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I haven't read it yet but my advice remove the Equestria Girls tag and put either Human or Anthro instead

It is specifically a magically altered EqG world. So...technically EqG AU.

Yes, the AU tag should be added.

Twilight could barely believe her eyes; less than ten feet away stood, quite literally, the first friend she ever made. And one
she hadn't seen they were Ten. "Spike...wh...what you doing-" She was silenced by the sensation being wrapped up in two arms, along with his still shaking form.

Looks like the curse of the accidental enter continues.

If it helps, go look up #1046205 and #25237 on derpibooru for a basic idea of what they'll look like

That second one would make an excellent cover art unless/until you get one specific for this story.

lol didn't notice that in the editing.

Interesting can't wait for more

Spike, buddy I feel your pain, I had the same problem when I was just a boy, and I literally also had a girl best friend who I felt safe around.

fool's lucky if you ask me at least he has an excuse for not having a girlfriend, I have wears luck with women then most people I know.

Kinda reminds me of "Guy" from the Tales of the Abyss video game for PS2. Though to be fair, he had several of his female family members die with their corpses dogpiled on him when he was a kid, so his gynophobia is understandable.

I'm really liking this story!:moustache:

Ok, now I'm really, really liking this story!:moustache::twilightblush:

Only thing I really recall about her was cyan hair with a little horn nub poking out, and overalls with a harp picture on it.

At first, I thought he was talking about Lyra.

Spike let out a shuddering sigh. Trixie Lulamoon...or as he'd soon come to know her, 'the girl that wouldn't go away'. Her calling him 'darling' or her 'beloved' more often than his actual name did NOT help matters.

I can't connect the harp with Trixie. Am I missing something?

Spike doesn't know what a boner is that is just sad:facehoof:

It's two different girls he's referring to.

I can relate to Spike; I'm also afraid of the opposite sex but for a different reason. A reason only known as Third-Wave Feminism. Dun-dun-duuun!:rainbowlaugh:

The first girl was Lyra, but the stalker was Trixie. Two different girls

I'm liking the new story so far, but Spike never having had an erection before or not knowing it is is a bit of stretch, just because he's terrified of women doesn't mean he never would have gone through sex ed.

Alright, I wasn't sure about this one at first. But here comes Sunset Shimmer to the rescue! I'm definitely following this story.

This looks interesting but if it turns into a "sex scene every chapter" kind of setup, i'm gonna get board quickly.

Clop is all good and great but if it's all that's there then why bother to write a plot to begin with?

So, this is the EqG world. So, can you explain why everyone are half-breeds?

I have a feeling there's going to be more sexual situations than actual sex. I just hope we get actual sex.

There will be sex scenes, but it'll be a lil bit before they arrive.

the artifact jammed the portal open a bit, so magic's been trickling in from equestria for a long time.

gynophobia, the one phobia no man wants to have. I know I wouldn't want that

Spike's going to be in for it if he's attending an all girls school with his condition

At least Twilight's there with him

Sunset was so bold to Spike

Speaking of which, I was kind of inspired to write this by an anime along with the cover art. think you can guess what it is?

Is this inspired by Girls Bravo? Cause the concept sounds very familiar to me.

Bingo. Though, while I thought the idea was interesting, the way the show played it out pissed me off.

It's been years since I last saw it, so, don't remember too much.

8405525 I remember that anime. I'm just glad Spike's just afraid and not so much allergic to them. And I had my share of issues with it, like him getting belittled by a rich perverted pretty boy who can't touch men, putting up with abuse from his temperamental buxom childhood friend, and other things

Problem found

Twilight could barely believe her eyes; less than ten feet away stood, quite literally, the first friend she ever made. And one she hadn't seen since they were Ten. "Spike...wh...what you doing-" She was silenced by the sensation being wrapped up in two arms, along with his still shaking form.

Problem Found.

"Like a girl's name? 'Cause it is. Twilight Sparkle, the only girl I wasn't scared of. Had ran into the school library to hide from Trixie and found her trying to put a bunch of books back on the shelves." Spike chuckled, "Heh, it's wierd, but by then it'd been almost been almost a year of being scared and trying to hide from girls...or at least keep what felt like a safe distance away. By then it was pretty much impossible to register 'girl' or 'fear' without the other. I guess that's why when I first saw her, for some reason she didn't register as being scary, so she never showed on the radar as a girl ."

Girls Bravo. This is what it reminds me of! Allergic and afraid of girls with only one exception!

Spike must conquered his fear like a boss.

Here's hoping for none of girls find out of how big he is.

Also the female teachers, counselor, school nurse, staff, students, etc.

It's kind of like Girls Bravo (see: girl-induced rash) on crack. I thoroughly enjoyed the former so I'll see where this takes us.

the premise of the show was ok, but the show itself left a bad taste in my mouth.

I'd remove the PoV labels; your writing is clear enough that you don't need them. They really break up the flow and are detrimental to the immersion, actually.

Spoiler Alert: Spike gets over his fears by impregnating 40% of the student body within the first 2 weeks.

First chapter I thought might be a bit slow, because i havent seen the show, but it didnt put me off.

Then I got to the second chapter, and I thought I was reading a Blackadder episode with Starwirl, I had to pause a couple minutes just to recover from laughing.

If Spike is not affected by Equestrian females, does that mean Adagio might be assisting him sometime, and who would school counciler be? Zecora? who might want to try even harder to help him in depth? :trollestia:

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