• Published 4th May 2018
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In the land of Twilight, under the Moon - Snow Moon

Twilight Sparkle was dying because of the magic flare but the one the came to her rescue was not Celestia...

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Forgotten Stories 01

Forgotten Stories 01

“The sky is filled with stars, invisible by day.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I remember being one of many brothers and sisters that followed our master, we moved in the darkness and in the penumbra of the night. Our only reason to exist was to see her smile and her enemies crumble.

We were her eyes, her ears and extension of her limbs, we made her will became reality. Since eons we were there for her, until that horrible day we were no more. Many of my brothers and sisters don't remember those times, their memories anew as they were reborn by our mother on this new land. She who rule over us, over the darkness of the night and those who live by it.

But I'm different, I remember, I remember those final moments, the pain, the sadness, the despair she felt as every one of us were eaten, destroy, extinct from the universe. I remember that world, the rules, those who were called goddess and gods, those who share a home with our master, those she called sisters, those she called her children, those she gave mercy and those unfortunates who she brought judgement.

Since the day she remake us, she gives us a new purpose, a new life, a new home, a new sky. She was much younger than I remembered, she looked so fragile, so... mortal, but those eyes were filled with power, with endless wisdom. We knew from the moment she calls for us, remake us with new pieces, that she was still the same we loved, the one we respected and followed without questioning. She who sings lullabies for us every day, she who keep us shining brighter with joy, she who we kneel to.

Even after years since our time came to be on this new world, we continued to support her, to make sure, no matter if my brothers and sisters remembered or not, to do everything in our mighty power to keep our master, our creator and mother from that pain, that horrible nightmare ever again.

To this day every one of us supervise from the darkness, from the shadows, from the high sky to bring down anything that could become an obstacle for our dearest master. And by our mother’s mercy the day never comes where we need to step into mortals lands upon her call to bring judgement, since only her has the gift for mercy.

Until that day comes we will keep patrolling from the mighty sky, bringing our own judgement to those who plot against her peaceful life harm. As we are hers to command, her family and her children.


Now if you excuse me, our master calls…

Author's Note:

Hello everypony,:twilightsmile:

This is the first interlogue for this story, I will be making more with different characters while trying to fill some plot holes that are still without answers. most of then will be directly involve with some of the events happening at that moment. :pinkiehappy:
and yes they will be small as they are not actual chapters. :twilightblush:

For now thought, a little introduction from one of Twilight most oldest, loyal and dearest child.


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