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For starters, I am seriously impressed by the tropes page. Like, it now takes a respectable amount of scrolling to get through. High quality work, that tropes page... If you haven't yet, you should totally take the time to check it out. Reading that page has made me want to reread Tastes Like Heresy, and I wrote the danged fic.

And to think that it's almost all been put together by just one (rather astute and observant) individual (who shall remain unnamed until they say it's okay for me to share their name in a public space).

Anyhow, that's enough burying the lede for now.

So this individual, having reached the end of Tastes Like Heresy, decided that he wasn't satisfied leaving well-enough alone and went on to expand the page to also cover Desert Spice. (Don't worry about the two fics' tropes being intermingled. They separated it out so that each fic has its own heading with its attendant tropes beneath.) However, the tropes page is still called Fanfic / Tastes Like Heresy, which might be considered to be misleading or confusing. It's been a while since I've been an active troper so I'm not entirely sure what the protocol for this sort of scenario is, but I think it might be a good idea to rename the page to refer to the entire trilogy.

(And yes, it is planned to eventually be a trilogy. I'm not about to leave the feeeelthy mud ponies out and let the boneheads and horse flies have all the fun forever. :derpytongue2:)

Only... one problem—

I have yet to come up with a name for the series.

I could call it The Amber Spice Trilogy, but that sounds terribly bland and not at all flavorful enough. Not fitting, you see. The Tastes Like Heresy Trilogy could maybe work, but it's kind of a mouthful and doesn't quite strike my fancy either. Perhaps something along the line of Spice's Flow could work... Actually, that would make an excellent name for the third book. Yoink!

But that still leaves me without a great name to call these fics in aggregate. :raritydespair:

And so, dear readers, I come to you. I'm still going to think about this myself, but I figure hearing suggestions from others on what to call this trilogy could be quite helpful. So yeah, officially open to suggestions.

Something silly-ish like Hearth's Warming Take II, How to Fry your Career, or The Horse Heresy? (Has anybody used that last one already to write a 40k crossover? If not, they should.)

Something more pretentious and mythical-sounding like To Wake the Dreaming Goddess, Terra's Components, or Recipe for Unity?

Something catchy, that rolls off the tongue well like Recipe for Revolution, Spicy's Story, or Three Tribes' Ascent?

Or I could conceivably call it something more descriptive of the universe like Hearthbroken, or Disharmonious Environment. Or Bugsydor's Headcanon Repository. :trollestia:

So, do any of the above sound good to you? Do any of them make you think of something else that could work? Do you have any suggestions to make that are just about completely unrelated to the ideas I spammed above? Please fire away in the comments below.

And yes, work continues on the next chapter of Desert Spice. Spicy's even met a new named character that'll probably be popping up again later! (I swear, I collect named characters in these stories like a proverbial sailor collects tattoos, or like a student collects debt.)

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Why thank you! :pinkiecrazy:

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Excellent work, you cunning optimist.

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>>2312528 You're welcome! I can't wait to see what you think of the many tales contained therein!

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And thank you for helping me get my Ponies + MtG fix!

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Thank you for adding A Cavalcade of Cards to your favorites! Feedback is always appreciated!

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