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Why did you stared watching me? · 5:53pm August 15th

I’m one more to my 60 follower list this made me wonder why did start following me? I don’t think I would end up posting a fanfic on this site at all. Or post my thought of the new episode on the show itself. Only thing keep coming to this site is the Game crossover group and anime crossover group which I only post funny image or video in their forum section.


Oh The Choice Review · 6:14pm Sep 8th, 2015

Oh The Choice is a one shot fan fic written Jarvy Jared. It started off of Twilight Sparkle getting a visit by Celestia who look rather flazzled. She told Twilight Sparkle that Discord and Luna been missing and the fate Equestria is in danger. So Twilight agree she help Celestia with fate of Equestria is in danger situation with help of her friends; which has Celestia told that she need to do it alone this time again; which

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Queen Rosedust maybe canon in fim · 6:59pm Apr 12th, 2015

I been doing a bit of research on Rosedust and Fluttershy having some sort of a connection. What I found have me wondering that involve in past episode. I'mgoing show an image of an old mlp card that give you an sort story of that spicific charater.

Now watch this scene. From the canterlot wedding

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season 5 villain prediction and idea · 11:45pm Sep 28th, 2014

hay season 5 is coming around early 2015 and if you haven't seen the preview her the link.
That said and done, I believe our season 5 villain may have some sort of god complex and I also believe that he has some sort did something with the changeling invasion and Tirek escape.

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Season 5 prediction and theory · 11:32pm Sep 18th, 2014

hay bronies and pegasisters saw the season 5 preview of the first if you not yet seen it here the video

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