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This story is a sequel to Ponified Without Consent

In a world without bacon, five humans find themselves trapped... grazing on mother bucking dandelions. To get home, they'll need to learn that friendship is magic. Too bad none of these jerks are friends.

To make matters worse, the show attempts to censor their attempts to act out of character. They're stuck as fillies no pony will listen to, and the only adults of the bunch are the alcoholic Berry Punch, and the eccentric Blue Blood.

A sequel to finish the great story we had planned to tell in our collaboration that was cancelled in 2013. The original is a quick read and sets up the characters, and the authors and editors deserve some love.

Edited by Neko Majin C

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I woke up as Princess Celestia and I have no clue what to do. Somepony get Twilight!

Goodness, I'm already a pretty decent Celestia, aren't I?

That'd be funny if it wasn't so sad.

Rated Teen for mild language and some pervy humour


O-O I actually made it onto the featured list. 8/30/2021

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Discord broke free of his stone prison but minutes before his defeat a human wakes up as a pony in the outskirts of Ponyville atop a cotton candy cloud.
But this was no ordinary pony, this one has chaos magic at her disposal.
Follow her as she travels across Equestria and other worlds beyond as she learns about her new abilities and discovers what her purpose in all this is.

Chapters (7)

While Anon the human is trying to study for his college entrance exams, his little sister Flurry Heart is trying everything that she can to make her big brother hang out with her.

Cover art by: nonamenymous

Chapters (2)

After waking up in Equestria, Arrow finds himself no longer a human but a rowlet. He doesn’t remember much of his human life, but he came up with the alias ‘Arrow’ after recalling rowlet’s evolutionary line ends with a decidueye, which is an archer of sorts. Arrow quickly finds out that he had somehow injured himself, so he goes off looking for help.

Nearby, a recently reformed Luna walks the garden near midnight as she stumbles across the injured owl. She takes him in and nurses him back to health before adopting him as her pet. Unbeknownst to her, Arrow is far more intelligent that her sister’s Phoenix.

7/16 - Wow, featured on the first day!
7/17 - managed to snag the third spot over night.
7/18 - slowly climbed to second place
9/20 - after a mild hiatus, It is back!

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Goes to a con as a OP AF character and get sent to a magical world, nothing can go wrong right?

A God of Hyperdeath, self proclaimed Dream Demon and the strongest Xelor crash landed in a desert. seeking a purpose to life and avoid from getting imprisoned in stone while trying to not change the future by a mile away while also adventuring all around the world for a way back home to Earth.

(Displaced Fic)
(a crossover between MLP, Gravity Fall, Wakfu, Undertale, and other)
(Expect some changes in the future)

Something I made when I'm bored, this is my first time making a fanfic
Disclaimer : English isn't my first language so I apologize for the horrible grammar and misspell. Help me improvising by telling me what to do or what to correct.
Teen tag for cursing and sexual stuff. No clop (probably)

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Avery is a thirty-year-old guy who loves My Little Pony along with other anime too, he also is a scientist. Sort of, he thinks he still has many things that need to improve and learn. Long words short, he is a perfectionist and never satisfied with what he accomplished. One day, when heading out to eat lunch, he noticed a store he never saw before, which changes his life forever.

T-rated for language and dirty jokes that might appear from time to time.

Chapters (7)

This story is a sequel to So Long Old Friend

After seeing his final sunset Spike awakens, having been reincarnated as a Female Kirin, still retaining thousands of years worth of Memories, she does everything in her power to try and raise to a position of power so she can be near her friends, all the while trying to think of a way to tell them who she use to be.
Will she win them back, or will she spend the next thousand lifetimes trying to return to their lives.

This is a Sequal, the first one is Required reading before reading this one
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Special thanks to Viper Pit for being a Co-writer/Pre-Reader

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Hunter, age nineteen wakes up one day to find he has been turned into a dragon, and is no longer on earth but in Equestria, a world that he has briefly seen through the show of MLP. As he learns more about his new home, Hunter will unadvertaintly get caught up in the struggles that Ponyville, plus the main six and Spike have to deal with on a regular basis.

This story will start off with little action for awhile, and focus on strengthening Hunter's bonds with the main six plus Spike, who having never seen another dragon quickly regards Hunter as a brother.

Action will pop up, after a few chapters, but this story will not have action packed into every chapter. My plan is to follow along with the timeline of the Show, minus switching around, and adding a few episodes here and there.

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To the pathetic creature who decided to snoop in my belongings, I am Magneto. If you value your miserable life then you should put this down and calmly walk away. Perhaps, if you’re quick, I may show you some mercy for trespassing in my home. However, if you choose to ignore this warning then I won’t feel an ounce of remorse for filling you with lead.

(NOT part of the Displaced Universe. The Merchant is the catalyst but it's not Displaced. No Crossovers, Tokens, etc.)
(EQG style anthro. Roughly 4.3 on the anthro scale)
(Heavily inspired by Villanon by AponymousAuthor, reposted by silvetear on PonePaste. Check out the story.)

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