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Mark Atlas is a pony explorer renowned all across Equestria for his exploits, but everypony has to start somewhere, right? When he was too young to join Ponyville's branch of the Equestrian Exploration Committee, he was a socially awkward, eccentric colt that preferred to do things alone. That is, until he met an unexpected pony while exploring the woods one day.

Part of a planned series that follows the life of my main OC. Rated Teen for some drama and violence in later chapters that might be too traumatic for younger readers.

Chapters (9)

Fallen from the stars from his defeat by the hands of his most hated enemy, Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan, was turned to stone for his violence. But as overworldly threats continue to plague Equestria, each more powerful then the last, Princess Celestia and the others had no choice, but to release the Saiyan of Legend to fight for them.

Can they control his temper? Can they calm his violent ways? But the bigger and the most bizarre question is. Can Broly possibly be reformed!?

(This story takes place after the DBZ movie 'Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan')

Chapters (31)

Friar Jacques de Charrette was tired. The Templars, his first Order, were gone, massacred by a treacherous King. His old wars are over, as the Kingdoms of Europe tear each other apart for land and power. Now a Hospitaller priest, and an old man, Friar Jacques expects nothing more than to live out the rest of his days in peace. But Providence has other plans in store for Jacques, and when a distant land has need of his aid, the dutiful warrior priest will answer the call.

He just would have preferred that someone warn him about the magical talking ponies.

Perhaps an odd foray into Human in Equestria writing, but I enjoy being unconventional. We often see modern men flung into the medieval world. What about a medieval man being flung into modern Equestria? A 14th Century Supplement in Celestia's Court is a companion volume, with a list of character descriptions (first chapter), canonical vignettes, and non-canon comedy chapters which will be added as time goes on. It is not required reading, but you may find chapters useful for context or amusing for the lack of context.

General disclaimer: this story is a work of fiction. 'My Little Pony' is the property of Hasbro and its affiliates. References to historical figures are made, but these are subject to creative license, and resemblance between original characters and those of other works are coincidental. I will make an effort to note when a historical reference is made in case people want to check the source material (and to cite my own sources), but these will be relatively few in number.

My Little Pony and its contents are the property of Hasbro, Inc. and its affiliates. Please support the official release.

Cover art is Heor Corbray by Nordheimer - it is the property of Nordheimer and I own nothing of it; thanks to lordelliot for finding the original, since I couldn't remember where I found it.

Chapters (44)

Three visitors unknowingly blunder into Equestria. A troll flees the world of man to fulfill his heinous ambition in the land of ponies. The second is a beagle who would follow his master anywhere. And the last visitor is the seemingly unstoppable juggernaut of Earth. Some call him the Great Red Neck Hope. Others call him a garbage man. He has many titles: fool, idiot, hero, and savior. It is this last title by which the Equestrians will call him; for he alone can stop the scourge of Rotnart, the greatest of Trantor’s spawn.

This story takes place right after the events of the movie, “Ernest Scared Stupid.” No knowledge of Ernest is required to enjoy this story, but it is highly recommended by the authors that you watch this incredible movie.

Chapters (38)

A thousand years ago in Equestria, Luna's frustration and desperation has been building for years and years as her social and political isolation grows, but just before Luna's jealousy and resentment can turn into murderous hatred against her sister, a new event triggars Luna's mental collapse and pushes her over the edge. When Luna by circumstance finds herself alone in Celestia's room she reads her sister's diary out of curiosity and discovers all of the disparaging criticism that Celestia has leveled at her over the years about how much of a nuisance Luna has been to her, but has been too polite to say directly to Luna's face.

Luna and Celestia had always supported and stuck with each other all their lives. Even when the common-ponies critisism and shunning of her was at its worst, the knowledge that her sister loved her kept Luna going. The realization that nopony, not even her own sister valued her or thought she was fit for the throne completely shattered whatever remained of her fragile psyche.

And so Luna just gave up...

She gave in...

If no one wanted her there...

Then she wouldn't stay there...

She would leave.

Chapters (28)

This story is a sequel to An Even Greater Warrior

NOTE: this is a prequel, so you don't need to read the other one first. (but you should read it eventually)

[ Action, Comedy, Romance, Weed, Florida Man... THIS STORY HAS IT ALL! ]

Written for the 2023 annual Operation: Crackfic-Storm event.

My name is, like, not important, man. Like, I was once a mere mortal, but like, none of that matters now. Not since I went to that creepy costume party with my best bud, and we met this spooky salesman, and like, next thing I know, I'm in Equestria as the dude I was dressed as!

That's like, totally crazy, right? I mean, like, who's ever heard of that happening to anyone before?? Zoinks!

Anyway, now I'm like a force of nature, man! Like, one so powerful, that like, even the gods fear my wrath...

...But all I wanna do is eat this submarine sandwich and hang out with my pony friends!

Ya know, I think Patrick Rothfuss said it best: “There are like, three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and like, the anger of a gentle dude.”

Well I'm like, as gentle a dude as they come...

Every week, I get more messages, begging I write more of my amazing Displaced Fic, one which boggled minds and destroyed pants everywhere. I hear you. I know what you want. I'm taking what little free time I have to give you exactly that, to give you the story that you've all been waiting for, the continuation of my incredible, amazing displaced fic, that raised infinite questions

That's right... This story is the long anticipated continuation of my smash hit Displaced Fic...
An Even Greater Warrior


Chapters (3)

Equestria is still picking up the pieces after the defeat of Tirek, and everypony is helping out with the paperwork, even Rainbow Dash. Things change when Princess Celestia arrives, bringing with her a letter with some very stunning accusations of the exploits of a resident in the town of Oasis. Now, the main six are tasked with finding out if the letter was truth or fiction. Did this Mister Baker really do what they claim? Only one way to find out.

However, Mister Baker is not who, or what they expected.

Rated Teen for occasional language. Additional tags added for more dark themes.

Proof read and edited by the amazing SunnyPack , Snakeskin Ducktape, and Tyrannosaurus Tux.

Chapters (12)

This story is a sequel to House that Heartbreak Rebuilt

Heartbreak, after a roller-coaster ride of an adventure, is finally in a home of her own, and an honorary Cutie Mark Crusader to boot! Unfortunately, her time with the Crusaders and the Summer Readers Club is more than just social calls - it's also a one-of-a-kind opportunity for Equestrian germs.

It's Fluttershy's turn to teach Heartbreak a lesson in friendship, but it will be a struggle to get a real understanding of kindness through to the sickest, most stubborn tan mare in Equestria.

Chapters (40)