In the land of Twilight, under the Moon

by Snow Moon

In the Quiet Night (unedited)

“You can be the moon and still be jealous of the stars.” Gary Allan

Twilight was in front of a incredible angry Nightmare Moon, both alicorns of the night were about to confront each other at any moment. Behind Twilight stood Tempest, Moonflower and Skystar a little surprise by their current appearance, they knew Twilight’s blessing gave them new abilities and powers, but it was the first time their physical appearance changed like that. Twilight turned her head at them and smile, she was proud of her friends, they were able to awaken the real power of the blessing. Nightmare Moon questioned Twilight’s identity, she wanted to know what wicked creature dared to steal her stars.

“We are just like you Luna, but if you want a proper introduction. We are Twilight Sparkle, Goddess of the Stars, Ruler of the Night and your sister second student.” responded Twilight, standing proudly in front of Nightmare Moon.

“DON’T TAKE US FOR A FOAL! THERE IS JUST ONE GODDESS OF THE NIGHT AND THAT’S US!” snapped Nightmare Moon stomping the floor with such strength her hooves were buried inches deep and raw magic destroyed the surroundings.

“It seems that we will have to make you think more reasonably, and we will be more than happy to help you,” said Twilight with a serious look on her face.

“WE WILL NOT-” Nightmare Moon was about to gave her another remark but was interrupted by a dark purple magic beam. She crashed against the wall and continued a few more meters out of the building. Twilight flew through the destroyed roof and waited. Nightmare Moon dashed against the lavender alicorn with full strength. Twilight took advantage while holding the powerful attack and teleported them both, ending up crashing right in the forest outside of the town.

Nightmare Moon was the first to recover, using her magic dark clouds formed around them and countless lighting started to fall right above Twilight. After taken a few, Twilight was able to form a magic shield around her to protect herself from the continuous attacks. The dark goddess continue to cast attack after attack, fueled by anger her attacks were getting stronger. Twilight’s shield was starting to give in, small cracks were forming all around it. Just when Twilight’s shield broke Nightmare Moon was tackled once again by Skystar. Tempest and Moonflower appeared in a flash of magic seconds later next to Twilight. Moonflower ran to help her dearest friend, while Tempest was standing by waiting for the next attack as Skystar landed next to her a little dizzy.

Twilight recovered from the lighting attacks and gave her thanks to her beloved friends. Unfortunately there was not time for them to relax as the ground started to shake and a heavy explosion of magic sent all except the star goddess flying into the woods. Nightmare Moon was standing in the middle of a now devastated area of the forest, her eyes pure white as her mind lost in her own powerful anger. She stared at Twilight how could only sigh as she saw the once glorious Goddess of the Night let herself go wild by her own anger.

Princess Celestia has never been so worried in a thousand years, just a few minutes ago she felt the magic of her sister returning to Equestria. She was about to go and confront her, but was stopped by her niece Cadance. She knew she needed to face her sister quickly, before in her madness she hurts any of her beloved ponies. Both her students were doing their tasks, she knew Twilight would buy time for Sunset to activate the Elements. She just hoped that her dearest student didn't push her sister to much, she knew that with both mares steamed behavior things could go far from just bad.

Rarity and Fluttershy were still sitting on the table with Cadance and the princess, Princess Celestia requested both to stay for their own good as she explained what was happening outside. The princess tried to rise her sun but she couldn't move the moon or the night anymore, they simple ignored her command. Now unless we defeat Nightmare Moon the day will not return thought Celestia as she gazed through the window of the library into the sky. Soon everypony present at the library heard the sounds of explosions and screams coming from outside. Everypony in town was running for their lives, the few guards that were posted surrounding the town were trying to help calm the hysterical ponies.

When Princess Celestia couldn't take any longer and was about to leave through the door, her student Sunset followed by three mares entered the library. The mares eyes went wide and in panic bowed at the princess in front of them. Celestia for the first time in her life ignored her subjects and asked Sunset what happened.

“Nightmare Moon somehow appeared in the middle of the party and made herself well known,” said Sunset taking deep breaths,”she knew I was your student Princess. She apparently was able to deceived Twi and get to town before time.”

“Is Twilight okay? Is Nightmare Moon hurting anypony?” asked the worried princess.

“Tempest and the others guards are distracting Nightmare Moon at the moment,” said Sunset lowering her head in shame,“as for Twilight I can't say, I don't know where she is or if she is alright.”

“She is fine!” screamed Spike from behind the couch, “She always is, she is the most powerful mom in the world!” said, he voice got lower by the sentence as tears formed on his eyes.

“Yeah!” said a trembling Zipzee as she bit her lower lip hard, she wanted to go and help, but her duty was to protect those present in the library. She knew her queen was fine and her friends were okay dealing with Nightmare Moon.

Cadance hugged the now crying dragon, while Princess Celestia reassurance the dragon that Twilight was definitely alright. Sunset eyes felt on the princess asking her how can she activated the elements. Sunset pointed with her hoof to the still bowing mares and confirmed she got the last bearers she needed. The three mares that were bowing raised their head in confusion to what Sunset said to the princess. Princess Celestia moved to where the stone spheres that once were the Elements lay on the ground. Looking at the ponies present she started to explain the elements and their power.

Nightmare Moon breathed heavily as she glared at Twilight, neither of them had moved a hoof yet. They continued to stare at each other eyes, Nightmare Moon’s pure white mindless filled with hate and anger, Twilight’s with sadness and pity. With a piercing screech Nightmare Moon dashed at Twilight with her horn, she was determined to ends the usurper’s life. This time there was not ponies in danger or witnesses nearby, Twilight created a dark purple shield and held her position. When Nightmare Moon’s horn crashed against the magic shield both alicorns of the night were sent flying in opposite directions. Both extended their wings and took fly before crashing again and again as powerful magic wrapped around them defending them from the other attacks.

On the ground Tempest, Skystar and Moonflower could only spectated hopeless of even thinking of helping their beloved friend. They could barely hold ground as the shockwave of each attack tried to send them flying. After many overwhelming attacks Nightmare Moon crashed into the ground, slow standing in her hooves she recovered her sanity as her eyes returned to normal, but her emotions were still the same. She glared at the three nuisance and she cast a new spell. Just behind Tempest and the others from the shadows of the woods, ten shadows took shape of pegasi and charged at them. Skystar and Moonflower took fly and tried to dodge the surprising enemy reinforcements, Tempest blasted two of the shadow ponies with her magic but was tackled by a third. Nightmare Moon gave Twilight a smirk before flying at high speed against her.

Twilight dodged Nightmare Moon’s attack, but when she turned to counter with her own she saw four Nightmare Moons looking at her with satisfaction. The lavender alicorn eyes glowed violet as she tried to see through the illusion magic, but once again for her annoyance she couldn't. The four Nightmare Moons laughed at the frowning Twilight, she didn't know why but somehow Nightmare Moon illusion magic was able to deceive Twilight’s eyes. The four dark goddess started shooting dark magic beams at Twilight, she dodged each attack as she flew. For a moment she gazed at the town thinking if she should really  believe that some kind of magic fruit is going to end the battle.

Twilight manages to take down three of the Nightmare Moons but the four one was able to pin her down while a fifth one appeared and attacked sending her crashing to the ground at great speed. To Twilight surprise all five clones were completely real, Nightmare Moon enjoyed as she was gaining the upper hoof on the fight. Twilight was on the ground, she felt humiliated and she had enough of it. In the night sky the star change color from their regular white to violet for just a few seconds. The aura wrapping Tempest, Moonflower and Skystar glimmered violet for a moment. Twilight discharged her magic causing a shockwave that turned two Nightmare Moons surrounding her into smoke.

The multiple Nightmare Moons attacked Twilight from different directions, one cast lightning attacks, the other subdivided into 3 more Nightmare Moons and together attacked in close combat, the last one stayed in the sky. Twilight used smaller shields of magic to defend from the physical attacks, while trying to dodge the continuous lighting strikes or repel them with her own magic. Zipzee appeared in a flash of magic and cast a magic beam of her own at the Nightmare Moon using lighting against Twilight before helping her friends. Twilight took the opportunity to counter attack the three Nightmare Moons making another two turn into smoke.

Skystar and Moonflower charged at the other Nightmare Moon in the sky but she teleported right in front of Tempest and sent her flying until she crashed against a tree losing consciousness, teleporting again did the same with the other three. Leaving only Twilight to defend against the two Nightmare Moon left.

“Your fighting forces are down. Surrender and We'll make your death quick and painless,” said both Nightmare Moons at the same time, looking down at Twilight that was bleeding a little and had some bruises around her lavender coat. Twilight didn't answer and teleported right behind the Nightmare Moon in the sky before she blasted her from existence with a powerful magic beam.

“Impressive, I could use a mare like you by our side,” responded the last Nightmare Moon left with grin as Twilight blushed, “unfortunately your existence must be terminated in order to recover full control of the night.” as her hateful glare returned.

“Well, that’s a shame,” murmured Twilight, “Tell us Moonpie, could you just give up and let your sister help you return to normal?” asked while recovering her breath.


“As lovely as that sounds, we are not going to let you take our children or hurt Sunbutt,” responded Twilight as she prepared her next attack,”So we are going to beat some senses in that thick skull of yours Moonpie!” said before teleporting once again and appearing behind Nightmare Moon. Unfortunately for Twilight, Nightmare was expecting the same move from her and released her spell creating a dome of pure pitch-black magic that trapped both alicorns.

Spike felt a uncomfortable sensation going through his body, while he was observing how his aunt Sunset was able to awaken four of the six Elements of Harmony. Zipzee disappeared not long before when she felt that Twilight needed support, he wanted to go too, but he couldn't just leave and become a hindrance for his mom and her friends.

Cadance as well as Princess Celestia were really worry about Twilight, they knew she was the one keeping Nightmare Moon busy at the moment. They didn't know how she was doing it, but she was being able to keep her busy for that long and  they just prayed she could continued for a while longer. Sunset was worry too for her little sister, but she knew that mare well enough to be certain she could take care of herself and not die. Sunset continued to channel the magic sleeping inside the stone spheres and linked to the mares around her. She was easily able to awaken Kindness and Laughter, as she knew quite well who their bearers were by just knowing their names. She had troubles with Generosity and Loyalty but was able to awaken those too. Now she was awakening Honesty, Applejack touched with a hoof the still stone sphere before it broke into tiny pieces then transformed into a pendant around the neck of the farmer with the shape of her cutie mark.

“Good Job Sunset, now one more and we can go help Twilight,” said Princess Celestia smiling at her student with pride.

Sunset was able to discover the magic behind the most powerful artifacts that Equestria had, all thanks to Princess Celestia’s help and guidance during the restoration process. She now restored five of the six elements, she discovered the magic inside the five mares that she met during her stay in Ponyville and the power each had inside. Now she needed to awaken her own power and get the last element and defeat Nightmare Moon, before it was too late.

Twilight found herself surrounded by darkness, she couldn't hear anything, she couldn't see anything, she didn't even know if she had her eyes open or not, she couldn't feel anything except coldness. Only the darkness and the cold she hated so much, she knew were she was, it was the same darkness that Asteria hated and Twilight was now trapped in it. She didn't know what spell Nightmare Moon used, but somehow she was now inside the limbo. It was worse than Discord’s mental prison, at least there she could feel something besides the cold. The only she could do was snuggle in the cold darkness as horrible memories started to hunt her.

After some time that for Twilight felt like an eternity Nightmare Moon appeared in front of the broken mare. She couldn't believe that the powerful foe she was just battling moments before was now crouch down on the floor like a little filly scare of the darkness. She tried hard not to laugh as her foe was now defeated at her hooves. When Twilight realized she was not longer alone in the darkness she recovered her composure. Moving her head looking at the smirk on Nightmare Moon’s she felt embarrassed, blushing she coughed trying to look calm.

Nightmare Moon tried to stomp Twilight’s head but she moved out of the way quick enough. They continued to blast magic against magic until they end up worn-out on the darkness and repeated the process several times. Soon enough both alicorns of the night were just flowing in the darkness staring at each other waiting for the other to made the first move.

“It seems our great foe is afraid of the dark,” said Nightmare Moon with a mischievous grin regaining her breath, as she saw the uneasiness on Twilight’s face.

“It’s not the darkness what bother us,” responded Twilight, her ears wilt,” is the feeling of loneliness and the memories of a time before this one.” murmured in response.

“So our foe knows what we felt during our imprisonment in our moon,” responded Nightmare Moon.”Tell us usurper, who or what are you exactly?”

Twilight took a good look at Nightmare Moon’s eyes, those were the same eyes part of her remembered from long ago and the same eyes that part of her desire keep looking for all eternity. Holding her own conflicted emotions Twilight gave Nightmare Moon a brief version of her ascension. Nightmare Moon eyes went wide open as Twilight shared her past, the dark alicorn couldn't believe what she was telling her, but she knew deep inside the lavender alicorn was telling the true. After finishing her story Twilight asked Nightmare Moon what spell did she use again her that were both inside limbo.

Nightmare Moon took a moment to think and gave her an explanation, they were in the her domains inside the Dream Realm. Twilight realized they were not in the real limbo but a version from Twilight’s own nightmares. She couldn't help but laugh knowing she was defeated by her own fears. After a few moments of silence she asked Nightmare Moon if she was ready for the next round making her known that she was not giving up yet. Nightmare Moon responded with a pleasant smile that she haven't show anypony in a long time. We may hate this mare to the core but we know it was not easy go through what she went without losing oneself into madness… A really admirable wicked foe she is… thought Nightmare Moon while she took her position ready to start the fighting again.  

Just when both night alicorns were about to start their fight again the sound of glass breaking took them by surprise. The darkness around them started to crack into pieces sending both shocked goddess back to the destroyed part of the forest they were fighting before. Looking around Twilight tried to see what happened, then she saw panic in the face of her rival. Shifting her gaze to the same direction as Nightmare Moon’s, Twilight’s eyes went wide open when she saw a rainbow growing like a tower into the sky in the middle of the town. They both knew what that meant, the Elements of Harmony were once again restored and ready to use. Twilight felt magic of somepony coming to where they were and cast her disguise returning to her appearance of a normal unicorn. Nightmare Moon tried to flee before the elements were used against her but a golden aura of magic held her hoof. Searching for the one responsible just to discover Celestia using her magic retaining her.

“YOU!” growled Nightmare Moon as she saw her sister. She blasted a magic beam with all the power she had left against her sister but it was countered by a pink alicorn she had never seen before. Seeing that she was on the losing side she tried to cast the full power of the night and end it once and for all, but a bright light in the sky stopped her.

Flowing on the sky was Sunset and her friends channeling the power of the Elements of Harmony, opening her eyes Sunset cast the Magic of Friendship and fired a huge rainbow beam against Nightmare Moon. The dark goddess could only look as the power of the elements approached and just as the beam was about to hit her a purple flash appeared in front of her before everything went white.

In a white limbo the only existence right now were Twilight and Nightmare Moon. When Twilight open her eyes there was not rainbow beam or anypony else, only Nightmare Moon who opened her eyes and chuckled, she was sure the Elements did their thing and she was back in the moon.

“You foal, what were you thinking?,” said a defeated Nightmare Moon, her voice was different without anger or hate only sadness.

“...” Twilight couldn't respond, she didn't know either why. Just before the power of the Elements hit Nightmare Moon Twilight teleported in-between and cast a magic shield around them both but was easily broken by the harmony magic of the elements taking the hit together with Nightmare Moon.

“Tell us usurper, WHY!?” asked once again Nightmare Moon, as the dark color of her coat started to turn into smoke disappearing slowly leaving behind a dark blue coat.

Twilight panicked as she saw the night alicorn state and after checking that nothing happened to her own being she asked Nightmare what was happening to her.

“The Elements must have taken our hate and anger together with part of our power,” responded the now dark blue alicorn.”but you still have something to tell US before WE disappear from existence.”

After a moment of silence she responded, “If you were going to be turn into stone or banished again to the moon at least you could use the company.” Twilight looked into the wide open eyes of Nightmare Moon. Soon those eyes were filled with tears and the alicorn laughed before giving the other alicorn a warm smile and her thanks.

The appearance of Nightmare Moon was not more, her height was still taller than Twilight but not as Celestia, her coat was now totally dark blue except for the area around her cutie mark, her mane and tail were still ethereal but the color was less brighter. The only part she had left that was still Nightmare Moon were her teal slitted eyes, that were still with tear looking at the lavender alicorn. After blinking a couple of time they also changed to be more pony like but keeping their color. Both alicorns stared at each other for a few moments with a confused look on their faces before the sound of glass breaking made them came to their senses. Twilight made sure to cast her disguise again before the brightness of the limbo disappeared and the colors of the dawn came to view.

For everypony else the time between, the blast from the elements and both mares coming out of the white limbo was just barely seconds. Princess Celestia got near her now changed little sister and nuzzled her before holding her in a big hug while asking for forgiveness. Twilight that was on her haunches nearby was tackle by a worry baby dragon. Cadance brought Spike with them as she knew the little guy was impatient to make sure Twilight was alright. Sunset came near to where Twilight was on the ground, taking a good look to the bruises and dried blood she felt a pain in her heart. Taking the lavender unicorn in her hooves, she hug her little sister asking her to forgive her for taking so long on getting the elements of work. Twilight returned the hug, she remembered the feeling of cold and loneliness from the nightmare Nightmare Moon placed her. Deep inside she felt peace, she was not longer on that place and even if it was a dream version of it she promised herself she would not let anything send her there again.

Sunset helped Twilight get back on her hooves, she was about to present her new friends to Twilight, but the lavender unicorn left in a hurry into the woods. Sunset called after her as she ran inside the Everfree Forest. Princess Celestia let go of her also crying sister and searched for her student just to find a worried Sunset looking at the forest. Moments later Twilight came out of the woods with a beat-up Tempest walking beside her and the rest of her friends unconscious flowing with the help of her magic. Giving a look to Princess Celestia, the princess nodded and smiled at Twilight that disappeared on a flash of magic after giving an apologetic smile to Sunset and Spike.

“Where did she go?” asked Spike at the princess.

“She and her friends need medical attention,” responded Princess Celestia with a small smile in her lips,”don't worry Spike you can see her when we return to Canterlot.”

“Did she just teleported to Canterlot?” asked Cadance as she picked the small dragon with her Magic.
“I believe she did,” answered Princess Celestia chuckling,“Did it really surprise you that much?” asked at her niece.

“No, it’s Twilight we are talking about,” answered Cadance sighing ”it’s just that nopony back in Canterlot knows everything is over. Can you imagine what Shiny will do when he find his sister in that state.”

Princess Celestia laugh at her niece worries and move to where the other ponies were, she gave them her must sincere thanks for helping her sister Luna. The five mares were happy to help their princess and new friends. Though they wanted to meet the pony they know as the Warrior Princess, looking around to the destruction to the forest they thought maybe Spike wasn't exaggerating with his histories about Princess Celestia’s second student.  

Back in Ponyville Princess Celestia together with her sister Princess Luna were welcomed by many happy ponies. Pinkie Pie brought out a cannon and started to redecorate once again for the Summer Sun Celebration in a few minutes. Princess Celestia gave her speech and informed the return of her beloved sister at her side as diarch. The dark shadow that was Nightmare Moon was not more, and the Moon Princess was happy to be back.

“I’m glad you are back Luna,” said Celestia with a smile, “I believe you can once again take control of your duties?” she asked.

“Of Course, thee don't need to worry sister.” answered Luna with a reassuring smile. Looking at the morning sky she notices as the star started to disappear for the day. “It seems somepony remembered her duties, “murmured while frowning hoping not to meet a certain lavender alicorn for a while.

After the Summer Sun Celebration and Luna’s welcoming party were over, many guards from Canterlot came to take the princesses back to the castle. They informed that Lady Sparkle made sure to inform everypony that knew about the operation that it was over and all three princesses were save. Shining Armor wanted to pick the princesses personally but he stayed to make sure his sister stayed in the medical facility with her team until complete recovery. Both Celestia and Cadance giggle at the report before getting in the chariot followed by Princess Luna and Spike. Sunset took a moment to talk to her new friends and after a brief farewell she left together with the princesses.

After visiting Twilight, Sunset was inside Princess Celestia chambers requesting from her mentor a personal favor. Princess Celestia went through the request and smiling accept with some conditions. The next day Sunset Shimmer and Spike were back at Ponyville, they would life on the Golden Oak Library from that point forward, they continued the study of the new magic of Friendship together with her new friends and bearers of the Elements of Harmony.

Princess Luna was on her room, looking at the night sky from her balcony. She could feel the other alicorn magic mixed with hers in the night sky. She was once again the diarch of Equestria, but she also become the diarch of what once was her night. She didn't want to think too much about the other alicorn of the night, she discovered that nopony knew the real appearance of Twilight Sparkle. She somehow was able to keep a status quo for years without been discover. She even controlled the stars without having Celestia finding out. Contemplating the stars she felt their joy as they twinkle, they were happy to have her back but they didn't want to return to her side. Luna narrowed her eyes as anger build up listening to the stars praise their new ruler. On the window right next to her, the reflection showed the mare that once was Nightmare Moon but unlike her counterpart her slitted eyes were not filled with anger or hate, she had moisture eyes and a warm smile looking at the star sky.