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You've all heard the "I died and was Displaced to Equestria" prompt. Rather than Equestria, I wound up in a Void, waiting to be shaped into a world, and with the power to do just that. After a brief conversation with someone who may or may not exist (still not sure if I was talking to myself) I decided to create Equestria, just to see what would happen. It's not turning out quite as I'd pictured, but I'm enjoying the ride.

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I just wanted to have fun cosplaying as Deadpool, but now I'm stuck with two voices in my head. Oh, and I'm in Equestria.
It all started on Japan-day in Germany, when my life turned upside down. Now I'm stuck in Equestria with voices in my head that make me do stupid stuff, and all I want to do is go back home. The ponies think I'm evil and turned me into stone. For that, I'll show them what Deadpool can do.

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You know, one thousand years trapped inside a statue can really be...what's the word...infuriating. I mean, I did Celestia a favor, destroying Discord as soon as he was blasted by those Elements of Harmony! I even helped those two obtain the Elements! I mean, sure, I was planning to take over Equestria, and I also backstabbed Discord, since, you know, I said I would help him and all, but who really cares about the details? Oh, sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I am the master of dimensions...pleaser of crowds...Dimentio! But, originally? I was just a guy in a Dimentio costume, looking for a pair of gloves to finish my outfit, who just so happened to run into the wrong merchant.

And I would tell you the whole story, but considering I was just freed from my prison by three little fillies, I think it's best if I go take over Equestria now. But this time...I'm not going to be so merciful with my tactics. Ciao!

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Albert Wesker magically survives his encounter with Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar in Kijuju and finds himself in Equestria. Given the chance to begin a new life he'll have to decide, whether to continue his old ways or rather become a part of this society based on love and tolerance.

Resident Evil Crossover
Takes place after RE5 and Season 3
Will contain large amounts of gore
Thank you, PinkiePiePlease and Lord of Hentai for being my proofreaders/editors.
[Featured on 30.06.2014, 01.08.2014, 11.08.2014 and 26.09.14]

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This story is a sequel to How many friends have you made today?!

Things are a lot better for Anon since the events of Ponyville. His store is doing great and he enjoys the company of all his friends. As the days go on, he finds that the problems of the past are quick to haunt him as he is forced to face the one thing that hurt him the most.

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An unexpected encounter with a stallion helps Fluttershy feel better about a personal problem... And then hilarity ensues.

There is now an Interquel in progress, taking place between chapters 3 and 4. And there is a sequel planned.

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A Archived version before a solid one comes out. The new version will be available after I complete the Shadowbringers MSQ and Post MSQ. As such, the new version of the story will be much different from this one, and while it will have re-occurring themes, it will alternatively be different.

REWRITE UP NOW:https://www.fimfiction.net/story/474518/equestrias-light-a-realm-reborn

A "Displaced" story.
T'suhar "Skye" Pendragon is a Warrior Of Light, that's what he is familiar with, so why is it bad when he decides to take a hit for his team from Bahamut? He didn't land where he was supposed to, and instead became a shooting star in the realm of Equestria, the locals are a lot more concerned with the unfamiliarity of his armor more than where he came from. Can he cope with this world of "friendship"? A world where there literally is no fight left to fight?

(Takes Place before Ascension, before Canterlot Wedding)
No knowledge of Final Fantasy 14 is needed, and will be explained throughout the story to the best of my ability.
Cover Art is Heavensward's logo

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Stop me if you heard this before. Guy goes to costume convention as a fictional character. Guy or girl meets a merchant. Get a piece for there costume then goes to Equestria. Here's the thing the guy I am is already in Equestria. Its set in good read the story.

A displaced fic of different direction instead of the usual goes as something else for a change my little pony. Eric Smith went as a MLP character his favorite character. Got some hand made Elements of Disharmony and the rest his history.

Now he is Loki. Let the chaos flow!

Co-written with Thunderclap and our second story together.

Come on you know you want to

All art belongs to its owners.

Looking for a Editor.

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The planet of Chikyu is pretty odd, from an outsider perspective. There are anthromorphic sapients of every stripe and sort, the world president is a dog, its greatest warriors are alien monkeys, the average IQ (outside genius scientists or children) is somewhere below 50, and magic orbs raise the dead. How much difference would adding a pony that barely talks really make?
...quite a lot, apparently. Just ask Mr. Popo...if you dare.
Dragon Ball Z Abridged crossover
Edit: Cover art by CaioCoia.
On DA: https://www.deviantart.com/caiocoia

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First story ever bring on the negative people and anyone else I can take all the positive and negative feedback you can send at me
Name: Lex Millennium
Sex: yes please

Lex Millennium was the oldest thing on his planet, he was older then the American and French Revolutions, he was older then the industrial revolution and the pyramids. In fact even he didn't even know how old he was. Then all he does is blink and he is in a forest when he was just walking through a mini-mart to get groceries for the foster children that lived down the road from him and to top it all off he frequently cusses (only never around children). And one finally thing he has the power to take others life energy from there very beings while not killing them. oh almost forgot he's a bit insane, just a little bit.
I can give him any powers I want, but I wont ever over power him.
also this will mostly be first person(LEX)

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