Twilight's Nightmare

by Nightsclaw

CH 29.7 A Royal Dinner

Luna was still searching her emotions, her life had changed. In a way, she had never been happier. She had Twilight, and now the fate decreed Candice. The one thing that warmed her heart the most was Little Star, her daughter. She smiled.

Luna tilted her hoof, looking critically at the other side of the Bit she had been given. The visions… that burning skeletal Twilight. She feared that the only reason things were going well, was fate giving her a brief respite. The peace and comfort she had now would not last. Fate knew something terrible was going to happen later, the present was just an advanced apology for the next round of torment.

A tender nuzzle broke Luna from her thoughts as Twilight pressed against her side as if to check if she was still here. Luna wrapped her wing around Twilight and unashamedly trapped Twilight’s ear with her teeth and started nibbling. 

Twilight crooned softly, “Luna…” She weakly complained 

“Come now, I have to reward my brave saviour.” Luna trailed a hoof down Twilight’s back. She could feel Twilights resolve crack as Twilight pressed against the motion letting her eyes close.

Celestia politely coughed. Luna looked up around the table meeting her sister’s eyes, a twinkle in her own saying ‘what?’ in a most unbelievable act of innocence.

“It is so nice to be able to sit down like this again, Twilight,” Celestia said, her eyes fixing on Twilight, who paid not the single, smallest, bit of attention.
Tia had spent time gathering the ponies that would soon be arriving. The least Luna could do was make sure Twilight could pay some attention. “Twilight, Celestia’s watching,” Luna whispered into her betrothed’s ear.

Twilight suddenly sat straight up, pulling herself from Luna’s embrace, doing her best to seem unflustered and completely unfazed. The adorable blush and the slight tenting of her wings speaking of her desire to hide behind them, proved she had utterly failed.

Luna was feeling hopeful, so far, nothing had gone wrong. Twilight adorably coming to her rescue and threatening Tia, had put her in a much more forgiving mood than she would have otherwise been in. 

“Yes, Celestia?” Twilight asked. It was good to see the anger and hate were not the first things that jumped out. Twilight must have been coming to terms with what happened faster than she thought.

Celestia finished a sip of her tea before responding. “How have things been at Ponyville?” She asked with an interested look on her face. Luna could clearly see that her sister’s Mask was in play, but at least she seemed to be giving this meeting her full attention.

“Things have been… interesting.” Twilight began her expression a mix of uncertainty, embarrassment and fond remembrance. Luna smirked, Twilight could be so adorable when she was like this. 

“Oh?” Celestia inquired.

“You know… just the normal things.” Twilight quietly trailed off.

Letting Twilight and her Sister do their dance of spending a lot of words to say next to nothing, she turned to her own refreshment. Luna took a deep drink from her beverage of choice. Coffee was currently Luna’s best friend, and she might have just considered marrying its inventor if they were still alive. With her magic so depleted, she dared not just ignore her fatigue. 

She had not intended to make Candice one of her chosen, but when she picked her… the words she said. She was a silly old mare at times. Thankfully her sister had taken care of the moon for her, avoiding more rumours of Nightmare Moon’s return.

She laughed in the privacy of her own mind, Nightmare Moon was back, and soon Luna would be married to her as well. Luna looked back to Twilight, not able to hide her smile. 

She shifted a wing to wrap around her Twilight, who looked up at Luna, the conversation with Celestia pausing. 

Luna glanced at her sister and started with a warm voice, “It is good to hear you two getting on so well again… but be warned I am not letting you have her back,” she finished teasingly.  

“Twilight is her own mare and has long completed her training, she is capable of making her own decisions. That being said, I do believe you have both made your intentions clear.”

"Thank you, " Twilight said a little stiffly. It was odd to see Twilight not falling all over herself at the slightest praise from Celestia. 

“I hope you two both find happiness with each other,” Celestia said.

“Why thank you, Sister," Luna said before grinning at her. "So when are we going to find you a partner? Soon you will be the only unmarried adult Alicorn.” Luna teased affectionately.

 “Perhaps next century,” Celestia said carefully. 

“At this rate Flurry Heart maybe married before you, Tia,” Luna jested.

Celestia nodded. “That seems likely," she stated as simple fact. 

“That's horrible,” Twilight said, speaking up. 

“Why?” Celestia leaned forward, looking with interest to see her reaction. 

The hesitation made it clear that Twilight’s first few answers were aborted before even a single syllable was spoken. “Don’t you get lonely?”

“It is what our ponies need of me, and besides, I am content enough with my duties.” Celestia’s Mask said perfectly sincerely.

Luna snorted, she could have stopped herself but chose not to. “I can’t believe you can still tell yourself that lie.”

Twilight glanced back and forth between the two sisters. Stuck between surprise and concern, Luna could see a small edge of satisfaction for the briefest of moments when Celestia was not looking at Twilight. Most likely Night’s influence, or at least she hoped it was. 

Celestia’s eyes hardened.“If someone took their duties more seriously, perhaps I might have the chance to let my mane down.”

“I am more than dedicated to my duties, I simply know how to enjoy myself as well.” Luna shot back.

“Like this morning?” Celestia challenged. Luna could see the slightest hint of victory in her sister’s eyes.

Luna raised hoof and lowered it again “That was a somewhat unique situation and still had to do with my duties.”

“Duties?” Celestia cocked her head with a raised eyebrow.

After a moment’s pause to consider, Luna answered. “Yes… I was preparing for Twilight’s safety, and it was… more draining than I expected.”

Twilight leaned in and nuzzled Luna again, “You don't need to worry about me so much, certainly not so much that you oversleep and miss raising ‘your’ moon.”

Luna looked down and was met by Twilight’s lips kissing her. She happily leaned into it to taste and savour her betrothed’s lips and the hint of the sweet tea she had been drinking. A soft hum of contentment escaped Twilight as she let her eyes close. 

Celestia looked as if she was calmly watching, but Luna knew better. She held up a hoof, indicating that her sister should wait.

The faint hum of magic caused Luna’s ears to twitch towards the doorway. Out of the corner of her eyes, Luna could see Cadance’s blue aura. The doors swung open, letting said Princess and her husband into the room. 

A soft giggle escaped the Pink Princess. “I can see I’m not needed here.”

Twilight jumped back again, a cute blush warming her cheeks. If it was not for Luna’s wing, Twilight would have fallen off of her chair. 

“Cadance!” Twilight called out, her extra volume half from excitement at seeing her old foal sitter and a half from her embarrassment.

“Sunshine…” Cadance started.

Twilight teleported from her seat and proceeded to do a very appealing little dance, shaking her flanks. Luna wondered if Twilight knew exactly what she was showing off to the rest of the room. There should be no way Cadance was unaware.

“Sunshine, sunshine, ladybugs awake! Clap your hooves and do a little shake!” The two younger Alicorns-finished their little greeting and Twilight almost tackled both her Brother and Sister In-law.

“Twily, Air.” Fought its way out of Shining Armor. 

Naturally, Cadance could take a proper embrace. Luna let her eyes wander over Twilight. She was so looking forward to what fun could be had with another pony that could survive her full affections.

A rather sheepish looking Twilight released her brother, quickly checking him for injuries. 

“Since when did you get so strong?” Shining Armor said, rubbing his neck, which would likely be bruised in the morning.

“You know, part Earthpony and been doing some working out with Rainbow,” Twilight said. 

The fact that Luna was not aware of it was interesting. She would need to check with her Nightguard later and see why she was not informed. Luna let her eyes rake over Twilight for a moment, her mind covetously imagining how Twilight might look after years of physical training.

“Yeah, well at least I don’t have to worry about Cadance taking lessons with a Wonderbolt and becoming super strong,” Shining said with a hint of relief.

Cadance met Luna’s and Celestia’s eyes, she did not like the necessity of keeping secrets, like how powerful Alicorns really were. 

You could just tell him the truth. Luna projected her thoughts to Cadance while showing a warm smile. It will bring you both peace of mind.

Cadance looked to Celestia, who slowly shook her head. Again it was Celestia in charge, but the waking world and the Day were hers. Luna would need a better reason than not liking something to defy her on this.

Twilight used her wings to pull the two members of her family towards the table. “It has been an exciting few days, and I am starving.”

Luna wondered if the Element of  Honesty would think that was a lie as Alicorns could not starve. Or if they had enough flexibility to know that Twilight was just saying she was hungry and was not yet fully used to being an immortal Alicorn.

It is so nice to see Twilight without that dark line of directed towards Celestia, I don't think I have even seen a pony go from near murderous to a hopeful neutral ever, let alone this quickly,

What can I say, I do good work… but most of it is due to Twilight’s nature. Once the facts were given to her, it was not too difficult to encourage her. In fact, my little… oversleeping vastly improved the situation.

How so?

Luna gathered a small bit of her power and waited for Cadance to take her seat, then granted her a brief half-second daydream. She let her see Twilight turning up decked out for war to rescue Luna and the conversation that happened after.

That was very well done, Aunty. I'm not sure you could have handled that better in terms of restoring their relationship. Oh, and why were you late? I hear it was something to do with a pretty little mare you stole from your sister, Luna could just imagine Cadance with a too-wide happy grin and intense eyes.

Luna could see the slight change in Cadance's eyes that she still had not learnt to conceal. She was using her talent to view her domain. Cutting off any comments her niece might have had, she spoke first. Yes, Candice proved to be infatuated with myself… it may have turned out to not be entirely one-sided. Luna schooled her mental voice to sound neutral. She did not want to give Cadance any more information that she could gather by viewing her heartlines. She still did not know what Fate had planned and did not want to burden her niece with such dark thoughts, nor alter things without consideration.

Candance snorted. Now that's an understatement.

“Cadance?” Shining Armor said, dragging Cadance away from the mental conversation just as Luna had hoped. 

“Yes, honey?” Cadance asked innocently.

“Everything alright there?” Shining Armor said, taking his seat next to his wife.

Cadance nodded and moved in, giving Shining Armor a quick kiss. Luna's eyes went to Twilight. She wanted a kiss too. Twilight offered no resistance and Luna enjoyed it very much. Twilight’s wing tips started straying a little further than was acceptable at the dinner table. A few small motes of flames rising from her mane. 

Cadance was glaring at Luna.

Luna almost shifted her body so Shining Armor could not see what was happening. As much as she wished for Twilight to continue, she spoke up in whisper-speak. “Twilight… we have company.”

The flames vanished, and she looked mortified, more so as her brother looked to her. 

“So Twilly how are you two getting along?” Shining asked with a bit of concern at his sister's expression. 

Twilight for her part “Well, I think… I have not exactly done anything like this before.” 

“You've not read a book on this?” Shining Armor inquired.

“Well… I have, but I’m was not rescued by, nor had to fight my way to Luna, so they are proving less than useful.” Twilight said, still a touch sheepish.

“You have nothing to be ashamed off,” Luna said, trailing a feather along Twilight’s back. Her expressions shifted, warring between shame and excitement. Did she enjoy exhibitionism? After a moment of consideration, she tested. By the fact that Twilight had to flash cast an illusion spell to hide her reaction, the answer seemed to be yes.

Luna, do you have no shame? Cadance shouted into her mind as she distracted the pink mare’s husband. 


Luna almost hissed in pain as Cadance’s grooming spell ripped over her body and removed any evidence of what had just happened. The spellwork was much kinder to Twilight.

Celestia subtly spread her pegasus magic around the room and moved all the revealing scent away from Shining Armor. 

Cadance was still glaring at Luna, so another distraction was needed, and this would further her plans for after dinner. 

Shining Armor was just turning to ask Cadance a question. Likely ‘what was going on’, when Luna struck. “So when were you going to tell Twilight that you had her bother in your harem?”

Twilight and Shining Armor both froze in disbelief. Twilight recovered first, despite her previous distraction. Looking to her brother, her face looked relieved at his growing confusion. 

“Haha, very funny, Luna,” Twilight said.

Luna leaned towards Twilight “Who said I am joking? Check the Registration Documents for the Solar Oath.”

“I think I would have noticed something like that.” Shining Armor contested.

“Seriously sweetie, I thought you would have noticed something like that too,” Cadance said, pulling him into a hug. “At least she never actually made use of that part of the Solar Oath.”

“Whahhh?” Was Shining Armor’s most eloquent of responses.

Twilight looked at Cadance “You knew?”

“Yes, I took a look that the contract, it is right there in the small print,” Cadance stated rather simply.

“What small print?” Twilight asked.

“Have you looked at it since your accession?” Cadance inquired.

“No...” Twilight trailed off.

“Then look again in the decorative border at the bottom,” Cadance said.

“What sort of ponyfeathers is that?” Shining Armor managed to pull himself from his daze. “It is illegal to hide legal text like that.”

Twilight help up her hoof, “Unless it is written backwards in old ponish.”

“What sort of law is that?” Disbelief was clear in Shining Armor’s voice.

“A very old one, I found it when I was looking into mine and Luna’s… situation,” Twilight added.

“Sounds like the sort of law Discord would have come up with,” Shining Armor lightly lamented.

“He did inspire it, but no… it is one of many of mine and my sister’s jokes that ended up being enshrined in the legal code,” Luna added.

Celestia interjected, “Though it does actually serve a useful legal defence. It is there so that the Nobility can’t try to force me or any other princess to marry one of them, provided said princesses also uses the legal language.”

“More importantly, it also lets us shield ponies under our wings. Any whom would interfere, unwelcomed, with one of our harem members can be punished for treason at the princess's discretion," Cadance added. 

“Though I am honestly surprised sister let such a fine specimen as you go,” Luna said, looking a Shining. 

“So if I’m understanding this correctly, if I don’t have a guard or subsequently a harem, I could be somehow forced to marry a noble? How does that work?” Twilight asked.

“Lots and lots of nagging and whining,” Luna said, her disdain for the nobility plain on her face. 

“We managed to get it so that we get to pick our potential partners from harems. So unless a noble is willing to become our property, they will never marry one of us,” Celestia added.

“So is that why I was made Cadance’s guard?” Shining Armor asked.

“Yes, for your protection and to mean that you were mine.” Cadance purred softly onto Shining’s ear.

“Though one wonders about your plan to induct Twilight into your guard, if she failed to ascend,” Luna questioned. 

“Wait, you were interested in Twilight?” Shining Armor asked with surprise.

“How could somepony not be interested in such a wonderful mare?” Cadance asked her husband.

Luna could see by her eyes that Celestia was conversing with her fragments again.

Shining Armor looked back at his wife, “Are you saying you’re interested in my sister?” He teased.

Cadance blushed a little bit but still said with confidence, “Yes, but only if you didn’t want me.” She parried.

And yet you rejected me? Luna sent to Cadance.

Of course, you’re too old for me. Besides I was already dating Shining. Cadance responded.

Shining Armor just hugged his wife and gave her a quick peck on the cheek.

Twilight spoke up, “Too late now for either of you, anyway.” She then reached up and kissed Luna while wrapping a wing around her.

The food was brought in. Well trained wait staff populated the table in an impressive spread, given no dimensional pockets or teleportation were used to achieve it. She could appreciate the skills of Celestia’s staff, but almost all of it seemed bland to Luna. 

One of the staff stood out to Luna. She dreamed of being a singer one day or finding love when approached by a noble as she sang in the flower garden, going about her duties. 

The servants left as rapidly as they arrived, they were almost like a reversed plague of locusts, leaving plentiful food wherever they passed.

“So how are things?” Cadance said looking between Twilight and Celestia. 

Celestia looked to Twilight and with a yielding nod, offered to let Twilight answer.

“Better… Somewhat at least. It has just been a lot to come to terms with.” Twilight offered a mostly sincere smile to Celestia. “I… what we had is lost.” 

Celestia's expression fell, The Mask was still in control of her sister’s expression, so even that was still a manipulation.

Twilight’s smile warmed. “But I am willing to see what can be built on a new foundation of truth.” 

Celestia returned the smile. The glimmer of hope and relief in her eyes were completely honest as far as Luna could see, “Thank you, Twilight.” She extended her hoof to Twilight who after a moment, accepted it.

Luna did not even need to ask what Cadance was seeing, her smile revealed everything she needed to know. 

Now that the main point of the meeting seemed to have at least been achieved amicably, Celestia motioned for everypony to enjoy the meal.

Luna smiled. Twilight was demolishing the food. There was not a single item she had not sampled. Even the things she always shied away from. Like the fish-based pegasus dishes, the mineral-based earthpony delicacies or the single thestral addition to the meal, an inoffensive looking pastry whose contents were made from a little blood and meat. Even some crystal berries made an appearance in the form of a pie.

Shining Armor just watched in apparent horror as his sister was on the verge of becoming a natural disaster. The playful glare Twilight shot back, made him laugh.

Candance hid a giggle with her hoof. “Careful Twilight, you might end up as big as Celestia if you keep eating like that.”

Twilight looked a little sheepish, and Celestia offered her niece an unamused look.

“As the youth of today say ‘Oh lighten up Tia’,” Luna half laughed.

Celestia snorted and crossed her forelegs, looking a few thousand years younger. Luna chuckled and threw one of the marshmallows from the crystal berry pie at her. Celestia just stared at the incoming projectile seeming to disbelieve its existence. The impact leaving a small purple mark on Celestia's formally pristine coat.

Something flashed in Celestia’s eyes. Luna readied her defences as her sisters Warmind readied its weapons, about a quarter of the remaining dishes on the table.

Twilight grabbed a hoof full of her favourites and raised a shield around herself. Shining Armour followed suit just in time, as the first barrage began. 

Luna could hear Cadance laughing as she sheltered in her husband's protection. 

The battle was fierce, and no food-based projectile was left unutilised. 

The servants arrived with the deserts and rapidly began cleaning the room. They would not meet anyponie’s eyes. Cadance had done double duty with her grooming spell, leaving both sisters with their normal impeccable appearance. 

Luna was returning her sister’s glare and grin both. Neither would admit the other had won, so this most ridiculous of stare-offs was still ongoing.

“I’ll just have to eat all the cake,” Twilight interjected giving Luna a wink.

“Thou would not darest,” Celestia shouted, looking to Twilight before blushing, if only a fraction of a shade and only for the blink of an eye. 

Luna would have to reward Twilight, for it had been a long time since she had seen her sister lose her composure like that. By the Stars, she had needed this release, this moment of fun.

“Huzza,” Luna called out, “Victory is mine.”

“But the cake is not,” Celestia stuck her tongue out, the whole cake suspended in her golden aura.

The meal was over, and everypony else made their way from the room. Luna gestured for Twilight to wait. Once the doors had closed, Luna was alone with Twilight. 

Luna reached her wing around Twilight, “So did any of Celestia’s guard happen to strike your fancy?”

Luna could tell Twilight was divided. Probably between the temptation and the perceived impropriety.

“We are being hosted by my sister. You would be more than welcome to partake of one if you liked.” Luna added to the temptation side of the conversation as she started preening Twilight’s wings.

Twilight responded to the ministrations, “Why can I not just partake of you?” looking into Luna’s eyes with obvious desire.

Luna pulled back just slightly, “Ah ah, Cadance would not approve until after our wedding.”

“And me partaking of a guard wouldn’t be disapproved of?” Twilight pointed out the obvious.

“No, it would simply be using one of your privileges of being royalty. Speaking of advantages of being royalty, I have a present for you.” Luna purred into Twilight’s ear.

Luna reached out with her senses, locating her intended gift. Her shadow magic reaching out to embrace her target.

A pool of shadow poured into the area just in front of Luna and Twilight. From it rose Luna’s most recent Nightchosen. Her exotically beautiful body suggestively wrapped up in ribbons of shadow.

Twilight’s eyes devoured the pony before her. They seemed to be taking in the sight of Candice’s body and lingered  on her bound up, but still obviously magnificent wings. 

Twilight’s muscles tensed, wanting to lunge at her gift. Flames danced in her mane, and only Luna's raw strength held the young Alicorn in place. 

Candice looked down at the binding wrapping her up. She seemed to relax as she saw their reason for being. She then looked up to see Twilight being held and preened by Luna.

“I offer you your first guard.”  Luna said whispering into Twilight's ear, “And we all know that a princess’s guards are part of her harem.” Luna looked to Candice, her eyes telling her gift, ‘I‘ve done my part, it’s your turn now.’

Candice only took a moment to gather herself and look at Twilight. “Oh hello, Twilight. I thought I might be meeting you soon, but this is not how I thought it would occur.” Candice was obviously surprised. Luna could sense Candice try to reach out and modify the bindings. She could see that she wasn’t trying to dispel them but rather simply modify them. Luna reached out and helped her Nightchosen, knowing that she was still too new to having thestral magic to accomplish the task. The bindings loosened themselves a bit, allowing her to move around. The ends of the ribbons now floating around in the breeze.

The door to the dining room suddenly opened with unreasonable force. Blueblood’s voice called into the room as he strode in. “Aunty, I must speak with you immediately…” Looking at the sight before him, he stopped in his tracks. “What is going on here?” He demanded.

Twilight’s eyes fixated on the intruder, a low growl emanating from her.

Luna cut in, “This intrusion is most unwelcome.” Her strength being the only thing currently restraining Twilight.

Blueblood nodded and as he turned to leave, he uttered, “At least you’re finally putting those hybrids in their place. They all deserve to be tied up and tried for treason against nature.”

Twilight’s power surged, her horn lighting. Blueblood vanished in a flash of magenta light. The doors closed as quickly as they had been opened, and a pulse of magic sealed the room from both sound and invasion.

Luna just wondered at this point where Twilight had teleported him to.

Candice, for her part, looked back to Twilight and Luna. Her face showing an obvious distaste for Blueblood’s Tribalism. Her mood was obviously negatively affected by the interruption.

Twilight took some time to do her breathing technique and calm herself down. She muttered to herself, “At least I didn‘t kill him.”

“And what pray tell did you do to him?” Luna asked.

“I dropped him in the fountain at the center of the garden maze. It was either that or off the side of the Canterhorn.” Twilight stated. She was obviously very put off by the interruption from the would-be royal.

Luna pulled both of them into a hug. “I hope that the interruption didn’t take too much away from my gift. Why don’t you ask my most recently converted chosen about her qualifications,” she suggested.

Twilight looked at Candice as Luna released them from the hug. Her eyes seemed to pass over Candice as if reminding herself what she saw the first time. After a moment Luna saw the light flicker of flames appear on her mane again. 

Candice seemed to at least appreciate the appraising look from Twilight. Her mood returning from it’s previously dampened state.

Twilight walked forward, looking at every inch of her ‘gift’ once more. "Are you really a guard?" she asked in a seductive tone.
The appreciative smile on Candice’s face told Luna that things were back on the track she desired. 

Candice looked to Twilight, "Nightguard or Nightchosen if you prefer. Also much more. I can list my qualifications if you like. Even give you demonstrations of anything you chose."
"Anything?" Her mane burned a bit brighter.
"Ranging from magic experiments in your lab to cleansing most of your ley lines. Discussing magic theory to combat training. Or if you have any suggestions, I will at least try to fulfill them." Candice said in a tone of playfulness. There was just enough seriousness for Twilight to know she wasn't joking about any of that though Luna noted that physical intimacy wasn’t on the list. That was fine, though. Luna knew that Candice did not want to rush things and take advantage of the situation.
Twilight’s wings betrayed her at the mention of ley line cleaning. She turned to Luna and said, "You know just what to get a mare." All of the options seemed to have interested her. 
"What would you like to start with?" Candice asked.
Twilight seemed rather tempted, but then she backed off and forced herself under control, "First things first, we need to get you equipped, introduce you to ponies and make sure my wards don't kill you. "
"Fair enough. In the interest of full disclosure, my qualifications are not the only reason I was chosen as a gift for you. To be completely honest, I have feelings for both you and your betrothed. I believe some of those feelings are returned by her, but she is well aware that they extend to you as well." Candice admitted. Seemed she didn’t want to give Twilight the wrong impression here.
Twilight looked at Candice for a moment, seeming to consider her words. "How do you have feelings for us already?"

Luna observed patiently as Candice went over everything she had before. Her dreams, her feelings that came from them, how her desire to not hurt either of them qualified as being a phobia. Her openness at least seemed to be appreciated by Twilight. Candice seemed as comfortable with Twilight as she was with herself. 

One thing that caught Luna's attention was Candice lamenting a little bit about choosing the wrong dream when she was given the choice before she became a Nightguard. 

She even disclosed Insight's existence. That resulted in Twilight going and spending some time in the Mind Scape that Luna bound to Candice for them. Eventually, she came back to physical reality. 
Twilight thought for a moment after hearing everything. "Thank you, Candice", moving closer to Candice, she whispered, "Let's see if you two can earn the same feelings from me." The desire for Candice, and Insight as well, to accept the challenge was clear in Twilight's eyes. That didn't stop her from blushing at her own words though. 
Whispering back into Twilight's ear, Candice offered, "I had a date idea if you're interested. You and I heading to the clouds with food, notebook and your telescope. Dinner and the stars as the moon rises. Desert being relaxing together with a book in front of a fireplace. Maybe even compare notes on ideas for experiments during it all. There's also nothing to be embarrassed about my Passionately Pedagogical Perfectly Pretty Precious Purple Pony Princess."

“You’re hired,” Twilight said, her voice laced with more than one type of lust. 

By Twilight's reaction, Luna had set this up well. Candice had just ticked every box that all of Twilight’s fragment’s had added to their checklists of wants. By how Twilight’s wings kept twitching, at least part of her was thinking of having her ley lines cleaned. Luna thought it was even odds if Candice would be trapped in a lab or the bedroom by the end of the week.

“Now run along and take your gift with you,” Luna said, with a tender smile.

Twilight looked hungrily at Luna, clearly wanting to take her with as well. “Just wait until our wedding night,” Luna soothed.

Twilight claimed one more passionate kiss before lighting her horn and teleporting both herself and her ‘gift’ away. Luna licked her lips, relishing the taste of the kiss and the tingle of her soon to be lover’s magic’s tender touch.

Luna mildly scolded herself, she had meant to reclaim the power from the shadow silk bindings she had dressed Candice in. Oh well, it would only mean she would need a few more cups of coffee, and she did like coffee.