the moment,” said Sunset lowering her head in shame,“as for Twilight I can't say, I don't know where she is or if she is alright.”

“She is fine!” screamed Spike from behind the couch, “She always is, she is the most powerful mom in the world!” said, he voice got lower by the sentence as tears formed on his eyes.

“Yeah!” said a trembling Zipzee as she bit her lower lip hard, she wanted to go and help, but her duty was to protect those present in the library. She knew her queen was fine and her friends were okay dealing with Nightmare Moon.

Cadance hugged the now crying dragon, while Princess Celestia reassurance the dragon that Twilight was definitely alright. Sunset eyes felt on the princess asking her how can she activated the elements. Sunset pointed with her hoof to the still bowing mares and confirmed she got the last bearers she needed. The three mares that were bowing raised their head in confusion to what Sunset said to the princess. Princess Celestia moved to where the stone spheres that once were the Elements lay on the ground. Looking at the ponies present she started to explain the elements and their power.

Nightmare Moon breathed heavily as she glared at Twilight, neither of them had moved a hoof yet. They continued to stare at each other eyes, Nightmare Moon’s pure white mindless filled with hate and anger, Twilight’s with sadness and pity. With a piercing screech Nightmare Moon dashed at Twilight with her horn, she was determined to ends the usurper’s life. This time there was not ponies in danger or witnesses nearby, Twilight created a dark purple shield and held her position. When Nightmare Moon’s horn crashed against the magic shield both alicorns of the night were sent flying in opposite directions. Both extended their wings and took fly before crashing again and again as powerful magic wrapped around them defending them from the other attacks.

On the ground Tempest, Skystar and Moonflower could only spectated hopeless of even thinking of helping their beloved friend. They could barely hold ground as the shockwave of each attack tried to send them flying. After many overwhelming attacks Nightmare Moon crashed into the ground, slow standing in her hooves she recovered her sanity as her eyes returned to normal, but her emotions were still the same. She glared at the three nuisance and she cast a new spell. Just behind Tempest and the others from the shadows of the woods, ten shadows took shape of pegasi and charged at them. Skystar and Moonflower took fly and tried to dodge the surprising enemy reinforcements, Tempest blasted two of the shadow ponies with her magic but was tackled by a third. Nightmare Moon gave Twilight a smirk before flying at high speed against her.

Twilight dodged Nightmare Moon’s attack, but when she turned to counter with her own she saw four Nightmare Moons looking at her with satisfaction. The lavender alicorn eyes glowed violet as she tried to see through the illusion magic, but once again for her annoyance she couldn't. The four Nightmare Moons laughed at the frowning Twilight, she didn't know why but somehow Nightmare Moon illusion magic was able to deceive Twilight’s eyes. The four dark goddess started shooting dark magic beams at Twilight, she dodged each attack as she flew. For a moment she gazed at the town thinking if she should really believe that some kind of magic fruit is going to end the battle.

Twilight manages to take down three of the Nightmare Moons but the four one was able to pin her down while a fifth one appeared and attacked sending her crashing to the ground at great speed. To Twilight surprise all five clones were completely real, Nightmare Moon enjoyed as she was gaining the upper hoof on the fight. Twilight was on the ground, she felt humiliated and she had enough of it. In the night sky the star change color from their regular white to violet for just a few seconds. The aura wrapping Tempest, Moonflower and Skystar glimmered violet for a moment. Twilight discharged her magic causing a shockwave that turned two Nightmare Moons surrounding her into smoke.

The multiple Nightmare Moons attacked Twilight from different directions, one cast lightning attacks, the other subdivided into 3 more Nightmare Moons and together attacked in close combat, the last one stayed in the sky. Twilight used smaller shields of magic to defend from the physical attacks, while trying to dodge the continuous lighting strikes or repel them with her own magic. Zipzee appeared in a flash of magic and cast a magic beam of her own at the Nightmare Moon using lighting against Twilight before helping her friends. Twilight took the opportunity to counter attack the three Nightmare Moons making another two turn into smoke.

Skystar and Moonflower charged at the other Nightmare Moon in the sky but she teleported right in front of Tempest and sent her flying until she crashed against a tree losing consciousness, teleporting again did the same with the other three. Leaving only Twilight to defend against the two Nightmare Moon left.

“Your fighting forces are down. Surrender and We'll make your death quick and painless,” said both Nightmare Moons at the same time, looking down at Twilight that was bleeding a little and had some bruises around her lavender coat. Twilight didn't answer and teleported right behind the Nightmare Moon in the sky before she blasted her from existence with a powerful magic beam.

“Impressive, I could use a mare like you by our side,” responded the last Nightmare Moon left with grin as Twilight blushed, “unfortunately your existence must be terminated in order to recover full control of the night.” as her hateful glare returned.

“Well, that’s a shame,” murmured Twilight, “Tell us Moonpie, could you just give up and let your sister help you return to normal?” asked while recovering her breath.


“As lovely as that sounds, we are not going to let you take our children or hurt Sunbutt,” responded Twilight as she prepared her next attack,”So we are going to beat some senses in that thick skull of yours Moonpie!” said before teleporting once again and appearing behind Nightmare Moon. Unfortunately for Twilight, Nightmare was expecting the same move from her and released her spell creating a dome of pure pitch-black magic that trapped both alicorns.

Spike felt a uncomfortable sensation going through his body, while he was observing how his aunt Sunset was able to awaken four of the six Elements of Harmony. Zipzee disappeared not long before when she felt that Twilight needed support, he wanted to go too, but he couldn't just leave and become a hindrance for his mom and her friends.

Cadance as well as Princess Celestia were really worry about Twilight, they knew she was the one keeping Nightmare Moon busy at the moment. They didn't know how she was doing it, but she was being able to keep her busy for that long and they just prayed she could continued for a while longer. Sunset was worry too for her little sister, but she knew that mare well enough to be certain she could take care of herself and not die. Sunset continued to channel the magic sleeping inside the stone spheres and linked to the mares around her. She was easily able to awaken Kindness and Laughter, as she knew quite well who their bearers were by just knowing their names. She had troubles with Generosity and Loyalty but was able to awaken those too. Now she was awakening Honesty, Applejack touched with a hoof the still stone sphere before it broke into tiny pieces then transformed into a pendant around the neck of the farmer with the shape of her cutie mark.

“Good Job Sunset, now one more and we can go help Twilight,” said Princess Celestia smiling at her student with pride.

Sunset was able to discover the magic behind the most powerful artifacts that Equestria had, all thanks to Princess Celestia’s help and guidance during the restoration process. She now restored five of the six elements, she discovered the magic inside the five mares that she met during her stay in Ponyville and the power each had inside. Now she needed to awaken her own power and get the last element and defeat Nightmare Moon, before it was too late.

Twilight found herself surrounded by darkness, she couldn't hear anything, she couldn't see anything, she didn't even know if she had her eyes open or not, she couldn't feel anything except coldness. Only the darkness and the cold she hated so much, she knew were she was, it was the same darkness that Asteria hated and Twilight was now trapped in it. She didn't know what spell Nightmare Moon used, but somehow she was now inside the limbo. It was worse than Discord’s mental prison, at least there she could feel something besides the cold. The only she could do was snuggle in the cold darkness as horrible memories started to hunt her.

After some time that for Twilight felt like an eternity Nightmare Moon appeared in front of the broken mare. She couldn't believe that the powerful foe she was just battling moments before was now crouch down on the floor like a little filly scare of the darkness. She tried hard not to laugh as her foe was now defeated at her hooves. When Twilight realized she was not longer alone in the darkness she recovered her composure. Moving her head looking at the smirk on Nightmare Moon’s she felt embarrassed, blushing she coughed trying to look calm.

Nightmare Moon tried to stomp Twilight’s head but she moved out of the way quick enough. They continued to blast magic against magic until they end up worn-out on the darkness and repeated the process several times. Soon enough both alicorns of the night were just flowing in the darkness staring at each other waiting for the other to made the first move.

“It seems our great foe is afraid of the dark,” said Nightmare Moon with a mischievous grin regaining her breath, as she saw the uneasiness on Twilight’s face.

“It’s not the darkness what bother us,” responded Twilight, her ears wilt,” is the feeling of loneliness and the memories of a time before this one.” murmured in response.

“So our foe knows what we felt during our imprisonment in our moon,” responded Nightmare Moon.”Tell us usurper, who or what are you exactly?”

Twilight took a good look at Nightmare Moon’s eyes, those were the same eyes part of her remembered from long ago and the same eyes that part of her desire keep looking for all eternity. Holding her own conflicted emotions Twilight gave Nightmare Moon a brief version of her ascension. Nightmare Moon eyes went wide open as Twilight shared her past, the dark alicorn couldn't believe what she was telling her, but she knew deep inside the lavender alicorn was telling the true. After finishing her story Twilight asked Nightmare Moon what spell did she use again her that were both inside limbo.

Nightmare Moon took a moment to think and gave her an explanation, they were in the her domains inside the Dream Realm. Twilight realized they were not in the real limbo but a version from Twilight’s own nightmares. She couldn't help but laugh knowing she was defeated by her own fears. After a few moments of silence she asked Nightmare Moon if she was ready for the next round making her known that she was not giving up yet. Nightmare Moon responded with a pleasant smile that she haven't show anypony in a long time. We may hate this mare to the core but we know it was not easy go through what she went without losing oneself into madness… A really admirable wicked foe she is… thought Nightmare Moon while she took her position ready to start the fighting again.

Just when both night alicorns were about to start their fight again the sound of glass breaking took them by surprise. The darkness around them started to crack into pieces sending both shocked goddess back to the destroyed part of the forest they were fighting before. Looking around Twilight tried to see what happened, then she saw panic in the face of her rival. Shifting her gaze to the same direction as Nightmare Moon’s, Twilight’s eyes went wide open when she saw a rainbow growing like a tower into the sky in the middle of the town. They both knew what that meant, the Elements of Harmony were once again restored and ready to use. Twilight felt magic of somepony coming to where they were and cast her disguise returning to her appearance of a normal unicorn. Nightmare Moon tried to flee before the elements were used against her but a golden aura of magic held her hoof. Searching for the one responsible just to discover Celestia using her magic retaining her.

“YOU!” growled Nightmare Moon as she saw her sister. She blasted a magic beam with all the power she had left against her sister but it was countered by a pink alicorn she had never seen before. Seeing that she was on the losing side she tried to cast the full power of the night and end it once and for all, but a bright light in the sky stopped her.

Flowing on the sky was Sunset and her friends channeling the power of the Elements of Harmony, opening her eyes Sunset cast the Magic of Friendship and fired a huge rainbow beam against Nightmare Moon. The dark goddess could only look as the power of the elements approached and just as the beam was about to hit her a purple flash appeared in front of her before everything went white.

In a white limbo the only existence right now were Twilight and Nightmare Moon. When Twilight open her eyes there was not rainbow beam or anypony else, only Nightmare Moon who opened her eyes and chuckled, she was sure the Elements did their thing and she was back in the moon.

“You foal, what were you thinking?,” said a defeated Nightmare Moon, her voice was different without anger or hate only sadness.

“...” Twilight couldn't respond, she didn't know either why. Just before the power of the Elements hit Nightmare Moon Twilight teleported in-between and cast a magic shield around them both but was easily broken by the harmony magic of the elements taking the hit together with Nightmare Moon.

“Tell us usurper, WHY!?” asked once again Nightmare Moon, as the dark color of her coat started to turn into smoke disappearing slowly leaving behind a dark blue coat.

Twilight panicked as she saw the night alicorn state and after checking that nothing happened to her own being she asked Nightmare what was happening to her.

“The Elements must have taken our hate and anger together with part of our power,” responded the now dark blue alicorn.”but you still have something to tell US before WE disappear from existence.”

After a moment of silence she responded, “If you were going to be turn into stone or banished again to the moon at least you could use the company.” Twilight looked into the wide open eyes of Nightmare Moon. Soon those eyes were filled with tears and the alicorn laughed before giving the other alicorn a warm smile and her thanks.

The appearance of Nightmare Moon was not more, her height was still taller than Twilight but not as Celestia, her coat was now totally dark blue except for the area around her cutie mark, her mane and tail were still ethereal but the color was less brighter. The only part she had left that was still Nightmare Moon were her teal slitted eyes, that were still with tear looking at the lavender alicorn. After blinking a couple of time they also changed to be more pony like but keeping their color. Both alicorns stared at each other for a few moments with a confused look on their faces before the sound of glass breaking made them came to their senses. Twilight made sure to cast her disguise again before the brightness of the limbo disappeared and the colors of the dawn came to view.

For everypony else the time between, the blast from the elements and both mares coming out of the white limbo was just barely seconds. Princess Celestia got near her now changed little sister and nuzzled her before holding her in a big hug while asking for forgiveness. Twilight that was on her haunches nearby was tackle by a worry baby dragon. Cadance brought Spike with them as she knew the little guy was impatient to make sure Twilight was alright. Sunset came near to where Twilight was on the ground, taking a good look to the bruises and dried blood she felt a pain in her heart. Taking the lavender unicorn in her hooves, she hug her little sister asking her to forgive her for taking so long on getting the elements of work. Twilight returned the hug, she remembered the feeling of cold and loneliness from the nightmare Nightmare Moon placed her. Deep inside she felt peace, she was not longer on that place and even if it was a dream version of it she promised herself she would not let anything send her there again.

Sunset helped Twilight get back on her hooves, she was about to present her new friends to Twilight, but the lavender unicorn left in a hurry into the woods. Sunset called after her as she ran inside the Everfree Forest. Princess Celestia let go of her also crying sister and searched for her student just to find a worried Sunset looking at the forest. Moments later Twilight came out of the woods with a beat-up Tempest walking beside her and the rest of her friends unconscious flowing with the help of her magic. Giving a look to Princess Celestia, the princess nodded and smiled at Twilight that disappeared on a flash of magic after giving an apologetic smile to Sunset and Spike.

“Where did she go?” asked Spike at the princess.

“She and her friends need medical attention,” responded Princess Celestia with a small smile in her lips,”don't worry Spike you can see her when we return to Canterlot.”

“Did she just teleported to Canterlot?” asked Cadance as she picked the small dragon with her Magic.
“I believe she did,” answered Princess Celestia chuckling,“Did it really surprise you that much?” asked at her niece.

“No, it’s Twilight we are talking about,” answered Cadance sighing ”it’s just that nopony back in Canterlot knows everything is over. Can you imagine what Shiny will do when he find his sister in that state.”

Princess Celestia laugh at her niece worries and move to where the other ponies were, she gave them her must sincere thanks for helping her sister Luna. The five mares were happy to help their princess and new friends. Though they wanted to meet the pony they know as the Warrior Princess, looking around to the destruction to the forest they thought maybe Spike wasn't exaggerating with his histories about Princess Celestia’s second student.

Back in Ponyville Princess Celestia together with her sister Princess Luna were welcomed by many happy ponies. Pinkie Pie brought out a cannon and started to redecorate once again for the Summer Sun Celebration in a few minutes. Princess Celestia gave her speech and informed the return of her beloved sister at her side as diarch. The dark shadow that was Nightmare Moon was not more, and the Moon Princess was happy to be back.

“I’m glad you are back Luna,” said Celestia with a smile, “I believe you can once again take control of your duties?” she asked.

“Of Course, thee don't need to worry sister.” answered Luna with a reassuring smile. Looking at the morning sky she notices as the star started to disappear for the day. “It seems somepony remembered her duties, “murmured while frowning hoping not to meet a certain lavender alicorn for a while.

After the Summer Sun Celebration and Luna’s welcoming party were over, many guards from Canterlot came to take the princesses back to the castle. They informed that Lady Sparkle made sure to inform everypony that knew about the operation that it was over and all three princesses were save. Shining Armor wanted to pick the princesses personally but he stayed to make sure his sister stayed in the medical facility with her team until complete recovery. Both Celestia and Cadance giggle at the report before getting in the chariot followed by Princess Luna and Spike. Sunset took a moment to talk to her new friends and after a brief farewell she left together with the princesses.

After visiting Twilight, Sunset was inside Princess Celestia chambers requesting from her mentor a personal favor. Princess Celestia went through the request and smiling accept with some conditions. The next day Sunset Shimmer and Spike were back at Ponyville, they would life on the Golden Oak Library from that point forward, they continued the study of the new magic of Friendship together with her new friends and bearers of the Elements of Harmony.

Princess Luna was on her room, looking at the night sky from her balcony. She could feel the other alicorn magic mixed with hers in the night sky. She was once again the diarch of Equestria, but she also become the diarch of what once was her night. She didn't want to think too much about the other alicorn of the night, she discovered that nopony knew the real appearance of Twilight Sparkle. She somehow was able to keep a status quo for years without been discover. She even controlled the stars without having Celestia finding out. Contemplating the stars she felt their joy as they twinkle, they were happy to have her back but they didn't want to return to her side. Luna narrowed her eyes as anger build up listening to the stars praise their new ruler. On the window right next to her, the reflection showed the mare that once was Nightmare Moon but unlike her counterpart her slitted eyes were not filled with anger or hate, she had moisture eyes and a warm smile looking at the star sky.


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“If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun” A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

In the middle of the city of Canterlot, Twilight was enjoying the view of the night sky from her balcony. Next to her was another a smaller alicorn, her appearance was very similar to Nightmare Moon’s, but her mane and tail were sparkling silver. Both night goddess were enjoying the cold breeze and beauty of the night. The alicorn similar to Nightmare Moon was saying something to Twilight to get her attention, but she couldn't hear anything she had said. The dark goddess continued speaking, without care if Twilight was able to understand a word. The night was quiet, maybe too quiet, that was until the screams of the other alicorn made Twilight shift her gaze from the sky to her companion, the smaller alicorn was starting to disintegrate as she screamed in pain at Twilight for help. But before Twilight could place a hoof on the other goddess she was gone, and then Twilight herself was starting to feel pain all over her body. Looking at her hoof, she found that it had started to disappear into the night, a sharp pain shooting up her leg. Closing her eyes, she waited for the end. Then there was nothing.

When Twilight opened her eyes in her domain, the starry sky. She felt safe surrounded by her stars, but just as she was starting to feel better, something happened. The stars one by one started to blackout and die, and she could feel the pain, and hear the screams for help of each star that died under the darkness. While the horizon got closer, the darkness consumed each star, leaving Twilight agonizing in pain as she succumb to the darkness and cold of the limbo.

Twilight opened her eyes in panic and realized she was in her chambers. Breathing heavily, she tried to recover from the horrors she had experienced, that nightmare was too real to be a simple dream. Right by her side was a worried Skystar. The hippogriff took her in her talons and helped calm her down by hugging her.

“Twily, feeling better? Was it the same nightmare again?” asked Skystar, sounding worried, as she used one of her talons to pet Twilight’s mane.

“Yes, we are okay. It was the same nightmare,” responded Twilight, recovering her peace of mind.

“You should ask Luna to help you with that, she’s supposed to rule over dreams. Besides, she was the one that started it after all...” said Skystar, lowering her voice, her tone bordering on anger.

“Nay, we should be fine after taking some fresh air,” said Twilight, using her magic to move out of the bed, making sure not to wake up the others sleeping around her, and walking next to the balcony doors.

“Want some company?” asked Skystar with a smile, as her wings flicked.

“Fear not Princess, we should be fine,” responded Twilight with a mischievous smile, as Skystar stuck her tongue out at her defiantly. She hated being called by her title, especially by Twilight. Twilight teleported again out of the room .before the pillow thrown by the hippogriff hit her.

Princess Celestia was enjoying lunch with her sister Luna, the princess of the night was still having troubles adapting herself to the current Equestria together with her usual sleeping schedule. As the night court was still not ready to be reopen she had a lot of free time, which the last past week, she used to study the new laws and politics of Equestria. Luna shifted her gaze from her food to her sister, unlike any other occasion since her return Celestia was unusually quiet. Sighing, Princess Luna, after looking at the lost sight in her sister eyes, asked what was happening.

“Sorry Lulu, I was just thinking on the events of the last few days,” responded Princess Celestia with an apologetic smile.

“Nay sister,” Luna said smiling at her sister, “what is making thee worry enough to keepeth thee from talking?” she asked with a teasing smile.

Princess Celestia lowered her head before looking at her sister, “Do you hate Twilight for what she did that night?” asked, causing her young sister to freeze at the sudden question.

“W-what kind of question is that sister? How could We hate the one the cease Us from harming our subjects?” responded nervously the night princess.

Celestia sighed looking at how her sister reacted, “Tell me Lulu, what happened that night for you to act like this?”

Luna closed her eyes, she remembered completely what had happened that night, the feelings both Nightmare Moon and her had shared, the hate against the young alicorn who had stole the stars from them, the joy they had watching her suffer on the darkness of the nightmares. She only needed response to Celestia question with the truth, let her sister know that for more than a decade she was teaching an alicorn, that for years her student hide from her the truth. But all she was able to respond was... “We cannot remember, sorry Tia.”

“Is alright Lulu. You were not yourself, I understand,” said her sister with a smile,”unfortunately, I need you to have somepony to help you get use to these modern times, and the only pony I know with the qualifications is her,” Luna looked at her sister with horror, the idea of having to deal with Twilight on daily basis and being Taught by her made her want to scream to the heavens,”please Luna, give her a chance, you both have some much in common that even scared me in many occasions.”

“Really?,”said Luna sarcastically rolling her eyes as Princess Celestia started telling her stories of a young Twilight Sparkle. “What about the other young alicorn, Our new niece?”

“Cadance can just barely do with her own studies, and is Twilight the one helping her with laws and politics,” responded Celestia cutting any option for Luna of not interacting with Twilight.She had to end up accepting of Twilight Sparkle teaching her the way of modern Equestria and its laws.

Finally free from her sister, Princess Luna retired to her chambers to rest for the day and be ready for the moon rise. Hoping something may happen and Twilight has to go away from Canterlot. On the way out of the dining hall the one pony she didn't want to cross pads with was just behind the door she just opened. Twilight and Luna keep staring at each other for quite a while until Twilight’s eyes flashed violet for a moment as she smiled slyly at her.

“Morning Lulu,” said Twilight keeping her smile.

“Is Princess Luna to thee, Lady Sparkle.” responded Luna frowning at her.

“Mmmm, we like Lulu though,” Twilight said giving her a sad, innocent expression.

“Please restrain yourself from referring to us by such friendly matters,” said Luna, continuing her unfriendly gaze as she passed by the lavender unicorn.

“Sleep well Lady Moon,” said Twilight as no emotion was reflected on her face or voice making Luna stop on the spot, but the door closed right behind her. Anger boiled inside Luna as she left to her chambers.

Twilight sighed as she continued her way to where Princess Celestia was still enjoying her lunch. The nobles in the room looked at her with hostility, while the other ponies that worked there were curious of spotting her at the time she normally is sleeping. Celestia took a glance of her student getting closer to her table and smiled at her.

“What a lovely surprise to have you accompany me for lunch,” said the princess to her student, “Luna was just here a few minutes ago too.”

“Morning Tia,” responded Twilight as she place her tired head on the table.
“You look really tired, Want some coffee?” said the princess a little worried,”you are not usually awake at this hours.”

“Rough night, we need coffee and food,” responded Twilight barely moving her mouth. Soon one of the servants came to take her request for lunch which has always caused discomfort from the nobles and surrounding ponies. The idea of a pony eating meat was just too barbaric and shocking for them.

“I’m starting to think you eat meat on your diet just to cause the nobles to fear you, my student,” said Celestia while looking at the different reactions from the surrounding ponies.

“We don't care what they think, besides after being on Abyssinia and Hippogriffia you get use to it, although they do eat mostly fish,” responded Twilight with a mischievous smile, “but we love the scare those useless stiff butts get every time.” Princess Celestia giggled at her student’s comment before continuing to eat her salad.

“How is sis doing on Ponyville?” asked Twilight.

“Oh, she and Spike just finished getting set on the library,” responded Celestia with a smile, “i’m sending the tickets to her and her friends for the Grand Galloping Gala as thanks for their help.”

Twilight looked at the princess with tired eyes, “You want to express your gratitude by inviting them to the worst party ever,” said Twilight with a harsh tone, “no to mention that sis hate that party as much as we do. We’re surprised she accepted. ”

“I promise her that I will convince you to assist, and her friends seem really happy to go,” responded Celestia hiding how she felt about what her student said.

“That’s because they don't know what they’re getting into,” said Twilight, just as she was going to continued talking her food came, a nice bowl of salad from different vegetables and greens, with many pieces of chicken in it and cup of black coffee twice as big as Celestia's tea cup. The smell of the meat brought a smile on Twilight’s face and made some nobles leave the dinner room in a hurry, taking a sip of her coffee before continue, “Why she want us to go?”

“I’m sure she just wants your company so you both can have fun together!” said the princess while looking the gazes of horror from the nobles close by that didn't left.

“More like suffering together,” responded Twilight looking at the princess before sighing, “alright, we will go to the boring gala, we probably will be there anyway, the girls have to assist with the security this time as punishment for not following Shining’s orders during the Nightmare attack, and help me instead of helping the civilians.”

“Well, then I will not be suffering alone that night even if Sunset and her friends don't make it to the party,” responded the princess smiling at her student who just laughed.

After finally setting themselves on the library both Sunset and Spike returned to their regular schedules. Sunset Shimmer was currently doing her research on the Elements of Harmony. Sunset was able to convince Princess Celestia to leave the Elements in her care for a few months while she conducted her studies on the Harmony magic they have and their connection with her and the others. Normally Spike would be assisting her during her work, but they baby dragon was delivering the tickets for the Gala to the other bearers.

Sunset was still unable to understand how Princess Celestia convinced Twilight to assist to the Gala this time, normally the lavender unicorn would find a good excuse not to assist unless it was absolutely necessary. For now continuing with her research was the best way to stop thinking on the problems those tickets will bring her. She knew common ponies had no idea what the gala was in reality, so it would most likely be all of her new friends interested on going. The study Sunset was doing regarding the elements was to find out if was possible for any pony that was able to represent the element was able to be a bearer, she wanted to make sure if Equestria would be able to use the Elements even if any of her friends was not longer the best representation of the element or something worse. Maybe a single pony could use all the elements if that pony could synchronize with each of the elements. Sunset realized of the possibilities something like that could open for her, after all once the battle against Nightmare Moon was over, she knew that even if she and the others freed Princess Luna from the evil magic that corrupted her, it was Twilight a single unicorn that was able to stop an angry powered alicorn with only a few wounds on her. Even if Equestria believed that Sunset and the others were the heroes, she knew that they just cleaned up after everything was already presented to them on a silver platter.

She was Celestia’s number one student, she was the older sister Twilight always looked up to, and she was going to prove herself. she was going to study the magic of harmony, she was going to learn from the other bearers what made them connect to the elements and someday she was going to be the first pony to bear all six elements. Unfortunately for Sunset that day was not just yet as her train of thought was interrupted by a screaming Spike entering the library while Rainbow Dash was trying to stop a stampede of ponies from breaking down the door. Sighing she left her studies and went to help her nephew.

One thing Sunset learned about Ponyville is that somethings can't be predicted, like half the town going crazy, trying to get a ticket from Spike for the gala that anypony else would hate to go, or a stubborn earth pony mare that overworked herself, to the point she became a danger not only to herself, but anypony she got contact with. Applejack is well known for her honesty, hard working personality and good will of helping those who ask for her assistance, but when it comes to help her to do her job she became the opposite, a stubborn pony that would not listen to reason.

After Applejack ended up causing a series of problems around the town that interfered with Sunset’s studies, She couldn't ignore what was happening. After finishing helping Nurse Redheart to cure Pinkie Pie and the other ponies from their food poisoning she went to confront Applejack about the problems she was causing. what she learned was that her brother was injured so he couldn't do his normal chores.

She knew that earth ponies were kind of stubborn but Applejack would definitely win the medal of the most stubborn of them all. Just trying to talk some senses into the mare was enough to make so angry that she cast a freezing spell that turned her friend into a frozen pony statue from the neck down. Applejack would have been strong enough to break free if she was in her healthy judgment, but as tired as she was the only thing she could do was complain and struggle to get free. Sunset levitated the frozen mare into the barn before gathering the rest of her friends to help the Apple family harvest the apples on time. When Applejack was finally let free from her frozen prison, she apologized to everypony she caused any trouble during her not so proud moment.

Sunset was even more confused as to how an honest pony as Applejack would end up lying to herself that she could do anything on her own without anypony assisting her. That kind of situation was definitely the opposite of what the Element of honesty must be, her research now would take another direction were a bearer of a element not always was the best example of said element. She needed more research and observation on her friend if she wanted to learn the secrets of the elements.

A few days later Sunset was suffering at the hooves of Pinkie and Rainbow Dash’s pranks, she was unable to work on her research or any experiment without it being destroyed or interrupted, so she went for a walk, she could see many ponies on town suffering from the pranks in one way or another. She was worried about her friend Fluttershy since she knew how sensitive she was any prank could go wrong when it comes to her. Sunset end up looking for the yellow pegasus, just to find her helping a family of ducks near the market in town. As she got close to her kind friend she saw a griffon on the direction Fluttershy was going, the moment the timid pony bumped into the griffon, she screamed a Fluttershy making her cry, just a she was about to run out of there Sunset intersected Fluttershy before she could leave.

“Are you okay Fluttershy?” asked Sunset really worry of her shy friend. Realising it was her friend that one that stopped her she felt less scared but, could only nod as a response. Sunset looked at the griffon that was just staring at them without much interest, she actually looked kind of proud. Deep inside Sunset wanted do something to the her, but she knew they were kind of mean by nature, still she confronted the griffon.

“Hey featherbrain! You better apologize to Fluttershy right now!” said Sunset getting closer to the griffon. Causing many of the ponies present to gape including a Pinkie Pie nearby.

“What did you just call me!?” responded the griffon, angrily looking down at Sunset while shoving her beak into Sunset’s muzzle.

“You hear me, featherbrain! Apologize right now to my friend or I will make you,” Sunset said without feeling intimidated by the tall creature, the anger was boiling inside Sunset, some ponies could swear they saw smoke coming from her mane.

“I don't apologize to cowards,” said the griffon narrowing her eyes, “don't make me show you who is the predator here little filly.”

“That’s it!” screamed Sunset, her horn flashed and the griffon was blasted a few meters away, just to crash against barrel full of fruits ending up unconscious with some burned feathers.”I warned you..” murmured Sunset looking down at the griffon. Returning her gazing to her friend she came back to her and smiled apologetically at her. “Don’t worry Fluttershy, I didn't hit her that hard, also sorry for the violence you have to witness,” she said before using her magic to levitated the unconscious griffon into the air, “I will take her to the hospital just to make sure.”

“Wow...” said Pinkie surprised, “she put that meanie Gilda in her place like it was nothing,”

Fluttershy was still in shock but was able to nod in response, she knew Sunset was strong, after all she was the princess’s student and had her own nickname, and only strong ponies get nicknames. She felt happy that Sunset was there to protect her from the mean griffon, but she also felt sad that because of her, her friend hurt somepony. Maybe she also need to apologize to both of them. With that thought in mind, she started to walk towards the hospital, where they most likely would have been. Pinkie watched her shy friend leave knowing where most likely she was going, before getting the bright idea that a party will be the best way to make every pony happy again, and jumped into the air before dashing to prepare everything.

When Gilda woke up the first thing she saw was a white ceiling, looking around she discovered that she was on a hospital bed before feeling the pain in her right wing and other parts of her body. Trying to remember what happened before she wake up, she remember picking a fight with a yellow unicorn with fire color mane, them the unicorn used magic and everything went dark. “I got my tail kick...” sighed the griffon.

“Well you picked a fight with the Daylight Sorceress,” said a voice next to her. Looking surprise by the sudden response she moved her head quickly causing her more pain.

“You shouldn’t be moving around like that,” said Nurse Redheart as she got closer to check on her patient.

“What you mean by ‘Daylight sorceress’?” asked the griffon.

“You don't know? She is Princess Celestia’s number one student, the older sister of the Warrior Princess,” responded the nurse quite excited, “She is one of the two more powerful unicorn of our current era and maybe in history. You’re lucky she went easy on you. Just a couple of bruises and some burned feathers. Your head and wing were caused by crashing into the barrel though.”

“Yeah really lucky,” responded Gilda rolling her eyes.

“For now you should rest, in a few days you should be better.‘ said Redheart before leaving Gilda.

“To think i pick up a fight with the sister of that monster,” thought Gilda looking defeated as she checked her wing she indeed felt lucky.

Inside Sugarcube Corner Sunset was helping Pinkie Pie prepare the party that would expose Gilda as the meanie pants she was, as Pinkie put it. Sunset just wanted an excuse o she didn't have to deal with Rainbow Dash, the cyan pegasus didn’t take it very well that Sunset brought her friend in the Hospital. She didn't want to believe that Gilda was capable of hurting anypony, especially Fluttershy. Sunset already lost her temper once that week, she didn't want to do it again against a friend. After doing the respiration exercise Cadance had taught Twilight and herself, she was able to leave a frustrated pegasus and keep herself busy helping bake some cupcakes and plan a party.

Luckily she was actually good at cooking, in comparison to her sister, who burned even water. Something that not even Princess Celestia knew how was possible. After helping Pinkie with some ideas and baking some sweets, Sunset left and made her way to the hospital, as she wanted to know if the griffon was finally awake and in better condition than when she had left her there. She knew that Gilda may not want to talk or even let her see her but at least it will make her feel better knowing that she didn't cause some major damage.

Once she made it to the hospital and got permission from the receptionist to visit the patient, she heard an angry Rainbow Dash arguing with her griffon friend. Soon after she got closer to the door it opened revealing a hurt looking Rainbow Dash leaving the room and trying to not make eye contact with Sunset. Inside the room in her bed an even more hurt looking griffon was trying to hide her tearing eyes as she saw Sunset at the door.

“Did you come to finish the job?” asked the griffon trying save some pride sounding strong.

“I think Dash took care of that,” responded Sunset, sighing as the griffon flicked, “look, I’m sorry I reacted the way I did, but you asked for it.” she said to the down griffon.

Gilda wanted to say something, any comeback to put the pony in her place but she couldn't, Rainbow was right, she was a jerk and jerks are not cool. She wanted to be as cool and as awesome as Rainbow, but she just wasn’t able to deal with weaklings. After all, she was a proud griffon. A prideful griffon that got her ass kick by picking a fight with the wrong pony. For the first time in a long long time she swallow her pride and apologized to Sunset, which caught the pony by surprise as she was expecting an insult or a comeback. An awkward silence took over the room, nocreature could said a thing.

“ I hear you are the Princess’s top student,” said Gilda, trying to break the uncomfortable silence.

“Yeah, you could say that,” responded Sunset, “although there are just two students anyway”

“It must be cool being known as the Daylight Sorceress” said Gilda, a small smile on her beak.

“It’s not like I chose it or anything,” said Sunset, sighing, “it just happened with some nobles that hate my sister and who wanted something to brag about”

“Wow, that’s so lame,” responded Gilda, “...sorry,”

“It’s fine, my sister has it worse than me,” said Sunset, “she may be known as the Warrior Princess, but between the nobles of Equestria she is known as the Night Witch. Some even thought of her as the reincarnation of Nightmare Moon, if the real one didn't happen to appear many would still think that.”

“Oh, she isn’t?” asked a surprised Gilda,”many on Griffinstone think of her as such, some even say that she eats ponies and griffons alike. She has a really bad reputation on some places you know.”

“Seriously? I thought she was well respected as a warrior, even dragons think twice before dealing with her.” responded Sunset.

“You know how griffons can be,” Gilda said with a smile, as Sunset laughed at that comment.

It’s good to know you’re feel better, and not only physically,” said Sunset, smiling, “don't worry about Rainbow, I will make sure she gives you another chance. Just apologize to Fluttershy and she will forgive you.” said as she notice the griffon change of humor.

“I will try,” responded Gilda sighing, “just don't expect too much.”

“Sunset shared a few more stories with Gilda, who shared her own stories in return. As sundown came Sunset returned to the Library. On her way home she talked with Pinkie about what happened at the hospital, and the pink pony decided to change the theme of the party she was planning to make sure Rainbow and Gilda can would make up and help the griffon to make some new friends in the process. Once Sunset had made it to the library, it was very late, and she was received by an over-excited Spike waiting for her. In his claws was a letter from Twilight, the infamous pony or famous pony, depending on who you ask, who, as Sunset discovered that day, would be visiting them before their next mission in a few days time.

Life Goes On (unedited)

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Life Goes On

"The greatest enemy of progress is the illusion of knowledge." John Young

Sunset Shimmer never thought she would miss those boring days back in Canterlot, ever since she moved to Ponyville normal days became a blessing. After a few crazy situations she finally was able to continue her research; last was helping Gilda on apologizing to Fluttershy a few days ago. She even found herself going to visit the griffon any time she could, which was new to her, but helped Gilda recover from the depression she was experiencing after Rainbow Dash ended their friendship.

Unfortunately for Sunset, Rainbow Dash became a new problem to deal with, the proud pegasus didn't want to admit she was wrong regarding Gilda and didn't want to make peace with either of them. After days of trying, Pinkie Pie was able to set both proud mares to get on better terms with each other, now at least they talk with one another a few words each time they met. Unfortunately Rainbow Dash felt betrayed by Gilda and none of her friends could convince her to made up with the griffon.

After a week of friendship problems that still needed to be completely resolved, a new pony appeared in town. A showmare that for the advertising she distributed to the ponies in town, thought of herself as the most powerful unicorn in Equestria. Sunset was not going to waste her precious time of research to go and see the kind of pony she couldn't handle. Unfortunately for her Spike wanted to go and see the show, as some foals told him that this showmare was even more powerful than his mom and aunt. So to prove them wrong he need it to see what she was capable of, not that would change his opinion on the matter.

As they made their way to the street where the show would be host, they came across Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. Apparently every pony in town didn't have anything better to do, or so Sunset thought as she saw pretty much every pony she remembered in Ponyville on their way to the show or already there.

“Come common ponies of Ponyville! Come and Witness the amazing magic of the great and powerful Trixie!” said proudly with a loud voice the sky blue unicorn mare as she appeared behind a smokescreen. Sunset regretted coming to the show at that precise moment, she could see the different expressions showing on her friends faces as the boasting showmare made her introduction.

“Watch in awe as the Great and Powerful Trixie performs the most spectacular feats of magic ever witnessed by pony eyes! As only the Great and Powerful Trixie has magic strong enough to vanquish the dreaded Ursa major! ” continued to say Trixie, keeping her loud voice.

“I don't like her,” said Spike as he watched standing on Sunset’s back unamused by the mare show, “she is lucky mom is not here, thought.”

“Why is that?” asked timidly Fluttershy.

“Twilight doesn't like ponies that made fun of star beast,” responded Sunset, “she has a thing for those creatures. Her pet is even one.“

“Oh My! She has a star beast as pet!? Oh I want to meet it sometime!” responded Fluttershy completely excited, totally the opposite of her normal personality.

“Oh? We will gladly ask Owlowiscious for a visit, unfortunately his currently on a mission so he's not here with us.” responded a voice right next to them that made Fluttershy jump. To their surprise five hooded individuals were standing next to them watching the show, two of those were trembling in anger while the one the answer to Fluttershy was in between. Taking her hood off Twilight smile at them, as her tall figure didn't seen to attract any attention for some reason. The others also took their hood off soon after, although Tempest and Zipzee angry faces were still glaring at the showmare on stage. Moonflower and Skystar smiled at Spike and company before Twilight took Spike in her magic and hug the small dragon tightly.

“Hi Mom!” said Spike while hugging Twilight back.

“Oh Spike, We are so happy to see you again!” responded Twilight letting him go.

“Sup, little sis!” greeted Sunset, before hugging Twilight soon after,”I thought you were coming on a later date. Nice use of your presence conceal spell, I didn't even notice you guys at all.”

“Yeah! I didn't even have the party ready!” responded Pinkie complaining,”and I ALWAYS have it ready! ALWAYS! You are good at sneaking! We should play hide and seek some day!” said as she bounced around them. The five mares and hippogriff stared at the pink pony jumping around without having an idea how to respond.

“S-sure, some other time,” responded Twilight with a weak smile.

A squeak sound drew everypony attention as Skystar caught Fluttershy in between her talons, hugging her tightly.

“Oh! You’re are sooo cute! Can we keep her?” asked Skystar at Twilight with the eyes of a filly who got a new toy, making Fluttershy feel panic.

“Mmm, although is a shame, we cannot take her with us,” answered Twilight while using her magic to free the frightened pegasus, “We are sure her friends and lovely animals will miss her if we do so.” Fluttershy felt her cheeks blush as the tall unicorn fixed her mane with her hoof while smiling at her, at the same time she also felt like some dangerous gazes were on her making her look around in panic, just to find three mares smiling at her and a hippogriff looking down, as Sunset facehoofing while Pinkie held her laugh with her hoof.

“Well, well, well, it seems we have some neighsayers in the audience. If you're going to chat do so far from Trixie stage!” said the showmare from stage at Sunset and the others as their laughing was heard on stage. Trixie was about to continue with her complains but she felt a dangerous chill running ding her back as four pairs of glimmering eyes were gazing at her. She decided to continue with her show as nothing had happened, ignoring what could have been her doom. Soon after Trixie end up challenging Ponyville making sure that they knew she was the most powerful unicorn in town, three of Sunset’s friends took her challenge, but making use of her tricks and magic abilities she put in their place quite easily Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Rarity, even making the last one flee crying with a green mane.

“Her personality aside she does have interesting magic,” said Moonflower as she is glared by both Tempest and Zipzee, “come on you two, if she really pissed you up so much why not take her challenge?” she asked with a mischievous toothy smile.

“Why should I lower myself to just to show a boasting mare what truth illusion magic is? That’s Tempest job,” answered Zipzee making her own toothy smile while looking at her friend and rival.

“True, is a job for a unicorn not a bug after all,” responded Tempest with a snug. At the end both forgot about the showmare and focused on glare and insult each other. The rest ignored their fight and continued with their conversation, only Fluttershy seems to be concerned about those two well being. Pinkie giggled while bouncing around the two.

“Nothing seems to have changed,” said Sunset looking unamused, “must be hard for you to keep those two from each other throats”

“Nay, we have no problems, besides appearances those two care for each other,” responded Twilight.

“Nay? Oh, somepony seems to spend too much time with certain princess, ” said Sunset smirking at her sister.

“By the stars Sis, please don't remind us,” responded Twilight with a dead stare, “we finally have some time away from the awful Canterlot, is not necessary to remind us of what awaits us there.”

“Oh, troubles in paradise?” asked Sunset keeping her smile.

“We believe maybe Tartarus would respect us better than those foals,” said Twilight sounding almost angry.

“The nobles again?” asked Spike worry.

“Do not worry our brave warrior, there is nothing they could say or do that we cannot handle,” said Twilight with a motherly smile patting Spike head who smiled.

Without even realizing the show ended while they were talking, following Sunset and Spike they went to the library, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie returned to their homes along the way.

Once they arrive to the library, for the first time Twilight felt envious of Sunset. The library inside the giant tree was so cozy with a feeling of home for the lavender goddess. The idea of living in similar place far from those nobles, crazy ponies and a complicated goddess of the night make her wish for her own tree to call home, specially if includes its own library. Maybe she thought, it was not a bad idea to find her own place, but she would have to wait before that.

While everypony returned to their homes for the night, nopony saw two foals leave into the forest with determination on their faces. Trixie was enjoying supper after a quite successful show, she never thought she would make quite a good profit, even after the interruption by some bumpkin ponies. She was quite happy, finally al her hard work and studies in illusion magic was getting her results, and proving herself as the great and powerful she really was, was just a bonus.

When she was studying on Princess Celestia school Trixie was never able to do things her way, other ponies would judge her or make fun of her dreams, or her way of speaking. The few ponies that were nice to her in her younger years were her parents, Princess Celestia and the filly that had used “we” instead of “I” to refer to herself. Unfortunately the negativity of the school was to much for Trixie and she decided was better for her to continue her studies at home with the help of her family before stepping into the world for the road to become the best magician of Equestria. She was finally getting the fame she so much work for, soon she knew, her name would be well known across Equestria, and them those she admire will come to beg her to join them as part of the elite under the princess.

As Trixie enjoyed her food, she could hear panic voices outside her caravan, soon she heard somepony at her door, as she when to open the door, two little foals were there asking her to show them how she defeated the Ursa, and for that they made sure to lure an Ursa to Ponyville from the forest. Trixie took some time to be able to process what those foals just said until she heard the screams of ponies around town as an Ursa was starting to go rampage entering town. Now she knew that maybe making herself look that good wasn't that great idea.

Spike was showing Twilight his room and the rest of their home as the other follow them. Sunset was making tea for her sister and friends when she started hearing noises outside, she thought it was quite lively even though was so late. At that moment Twilight interrupted Spike as she felt a presence she knew quite well, while keeping a calm behavior, she went down the stairs and told Sunset that a star beast just entered town. Sunset stopped what she was doing as she realized why the commotion outside, asking if she knew what kind of star beast was she walked together with her.

“It seems to be a Ursa Minor,” responded Twilight looking quite serious as she made her way to the door.”and quite angry.”

“Ursa Minor!? Isn't that thing big enough to destroy the whole town?” asked Sunset in panic.

“Yeah, but all we have to do is take her to her mom before that happen,” responded Twilight before showing a no so friendly smile,”what we want to know is who's responsible to take the poor baby away from her mother.”

“Twi wait for us!” Skystar said panicking as the others follow after her.

“Hey sis, I know you are the pony to call when it comes to star beast, but are you sure you can handle it on your own?” asked Sunset as she made it next to Twilight outside.

“Fear not my dear sis, Ursa minor is not the problem,” responded Twilight as she made her way through the fleeing ponies.

“Then what?” asked Sunset trying to keep her cool.

“Her mother,” responded Twilight as a huge mass of stars distorted at the distant through the night sky followed by a terrifying roar. “She will be her soon, and unless she gets her baby back nothing will stop her.”

When the two foals lured the young baby out of their home, they didn't realize that the mother Ursa would go wild looking for her baby. Now the whole town was in a middle of a new crisis.

“Stay back you big push-doll!” screamed somepony, Twilight and Sunset saw as Trixie in panic was trying to lure the Ursa minor who was getting too close to her caravan, while two young foals were cowering behind her. Without needing to think of a plan Twilight ordered Moonflower and Skystar to help Trixie, while Tempest and Zipzee would make sure to lure the Ursa minor away from the town. Twilight watched as Tempest left together with Zipzee with concern in her eyes, as she knew quite well how hard the mission was for Fizzlepop.

“I will help the ponies in town, what would you do sis?” asked Sunset

“We will make sure the mother does not leave the forest,” responded Twilight as she lit up her horn before she disappeared with a teleportation spell.

“Great, Spike let's make sure that nopony is in the way of the Ursa mayor,” said Sunset as she ran to help those caught in the destruction of the Ursa minor.

“Yes!” responded Spike running after her.

In the same moment for some reason Tempest stopped her movements as she got close to the Ursa minor with her ears loaded against her head, eyes in shock, leaving Zipzee alone to handle the job. Zipzee used her magic to send flying the baby Ursa.

“Hey, What’s wrong with you!?” asked angry Zipzee at a frozen Tempest. “Get a hold of yourself!” said as she slapped some senses back to her companion.

“What’s your problem!?” reproached Tempest at Zipzee.

“That’s my line! What you think you are doing freezing in fear against a baby? Didn't you faced a crazy night goddess a few weeks ago!” answered Zipzee angry before taking a deep breath,”look, I know what happened to you when you were a filly, but that little filly is not you anymore, aren't you the one that swear to be next to our queen till the end? Is this much the limit to your loyalty?”

Because of those words Tempest eyes wide opened, what Zipzee said was true, she indeed made an oath on that prison cell to be next to Twilight till the end, the little filly Fizzlepop that almost die and lost her horn was not more. She was Tempest Shadow, Commander of the Night Guard and personal guard and friend to Twilight Sparkle Goddess of the Stars. With her resolve back in place her eyes glimmered as the magic power of her blessing came to live and her broken horn was restored like when confronting Nightmare Moon, with a fearsome smile she thanked her friend and rival. “Let’s place that big bad baby on time-out.”

“That’s more like it” responded Zipzee with a toothy smile.

Trixie was surprised when somepony suddenly lifted her from behind and took her far away from the attacking Ursa, even more when she realized it was a thestral the one that saved her. Skystar took the foals away as she flew next to Moonflower a full speed. Trixie looked in awe as the Ursa was sent flying away from them thanks to somepony’s magic. I-impossible! How can there be somepony that powerful… Trixie knew she wasn't that great to fight an actual Ursa but she never thought there could be somepony that powerful besides from the princesses. Then it hit her, the only group of ponies so infamous as they are powerful and for the first time in quite some time Trixie’s eyes were glimmering with excitement.

As their friends took the civilians out of the way Zipzee and Tempest teleported right next to where the Ursa minor landed. The star beast was confused normally no creature would be capable of doing such kind of damage, not even a manticore or timberwolf could be a decent fight for a star beast, but right now there were two little ponies in front of her looking quite intimidating. Both ponies eyes were glimmering like the stars, overflowing with magic power, the look on their faces was scaring the Ursa minor, even though both ponies were arguing with each other their eyes never stop glaring at the star beast. Finally the Ursa minor couldn't take any longer the overpowering pressure and turned around to flee into the forest away from the scary ponies to look for her mom.

“She fled...” said Zipzee disappointed

“She did...” responded Tempest ”you totally over did it” said while glaring at her friend with a smile.

“...” Zipzee just returned the glared with a toothy smile.

Twilight reappeared close to Fluttershy’s shack, if she let the Ursa mayor continued her course she would most likely destroy the shack and anything in her tracks. She could hear the panic voice of Fluttershy inside her home trying to calm her many animals. Twilight undo her disguise and flew in the direction of the rampage mother Ursa, as much as fun an adventure can be we do kind of miss just relaxing with a good book these days... Thought as she flew. She hoped Tempest was able to overcome her trauma without the need to be there to help her. She made a mental note to do something for her after the situation was back to normal and get a few dozen new books to relax.

As the Ursa mayor was going rampage through the forest, with the only goal to find her baby and made sure that those that took it would pay greatly. As she was getting closer to the town of ponies she found that her movements came to an abrupt end, to her surprise she was unable to move a muscle, she was being held in place by some kind of force. Looking around the area the Ursa tried to find the responsible to interfere in her quest, only to be taken by surprise as a young alicorn flowed right in front of her snout.

“Lovely night isn't it?” said Twilight smiling looking at the stars in the sky ignoring the roars and complaints of the Ursa that tried to free herself,”now, now those are not words that should come out of a caring mother. Don't you think your cute little child could hear them and repeat them later?” the Ursa didn't know how to react to that, “But now that we got your attention, let's have a little chat before my friends bring your baby back.”

The Ursa mayor wanted to complain but something stopped her from doing so, her senses screamed of how dangerous the situation could change if she did, so she just stayed quiet and heard out the overpower creature in front of her.

“There is no need to panic, your little cub should be coming back soon. Our friends would make sure of that,” said Twilight turning her gaze at the Ursa mayor, “it's been a long time Ursa mayor, have you forgotten the one that give you life?” Hearing those words made the Ursa eyes to open wide, it couldn't be she thought.

“I knew discord took some of you to play with long ago, but to think some of you would forget us so quickly,” said Twilight sounding disappointed almost sad, but her thoughts were interrupted by a huge tongue that started liking her whole being. She couldn't stop laughing as the Ursa mayor continued giving her affection.

“Okay, okay. You remember us, we get it.” said Twilight patting the Ursa's giant head once she stop licking her. “How about we go get your cub?” saying while letting the Ursa move again.

By the time Celestia’s sun came out, in Ponyville the situation was now under control many were already helping on fixing some of the damages caused by the star beast. The ones responsible for luring the Ursa to town were already caught after Trixie proved her innocent on the whole incident, although normally she would have left the town by now she decided to help somehow. But more importantly she wanted to be close to those ponies with such powerful magic, she heard so many tales of their adventures and over powerful deeps. They were the ones she wanted to impress and be a part of.

Ever since she was young Trixie heard of Princess Celestia’s students and how exceptional they were, must older ponies would try to compare her with them especially those instructors of School for Gifted Unicorns, but one thing she would never forget was that while Sunset Shimmer was always mentioned as the perfect student of the Princess, aside of her explosive temper, the second student was always fear by the adults, she would clear every test with ease, overpower every magic spell taught by the instructor just to suddenly stop hearing about her or her deeds until she helped save some faraway kingdom and help form a powerful alliance for Equestria. After that everything Trixie heard of Twilight Sparkle were just bad mouth rumors, the nobles hated her, the masses fear her while the other races respected or cheer for her deeds. She didn't care about those crazy rumors, she knew Princess Celestia wouldn't have such force causing damage under her name.

Her group of friends were well known for being quite flashy in appearance and personality, and the degree of loyalty they showed for their leader which many believed was more than to the Princess they serve. And finally what happened during the longest night in ponies history, some said she fought hoof to hoof against the some demonic mare from myths just before Sunset Shimmer rescued and help the Princess younger sister return.

Trixie had idolized many magicians and great performers when she was a filly but was able to overpower them as she grows stronger and smarter. But even she couldn't ignore greatness and now she had a chance to get to know somepony with the power she would most likely use to fulfill her dreams as the greatest and most powerful mare in show business.

Not much time passed after the sunrise for the one pony Trixie wanted to meet appeared on a flash of light, her tall and impressive figure was quite intimidating, she was tall like some famous model or even one of the princesses. Still wearing her hood Twilight came closer to Sunset and the others giving instructions, her expression was serious almost lost in thought, it made her look even more intimidating that normal. Every pony that saw her moved away in panic giving her space, Trixie knew that she was taking care of something important while her friends dealt with the Ursa, but she didn't know what exactly. When tempest and the others saw her they immediately lower their heads in respect, you could even see for a brief moment their panic.

“Sister,” said Twilight, her voice felt different that normal.

“Lil’ sis, you are back!” responded Sunset happy but soon her smile disappeared from her face, “is everything okay?”

“Actually not, is not.” Twilight responded keeping her serious attitude, “did you discover the responsible for kidnapping the cub?” asked while scanning the faces of everypony surrounding them.

“Yeah, a couple of foals thought it was a good idea to see first hoof the magic abilities of last night showmare.” responded Sunset keeping in check her sister strange behavior

“Foals? Really?” asked Twilight having a hard time believing a foal would do something so stupid, looking for a moment to Tempest before shifting her gaze to Trixie, who jumped before lowering her head in panic. “We would take them then” she said returning her gaze to Sunset.

“T-take them? Where?” asked some pony from the crowd

“The pony or ponies responsible for taking the cub and causing multiple damage to the town must be punished,” said Twilight causing many ponies to gape in response to her words, she could have sworn she saw somepony faint, “but, that is not our job, we believe the town would take care of that.” everypony felt better after hearing that.

“Then where you need to take them too?” asked Sunset.

“To apologies of course,” responded Twilight tilling her head as if the answer was obvious.

“A-apologies to who?” asked a timid Fluttershy.

“To the cub’s mother,” said Twilight, “Do you have any idea how worried she was when she couldn't find her baby?”

“Wait!? Baby!?” asked Rainbow Dash her eyes wide open “That thing was a baby!?” .

Twilight’s eyes narrowed at Rainbow Dash use of words, Sunset was able to interfere before something really bad happened, explaining that the star beast the foals brought to town was just a cub, an Ursa minor, not an Ursa mayor.

Soon after Fluttershy brought the responsible with her to Twilight who looked at the foals without any compassion, fearing the worst Fluttershy asked to accompany them and taking the opportunity to meet a real star beast. After a few conditions Twilight teleported with them to where the Ursa's were.

“Well that went better than I expected,” said Moonflower finally relaxing.

“Yeah, I thought she was going to offer the culprits to the Ursa for lunch,” said Zipzee

“She wouldn't do that,” said Skystar glaring at Zipzee.

“At least with foals and fillies not,” responded Tempest without caring.

After Twilight left Trixie was so glad she wasn't responsible for anything that happened, just the idea of having those eyes glaring at her soul would made her faint. She could see why Twilight was so feared, she had an aura around her almost like a princess that made ponies lower their head, even her couldn't look at her directly she felt that if she didn't show respect something bad would happen.

“I so want that...” murmured Trixie.

By the time Twilight and the others returned everypony was finally finished repairing town, Fluttershy looked more happy than normal, which could have been because of befriend a new animal. Sniff and Stitch were terrified shaking while holding each other, as soon as they returned both foals ran to their home as if their life depended on it.

“Flutters are you alright!? She didn't do anything to you did she?” asked a worry Rainbow Dash examining her friend.

“Oh no, she was a dear. I never thought star beasts were so beautiful and majestic” responded Fluttershy with sparkling eyes.”She invited me to have tea next week, oh i can't wait.” said showing a side of her not most ponies know.

“Are you sure we can't keep her?” said Skystar appearing right next to Twilight while doing puppy eyes.

“....” Twilight scratched her chin while thinking, Zipzee and Tempest look nervous about it. “...Tenting but no, we cannot.”

“Awww” responded a sulking Skystar flying away.

“Spoiled princess…” murmured Moonflower while shaking her head disappointed.

“That side of her is cute, we are not bother for it” responded Twilight laughing next to her.

“So, feeling better now?” asked Sunset coming along the rest of her friends.

“We do,” responded Twilight before taking a deep breath, “it seems the stress from Canterlot is doing us worse than we thought.”

“Hey, is okay Lil’ sis,” said Sunset hugging Twilight, “That's why you came to visit, to take a break from that place.”

“Yeah we better get some rest” said Twilight as she cracked her neck and stretched.

“Not before you have your WELCOMING PARTY!!!” said Pinkie appearing out of nowhere making confetti fall before dragging Twilight to the tree house.

After everything was over and a few hours of sleep, Twilight and Sunset finally had a moment to enjoy each other's company while enjoying some tea without any catastrophe knocking at the door.

“We must admit being jealous of your current lifestyle sis,” said Twilight as she contemplates the library.

“Of course you will find living in a library a dream home, little sis” responded Sunset with a smirk.

“There is nothing wrong with that, peace and quiet, hundreds of books to read or reread, no nobles around or stubborn ponies to deal with.” said Twilight closing her eyes imagine such a place.

“It may be true, but I doubt you would be able to sleep without worrying about somepony, or Equestria,” responded Sunset.

“... true...maybe after everything is taken care off...” said Twilight murmuring at the end. “So, you still searching for the secret behind the elements?” asked looking at the door to the basement while changing the suggest.

“How do you know that?” asked Sunset surprise as only Celestia know she still has the elements with her.

“We can feel their “peculiar” magic power coming from that door, besides we read some of your letters to Celestia,” responded Twilight with a smirk.

“Of course you did...” responded Sunset with a deadpan expression “I will have to have a word with the Princess. Anyway, why are you so concerned about them?”

“We don't trust them, they seem to be too ‘convenient’.” said Twilight shaking her hoof.

“Really? They are supposed to be like that, after all they are Equestria’s greatest weapon.” said Sunset while taking a sip of her tea.

“Says who? The princesses? They don't even know where those things came from in the first place,” said Twilight while keeping her eye at the door.

“They freed Princess Luna, they were used to contain Nightmare Moon before that and defeated Discord even before all that, I would say “those things” are quite useful, Lil' sis” said annoyed Sunset, “you almost sound scare of them”

“Of course we are, those things are dangerous, their magic almost feel to have its own will,” said as she took her eyes away from the door to her sister, “they could be controlling you without knowing, you know.”

Sunset took a second before she started laughing at what Twilight was saying, Twilight only watched annoyed waiting for her sister to end.

“Seriously Twi, you sound kind of crazy there,” responded Sunset cleaning the tears of her eyes, “you know harmony magic can’t do that, only dark magic corrupts the mind”

“Actually any kind of power corrupts, but our point is you should not be obsessed with holding that power,” said Twilight making Sunset take her eyes away from her.

“I don't know what you think I'm doing but is not that,” responded Sunset defending her research.

“You know Sunset, sometimes our destiny is closer than we think, so close that will be sticking on our own flanks,” said Twilight before she drank her tea,”you should look for the light you represent and not for the weapon she wants you to be, as she would be more proud of you at the end.”

Sunset couldn't say a word, her little sister words were quite heavy, she knew Twilight would find out what she was really researching the elements for. She knew after years of growing together with Twilight Sparkle that her little sister sometimes overthink even Celestia so perfectly schemes. But she felt some kind of hope on her words and as she switched her gaze to her flank the yin yang brightening sun felt warm for once.

After nightfall that day Twilight and her friends returned to Canterlot, although they wanted to continue their little vacation, duty calls and they needed to return to their respective jobs. Trixie left a few days earlier as she said will go to Canterlot after a few shows along the way.

After Twilight left, Rarity was running around with notebooks full of sketches for dress she wanted to consult, but she didn't make it before they left. That reminded Sunset that they would be attending the upcoming Gala, making her sulk at the thought.

Twilight Sparkle was tired, her days were normally full of activities, dealing with training, studying, having “lessons” with Princess Celestia or traveling somewhere for a mission. But ever since she returned from her little break being Luna’s tutor became her daily life continuing dealing with an angry and stubborn alicorn every night. Her “studies” with Celestia were postponed until the young princess was ready to take over the upcoming night court and the still in training Night guard. Even night duties after Luna’s return were not that easy for the new diarch of the night, Twilight continued to place her stars in the sky like usual, whatever Luna was on time or not, and Luna did the same with her moon whatever or not Twilight was able to get some privacy to do summon the stars. Because of this constantly fighting some nights were late other ones the moon rising on an endless twilight before the dark night took over the sky. In the end it was Princess Luna who had to come up with excuses for Princess Celestia regarding those chaotic nights.

The relationship between both night goddess wasn't the best and it didn't show any sight of changing any time soon. This caused others ponies to perceive that they didn't get along together at all. Many nobles that disliked Twilight or her strict way of doing things mostly against them, moved every piece available at their disposal to get on the returning princess good side. Even trying to make Twilight’s position as her tutor end, just to be replaced by one of their own. Luna would give those nobles time to talk to her or place their petitions, but ignored them completely soon after. She may have been away for a thousand years but nobles were still just the same, like those that hated her long ago. Only this time Twilight was the target of their hate, although Twilight would normally ignore them, as most of them didn't have the guts to do or say anything in her presence, since would backfire at their faces. Fortunately for Twilight there was always a friend that would listen to her complains or give her some words of advice, and she knew one that knew how to deal with both princesses.

Discord was always happy to receive the visit of his dear friend Twilight, especially when they come up with new pranks for the current princesses. But ever since Twilight started to tutor Luna, their time together became more like an appointment with a therapist, there was even a couch where Twilight would lying down while complaining as Discord wearing a therapist outfit with a notepad on his claws would “take notes”.

“You know, there is always the moon banishment option, right?” said Discord as he draws on his notepad.

“We don’t want her out of the picture, we just don't like her attitude against us.” responded Twilight, “no matter what we do or said she will find a way to look down on us.”

“Well my dear, it looks to me that you are trying too hard to get on her good side,”said Discord with a mischievous smile, as his eyes glimmer red, “it’s like you want her to like you.”

“Neight! That’s absurd!” responded Twilight as her cheeks blushed, “We just want the respect We deserve as goddess of the night.”

“Of course you do, little Starbutt.” smirked Discord while responding.

“Of course we do!” responded Twilight, coughing before she continued, “by the way Dissy, since when you could use your magic?” said looking around.

“Oh finally! Took you long enough to notice, you know?” said Discord as he snapped his claws making the scenery to change from the therapist office to a living room with a table full of snacks, “Ever since your dear sister and her friends became the new bearers of the jewels...”

“Elements” interrupted Twilight.

“...whatever,” responded Discord rolling his eyes, “...ever since that day the spell that have me imprisoned is getting weaker, soon I will have enough chaos power to get free.” said smiling devilish as he takes a couple of cups full of chocolate milk, giving one to Twilight.

“Oh~” said Twilight taking the cup with her magic, with the similar smile on her face, “Now, those are wonderful news.”

“Sure they are,” responded while drinking the cup and leaving the chocolate milk behind, “So many things to do when I’m out of here, so many places to visit and so many pranks to make, maybe some conquering would be nice too.” smirking tentative at his friend.

“Just keep it in moderation this time, we don't want to have you back into stone,” said Twilight with a smirk of her own, before both laugh enjoying the confectioneries.

Forest (Unedited)

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"The death of the forest is the end of our life." Dorothy Stang

After a long weekend at the Dragon's Lands dealing with some “diplomatic” discussions with the Dragon Lord Torch in regard some rouge dragons around Equestria, which were causing some community problems, Twilight Sparkle was on her way to Ponyville to leave her adoptive son Spike, the baby dragon was participating in this mission so he could enjoy with other young dragons. Although Twilight may think he just wanted to visit Torch’s daughter Amber.

After the events in Ponyville no so long ago, Twilight has been really busy doing everything in her power to make sure Equestria’s relationship with its neighbors was in check. She didn't want to have any nasty surprises waking her up in the middle of the day. The amount of strange occurrences ever since Luna’s return were keeping her and her friends incredible busy, her sister Sunset and the others were dealing with their own problems too. Even her dearest sister Candace was busy dealing with some diplomatic trips around the west regions and Skystar was visiting her mother too.

Flying next to her was Zipzee in pegasus form with a sleeping Spike on her back, the others were not with her, as they were needed to continue working on Canterlot making sure that the Night Guard was trained and ready for Luna to take command. The night goddess found that the moon princess works better and more smoothly without having to start an argument if she dealt with Moonflower and the others directly without Twilight in between. Twilight was already completely tired of trying to make Luna understand that she didn't care about Equetria’s throne, or being a princess, that the only position she cared about was with the star, which always backfire with an angry moon goddess regarding ownership.

“My Queen, please don't get angry,” said a worry Zipzee. “The moon princess is not around to bother you tonight.”

“Our apologies our dearest Z,” responded Twilight changeling her thoughts, “we have done so much work lately which should be done by Celestia or Luna, not us.”

“But the dragons fear and respect you greatly,” responded Zipzee with inspired glimmering eyes.”the sun princess can't do that, not even the moon princess.”

“Still this a job for a princess not a goddess,” said Twilight sulking, “looks like this week there will not be cake or sweets for some princess.”

“Can I eat the chocolate ones?” asked Zipzee with a big smile.

“Sure you can,” responded Twilight smiling at her,”just don't try to eat them all at once this time,” Zipzee started humming happily like a little filly while flying around Twilight.

Back in Canterlot Celestia wake-up in panic, she felt like something horrible was going to happen. Using her magic she scanned the castle, she found her sister was with Moonflower going through paperwork, the night guard recruits were under Tempest overflowed workout in the training grounds. The one she feared the must was still on the royal gardens, probably just a bad dream she thought before going back to sleep without realizing the vengeful goddess that was coming after her “precious rewards”.

Unable to go to bed again, Celestia took the opportunity to visit her sister and see how things were going, she simply teleported to where she was. As she appeared was greeted by a unamused Moonflower holding paperwork on her hoof, while Luna was annoyingly going through so many paperwork on her desk.

“Hello, Luna” said Celestia gaining their attention

“Princess Celestia!?” said Moonflower bowing in panic skillfully without dropping any paper.

“Sister? Didst something befall?” asked Luna

“Oh do I need to have a reason to visit my dear little sister?” asked Celestia mischievously

“Of course not sister!” replied in panic Luna

“Is okay, Luna. I just wanted to see how everything going for you,” said Celestia with a gentle smile.

“Everything is going well, lady Sparkle madeth sure of it. that lady friends art a most wondrous help for us,” responded Luna with an unamused face.

“Well I'm glad to hear that,” said Celestia smiling at Moonflower who blush embarrassed by the complement before leaving the princess alone,”They are great ponies indeed, Twilight always said they were brought together by guiding stars.”

“Of course she did...” murmured Luna annoyed,”tell us sister, how art things coming along?.” asked Luna changing the subject.

“Things are...coming along,” responded Celestia sighing, “Twilight in on her way back from the Dragon lands, Cadance continue with her trip, Novo said she will wait for our personal visit to discuss the matter, Abyssinia’s queen contacted through Ambassador Catrina that we have their support,”
“But?” asked Luna.

“Things since the elements were used again have started to be to “chaotic” lately, specially on Ponyville,” said Celestia looking at the window. “Like since that day the wheel began to turn for Equestria.”

“It’s been more than a thousand years after all” said Luna, “at least Discord still under its spell.”

“I just hope it will continue to do so,” said Celestia looking back at Luna, “or at least not until Sunset is ready for that trial.”

“So, lady Shimmer is the one thee wanteth to ascent?” asked Luna with a neutral expression.

“Is not what i want Lulu, is what harmony choose for Equestria,” responded Celestia as her ears fold back, “I don't want to choose between the two, I already did so to fight Nightmare Moon.”

Luna didn't respond, she knew her sister had the good of Equestria as priority, beside she didn't know that one of her students was already an alicorn. Luna just hoped that whatever alicorn Sunset Shimmer were to become wasn't one related to the night. She already has her hoof full with one annoying sparkling mare.

Moonflower was observing the training the other thestral were put through by Tempest, it was hard indeed, but nothing compared to the one she and the others did to be of use to Twilight, after all they were still young fillies at that time.

When tempest ended the first part of the training program almost every thestral drop dead tired to the ground, she just sighed while moving her head in disappointment. Realizing Moonflower was there she went to her leaving behind the exhausted guards.

“Good work,” said Moonflower with a smile at Tempest.

“Thanks,” replied Tempest, “ is she being a smart-ass again?” asked looking at the castle.

“He-he no, no tonight,” said laughing Moonflower, “Princess Celestia came by so I just left them alone.”

“Oh that’s not good, Celestia never wakes up before her time unless she needs some snacks,” said Tempest looking worry while thinking on the possibilities.

“Everything is alright,” responded Moonflower waving her hoof, “Twily always make sure of that, besides if something really comes to happen Sunset would be the one to deal with it. No Twily.”

“True,” responded sighing, “at least she is sleeping much better,”

“Or just go use to the nightmares,” said sighing too. “Sometimes I wish for her to open up even more to us especially what is really worrying her.”

“I know, I desire the same,” responded Tempest, “but you know how stubborn alicorns are,” said with a small smile which Moonflower replied with one of her own before laugh.

“Well I better get back to work, I want to finish all of the paperwork before Twily returns,” said Moonflower leaving inside the castle.

“See ya in the morning,” said Tempest as Moonflower waves at hoof at her, “Alright you useless pegasus wannabes time to make yourselves useful for your princess!” screamed Tempest as she returned to the field.

A few days after Sunset and Fluttershy took care of the rogue dragon and saved their friends, Sunset was again involved with another problem, this time the town when completely crazy because of a mare zebra, until that day Sunset thought she had seen all, but never in her bright mind she imagine ponies were still xenophobic idiots like in ancient times, yeah, she knew some back in Canterlot, although those nobles were always “special”, but not Ponyville.
“Seriously, what's wrong with this town, Skystar and Moonflower were here before and no pony cares, but a zebra comes to town and everypony lose it.” said to herself as she returns home from visiting Zecora, the zebra shaman that lives in the Everfree forest.

Sunset didn't pay much attention to her friends crazy warnings or silly superstitions, as she was the only pony that took the time to get to know the Zecora, besides Applejack younger sister Applebloom. Zecora was an expert on plants and potions, the tea she got from her was just to good the help her relax after a long day of research.
Some of the ponies were still acting like morons whatever Zecora visited the town, but at least many more were able to change their way of thinking. Also she sent a report to the Princess regarding the situation and somepony from the castle was going to come to give the ponies a full instance course making sure that kind of situation never happens again.

The idea finalizing her report and going back to even more important matters, made Sunset enjoy her walk, that was until she heard somepony screaming. As she ran closer to where she thought was the location, Sunset discover the young sisters of her friends running away from a cragadile, without a second thought she teleported right in front of the fillies and cast a shield around them, the cragadile slammed right at light brilliant amber shield.

“Is everypony alright?,” asked Sunset keeping her attention to the beast.

“Y-yes!” responded Applebloom

“T-thank you for saving us Miss Shimmer,” said Sweetie Belle

“Y-yeah, that thing came out of nowhere,” said the small pegasus Scotaloo

“Why are you fillies inside the forest in the first place?” asked Sunset, none of the fillies responded only averted their eyes,”well, first let's get rid of this thing” saying so undo the shield and made it appear around the cragadile before gathering a great amount of magic power causing her to shine brightly, Sunset then send the beast flying into the forest far away from them.

“”“Coooool!””” said the fillies together with shining stars on their eyes.

“Alright let's get out of here before it decides to come back.” said Sunset, after saying so she teleported them all just outside the forest near a beautiful flower field. Soon Applejack and Rainbow Dash were racing right at them, just before they crashed Sunset ended up teleporting out of the way causing the two mares to crash in a nearby tree.

“Sweetie Belle! Oh thanks Celestia, you are alright!” said Rarity taking her little sister on her hoof squishing her with a hug.

“R-rarity! A-air!” said Sweetie Belle trying to breathe again.

“Oh sorry darling,” responded Rarity realizing her sister.

Sunset confirmed with her friends that the fillies disappeared from school since the morning, luckily she was on her way home from visiting Zecora when they were attacked. The three fillies were trying to get their cutie marks while exploring the Everfree forest, unfortunately they came across a cragadile during their “exploration”. As they were talking Zecora came out of the forest looking for Sunset that forgot some samples at her home. When the others saw her they panic and move away through the flower field, Zecora tried to warn them of something, but the way they were treating her make her change her mind and just moved Sunset way from the flower before leaving soon after giving Sunset her samples. The fillies and Sunset looked with disappointment the adult mares behaving like dump foals inside the flower field out of the road.

“See girls, that's what happens when you skip school,” said Sunset looking at her friends with a neutral expression as the fillies just nodded in agreement as the mares were glaring at Sunset. With a teleportation spell Sunset left with the fillies to appear in front of the library where they parted ways. Once at home Sunset went straight to the kitchen to prepare some tea and relax before finishing her report.

The next morning Sunset received a surprise visit from Twilight who was delivering Spike after returning from her diplomatic trip at the Dragon Lands. The only one accompanying Twilight was Zipzee for Sunset surprise was rare to see Twilight traveling without all of her friends. While Spike was preparing breakfast with Zipzee help, Sunset was talking with her sister. It was good for her realize some stress while complaining of the dump things that keep happening around her.

“How is your griffin friend?,” asked Twilight before sipping from her coffee mug.

“Oh Gilda? She went back home soon after she recovered,” responded Sunset with a smile.”She said will visit back again when she fell like it.” as she laugh.

“Of course, like any other griffin,” said Twilight laughing,

“What about the others?” asked Sunset,

“Skystar is visiting her mom this week, the others are taking care of duties back in Canterlot,” responded as she looked at the kitchen, “they wanted to let Spike spend time with us without interfering, but we needed an escort so that's why Zipzee came too.”

“Are things better back there or nothing has changed?” asked Sunset worried.

“Hmm still a pain on the flank, but the princess is no longer our problem,” said Twilight sighing,”she is busy with her upcoming duties and the new night guard which we us time to relax.”

“That’s good,” said Sunset smiling as Spike and Zipzee arrived with the food, causing her to remember those breakfast in the castle with everypony, especially seeing the eggs on Spike, Zipzee and Twilight plates.

“You sure you don't want some,” asked Spike looking at his aunt Sunset.

“You know what, I will take some it's been awhile since we share at breakfast at the actual time,” responded Sunset as she handle her plate to Spike with her magic.

“Awesome!” responded the dragon with a smile.

Their meal went without issues and after a lovely time together, Twilight retire to Sunset room to sleep and recover after the long trip together with Zipzee. Sunset returned to her duties at the library while Spike was taking a nap in the living room. Everything looked like was going to be a good normal day for her, but all ended as Rainbow Dash crashed into the library through the door waking up Spike in the process. Soon after all of her friends were gathering in the library although some looked a little different, specially Rarity having her mane and fur looking quite awful, or Pinkie with a huge tongue hanging out of her mouth. As Sunset saw that Applejack was missing Applebloom entered the library looking completely normal, except for the mini Applejack standing on her head. The first thing Sunset did after looking at the state of her friends was to laugh until tears were coming out of her eyes and was on the floor holding her sides as it was starting to hurt. Even Spike couldn't handle and laugh at them too.

“Finish?” asked a pissed Rainbow Dash.

“No quite, but it hurts,” responded Sunset trying to stand. “What the hay happen to you guys?” she asked while cleaning her tears.

“We were cursed by Zecora!” said Mini-jack

“Zecora do potions, not curses,” said Sunset tired of the same ideas against her friend.

“Who is Zecora?” asked Spike also cleaning his tears.

“She is a witch that lives in the Everfree forest!” said a pissed Rainbow Dash.

“She is not!” responded Applebloom,

“Applebloom is right she is not a witch, she’s just a zebra,” said Sunset, “technically a shaman.”

“Cool,” said Spike, “can I meet her?” asked to Sunset with an innocent smile.

“Sure, I will need to get some samples in a few days again,” responded Sunset,

“Are you crazy!” said Rainbow Dash, “She cursed us with her crazy zebra magic! And you want to have a tea party with her!?”

As Sunset was going to respond to her friends complains and screaming when the door from the upper floor opens with a loud bang getting everypony attention. An angry Twilight with glowing eyes was glaring deadly at them from the door, before using the famous Canterlot voice from the princesses commanding for silence before closing the door with her magic returning to the bed. Everypony was sent flying out of the tree including Sunset and Spike landing right at the entrance.

“Right, Twily just arrived this morning from the Dragon Lands” said Sunset while getting back in her hoof,”never wake her up during the day, she gets cranky.”

“Noted,” responded a pile made out of ponies in the middle of the road.

Unable to convince the others Sunset didn't have any other option but to go with them to Zecora’s hut, Applebloom and Spike also went along mostly they wanted to finally meet her.

It was almost nightfall when Twilight wake-up, realizing she was sleeping on Sunset’s room she decided to get up just to find a sleeping Zipzee right next to her with a pleasing smile that brought Twilight a smile of her own. It was at while since she heard anypony on the library, making her way to the balcony she took fly as fast that nopony saw but a blur, looking into the sky as the sunset turned into the twilight and focusing her power she began to sing her melody as the stars came to live and the darkness of the night too over the sky. Soon the moon starts shining on the horizon as Twilight finished her song. Returning at the balcony she was greeted by a bowing Zipzee. Twilight leave the room and followed by Zipzee went into the kitchen, she was going through the food available only to be stopped by a nervous Zipzee that made sure to prepare the food herself, only to have Twilight rolling her eyes as she took her sit at the table.

Time passed late into the night and nopony has returned at the library, Twilight was enjoying the free time while reading a “few” books, Zipzee was also reading while passing time waiting for the other to return. As the clock passes midnight, Twilight closes her book, place it on top of a big pile of books, stretched before she gazed Zipzee who was getting up. Smiling at her Twilight walked out of the library to the front door.

“Alright Z, it's time to find out why it's taking them so long,” said Twilight leaving through the front door. Zipzee saluted and went after her.

Walking all the way through town, she discovered thanks to the help of a few ponies from town that Sunset and the others went into the Everfree forest looking for some witch, and seeing how frightened they behaved telling Twilight, she imagined was a powerful one.

“We didn't know there was a powerful sorcerer living on the forest,” said Twilight walking with Zipzee on the Everfree.

“I think if there was one the sun princess would have tell you about it,” responded Zipzee keeping an eye to their surroundings.

“True...” murmured Twilight as she started to scan the area with her magic, “we can feel the awful magic of the tree, and our sister’s, but nothing more about from any other unicorn.”

“Probably these ponies don't even know if it is a real witch, you know who ponies are with the unknown,” responded Zipzee with a sour expression.

“We believe you are right dearest Z,” said Twilight bumping her friend with her tight “they get to miss the beauty of what the darkness of the night brings, and the mysteries of adventure.” said smiling at her. Continued into the forest they follow were twilight felt Sunset’s magic source. Along the way they saw a few strange bugs flying around which cause Twilight to felt a little nostalgic, even thought those were not her own feelings but those of a part of her, she knew what those little monsters were. He really brought everything he wanted here, although he could create more of his “toys” this little guys were the worst for farmers... thought Twilight as she continues.

“Oh look my queen, such beautiful flowers! Let me get some for you!” said Zipzee as she was going to enter a peculiar flower field only to be stopped by Twilight’s magic.

“As beautiful they are my dearest Z, those are flowers you don't want to get close to,” said Twilight placing her friend next to her, “Those are Poison Jokes, they look innocent but their power could be like a really bad joke after a few hours.”

“Are they deadly?” asked Zipzee worry

“Neigh, just really annoying, but can cause temporary changes on your body,” responded Twilight as she continue her way into the forest.

“What kind of changes?,” asked Zipzee.

“Like those,” responded Twilight sighing as she pointed with her hoof to the mini pony stuck in a spider web crying for help as a doodle maned rarity was trying to help her. Looking at the chaos in front of them Zipzee couldn't help but laugh at their misfortune.

“Well we found them,” said Zipzee holding her laugh with a hoof.

“You sure did,” responded Sunset appearing from within the forest followed by the rest of her friends with a sleeping Spike on her back.

“Good night sis,” said Twilight with a grin, “We see you got your hooves busy while we were resting.”

“You don't want to know,” responded Sunset with a gloomy face.

“Poison Joke?” asked Twilight

“Yeah, how do you know?” asked Sunset surprise,”I just discover that thanks to Zecora.”

“Well, we saw a few on the way her, and who is this Zecora?” said Twilight.

“Oh she is a new friend I met a few days ago, she is from Zebrica,” responded Sunset smiling.

“Hmm a zebra, she must have really good knowledge of plants and potions then.” said Twilight scratching her chin with a hoof, “she already give you the antidote then?”

“Yeah, a simple herb bath apparently,” responded exhausted Rarity. “And I’m dying for one right now!”

“So have you ponies meet this witch the town was talking about?” asked Zipzee

“Uh w-witch?” asked a sweating mini applejack

“Yes, we hear an evil with lives around these parts, so we thought you ponies were looking for her too,” responded Zipzee as Twilight scanned the different expression everypony was making while averting their eyes.

“Do we miss anything important?” asked Twilight rising an eyebrow.

“Nah really miss Twilight, just adults learning their lesson,” responded a smiling Applebloom appearing behind Sunset.

“Well, isn't this little filly really over due from bed time?” said Twilight smiling at the filly who give her an embarrassed smile.

“Honestly, we all are,” responded Sunset as they continue exiting the forest.

“What a shame, is such a beautiful night,” said Twilight with a small voice mostly no pony heard her, except Zipzee that just rested her hip on Twilight for support. “We should return soon to Canterlot, there's our report to present and paperwork to do plus a sweet ban for the princesses to impose.” she said to Zipzee who show her a toothy grin.

“Sorry for not being there today, after you took your time to visit,” said Sunset after walking all the way back and they arrived at the forest entrance.

“Is fine, you have your things to do, besides we needed the rest,” responded Twilight with a smile, “just made for it next time we see each other.”

“Sure, at the Gala then,” said Sunset with a small smile.

“Ugh, don't remind us please,” said Twilight with a sour expression.

“I know what you mean...” said Sunset sighing, “see you around Lil' sis.” said Sunset with a smile as she hugged Twilight.

“You too take care,” said Twilight returning the hug before stepping away from them to teleport, “just a little advise” she said grinning before casting the spell, “careful with the Parasprites.” Before Sunset could ask what she meant Twilight was gone. And in the middle of the night only a “WHAT!?” was heard coming from Pinkie Pie.

Forgotten Stories 01

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Forgotten Stories 01

“The sky is filled with stars, invisible by day.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I remember being one of many brothers and sisters that followed our master, we moved in the darkness and in the penumbra of the night. Our only reason to exist was to see her smile and her enemies crumble.

We were her eyes, her ears and extension of her limbs, we made her will became reality. Since eons we were there for her, until that horrible day we were no more. Many of my brothers and sisters don't remember those times, their memories anew as they were reborn by our mother on this new land. She who rule over us, over the darkness of the night and those who live by it.

But I'm different, I remember, I remember those final moments, the pain, the sadness, the despair she felt as every one of us were eaten, destroy, extinct from the universe. I remember that world, the rules, those who were called goddess and gods, those who share a home with our master, those she called sisters, those she called her children, those she gave mercy and those unfortunates who she brought judgement.

Since the day she remake us, she gives us a new purpose, a new life, a new home, a new sky. She was much younger than I remembered, she looked so fragile, so... mortal, but those eyes were filled with power, with endless wisdom. We knew from the moment she calls for us, remake us with new pieces, that she was still the same we loved, the one we respected and followed without questioning. She who sings lullabies for us every day, she who keep us shining brighter with joy, she who we kneel to.

Even after years since our time came to be on this new world, we continued to support her, to make sure, no matter if my brothers and sisters remembered or not, to do everything in our mighty power to keep our master, our creator and mother from that pain, that horrible nightmare ever again.

To this day every one of us supervise from the darkness, from the shadows, from the high sky to bring down anything that could become an obstacle for our dearest master. And by our mother’s mercy the day never comes where we need to step into mortals lands upon her call to bring judgement, since only her has the gift for mercy.

Until that day comes we will keep patrolling from the mighty sky, bringing our own judgement to those who plot against her peaceful life harm. As we are hers to command, her family and her children.


Now if you excuse me, our master calls…

Canta per Me

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Canta Per Me

"Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth." Ludwig Borne

Cadance was having a good enjoyable afternoon, that day she saw her favorite little sister in a good mood for the first time in a long time just before Twilight went to bed, Luna also looked happy as she read the report about her new Night guards, and her aunt Celestia was also happy to be off court that day, as she was going to be out away from Canterlot visiting Sunset at Ponyville. She apparently needed to retreat some artifacts herself as they were dangerous or so she told her. But probably also wanted to eat some sweets baked by Pinkie Pie, it has been days since she was able to find any on the castle.

The idea of seeing her family having a good day/night meant she will also do so.
Shining Armour was busy that day training the guards, ever since he felt that the new night guards were getting better than the currently royal guard, and as the captain he couldn't let that happen.

“Oh big dummy,” murmured Cadance annoyed as she looked over the window all the guard running in full armor.

Since Celestia was away and Luna was currently resting, it was Cadance the one in charge of any important situation. She was currently in her office, reading a report about an infestation of unknown creatures that apparently eat anything except for meat, even magic.

With the Gala so close it was important to keep anything from getting out of control. Another report came from Ponyville which also had the same problem but was taken care of by Sunset and her friend Pinkie Pie who apparently knew how to handle the creatures. She requested the guards to inform their captain and mobilize a squadron to get help from Pinkie Pie and deal with the creatures before they eat every town’s food supplies.

With Celestia on Ponyville she most likely knew the situation so that will make things easier.
Most of her day went normally, at least for Cadance’s standard, not much paperwork was left after learning how to review and to read in between the lines, as must nobles tend to get away with some crazy stuff.

‘Like something of that obvious would go by without double checking any document, aunty really need to teach these ponies some remorse.’

Thought Cadance, the craziest of the petitions involved transferring Twilight out of Canterlot for good to some remote place were her “special talents” could benefit Equestria better, which only made Cadance roll her before vaporizing the document to dust.

Another one wanted for Twilight to step down of commanding the “Night Witches”, which was the name nobles referred to her and her team, and give full authority to the noble faction. Like that will ever happen, if not Twilight, any other of those girls would likely put on their place anypony that wanted to try that. And so many of these nobles forget that Skystar is royalty to begin with. She thought as she vaporized another document causing her Assistant Inking Rose to hold her laugh with a hoof, as she could guess the crazy request write in those papers.

“I think this should be enough “royal” work for today, don't you agree Rose?” Asked Cadance stretching her wings as she left her seat.

“Of course Princess, would you like to go meet the Captain or enjoy some tea at the gardens?” Asked Inking Rose as she took the papers and reorganize the desk.

“Let's do both,” said Cadance with a bright smile as she left the room.

Twilight walked through the halls of the castle early in the afternoon, for her was another day impossible to have a nice time sleeping, and another day to depend on her power to recover from her tiredness.

Like most days at that time the castle was full of ponies working, guards making sure nothing happened and nobles keeping their noses high while trying to look important. The majority of the ponies would ignore Twilight’s presence, the guards would always salute her, official or not she was part of the Equestrian special forces and was an icon for many mares on the guard. Nobles feard her, and would normally tried to have as little time around her as possible, and Twilight loved that panic she caused to them.

“Twilight Sparkle!” called an authoritative voice of a stallion, which caused Twilight to scowl before rolling her eyes as she stopped.

“Prince Bluey, what can we do for you this afternoon?” asked Twilight as she turned to face the stallion who looked insulted.

“Lady Sparkle, I would appreciate it if you don't call me like that anymore,” Blueblood said as he shook his mane.”We were foals when Lady Shimmer started calling me that.”

“Oh Bluey, are you afraid any of those crazy mares that always follow you around heard the nickname sis give you?” asked Twilight while smirking.

“Please, we both know that you would be doing me a favor,” said Blueblood rolling his eyes. “Anyways, I was looking for you because it came to my attention you and your friends will be participating in this year’s Gala.”

“Oh yes, although is more like made to take part by your dearest auntie,” responded Twilight sighing “trust me we don't like it more than you do,”

“Mmhmm, well if that is the reason I will say no more.” said Blueblood looking to see if anypony was still around. “Now, could you please tell me if Lady Catrina would be taking part too?”

“Oh little Bluey, We both know she hates the Gala as much as any of us,” responded with an understanding smile before placing her hoof on his shoulder, “but we could request her presence this year as the “heroes” of Equestria would be taking part too.”

“Of course, what could be the cost of your help this time?,” answered Blueblood trying to hide his true emotions.

“We will discuss it on a later day, right now we need to get to the archives before Celestia returns from her visit,” commented Twilight as she turned around and continue her way while shaking her hoof.

“Great job Blueblood, you just made another deal with the “Witch” of Canterlot, hopefully no ponies heads would be flying this time,” said Blueblood to himself as he retired from the same way he came.

Twilight stopped for a moment and looked at her shadow, a pair of red eyes appeared making her smile, getting closer to it she received a message taking away the smile from her face.

“Lady Sparkle!” said behind Twilight the powerful voice of princess Luna causing Twilight to sigh.

Cadance was on her wait to meet up with Shining Armour when she was abruptly stopped by a group of nobles led by the patriarch of one of the most influential houses of Canterlot, Lord Fancy Pants. Apparently there was a situation regarding the Gala guest list, many nobles were worried regarding having both Princess Celestia’s students and their friends attending.

The idea nobles had of Twilight wasn't that good, and over the years the idea of a unicorn filly getting achievements on every adventure she went didn't help. Especially after she made it clear they couldn't control her.

Listening to the ridiculous excuses and theories of why should be impossible to accept the participation of Twilight or any of her friends to the Gala, Cadance was starting to feel tired.

She did her best to calm everypony, to make sure all those conspiracy theories regarding Twilight were just crazy ideas. She definitely knew Twilight hated politics, just the idea of her trying to take over Equestria was silly enough.

As soon as she declared that Celestia herself was responsible for having them attend the Gala most of them calmed down, unfortunately they were still some who believed something bad would happen at the Gala.

Cadance spent a lot of time dealing with the nobles, and by the time she was able to get away from all the complaints and concerns, her tea time date was ruined. It was almost time for Celestia to return. She decided to take a well deserved break, her first stop would be her favorite pony, so she headed to the archives as Twilight was most likely there already.

Candace arrived at the archives, she was greeted by a unicorn mare that looked just like Twilight but with a little different color scheme, and she also wore glasses.

“Good Evening Princess,” said the mare with a smile as Candace entered the archives.”I'm sorry but we still don't have magazines here.”

“Moondancer, good to see you,” responded Candace smiling while ignoring the comment, “I'm looking for Twilight, have you seen her?”

“She’s probably wrecking the history section by now with Moonflower,” responded with a slightly angry tone pointing with her hoof.

“Again?” asked Candace and sighed, “I'm sorry, most be hard for you to clean up after her,” She said with a worried tone.

“Don't worry Princess, she always cleans up when she’s done,” Moondancer responded with a smile, “besides it’s part of the job here.”

Soon after she disappeared into the office were Jade Singer was finishing her work. Looking at Cadance she rolled her eyes while the love princess give her an embarrassed smile. ‘She still remembers that day’ Cadance thought as she walked through the halls full of bookshelves, she knew that most likely the only ponies to ever read all the information there were her Aunt and not so surprising her priced students.

“History is written by the winners...” commented Twilight going through another book while scowling,”more like history is destroyed by the winners.”

“Maybe a time travel spell?” suggested Moonflower closing another book.

“Neigh, to many variables to take into account, the book could be destroyed,” responded Twilight closing the book before sighing in annoyance. “This is like Luna all over again,” She said before hitting her head on the desk as she got an enlightenment, “This is like Luna all over again!” She proclaimed looking at Moonflower who seemed to be lost in the idea she got. “Moony, we were looking for ancient history at the wrong castle!”

“Oh! The Castle of the two sisters library!” responded Moonflower just as happy,”by the stars Twily, how we never thought of that! Thousands of uncensored history books!” as she hugged her by the joy.

“Oh, am I interrupting something?” asked Cadance mocking her while getting closer to them smirking.

“Nothing that you haven't seen already,” responded Twilight rolling her eyes before smiling at her. “We were just looking for important information.”

“Like Nightmare Moon?” asked Cadance looking the towers of history books.

“Yes, that kind of information,” answered Moonflower before looking at the tired face of Cadance. ”Long day?”

“You have no idea,” responded Cadence sulking on the desk, “between pests control, Gala preparations and annoying nobles, today wasn't what I expected.”

“Care to share?” asked Twilight placing a hoof on Cadance's back smiling at her.

A couple of days before the Gala Sunset arrived to Canterlot train station with her friends early in the morning. To Sunset’s surprise nopony she knew came to receive her at the station just a couple of guards. They took every single piece of luggage, which was mostly Rarity’s, before going to the palace. It wasn't the first time in Canterlot for most of them but still they felt a little out of place, and having many ponies were staring at them didn't help. Unaware that the reason why they were gathering the attention was mostly because of the incredible amount of luggage the guards were struggling with.

Spike took a different path along the way to visit his grandparents, he would not be taking part at the Gala and didn't want to be near the castle at the time of the year either. The girls were quite eager to get to the castle, Rarity couldn't wait to finish the last details of the dresses. Fluttershy really wanted to talk to all the cute animals at the royal gardens, Pinkie Pie just wanted to party as soon as possible, Rainbow Dash was mostly trying to act as cool as possible while the only one not there yet was Applejack, who would be arriving the day of the Gala as she needed to prepare the food she was going to sell. In Sunset’s case it was her home, her family life on the castle, even the guards would take a moment to welcome her, for her friends it was an interest sight, they never really knew just how important Sunset really was, for them, she was just their friend who has a very interesting family.

Entering the castle caused different reactions from Sunset’s friends, Rarity looked like she was about to fly in the air, Fluttershy felt quite intimidated, and Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie were needed to be held still by Sunset with her magic before they ran into the castle and cause some trouble.

As they made their way through the halls of the castle, Princess Celestia came to greet them.

“Sunset! I’m so glad to see you, my student.”said Celestia as she got close smiling to them, “and your friends.”

“Princess!” responded Sunset while she ran and hugged the tall mare. The rest of her friends bowed in presence of the princess before giving their greetings. ”Long time no see!” Sunset said smiling. Celestia gave her a warm smile agreeing with her.

“Would you and your friends accompany me for breakfast? Both my sister and Twilight would most likely be there soon,” Celestia asked guiding the girls with her wing.

“Oh we will be honored, your highness,” responded Rarity, the other girls agree with her following Celestia.

Once they made it to the dining hall, they were greeted by many empty tables the only ponies present were a tired looking Luna and Twilight with her face buried in a book flowing on her magic, while the chef was nervously waiting for their dinner order. Celestia continued until she sat right next to her sister, Sunset made her next to Twilight. Twilight closed her book and smiled at her.

“Morning Lil’ sis,” Sunset said as she hugged Twilight, who returned the hug as Spike hugged both of them.

“Come my little ponies and join us,” addressed Celestia at Sunset friends. The girls smiled as they sat next to Sunset and Celestia. Celestia requested breakfast for Sunset, the girls and her. Luna requested a salad and daisy sandwich, Twilight asked for a gryphon special which earned strange looks from Sunset’s friends. Spike asked for the same as Twilight plus some gems.

Sunset looked at her friends’ concern with her sister eating habits she asked Twilight why she wasn’t eating with her friends, Twilight ignored the looks and while patting Spike she answered. “We normally have dinner earlier but princess Celestia wanted for us to join her today, they are probably waiting for us at our room.”

“Since we won't be able to have a moment to eat together until dinner,” Celestia commented with warm smile, “I thought Sunset would like to have a typical morning like before, only with more family members,” said as she placed her wing around her sister Luna who gave her a shy smile, “although Candace still sleeping, poor dear had a long week with the Gala preparations.”

“Is valorous to see thee again, bearers of harmony, ” announced Luna making her best to look awake besides the tired she was, “please enjoy thy stay at our home” the girls smiled at her and thanked her for the invitation.

Their breakfast went without issues, the only uncomfortable moment was when Rarity and Fluttlershy almost fainted when Twilight ate her dinner, for the princesses and Sunset it was a regular thing, Rainbow thought she looked badass especially with how she got used to it while exploring lands outside of Equestria. After having breakfast Luna and Twilight retired to their own towers to rest for the day.

The Gala would start the next day and Rarity wanted to get the dresses ready as soon as possible, the princess had prepared a special room for them with all the accommodations for the occasion. Fluttershy was able to enjoy the gardens while the Gala was being prepared so that she could accompany her friends during the event. Pinkie and Rainbow tried to be part of the preparations but were taken out by Sunset.

And after days of preparations the night of the Gala arrived, many nobles and powerful ponies came from all over Equestria just to be part of the event, others would wait on the red carpet to be able to greet many celebrities.

Tempest and Zipzee were in charge of announcing every pony the entered the event to greet princess Celestia, Moonflower was acting as Celestia secretary making sure she had time to receive everypony and enjoy the party.

Twilight and Sunset were at the edge of boredom, looking at the nobles trying to appeal to the princess or the dumb mares trying to get Blueblood attention surprisingly even one of Sunset friends was in there.

The party was just as both of them remembered and hated. Tempest and the others were on duty not really enjoying the party, their job was mostly guarding Celestia and presenting the guest as they entered. Skystar was the only one beside Twilight and was mostly trying to make her friends have a good time.

So far the Gala looked like any other, that was until a disturbing powerful magic was felt by every creature present, those who felt were worried, all except Twilight who couldn't help but smile.

The red carpet used by the nobles to enter and greet the princess turned into a road full of soap water causing everypony stepping on it to slip and crash. Blueblood was turned into a pile of push dolls resemble his image causing every mare fight to get their hooves in one of them, including Rarity.

“Bwahahahahahaha!” resonated an evil laughter all over the hall, many of the ponies present started to panic, others thought it was part of the entertainment.

Princess Celestia felt like her whole world just crumbled in front of her, she knew that laughter, it haunted her for many centuries, the vile creature with godly powers was back.

Sunset saw the distress on Celestia face as she was looking for something or somepony, the only time she saw that same expression was when Nightmare Moon returned.

'Something is wrong' Sunset thought as she ran to be next to Celestia.

Suddenly the fountain in the middle of the hall turned into a chocolate geyser, the alicorn ice sculpture turned into a clown pony with rainbow afro and a big nose. The musical instruments started to play by themselves leaving the musician stunned. A disco ball appeared in the middle of the hall followed by pink cotton candy clouds randomly appearing in the sky. Random tables were stuck to the ceiling, leaving many ponies holding on to their chairs just to not fall to the ground.

“Now this is a party,” said Twilight grinning looking as chaos happened.

“Ooh I agree!” said Pinkie as she appeared next to Twilight grinning before jumping into the chocolate geyser.

“Into the gala♪, now is the time! Into the gala♪, And we'll have the best night ever!” sung the draconequus as he appeared through the front door wearing an orange tuxedo causing ponies to run in panic. “At the Gala!! Bwahahahahahaha!”

Hide and Seek part1(unedited)

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Hide and Seek part1

"I'm not playing fair? Perhaps we haven't met. I'm Discord, spirit of chaos and disharmony. Hello?" John de Lancie Discord

Discord contemplated in bliss as ponies flee in horror leaving the Gala, some even getting caught on one of his pranks. Snapping his claws he made Zipzee and Tempest armor change from the regular gold design to a purple guard armor with Twilight’s cutie mark, looking at them with expectation as a mini version of himself appears on Tempest shoulder and handle a piece of paper, she gives a quick look at Twilight, who was holding her laugh with a hoof as she gave her approval, Tempest sighed and rolled her eyes before speaking.

“Presenting the god of chaos, conquer harmony, lord of the unexpected, old ruler of Equestria, Lord of chaos and disharmony, future ruler of Equestria again, the great and Chaos himself, Discord!” read Tempest the note with the most monotone tone possible.

“You could at least try!” exclaimed Discord reproaching with his arms before getting closer to Tempest “If it was star-butt you would be singing her titles” murmured causing her to blush with her eyes wide open. “Well it doesn't matter.” he said as he disappears and appears right next to Celestia.”Hello Sun-butt! You look taller and more... mature since the last time I saw you! Still having a sweet tooth I see.” poking her belly with a claw.

“Discord!? How could this be possible?” said Celestia as she guard herself up.

“Oh please, you really thought you could keep chaos trap on stone?” responded Discord as he appreciated his claws. “Besides, a millennium without the power of your jewels can do the trick.”

“Princess Celestia!” scream Sunset as she teleports herself right between them. Discord stares at her for a second with a nostalgic spark in his eyes. ‘She really looks like her’ he thought before he caught Sunset on a bubble.

“Now little pony, the adults are talking go back to play with your sister,” said Discord before sending her flowing away from them on Twilight’s direction.

“Discord, I will not let you harm my ponies! Especially not my students!” Celestia says as she charges her magic making herself glow with a golden light channeling part of the sun power.

“Oh Tia, you hurt me with your insults,” Discord says as he appears on top of the ice sculpture,”I’m not the one the turns ponies to stone, or grounds her sister to her room for a thousand years,” he looks at Twilight for a moment, “or let's her students do all the work.”

Silence!”commanded Celestia with her royal Canterlot voice shouting a beam ray that vaporize the sculpture but does nothing to Discord who just stays while wearing shorts and sunglasses and putting sunscreen lotion.

“Thank you Tia, I needed to get some color.” said Discord before he laughs to an even angrier Celestia, “now this is supposed to be a party!”

Snapping his claws he makes appear the elements inside a jewellery box, a completely surprised Princess Luna and a Cadance kissing the air, who soon realized she was no longer with Shining Armour.

“Discord!?” reacted Luna as she sees the draconequus, summoning her magic preparing herself for battle.

“Lulu!” responded teasing Discord.

“Discord?” asked an unprepared Cadance

“Princess Cadenza, is nice to meet you!” said Discord presenting some blue flowers to Cadance before disappearing.

“Don't smell them!” ordered Celestia before taking the flowers with her magic and burned them. “What are you planning Discord?”

“Well, now that all the players are here, let's start this party!” said Discord snapping his claws and appearing a banner that reads ‘Discord’s welcoming Gala!’. “First event, the royal hunt!” creating two dolls that looked exactly like Luna and Twilight he made them levitated into the air causing the real Luna and Twilight to do the same, both looked worried and confused respectively, and just before disappearing both screamed Discord’s name.

Luna appeared in the middle of a dark cave, in front of her were 3 different paths. She felt something was wrong as she couldn't feel the moon present, trying to use magic she realized her horn was missing and only had her wings. “Discord….” murmured Luna in rage as she cracks the floor stumping with her hoof.

“Now, now, little Lulu. This is a game try to enjoy it.” Luna heard Discord’s voice around her.

“Discord! returneth us at once thee evil creature!” commanded Luna searching her surroundings.

“I'm offended, princess. I'm not evil, I’m chaotic. Not the same thing. I oppose order, not good.” responded Discord appearing in front of her wearing butler clothes. “Let me explain you the rules of this game. If you are really that eager to return.” said bowing before her.

Luna knew enough better from her last experience against Discord. She needed to contain her anger and play along if she wanted to recover her power. She waited patiently for the chaos creature to continued.

“Excellent! Your game is simple, choose the path you want to discover and recover the doll of your dearest new partner.” explained Discord with a mocking tone.

“W-What!?” exclaimed Luna in anger.

“Easy, right? You can choose from 3 different points of view that will tale a story not even her knows you will see.” getting closer to Luna he presented to her options, to see her current plans, to see what she is capable to do or to see what is hidden behind her power.

Luna didn't trust Discord, but she needed to play along to return. And she was going to take advantage of what she could. She made her chose and Discord grinned evilly as she entered the path.

Twilight appeared in the middle of some kind of forest. To her surprise her powers were suppressed and she couldn't feel her stars, “Dizzy, you better know what you are doing.” Twilight said as she started to walk calmly through the woods.

“But of course, my dearest Star-butt.” responded Discord as he appeared in the form of a push-doll version of himself. “As thank you for gathering chaos for my release I will grant you the information you were looking so hard to know.”

“Really now? And where exactly are we them?” asked Twilight laughing little unable to take serious her friend with such adorable form.

“Try, when.” answered smirking the push-doll Discord, causing Twilight’s eyes to open widely. “That’s right, I will take you through a quick trip on the history of Equestria in the best way possible. By experience it with the safety of not causing damage to the timeline.” snapping his claws making appear the push doll version of Luna he promised to give it to her after the show.

“If you include this adorable version of yourself too, we may have a deal. We may even willing to forgive you for disconnecting us from our children.” responded Twilight smiling slyly at him.

“It's a deal then, Showtime!” said Discord as he snapped his claws and battle cries starting to be heard in the background.

Back at the Gala, everypony was in shock as Luna and Twilight disappeared. The first to react was Celestia, she tried to attack discord but he with a simple snap of his claws placed her and Cadance inside a crystal ball, making sure anypony that was about to attack stop.

“Now, now, this is a game and no-pony is getting hurt, probably.” said Discord while looking at every creature that remained present. “They should return once they clear their event. As for the rest of you, it's time for the second event!” presenting the elements to everypony “The Equestria treasure hunt!”

“Discord! Realize Princess Celestia!” commanded Sunset, trying to control her magic as her anger raised.

“Of course, after you ponies complete the event,” responded Discord playing with the crystal ball, snapping his claws the elements flew into the sky and disappeared, looking at everypony his eyes started to glow brightly red intimidating all of them. “To retrieve your missing elements, just make sense of this change of events. Hide and seek are my master plan. Then find the Elements back where they were born.” before his eyes returned to normal, he waved to then with a smile and disappearing together with the crystal ball containing the princesses.

Nopony moved, they couldn't believe the princesses were taken just like that and quite easy by Discord. Sunset was the first to react, she used a scanning spell for the elements magic, but she couldn't sense anything in Canterlot. Tempest, Moonflower, Zipzee and Skystar felt strange. They normally could feel Twilight through their connection of the blessing anywhere no matter the distance, but now they felt empty. It was like she wasn't anywhere on Equus. In the night sky, the stars started to twinkle and shine as brightly as they could, they were looking everywhere for their master, their mother. Soon after Shining Armor entered the party hall followed by dozens of guards, they were searching for Candace ever since she disappeared when Discord summoned together with Luna. Unfortunately for the guards she was not the only princess taken by the new menace. They soon decided to take actions, the guard led by Shining Armour would make sure everypony was safe during the time Discord was still on the loose. Sunset and her friends made their first priority to locate the elements in order to be able to fight against Discord, but before anypony could ask for help from Tempest and the others, all four of them Disappeared while everypony was deciding what actions to take.

Ambassador Catrina came out of her hiding place as soon nopony was around, she knew Equestria always had to deal with crazy situation and foes. After her kingdom was rescued by her dear friend and supporter, she really hoped for nothing similar to happen again, to any of their allies. Now the Equestrian rulers were taking hostage, she needed to act quickly. Her Queen needed to know, and preparations needed to be taken now that even their dear friend was missing.

All around Equus things began to look strange, all started with the stars going crazy upon the night sky, soon the day time started to change randomly between night and day in a matter of minutes. But no matter the time of the day in the sky, the stars were still going nuts to even moving around.

On Hippogriffia, Queen Novo got the alarming news of Discord escape, she soon made sure her hippogryphs were aware of the situation and prepare for any upcoming battle. The same preparation was being made on Abyssinia, their Queen got the news thanks to her loyal friend and ambassador, but the only difference was that her forces were getting ready to attack and save the princesses of Equestria.

Unaware of the situation every creature in Equus was going through, Twilight was experiencing the history lesson of her life somewhere between time and space.

Hours after Discord disappeared, Sunset and the girls were inside the Archives looking for any clue or hint that could tell them where the Elements came from. No even Moondancer was able to assist them with that kind of information as only Princess Celestia or Luna knew where they got the elements from. With Twilight out of the picture, even Moonflower was missing, no pony knew where they went. To make things worse for them, Discord was causing many kinds of events in every city of Equestria.

“This is getting ridiculous,” exclaimed Sunset closing another book.

“Like seriously! Why can't the princesses have like a book or a note on where they got the elements!” said Rainbow Dash

“Oh I found something useful!” said cheerfully Pinkie as she bounced around the table with a book on her hooves.

“You found the location?” asked Sunset

“No silly, but I found a clue.” responded Pinkie, as she showed to her friends the cover of the book with a sticker of Discord’s face with the word clue below its neck.

“You gotta be kidding me,” proclaimed Sunset, taking the book and looking at its content. It was about magical potions made by shamans from Zebrica. One in particular was marked on glowing red, “Memory Potion”.

“So all this time we could have been looking for a clue instead of just reading books!” said annoyed Rainbow Dash.

“Now darling, we didn't know what we were looking for any way,” said Rarity to her, “we should be grateful that Pinkie found something.”

“So sugarcube, we just have to go make this potion?” asked Applejack

“No really, we need Zecora help, and from their we may know where to look for the elements.” responded Sunset.

“S-so we need to go to the Everfree Forest?” asked Fluttershy afraid of the answer.

“Yes, is the closest we have been to locate the Elements,” responded Sunset as she placed the book on her saddlebag. “Alright everypony, we got some princesses to save.”