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You want a crapy writer, with bad ideas. Thats me.

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Good start. Cant wait for more.

Now this is horrifying and great to read. Perfect story for the month of Halloween or Nightmare Night.

a new restraint

You probably mean restaurant.

Can't wait to see what you do with this story looks great

*FacePalms* Yea let me fix that.

looking forward to next chapter. :twilightsmile:

Fnaf fandom plus MLP fandom= ?

Apostrophes are important. Your title is missing one. As it is, your title grammatically reads "Twilight (subject) Sparkles (verb) Pizza (object)". Unless Twilight does, in fact, sparkle pizza--and one is left at a loss as to what that might entail--then you need an apostrophe.

Very interesting. I can't wait to see how this plays out.

Stop right there.

Get an editor.



Thank you both for your advice. I am currently working on getting an editor

"He seems like a nice kid. Go easy on him girls, he's still young."

Just like FNAF anime

Oh god it's five nights at Freddy's. And judging how there's the sex tag and what Fancy Pants said, things are definitely going to get bad.


Is spike gonna get down and dirty with animatronics?

Is that beating up and entire school a reference to family guy?

Also I was wondering when someone would make something like this, thanks. Oh and cool name I feel like Draco or Drake are a bit over used.



Thanks for liking the story. I thought of the name because of an event that happens later in the story.

Bad? Or spectacular?:pinkiehappy:

It's a mixture of both.

It's actually another FNAF fan-made game called Five Nights in Anime instead of having the jumpscare from the actual FNAF, the animatronics are female and their jumpscare is just either showing the guard their butts or breasts and you lose (most likely to the guard having sex with them) and go to YouTube and type in Five Nights in Anime and watch and you find out what I mean

They suffocate the guard with their boobs when they catch you.

Yeah at least he got to do the motorboat Bow chicka bow wow

"He seems like a nice kid. Go easy on him girls, he's still young."


Okay, sorry I ever asked.

It seems like an original name.

An interesting concept, especially in equating Pinkie to Foxy rather than Rainbow. Nice touch with Sugarcube Corner.
Will keep an eye on this, hope to see progress soon.
Keep up the good work.

I expected Fancy Pants’s accent to be a bit more posh.

Ooh cyborg legs? I wonder how he lost his original legs. Keep it up man!:pinkiehappy:

Nice work, hope the next chapter comes out soon.

Nice chp indeed, cyborg legs tho? Surprising but not unwelcome. Tho I assume because he is part mechanical is why the animatronics won't try to kill him. Also I feel sorry for those past guards. Also I'd like if the next chp didn't take too long :fluttershysad:

Interesting .... think this one will go in my tracking folder.

an interesting development, now I have to go back and look at his names to see more of what this might mean.

not a bad first night

(Contains breast expatiation when there is clop.)

Do you mean Expansion?

God Dammit! I can't do anything right.:facehoof: thanks for the pointer.

I kinda hate doing this considering all the other comments, but...

Spike moved to ponyville a while ago and is running sort on bits.

...shouldn't this be "and is running short on bits." seeing as the phrase "running short" is another way off saying you're running out of whatever it is you're running short on, e.g "you're running short on patience for these comments pointing out typos and errors."

Also if you need an editor I'll be happy to help, just don't expect it to go too fast. I tend to be fairly slow, and not that great with my time management.

One: Thanks for pointing that out.

Two: You Can! That's great! Please be my editor!

Also don't worry about me going fast. I don't have a lot of time to write and when I do I don't really write a lot.
But if your going to be my editor for this story, I have to warn you, Their will be clop in the next chapter. If you do somehow decide to help me, Then, thank you SO Much!

Also as of writing this comment, the next chapter is nowhere near ready to be looked at. so you would't need to start right away.

Well, it seems that Spike handled his task pretty well.

Please have more!! Oh, a good story idea. SPike helps Derpy out of kindness, but the two end up falling in love. ITs a clop. And maybe a similar story with Spike and Zecora.

Well color me interested. :)

So Spike's bionic??

Uh... cyborg legs?

Silly as it maybe, You have my interest with FNAFs but now you have my attention.

Breast expansion, Hehehee~

I'm like the story.

Just going to let you know however, that if this takes too long in updating I'm unfavoring.

Cannot stand lazy authors.

alright, the next chapter should be coming out soon.

This is already taking too long.

Then go ahead and unfavorite...

I can only do so much

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