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Nightmare has it all. Everything she worked for is now hers. Equestria? Check. Eternal night? Double-check. But there's always a price to pay. For Nightmare Moon? It's the two voices in her head. But the solution may lie in the kitchen.

This is a short story I did while in the hospital for a broken hand. I may expand upon this idea later after I get my other story completed. So, enjoy.

Featured 9/16/2021

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This story is a sequel to Ponified Without Consent

In a world without bacon, five humans find themselves trapped... grazing on mother bucking dandelions. To get home, they'll need to learn that friendship is magic. Too bad none of these jerks are friends.

To make matters worse, the show attempts to censor their attempts to act out of character. They're stuck as fillies no pony will listen to, and the only adults of the bunch are the alcoholic Berry Punch, and the eccentric Blue Blood.

A sequel to finish the great story we had planned to tell in our collaboration that was cancelled in 2013. The original is a quick read and sets up the characters, and the authors and editors deserve some love.

Edited by Neko Majin C

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Anon just wanted to play a prank with his newfound powers. It got out of hand.
{This story has two versions, the last chapter is the first person version.}

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What if one day you woke up suddenly drowning? The only saving grace you had was a multitude of pink limbs pulling you out and the next thing you knew you’re surrounded by dozens of Pinkie clones... and that you were one of them.

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I woke up as Princess Celestia and I have no clue what to do. Somepony get Twilight!

Goodness, I'm already a pretty decent Celestia, aren't I?

That'd be funny if it wasn't so sad.

Rated Teen for mild language and some pervy humour


O-O I actually made it onto the featured list. 8/30/2021

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Almost every brony that has ever been in Fimfiction.net has seen a 'HiE as pony' story.

They usually are fairly predictable, with a few plot twists perhaps, but the general pattern is similar.

A mystical force/accident sends a completely unprepared human into the land of the ponies, and he must then undergo a journey of self discovery/destiny, as a human OR pony.

So what happens when a human is actually prepared with all the knowledge he'd need from the first two seasons of the show? And when Equestria isn't quite as predictable as he hoped?

This is that tale.

Writer: JustAnotherEarthPony
Editor: I'mMrNoobHeadFU1

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This story is a sequel to Mark My Words

One moment, Caleb was strolling in the cool evening air of the Las Vegas desert, then a rogue portal dumped him into an Equestrian desert and left him stranded in an unfamiliar universe. When attempts to return fail, he has to start his life anew. Willow Branch, a sympathetic earth pony mare, offers to help him learn the ways of his new world.

The prologue to this story can be read in the "Mark My Words" chapter – "Unexpected Company".

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This story is a sequel to Off The Mark

Prince Mark Wells may now be an alicorn and the coruler of Equestria along with Twilight Sparkle and his wife, Trixie Lulamoon, but that doesn't mean that his life has gotten boring. Something always comes up, whether he wants it or not! Good or bad, as an immortal, he knows he'll be stuck with these incidents for a very long time.

This is a series of short stories that are sequels to "Off The Mark".

Written in collaboration with Airy Words.

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Without any other options, an uppercaste unicorn hires a "human" -- an exceedingly rare and unfairly attractive species -- as her bodyguard. Her mission is to travel across the lands of a pre-unified Equus to reach Equestria and reunite the alicorn filly in tow with her sister. When most of everypony between sees the filly as an abomination needing to be destroyed, the human quickly earns his pay.

This story takes place in the RGRE (Reversed Gender Roles Equestria) universe and has been converted to prose from its original greentext state.

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While Anon the human is trying to study for his college entrance exams, his little sister Flurry Heart is trying everything that she can to make her big brother hang out with her.

Cover art by: nonamenymous

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