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50 Questions · 12:35am Apr 9th, 2014

Hey guys, good news! I'm not dead!

Here goes.

1. What is your first name: Malachi
2. How old are you: 17
3. What country are you from: MURICA
4. What do you really look like, pictures are acceptable:
5. What do you wish you looked like: Less pimples, smaller nose.
6. How did you come across My Little Pony: My sisters watched "Boast Busters", and discarded the show. I didn't.

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So my teachers be all like

Oh, and by the way...

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Meeester alt confirmed.

Thanks for joining The Badfic Bin! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

1540934 I have updated my other stories, at least somewhat more recently.

Check out The Terror's Dream or Twilight Gets Stung by a Bee. Those tend to be my favorite to update.

Great to see you continuing your work buddy. I was worried that you'd given it up.

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