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Tired. Sometimes irked. Rarely mad. But always trying to smile. [What does a man need to do to get a cappuccino around here?]

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K been a while since you last updated. Wanted to make sure.

You dead?

you are so very welcome ;) and please continue "cheer up spike" xd

Thank you so very much!

I hope you will have a happy, easy going, eventful( in a good way) Christmas and the new year will bring nothing but good surprises for you and your loved ones ;)

Honestly, I'm thinking about rewriting it anyway, a lot of flaws

I have a lot of stuff in my life going on as well so I rarely have time for reading. Honestly don't even worry about it. Whether its in month or a year doesn't really matter to me, but if you give up on the story I would like to know. It's far more frustrating to me to have an unfinished story with a writer who disappears, and not labeled it as cancelled, than to have it just be on haitus for a long time when I know it COULD come back.

I'm working on stuff at the moment but I really can't give a date on when I might finish anything really...

I've read a bit into your comments so I'm going to assume its the same story but I still must ask. Are you planning to update and finish your other stories once you've finished Cheer up Spike? I'm quite a fan of Scales and Carapaces, but I also know its one of the 3 stories you have on hold and it can be challenging to work on all of them at once. Can you give me any indication or date on when you think you'll be done with Cheer up Spike and as a result possibly a date on when you'll start working on Scales and Carapaces again? Either way, great work on it so far, both of the stories previously mentioned. :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 32 - 41 of 41
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A New Year! · 8:26am January 1st

Hey you people who actually read these, its been a long time coming. From Scales and Carapases up to the current chapters of Cheer Up Spike, I have gotten lots of readers and so much support I can't believe it.

Thank you all so much for all your support and I'll try and keep going until my fingers fall off or I run out of stories.

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