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Royal Horsey Time

Do you know what time it is?

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:moustache:Applejack why?
:ajsleepy:Pinkie is far worse
:pinkiecrazy:Noooo, I'm better see

Pinkie won't do anything as long as the Cakes are there.

The worse she is, the more fun she is :pinkiehappy:

Maybe the Cakes will not mind :raritywink:

So, Rarity wants Spike, now that he looks hot, Spike wants to get over Rarity but can't, Twilight and Applejack are more than likely lovers, and Pinkie will probably be a major tease.
I'll be keeping an eye on this. I just know what I want to before all is said and done, but I'll wait and see.

7211759 Even if the twins are watching?

How else will they get their educational programming? :pinkiecrazy:
(I'm not sorry)

I think that's about it :twilightsmile:
I hope you will give it a read, I plan to (hopefully) make this a semi-long fic. :yay:

7214562 Don't blame me if they are scarred for life.

Needs more Roseluck. :raritywink:

Comment posted by Blackflash deleted May 28th, 2016

im lazy too man...im lazy too:ajsleepy:

I get the feeling that upstairs means no foreplays.

Dude this was the funniesr chapter yet when is the next update. Let the contest begin.

Knees weak, palms spaghetti sweaty, he slowly turns to face

Mom spaghetti




interesting story:ajsmug: and funny to:rainbowlaugh:

do you really mean that three year wait :applejackunsure:

3 years huh damn that's a long time but okay


I was making a joke on how long it took me to get this chapter out and that the next one was gonna be up after a absurd amount of time.

Sorry, I shouldn't post when I'm tired :fluttershbad:

More like DDs?

7576827 ok just wanted to make sure and in all honesty I would of waited if you weren't joking you have a pretty good story

Dumb quest but must ask is thap Jurassic park refetence when rarity said I really hate that mare sometimes ? just curiuos :twilightblush:

Look mom, I'm late posting again.

Thank you, I'm glad to hear that! :yay: I want to make sure that updates not take longer than 3 - 4 months.

If I did, then I really didn't mean to. I don't remember the movies that well. :derpytongue2: I'll try to put in some references if I can and maybe I did reference Jurassic Park and I just completely forgot. :twilightblush:

This is intresting

Meanwhile Applejack and Twilight are getting very comfortable and relieving some stress.

Call me silly but I think sincerely Fluttershy already has a bit of a leg up on all of them, including Pinkie. I get it that Spike has fantasies of all of them, but the one that really showed it was that when Spike was remember his 'unfortunate [YMMV] incident' with Roseluck; he's a virile young dragon after all. But He specifically was fantasizing Fluttershy in that imagine spot, and honestly it seems that he's the most comfortable around Fluttershy. It's probably because he's a bit shy as well, so it makes sense. Of course he has Twilight around, and personally, Pinkie's pushing a bit too hard for my taste. Of course, let's not forget that apparently Spike went from crush to just a good friend with Rarity, which is messing with Rarity a bit--the classic scenario of liking him now that he's possibly with somepony else when earlier she kept her space between she and Spike.

I hope that you're able to update at your earliest convenience, but I'm more aware of how real life commitments can be.


I liked reading what you had to say on Fluttershy, Pinkie, and Rarity about their relationship and interactions with Spike. Makes me happy to read comments like these :heart:

I hope you are enjoying the story so far! I am still working on the next chapter and while I do have some real life commitments, I can still put A LOT more time into this.

The truth is, I'm being a lazy butthole BUT I will not give up or cancel this story.


Thanks :twilightsmile:

Also another thing that I actually noticed (this haven't seen it with Twilight and Applejack specifically, but it's hinting that they are paired together like Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, and RD/Rarity. And I emphasize they are PAIRED, not SHIPPED; paired and shipped are two entirely different things) was that Applejack wasn't there, but I'm assuming she shows up in the next chapter or pretty soon. In addition, by the way Pinkie was handling Spike even with the 'come hither' moments, I have to wonder what mares other than the Mane 6 could have a bit of attraction for our recently maturing drake...I'm pretty sure that all of the girls pretty know that Spike's a enviable commodity that happens to be single.

Also, have to be said...I'm pretty sure that the Filly 6*** may want to have a shot at Spike as well. Sure Spike's younger than the mane 6, but I have to assume that he's older than the Filly 6, proabably a couple of years at most.

****Filly 6 is Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, and Dinky in my mind. This could be after Crusaders of the Lost Mark, where DT and SS finally bury the hatchet with the CMCs after the CMCs get their cutie marks. Dinky comes along since she's blank flanked but still good friends with the CMCs.****


Twilight and Applejack are indeed paired but not in the sense of the other four mares as these two have no romantic feelings for Spike ;)

I'm not gonna place much focus on these two as compared to the others but they will get the spotlight at some point.

And a lot (but not all) mares do see Spike as a potential mate now that he looks like a adult. He may not be a full grown adult because of a dragons longer life span but he is no longer viewed as a child. A gender imbalance is both a blessing and a curse.

That is the main reason why Rarity never took him seriously as she thought it was a child's crush but he may have more mentally mature then he seemed like. After all, not much is known about dragons, the only piece of information we know for sure is that they can live a long time (I based this off of dragons in real-life fiction).

It wouldn't be odd if a certain group of blossoming young mares with newfound urges start to take notice of Spike very differently. They know him personally so they will be comfortable around him, maybe even brave...

But, I have already locked down who Spike will end up with. His interactions with the others mares who will not be his mate(s) is just for fun. :rainbowkiss:

Of course, Spike is going to have to deal with a lot more from mares attracted to him as a certain week may be coming up soon.
...Is it getting warm in here?


Yeah, we definintely are in the heat of the moment, even if we're a bit early...:pinkiehappy:

...I'm not sorry. :trollestia:


Don't be....because I won't be sorry. :pinkiecrazy:

New chapter coming soon!

1 - 2 weeks out!

Soon? More like VALVe time, amirite?

I just need a few more days :fluttershysad:

For realsies this time.

There's a lot of small errors that at times can be rather jarring, the writing isn't bad or anything mind you, but you could really use someone to proofread this.


Drat, I thought I was doing good with those spelling errors. I'll definitely look into someone for proofreading.


"Update ahead captain!", First Mate
"Good work lad! Is it an island or an archipelago?", Captain
"Too early to say sir!'
" Well keep a look out we've been running a bit dry."

Don't know why but I had a strike of silly when I read this update...

Comment posted by LordMentat deleted Feb 3rd, 2017

Hope Spike get some action soon.

He felt great right about now. He set his sights on The Friendship Castle, intent on spending time with Twilight. He has been feeling guilty for ignoring her for a few days now but he plans on spending the rest of the day with his very best friend.
His determination fierce and his good mood running high, nothing can ruin this very moment!

...and then he witnesses Twilight and Applejack in the middle of the Map Room going at it like it's midnight in Twlight's bedroom with no care to the world at all...

That's gonna be a strange image to keep.....

Spikeiy wikey, wants fucky wucky.:raritywink:

Ill this continue or has it been forgotten?

Not forgotten, It'll continue

Yay had me worried a good story was left to be history

Many good stories need a good finish

I honestly was about to give up on this story but I'm happy it's out of limbo.

I hope this is a one time cliffhanger though. I wanna get to the scene of Spike approaching towards Twilight and Applejack. :pinkiehappy:

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