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Equinicus Sangiunus

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To their sisters. Plus, you could make it that way.
I'm stealing your thread, rarity!
We should do all these things, and get covered in tree Sap somehow!
I'm gonna use these herbs, for a cutie mark! Oh no, too many!

Okay, I like them. But if they were more annoying, then it would be funny, and your type of story, or at least I think. Just wondering if you would want to do something like that, sorry if I wasted your time.

cmc are annoying? What do you mean?

Okay... Maybe you could do the cutie mark crusaders are annoying story. I'd read that.

Cool, thanks, its a dark comedy so don't get too scared!

I just saw your story was posted about 30 seconds ago. Sounds scary.

What you perceive as now is someone else's history. And history is unchangeable.

2761648 Oh well. Just thought to check on you.

I don't understand your question. All I did was post a thread to discuss something and it got locked for no reason.

I didn't think it was against the rules. It seemed harmless to me.

2761645 I donno. You tell me.

2761636 You went on a tantrum in the Writers group.

Are you high?

Nice job separating yourself from the other downvoters. Let's have gay faggot sex U//W\\U

  • Viewing 49 - 63 of 63
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