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Oh The Choice Review · 6:14pm Sep 8th, 2015

Oh The Choice is a one shot fan fic written Jarvy Jared. It started off of Twilight Sparkle getting a visit by Celestia who look rather flazzled. She told Twilight Sparkle that Discord and Luna been missing and the fate Equestria is in danger. So Twilight agree she help Celestia with fate of Equestria is in danger situation with help of her friends; which has Celestia told that she need to do it alone this time again; which

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Hello weird looking pony with box on his head:pinkiehappy:

Is Starlight Glimmer Alex's sister?

Can confirm as fellow non-changeling.

-No stories
-three blog posts
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Well played good sir/miss.:moustache:

1955850 *looks at you carefully* Hmmmm...:ajbemused:

Nope, he's not a Changeling...I think. :trixieshiftright:

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