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Spike, after being rejected by Rarity, has been dating Sweetie Belle for a few months. Though they love each other, he feels she's trying too much to be like her sister. Can Spike show Sweetie that he loves her and nopony else?

Coverart by Haute-Claire

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Finally a Spikebelle fic!

Could use an editing pass. I noticed some typos here and there.

Anyway, I quite enjoyed it. I only wish I could've seen more of how their relationship started, but that's not really a criticism. Well done.

dis sum gud shit. have a like and fav

Loved it, but it could use a little editing work.

Man this was great, I really enjoyed this story. It was so sweet and nice it really put a smile on my face right before I have to run out the door to work. I can't wait to see your next work even more so now.

Not bad m'dude. Pretty good work for being almost 20 hours into a 24hr livestream.

Happy birthday dude!

Cute little story. With all SpikeBelle fics, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth when it seems like they're together just 'cause she's Rarity's sister. It's always good to see fics where Spike likes Sweetie because she's Sweetie, not because he's just settling for the next best thing after Rarity.

“My scales had gone black and I sang some edgy tunes.” Spike shook his head. “Wait, is that the reason you asked me out? Because you pitied me?” He blinked. “I'm not sure how to feel about that.”

Make this a story, please I want to read edgy spike

Happy birthday! It was a wonderful story. Love that ship, and the others your making.:moustache:

I never understood the spike x rarity ship I mean it is clear that it's the case of the younger brother thinking his older sister friend is hot. A phase I mean spike x sweetie belle is alot more likely to happen. People forget that spike is a kid a lot younger than rarity.

Could do with a proofread or two, but the story and emotions were really nice. I've always fancied Spike with Sweetie rather than Rarity. Rarity is someone you have a crush on when you can look at them from afar, Sweetie is someone you can fall in love with and be near. Wish I'd ever get to try. :pinkiesad2:

Happy birthday :)

Thank you

While it wasn't bad, it quite honestly wasn't entirely to my liking. I like the idea of Spike getting over his crush on Rarity and getting involved with Sweetie Belle, with it being for who she is. Someone who is a little rougher, a little more adventurous, and who shares an interest in music. I also get that there would be some wondering about him being with her because of how much she is like Rarity. The problem is that the story lays it on a little too thick for my liking. The doubt and fear was rather melodramatic, and pushed into out of character for me. I can see her having some doubts, but not brooding over it. And she is comfortable enough with herself that she would not try to completely change who she is.

Absolutely adorable story! Especially Spike being goofy to cheer Sweetie up.

Nice idea, I'm just dissapointed it's a one-shot. However you got my attention and I might read it later.

Thanks for the save.

Adorabetes strikes again.

:fluttercry: That is so sweet, good fic.:heart:

I always appreciate a good SpikeBelle fic to brighten my day. Nice work :raritywink:

A nice sweet fic

This is cute! Nice work! :)

Adorable! :3

That was freakin’ adorable. I love simple sappy romance.

Aww. What an adorable little shipfic


Very sweet, thumbs up

Thanks so much for sharing this story.

It would be hard to be the Plain Jane sister to Rarity, and specially so if Rarity apparently never bothered to teach her sister how to put on makeup.

Man am I ever glad that I clicked on this story, it was so cute and amazing. Sweetie Belle just needs to be her, not Rarity, cause really, Spike loves her for who she is.

Very cute one-shot. Really in character and made me happy. Great job old friend.

Button Mash be like, "Spike piss off"

This is probably the closest story to my own personal headcanon about how they got together. Even up to the whole, "Yeah, I was initially drawn to you because you kind of look like her, but then you became you." Still my favorite Spike ship.

I know I'm super late to the party here, but I loved this fic. Great work, my dude. :ajsmug:

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