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A mysterious dream. A powerful artefact. And a great ocean, filled with strange experiences and stranger folks.

The sky is wide and the sea is boundless. Applejack sets sail, and nothing can stop her in her quest.

Preread by AFanaticRabbit. CoverArt by Shaslan.

Chapters (24)

This story is a sequel to Twilight Gets a Puppy, Season 5

Now that the time travel shenanigans are finally over... maybe. Twilight, Rahs, and Spike can get on with their day to day and break in their new roomies properly, while keeping Starlight and Tempest from killing each other.
Or keep everyone from making bets about it.

Still this years not going to be any less annoying, with newborns, changes in dragon lord leadership, cutie mark crusades, Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie, Discord, of course, Fluttershy's brother, the battle for Rahs heating up between the six, Ogres and Oubliettes games gone mad, a massive prank war, the return of Daring Doo, added on top of the prophecy not having happened yet, and the Sparkles will again find themselves in the middle of everything.

As usual the lewd warning goes here cause of some situations and Cadence. I don't want to use the sex tag cause there isn't any and people might get confused by the current cover art.

Coverart by Marking

Chapters (58)

It started out as just another day at work for Babs Seed, mane stylist, when a very special customer walked through the door. While she suspected that this chance encounter could change her life, she was not prepared for just how much. Not only was the DJ incredibly rich, famous and more than a little eccentric, she also had some very strange demands.

Could Babs give a manecut without having to remove the customer's trademark headphones? Only one way to find out.

Chapters (1)

Nightmare Moon has been gone several years, but not gone for good. And when Luna asks Twilight for help in ridding her of this curse, the Princess of Friendship decides to forgo magical rainbow blasts in place of a far more relatable approach.

Tonight, they're gonna paint the moon red.

This story was inspired by the song of the same name by L-Train (feat Koa, TheMusicReborn, Zephysonas & General Mumble).

Narcotics tag for alcohol and cannabis use.

Cover art from Yakovlev-Vad on Deviantart

Pre-reading and editing by Holtinater, Snow Quill, and Atom Smash.

Chapters (8)

This story is a sequel to Forgotten: The Frozen North

This story is a sequel to What A Long Strange Trip (Ending 2)

Sunset Shimmer returns to Equestria only to discover everypony she knew is now ancient history.

Cover art: G5 Sunset by mira.veike@derpibooru.org

Chapters (38)

Twilight reads a book about literature and, analysing her world, decides that everything she does is planned by someone other than her.

She does not take it very well.

Rated Everyone for adult humour.

now with a reading

Chapters (3)

Lemon Zest is pretty lucky for a pony who just got fried to death, as she scores the one in ten thousand chance a pony has at becoming a ghost. Knowing nothing about how to survive the afterlife, Zest seeks out the guidance of a far older and more experienced specter named Sugarcoat. Fittingly finding herself haunting an abandoned schoolhouse, Lemon Zest will need to learn the basics if she ever wants to be a pro-ghost.
Of course, tuition isn't entirely free, and Sugarcoat will expect Lemon Zest to help her recruit more ghosts to the lonely Shadowbolt Academy.

More stories set in this AU can be found here.

Chapters (31)

The real reason Twilight and Moondancer had a sudden falling out.

Written for Telly Vision for Jinglemas 2021

It now has an audio reading!

Chapters (2)

It was supposed to be a simple lesson in consent.

After Twilight discovers that Starlight Glimmer placed their friends under mind control magic, she proposes some turnabout to demonstrate the importance of consent. Instead it reveals one of Starlight's deepest secrets.

Now Twilight must decide if she's willing to take things further to help her friend, even if it takes her far out of her own experience.

Chapters (3)

Mark always knew he was... well, you know. But what was he supposed to do about it? Nothing, really. It didn't matter anyway. Nothing was ever going to change. Or so he thought, until a portal to Equestria appeared in his house. But with that portal, he'll be forced to acknowledge and confront what he is head on.

Preread by everyone's favorite writer, Starscribe. They've helped make this story ten million times better than it was before.

Cover art by CrimsonWolf360. You can find their work here.

Chapters (27)