Flash Sentry's world sucks. Maybe it's high time he left it.


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I really hope this isn't referring to real life:rainbowderp::fluttershysad:. That being said doesn't look half bad.

the universal sigh

One-word chapter names. A cover pic of a stunning vista. A story about running away.

Here we go again?

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I've always wanted to leave too.

Well I can't wait to see how Human Flash ends up being found out, it would be cool of Pony Pinkie meets him and figures out with one of her "hunches" on who he is. Of course I wonder if Sunset will contact Twilight over the book to tell her that Flash has gone missing and can't be found anywhere in the Human Equestria.

And then he flew east.

I like this.

I like this a lot.


This is so beautifullyy written! Faved!

"Most mornings I wake up and feel like friggin' Robocop!" - flash probably

Hope next chapter is perspective on human world on missing Flash.

Is this going to get as long as austraeoh and appledashery


Dammit, I'm writing an exam. I don't have time to read this right now.

/me reads this anyway.

A cold lump formed in his fruit.

I believe this is an issue you should see a doctor about

I'm very much looking forward to this stories continuation.

This young man needs the Gospel

>walk through walls
>>float down the Liffey

"Oh, I'm..." Flash suddenly froze in place, as if staring at a ghostly reflection in a shiny mirror. "I'm... uhm..." He clenched his horse teeth, glancing all around. His eyes danced across painted wooden effigies of cupcakes, pastel coats and colorful manes, a brass platter filled with cookies. "Brass."

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There was a time when Flash Sentry used to cry. He was currently at a loss to remember what it felt like.


He stared down at his feet planted limply against the carpet, feeling as small as those toes, almost longing for when everything else was smaller.

I feel ya, bro. Having a huge package is a burden known only to a select few.

He walked between them like a scalpel might wriggle through molasses,

Your metaphors, man. Just...

Taking his shoes off, he was greeted with the sour smell of socks worn well into their fifth day.

I wear my socks for a full seven days. They don't really smell, but... Damn, I must bet getting old if my socks last a whole week.

Well, this is getting dark. And kinda real.

My parents never argued. They just ignored everything.

You're looking after our beloved feline, are you not?



...You have an uncanny ability of hitting the nail on the head.
Please continue.

I trusted sse to write a good story with flash, but tbh the first chapters were too depressing for my taste.... Then this chapter appeared and now I just lobe it. I hope to read more of it

Whispers of an HiE.

So when will Flash realize that the ugliness of the real world is hiding just out of sight, even in Equestria?

I like this. I love the way you write Flash. It's just so different than anything else out there.

7787953 If only there was somewhere to go.

Even Flash doesn't ship FlashLight.

I love the contrast between Equestria and Canterlot High. Canterlot High seems grey, dull, and repetitive, with dread lurking around every corner and a constant feeling of doom. Everyone's complaining, morally wrong, and just....dull. But then, Equestria is so vibrant and colorful and we see Flash starting to regain some personality.

"You... don't know how much it means for me to be... useful."

I see your avatar is no longer black, Skirts. And it's good to see you with two of the top three slots in the feature box once again. All is as it should be.

Flash, Flash, Flash. I wonder how long you'll last before you're found out? Judging by the tone of the story so far, I feel like things will just keep going the way they are, because Equestria's a wonderful place to be. Of course, there's always that Sad tag...

"Hank!" Flash spat, feeling an iron hotness dribbling past his molars. He held a hand up—trembling. "Cool it—!"

Holy shit. :rainbowderp:

Hmm… Equestria Girls in Equestria (by analogy to HiE, I guess). Interesting.

This is starting to hit a little to close to home. great story.

7788734 It kinda feels like you wanna say more after that qoute. If you have, I'm not seeing it. Might be because I'm on mobile if that's the case.

7788853 No. Just the quote.

What did you _do_?!

Masterfully written so far, I'll be tracking this for certain!


awesome story man! cant wait to

Ahh, the memories.

Oh look, even got the hole in the bag.

You know youre just scraping by when the best scrap PC youve spent months getting up to spec enough to be useable on Google, barely outclasses a $5 computer, whose HDMI wont work on the only DVI monitor you have without an adapter. Which costs more than the PC.

Welcome to the background crew Flash. Starting with the cushy jobs I see. Oh well, you did start as a secondary, and got promoted to primary.

Then again, its so easy, unfortunately, to take that one little step to the side, think, I can handle it, then before you realise it, well, its already been said and done. :pinkiesad2:

Please be very careful what you watch and when. Its extremely unpleasant to form a positive feedback loop of negativity with positive events. Which effectively is what depression can be classed as.

Take it easy. :pinkiehappy:

A new daily? Perhaps an Austraeoh Mk. II? Perhaps not.... I've been having serious East-Horse withdrawals, so this will do for now, either way.

"Oh, I'm..." Flash suddenly froze in place, as if staring at a ghostly reflection in a shiny mirror. "I'm... uhm..." He clenched his horse teeth, glancing all around. His eyes danced across painted wooden effigies of cupcakes, pastel coats and colorful manes, a brass platter filled with cookies. "Brass."

Lyra and Octavia blinked. "Brass?"

"Brad—Brad!" Flash tossed them a cheesy grin, exhaling. "My name is Brad."

...Did you have to go there? :raritydespair: I'm getting war flashbacks from the times of the first EG movie.

and once he had snatched a banana or two

Well, which is it? Can Flash not count? :derpytongue2:

You write emo well. Of course, you've had lots of practice.

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