• Published 11th Sep 2019
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Twilight's Nightmare - Nightsclaw

Twilight in her most desperate of moments, issues a cry for help. She was not expecting the Nightmare to be her saviour.

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CH 23.3 Little Star's Vigil

Little Star vigilantly watched the pony Grey did not like, through her scrying spell. Finally, Celestia left the meeting room.

Star let out a relieved sigh as she let her prepared spells fade from her horn. She had been ready to teleport in and rescue her parents at the first sign of trouble. A small wisp of steam rose from her now cooling horn.

The scrying spell split into two, one staying still focused on the meeting room, as the other followed Celestia.

Star pulled another of her S-Five from its aviary tasking it to record everything that could be seen from the second window. She watched Celestia talk to her mother’s friends as the lines of texts filled the self animate scrolls.

The sounds of her parents’ voices drew her attention to the first window, still keeping half an eye on Celestia, she observed.

Twilight slumped and took a long calming breath. Clearly, she was glad Celestia was gone. “So, do you think we can trust her?”

“My sister?” Luna looked thoughtful, then her expression darkened. “For the most part, I know she cares for you, Twilight and she always does what she thinks is right… It is her judgement that I worry about.”

Twilight hesitated. “Do you think what she did to me… was the right thing to do?”

Luna tightened her wing around Twilight. “For Equestria yes…” She answered solemnly. “Fate had marked you as too important. If you were anypony else, if you were not the Element of Magic, there would have been options. If this were not true, I would hold my sister to account for the cruelty of her actions.”

What did she do? Star thought. The more she was finding out about Celestia, the less she liked her.

“Unlike my sister, I would have at least informed them what was happening, given them some time to find their peace and listened to any last requests they had. They would have known that their sacrifice would be saving Equestria. I would have honoured them for it, not simply resolved the situation as swiftly as possible.” Luna said as she wrapped Twilight up in her wings offering comfort.

“I won’t just stand by on these things either. You are my friend, I will be here for you in friendship and more if that is what you desire,” said Luna lightly nibbling a bit on Twilight’s other ear.

“Luna… as pleasant as this is,” Twilight said, looking to the wings wrapped around her. “We haven’t even been on a date yet and you’re already nibbling on my ear in front of your sister.”

Star stared in confusion at Luna. Eww why would she want to eat an ear? she quickly checked to see if Twilight ears were there. Thankfully they both were intact and attentive. Star thought back to her own regeneration, a horrible image of Luna eating Twilight’s ears repeatedly as they regrew, entering her mind.

Zero times has that or will that ever happen. Grey’s mental voice reassured her.

“Well, you did not object,” Luna said, smiling.

Twilight froze as a blush spread over her face, as fire danced along her mane. “Are we not moving a little too quick?” She stammered out.

“Are we?” Luna whispered into Twilight's ear.

“Would you have any interest in me, if not for Star?”

“Twilight, you have been my closest friend since that first Nightmare Night, you freed me…” Luna’s eyes darkened slightly for a moment looking off into the distance. Returning her eyes to Twilight, she continued. “The only reason I have not considered you before is I thought you were to be Celestia’s.”

“Celestia? Me?” Twilight pulled away and stared at Luna. “How could? Waah? She was my Teacher!”

“In two or three hundred years, do you think that would matter?”

Twilight paused, her expression changing to thoughtful. “Why though, I’m nopony special?”

“Being too modest is a vice of its own, you are attractive, powerful and most definitely one of the most intelligent ponies I’ve ever known,” Luna said, leaning closer. “Even without being an Alicorn, you are a very desirable mare.”

“Until recently nopony has ever been interested in me, and… thanks to how Celestia made me, I have only been able to... appreciate such things for a few days.”

“That does explain why all your suitors from the past years, proved unsuccessful in claiming your hoof.”

“What suitors? The only thing remotely similar that I remember was one stallion who kissed me as a dare and I wasn’t interested… I was so surprised I accidentally blasted him through a hedge.” She paused for a moment. “I think he was an orange pegasus. Though on recollection, I do remember his friends falling over laughing.”

“That would have been most amusing to see.” Luna grinned “Normally pegasi only fly via their own powers.”

Luna looked at Twilight as if she was a Hayburger. Star readied her magic again, she knew how dangerous Twilight was when she had a look like that. She would be ready to save Twilight if needed.

Instead of trying to eat Twilight, Luna spoke. “But I am gladdened things turned out this way, this way I get you.”

“Ok that explains the attraction, I guess, but why are you willing to go from no romantic interest to agreeing to be married in less than twenty-four hours?” Inquired Twilight

“Our daughter, we will have her recognised before the court. The only way that can happen is for us to be wed. Unless you wish to relinquish your ties to her?” Luna asked, tone implying the expected answer was no.

Star was horrified, she got ready to teleport into the room to plead her case to keep both her parents.

“Of course not,” Twilight growled, eyes narrowing at Luna. “She is our daughter,” she declared.

Star let her half-formed spell fade, this whole situation was confusing. Grown-ups make no sense. She thought. She flicked her eyes back to the other window for a moment, Celestia was talking and everypony was still alive.

Star wanted to do some more work on making her pets but dared not until the big white pony had left the building.

Luna smiled. “So are you still willing to marry me?”

Motion form the other window caught Star’s attention.

“I reckon you should write a friendship report.” Applejack said with a friendly smirk on her face.

“That is an enlightened idea, thank you. I am afraid I must take my leave and return to Canterlot.” Celestia said, bowing her head to mother’s friends before making her way towards the entrance of the Castle. Finally, Celestia made it to the main doors and left the building. Star let that scrying spell drop, not wanting to risk it being detected.

Grey started counting the seconds since Celestia’s departure. As the numbers increased, Star felt safer, the danger was gone, her family was safe.

Star looked back to the first window to find her two mothers kissing, Twilight’s mane on fire. Before Star could form the array for the Twilight’s Lab-Safety Spell version three, Grey interrupted. Zero, dangerous fires in that room.

“Oh my.” Rarity's voice came from behind Star. Looking back she could see Rarity was holding a hoof to her for mouth watching through the scrying window.

Twilight pulled back just a little staring into Luna’s eyes. “Does that answer your question?”

“Hi Rarity,” Star said, turning back to the window.

Rarity moved closer, taking an interest in the S-fives, her eyes rapidly scanning the words upon them.

“You are going to very much enjoy our honeymoon,” Luna purred. “And it will be a whole moon.”

Twilight shivered with anticipation, her mane burning brightly. Her body tensed ready to pounce on Luna. Suddenly she slapped herself, the sound echoing. The flames died as she shook her head.

Rarity audibly winced at the impact. “What are you doing Little Star?”

“Watching my Mummys to keep them safe. I have to make sure Mummy Luna does not eat Mummy Twilight like a Hayburger.”

For some reason Rarity blushed quite profusely. “Are you ok?” Star asked.

“You don't know what you just said,” Rarity said in a poor imitation of her mother's silent speech.

“I do know exactly what I just said,” Star said, holding up a scroll that had the whole conversation between her and Rarity recorded. “See” she added as that was also faithfully inked onto the scroll.

Rarity blanched for some reason, it seemed like she was not expecting an answer. Why did she ask a question if she was not ready for the answer? Star thought. Grown-ups are just strange, very strange.

“It’s not the literal words or textbook definitions I’m talking about, sometimes words have more meaning. The phrase you said could be taking in a very... adult fashion.”

“Adults are confusing,” Star commented.

“Spying on ponies is often considered rude.”

“Ok,” Star said unconcerned.

“You know this could be considered spying on them?”

Star turned to look at Rarity. “I’m not spying. I am protecting them.”

“Using a scrying spell is spying on them. If you were protecting them, you would be in the same room.”

Star thought for a moment and started to light her horn with a spell.

“Wait,” Rarity pleaded.

Star paused her casting. Five seconds until Applejack arrives. Grey’s mental voice informed her. “Ok,” she said to Rarity, mentally counting down.

“Hi Applejack,” Star said, waving with a hoof.

Rarity turned to look at Applejack, looking a little guilty, being strange yet again. Applejack looked around, her eyes looking between the scrying window and Rarity.

“Rarity are you spying on two Princesses, there's laws against that you know?” Applejack said.

“I was most certainly not spying.” Rarity said, flushing slightly.

“Then would you kindly explain?”

Rarity looked at Little Star who answered. “I was keeping watch to make sure Celestia did not hurt them, Now I’m making sure Mummy Luna does not eat Mummy Twilight.”

For a moment Applejack was stunned, her cheeks slightly reddening before it faded. “Right, you need to learn the meaning of privacy. Stop that spell right now and come with me.” Applejack said with a voice honed from years of being a big sister.

“But…” Star started.

“They aren't going to hurt each other Sugarcube, now come along,” Applejack said now almost dragging Star along.

Author's Note:

Tune in next time as the hunt for the Dark Mage begins.

Thank you for reading.

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