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space is a waste

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I'm not sure what I expected, but this lived up to that spectacularly.

Damn it, I fell for this April Foals joke very hard..... If only I weren't so tired right now, maybe I would have realized it immediately then.

Witty comment!

stepped over the corpses

Measures to curb running in the hallway have gone too far.

7/10 needs more peeing.

Well this story was nice and interesting and made me live, laugh, love, and the sad moments made me reflect on my life and the characters feel so alive and the interactions between Flash Sentry and the Rainbooms feel so relatable and this is the best story, I hope you continue doing this well and hope to read more of you,

One eensy little bit was... off.

You had me for a bit, I must admit.

Scampy #9 · April 1st · · ·

And then he was found dead in a ditch at age 16.


An average day for an average story

Author Interviewer

You silly dumbhead, I almost unfollowed you!


Ha! I never considered stopping.

How To Be Visible Constantly

I do appreciate how all of Flash's outfits are explicitly guy clothes.

And the pile of bodies, but that's typical in any high school, amirite?

fish sandwich goes to school

I... I don't get it. There's clearly some horrible thing lurking under the surface here but I cannot for the life of me figure it out.

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