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This fic, is about a fan of Hazbin Hotel, who made his own Alastor costume for halloween in New Orleans. Unfortunately he never got to go trick or treating, because he ordered the final piece of his costume from the merchant.

Warning: story includes content that may be uncomfortable for some readers.

Disclaimer: I do not own my little pony, the Alastor character, or the art within the story.

I'm mostly making this story because some people (you know who you are) have not written many stories like this, that feature the Hazbin Hotel franchise. So I must take it upon myself to pave the way for more of its kind. I do believe that this may be one of my best works, I’m gonna be working really hard on this. I hope you enjoy.

Enjoy my story, and please give it a like, and follow me for more content on my other stories.

Chapters (11)

Vinyl Scratch and Octavia, an unlikely vampire/werewolf team, investigate a mysterious cryptid haunting Ponyville. With Vinyl wishing to take it down to prove herself as a 'good vampire', and Octavia worrying about everypony's safety, a confrontation seems inevitable.

However, when it comes to this particular monster, not all is as it seems.

Chapters (6)

The Black Mesa Research Facility wasn’t the only thing affected by the Resonance Cascade. As it turns out, multiple planets were put in its blast zone. One of those planets being Equus.

It’s up to Dr. Gordon Freeman, the crowbar-wielding scientist, to save it.

And this time, he isn’t alone.

Featured 2/19/20

Chapters (30)

This story is a sequel to Actually, I'm Dead

After losing control of the Alicorn Amulet, the Elements of Harmony sealed Trixie inside an obsidian statue. She didn't refuse. She didn't fight back. Trixie gladly accepted her penance in order to keep her friends safe from her own demons.

But some things come back, even if they shouldn't.

Now Trixie has to figure out her own position in the great scheme. Yet as she does so, she will also have to protect her friends, and she doesn't know if she's strong enough.

Co-written with Nightwalker

[The story is currently On Hiatus. I can't express how sorry I am for that. Here's the longer explanation.]

Cover art by Grandifloru. Used without permit until further notice (or the eventual C&D and/or stalking and murder, depending on the case).

Chapters (5)

The Accursed Alicorn Amulet. An item of great power, capable of giving any pony wearing it the power reserved only for alicorns. The power of a god among mortals. All of that, only at one price; your sanity.

Not an easy decision, isn't it? Sure, a mind is something precious and all that, but the temptation of having such a power can be too much for certain ponies. It was too much for Trixie, and she fell for it. It's a good thing that Twilight Sparkle managed to save her from a life of insanity.

But, what would happen if Trixie's sanity wasn't the only price to pay? What else could the Amulet take from Trixie?

Co-written with nightwalker

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They say that good armour is a Royal Guard's best friend.

Sometimes, it might be a little more literal than expected.

After all, it isn’t every day that one receives shameless self-promotion from their protective attire.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Magic's Birth

Luna and Celestia tell Twilight of the story of their 'brief' lives as the second to their makers, and how they grew from 'simple' machinery relative at the time to fully sapient beings.

From towering cities piercing into seas of stars to ravaged but hardy lands still giving food to those that stand upon them, Twilight will learn how the two sisters came to be and what they went through. The duo are more than happy to recount the tales of those that developed like them and became fast friends despite running on the opposing Blue and Black energies.

Perhaps, with the help of Twilight, the three will learn how the Blue's waste became the magic that gave such life and color to a world that belonged to others long, long ago.

You can find the original image link here
This was art done by JedaySkayVoker whose DA can be found in the source. Kryostase commissioned it for me. He's also been helping spot spelling errors, typos, and the like. Thanks a lot!

Chapters (42)

Shining Armor has lived a long and happy life alongside his wife Cadance. Though they never managed to have another child, they've held the Crystal Empire strong against many enemies, helping to spread friendship all across the world.

But merely being married to an Alicorn Princess has not protected him from the ravages of time. Where many others would have to say farewell to their immortal children and relatives, something else is waiting for Shining Armor.

His younger sister, ruler of Equestria, is unwilling to say goodbye, and has perfected a spell that will allow him to stay with his family. He has little time to decide: accept the spell, or say goodbye to his family forever. It isn't really much of a choice.

Cover by Zutcha, editing by da star bois Two Bit and Sparktail.

A warning for potentially sensitive readers: this is a story about cute role-reversals. Though it includes Gleaming Shield and physical transformation, it has neither the scope nor the wordcount to deal with the more sensitive topics of personal identity and dysphoria. Things I could not treat with the respect they deserved were left out of the story completely.

If you're looking for a more substantial take on transition and transgender subjects, I suggest one of my other stories, Homebrew.

Chapters (4)

An average man died an average death, having achieved nothing of note, either of good, or evil. While in a different world, Celestia has perished during the changeling invasion, leaving behind grieving sister, student and nation.
But death is not the end for either of these people and with the power of a star, their destinies will be intertwined and reforged anew!

(More characters and tags will be added as time passes. Also make sure to check out the sister story to this one.) Trigger warning, violence, death.
Will return once another main story is complete, or a funding goal is met.

Chapters (1)

During one of her many passion projects, Twilight decides to try and track down the origins of magic and where everypony came from. Her library is chock full of various different theories, none of them very helpful. She decides, instead, to ask Princess Celestia.

However, the answer she gets is far more absurd than she bargained for. An answer so detached from reality that it takes a physical manifestation of it to show Twilight the extent of the terrifying source of magic and what it did to a once benign world to render it and its inhabitants so fantastical.

"You were never the first ones here, nor were you the second. We were the second."

Chapters (1)