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Vinyl Scratch and Octavia, an unlikely vampire/werewolf team, investigate a mysterious cryptid haunting Ponyville. With Vinyl wishing to take it down to prove herself as a 'good vampire', and Octavia worrying about everypony's safety, a confrontation seems inevitable.

However, when it comes to this particular monster, not all is as it seems.

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i want to see more of this

When I saw the title along with the picture, I knew exactly what cryptid this was about.

Long horse is best good boy, you can't change my mind on that.

Vinyl shrugged. “Maybe somepony’s baking something?”

Octavia raised her eyebrows. “At three in the morning?”


He even has his own theme song!

One which is much, much better than Vinyl's, though she'd never admit it.

(SPOILERS, I guess?)



Very soon! The fic will be finished before Halloween.

Team Spoopies? :trollestia:

"The Real Spoopies!"

I am a simple man. I see Trevor Henderson, I click.

I hate long horse so God damn much. Shit gives me nightmares.

Oof, not putting away the books, now thats a doozy of a sin. Pretty sure you go straight down to the bottom of hell for that one.

He protects you though. He loves you

yooo this SLAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wonder how trevor feels about pony fanfiction with his characters lol

I've been waiting the story about Trevor Henderson work. Can't wait for another story like this :)

That boy in the cover art needs a bagel.

"Twilight, it's a monster!"


"I think we need a Tums Festival in here!"

(The RLM memes will go on forever...)

They could always ask Princess Luna, since she's secretly still NMM and plans to kill Celestia and the Mane 6... I mean, she's looking pretty sus after I found that body in electrical after she was just there.


The relationship between Luna and lycanthropes (lycequines?) is always an interesting question. You'd expect some kind of connection between reatures so closely tied to the moon and the princess thereof.

In any case, looking forward to seeing where you go with this.

Man, you really live up to your name, don't you 😋. Not that that's a bad thing. I always enjoy your comments.

You raise a good point, too, and it gives me an idea 😉. Just gotta find a place to fit it in. Stay tuned.

MLP x Trevor henderson universe. How lovely. So far looking good, I how it stays that way. There are to many vampire scratch and were pony Octavia stories that turn out horribly written or with grammer and spelling mistakes everywhere. But ya, this story is one imma enjoy reading.

Inside a tomb engraved with the words: ‘PBB’s Hopes and Dreams’, no less, whoever that was.

RIP Blueblood.
Well, he's neither resting nor peaceful given the whole lich thing, but still.

An unexpected pleasure. Let me guess: you’re just dying for a drink? HeheheHAHAHA!

With a name like Crypt Keeper, certain forms must be observed.

I have to appreciate the irony of that last line. Looking forward to the tale.

Lovely cliffhanger, and i hate you for that -_-. Keep up the good writing. I cal tell this is going to continue with good development.

We'll wanna keep our distance before we get to Crypt Keeper's.

I knew it!

Couldn't help but imagine Crypty talking like the Crypt Keeper. Loving all the humor in this.

“Oh, I have more than an idea,” she said, smiling coyly. “The creature you encountered? It has a name: Long Horse.”

Vinyl’s eyes widened, and she gave Octavia an impressed look. “Hey, you called it!”

Personally, I was hoping for the outside odds of "Neck Snek", but I suppose that's a bit modern.

Ominous. And I mean that literally. Long Horse is an omen of something far worse. The question is what. And if Vinyl can fully internalize how the spooky thing may not be evil in and of itself.

Is a Long Horse a real-life cryptid?

Nope. Completely fictional. Created by artist Trevor Henderson. I'd highly recommend more of his work if you want spooks.

Hmm. We know ponies have movies. I suppose there was a Bela Lugosi analogue who had to read his lines phonetically at some point.

That’s like… that’s like drinking milk from a cow’s udder.. All warm and gross.

Well, there's a mental image. Vinyl as the incorrigible neonate at some fancy party who can at least appreciate proper catering.

I suspected the reveal, but it's still a brilliant additional crossover.

Lovely stuff, and a wonderful examination of prejudice and preconceived notions. Plus, you've added some fascinating extra layers beneath the pastel surface of Equestria. I hope you revisit this setting at some point. Even if you don't, thank you for this tale.

I wasn't familiar with Trevor Henderson before reading this, but you nonetheless wrote this story so that I was intrigued rather than confused. That's pretty darn impressive in my book! I really liked the characterizations of everypony, but I especially adored Crypt Keeper; I can't help but love a good pun! This was a great read and I do hope you return to these characters someday.

Long horse having an actual characterization is kinda weird to me. Cause the only thing we have on him is very little actual info from Henderson, it's one of those weird cases of it being kinda strange to know more about something that is essentially supposed to be almost entirely mysterious. Like leaving the unknown as the unknown is somehow more appealing if that makes any sence. Still liked the story though.

I was conflicted about giving him a bit more personality myself. Still, he's such a good boi I couldn't help myself :)

Siren Head I hoped was still very mysterious, though.

I'll be honest, all though siren head ending up as a meme did bring more attention to Henderson work; it also kinda made him not very mysterious or scary, but thats just me. Honestly I was at first expecting cartoon cat to be the danger.

Well. That happened.

10506858 How about the 'Snekquine'? :trollestia:

The chief smiled, pointing to the vast forest behind him. “We’re going to be going through there. The Hollow Forest.”

Ah, I'll bet the Menos weren't too happy about that!


(That one otaku, "I get it!")

So... mirror world got nuclear bombed? Man in Black is some form of Apocalypse Watcher?

Or is this one of those stories where nuclear war somehow made magic and talking ponies and a tiny lil Sun that Princess Horse can jerk around the planet? Cuz, I really hate those... like, a lot. They don't work AT ALL.

It's not like they CAN'T work. "Flight of Dragons" made it work, what with the idea of magic being dependent upon the belief in it, and as humans ceased to believe, the magic withered.

Though, the resolution for that story was kinda sloppy. And stating 'psychology' as one of the sciences... oooooo… no. We TRUE scientists MOCK psychology as about as valid as astrology! Id and ego and all that rot! Harumph! :ajsmug:

I LOVED THIS! I really do hope you revisit this little duo/occasional trio, and Cripty is just the best! Kudos!

I love this story! Now I picture a sequel where Twilight and Co have to track down a Wendigo (a REAL one, not the ghost-things), and end up in way over their heads, only to be saved at the last minute by Team Spooky and Long Horse. And I looked up that poem online... turns out its an entire song! It's called 'Waiting on a Train' and it was apparently written by Jimmie Rodgers and became one of the "theme songs" of the Great Depression. The lyrics of the song don't match the poem exactly, but it's pretty close!
All around the water tank
Waiting for a train
A thousand miles away from home
Sleeping in the rain

I walked up to a brakeman
Just to make a line of talk
He said "Son if you've got money
I'll see that you don't walk."

I haven't got a nickle
Not a penny I can show
Get off get off you railroad bum
And he slammed the boxcar door

He put me off in Texas
A state I dearly love
The wide open spaces all around me
The moon and stars up above.

Nobody seems to want me
Or to lend a helping hand
I'm on my way from Frisco
Going back to Dixieland

Though my pocketbook is empty
And my heart is full of pain
I'm a thousand miles away from home
Just a waiting for a train.

All the while, the full moon was illuminating the strange creature and casting its shadow across the land. As Octavia drew closer, she was able to start making it out for herself. Like Vinyl said, it was indeed some sort of skeleton. Though one composed of multiple copies of the same bone, that being a horse’s neck bone. Each of them was about a foot long, and made up the length of the creature like finger joints. Terrifyingly, for it to stretch such a distance, it must have had hundreds, if not thousands of them.

Now, this doesn't make sense to me. Vertebrae (which make up the necks and spines of all vertebrates) are short little things, while what you describe making up Long Horse's neck (and what is shown in the cover picture) is more like a humerus (upper arm bone of a human). Sorry, I'm a nerd who can't help but nitpick!

I’m not all two familiar with Henderson’s work, who is the man with the backwards speech?

He's actually not one of Henderson's characters. Kind of a combination of the sunglasses man from that one SCP story, the G-Man, and the creatures of the Black Lodge in Twin Peaks. Not good or evil when in his 'human' form.

What is “Tales From the Crypt” and how do I find it?

“TAVI! NO!” Vinyl cried, hitting Siren Head with a series of spells, but to no avail.

i'm getting serious vampiolence vibes here

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