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I love this story already good work.

*chuckles* Trixie does have points

Trixie sucks at magic but she may be the only pony who makes total sense around here. Talk about ironically wise :rainbowderp:

...At least it won't be as tragic as Dante24's Recovery of the Heartbroken Dragon hopefully...

When a female states that 'she thinks we should see other people' or that 'they need a break from each other', that really means she's already been fucking at least 1 other person for a minimum of 6 months if not the entire time you've been together.

In my view of Spike and Trixie’s relationship they are kinda friends, they might have hung out since she's always with Starlight.
I also think she's more matter of fact. But thats just me

Also nothing that violent. Or will it? Muhahaha!!!!

This is a pretty great idea. I looked at it first and was just like "another spike harem". Not bad, but not great. I looked into a bit more and realized there's a lot of heart here. A very cool execution of a tired idea.

Upvoted and I'll be following this one.

Amma follow dis.

I knew I would get that as I started writing but theres more to this that i want to do. Plus its fun! :pinkiehappy:

That was my thought as well. Mainly due to the line

'She wasn’t even looking at him, something to the left must have been very interesting, couldn’t find what though.'

That line seemed to strongly suggest she was looking at another guy whom she was possibly already seeing behind his back.

Especially if the entire time you've been together is 6 months.

Or less.

Sometimes it's easier to make sense when your not as close to the situation and are able to view it more from the outside.
The closer you are the more it clouds your judgement

This is really interesting.

Why does everyone make the mares so damn tall, or with large breasts or a ridiculous body, nigga they are normal looking mares in the show just with the elements and maybe certain body qualities that are a higher tier then average, but to make them so damn tall, tall fetish much?

Well… I'd be crazy not to follow this story

Bride of Discord pulled me in

A few Sombra fics were a good read I guess

But what kept me were the Spike fics… I could read them forever!

Cause its fun to write about bouncing boobs. Also tall chicks are hot.

Spike. You can do better. That ... 'mare' was more then likely sleeping around.

In truth its actually from a episode of court show, the couple were happy, but her problem was the guy was 'too nice' and said 'i love you' a lot. Not really implying she was sleeping around, but if thats what you took out of it i dont mind.

Trixie makes a lot of sense. You don't have to date him. Just make him feel better. That's what I did with my friend and it make her feel much better. Just spending time with a hurt soul can help them heal up. It won't be easy but it will be worth it.

You are my new favorite. For you I will add one thing to the story. NAME IT!

Can't be about Spike's ex though.

I know there's only two chapters so far, but clearly there's an absence of Dragon Lord Ember. This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed.

I'll try and fit her in as a side chapter, working with 18 more days.

Sweet Celestia!!! THis is great!! I just hope the princesses and Trixie get in on the action.

I hope he impregnates one of them.

Spike needs some male friends to break him out, the girls want to help but they are being too passive. As a guy friend, you get one week to be mopey and sad about it, then we're kidnapping you and forcing you to have fun whether you want it or not. Happened to me before and that push was just what I needed to move past it. Tough love baby.

Oh, thank God the ex isn't Rarity.

Loving the story so far, but some of the typos and misspellings are getting distracting and make it feel more rushed than it is.

Yup. OC's make for a better hating material.:pinkiecrazy:

I love the potential this story has, its definitely gonna be a great time reading this. You have my attention. :twilightsmile:

I'm surprised you didn't describe their sizes specifically in this chapter. Of course, it's more fun to leave it for the readers to guess.

Besides that, excellent work on the grammar, the plot, and everything.

Interesting. Will keep reading!:moustache:

^^;; rescind that. I haven't gotten to 'those' moments yet

No, don’t get me wrong! It’s actually more fun that way to guess.

Okay seriously, how does anyone in Ponyville take that mares side? I know, I know, two sides to every story and all that. But everyone heard the argument, how do they not see her as 'the mare that perfect isn't good enough for'? She practically said as much! Seriously, how is Spike coping shit for this!?

He's a dragon, and apparently as a rule, dragon's are cruel and unruly by nature.



I've been in situations where its clear someone is right and someone is wrong and being on the side that was right, and still having caught crap over it. It's just a response to hearing stuff second hand.

Interesting story so far,a bit choppy in places, but you definitely have my attention. I. Interested to see where you take this.

So Spike was being selfish by treating her like a queen?:unsuresweetie:....and then she has the nerve to insult the mares who could be considered as his family?.....that mare is lucky she didn't get killed on the spot, you cant piss off a dragon with out getting more the a few burns:pinkiecrazy:

My interest is piqued. I eagerly look forward to further updates.


Everything's moving too fast; a break-up puts Spike in a trance state in the course of a few paragraphs; suddenly it's months later and they're at a resort and all the girls have a crush on him without any apparent self-denial of the feelings or guilt.

We're just being told "X feels this way" instead of being shown their behavior and deducing their feelings from there. This sort of thing needs a slow build-up and burn, you seem to be just rushing past the setup to get to the "good bits," the ones you had in mind when you thought of the story, the hotel scenes with Spike and the girls.

That and a fair amount of typos (Eg: "A grown came from behind her as a rainbow-haired mare spread her wings and stretched.") makes me feel quite firmly "Meh" about this story.

I may peek back in at some point, but it's just not something that's piqued my interest.

what a bitch! anyone would be lucky to have spike as A BF

I have some quick writing tips for you, if you permit me!

Common conventions put a comma before the name when characters address one another in dialogue. That's done to avoid ambiguities. Here's an example why:

"I want to come inside Rainbow Dash!"


"I want to come inside, Rainbow Dash!"

As you can see, that does change the meaning quite a bit. It'll make things much easier on your readers!

Also, numbers under a hundred should be spelled out. Just putting in numbers can come across as lazy!

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