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Mittens of flabbergast


I woke up as Princess Celestia and I have no clue what to do. Somepony get Twilight!

Goodness, I'm already a pretty decent Celestia, aren't I?

That'd be funny if it wasn't so sad.

Rated Teen for mild language and some pervy humour


O-O I actually made it onto the featured list. 8/30/2021

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Lovely story so far. Happy to see that the main character hasn't started a war yet on his/her first day as Celestia.

I love bananas too!

Man I'm loving this

they dident even attempt to move the sun as any sane person would do in that situation as if they messed up things could go bad

Heh, not half bad.


Happy to see that the main character hasn't started a war yet

So far as we know.

I've been looking for a story like this for like... 69 years.

Ok, this is interesting.

Lovely story so far and really engaging too. I'm excited to see what happens next.

There. Are. No. Words to describe just how great this story is. Keep up the good work, mellonin. :trollestia: [CELESTIA APPROVED]

That's very kind of you to say. Lol thank you.

Thanks, I'm happy you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:, I'm already working on the next chapter. If I'd known it was going to get attention I probably woulda stuck to my guns and wrote more chapters before I started releasing them.

Give them time. lol anyway, I'm happy you enjoyed it.

Hmm... Should have asked for Pinkie as well. She might have some insight on what kinds of tags not!Celestia should be aware of :P

Great story, I like how whoever is in Celestia's body hasn't done anything to cause big trouble but who knows if or when they'll stupid majorly stupid.

ok moar, ty.

jk (actually just kinda jk) Story seems interesting would love to see how they all freak out after 'Celestia' sheepishly announced that she's a human.

Maybe they don't believe 'her' and she just has to play princess for a while because without 'her' all would go crazy xD


I've been looking for a story like this

Without intending to diminish this fic, the premise has certainly been used before. Probably the most famous being The Rise of Sunbutt the Awesome, but there are others.

This is the third fic i read about a human get into Celestia, sadly the previous ones were never finnished, which is sad, they were damm good, so lets hope this one reach its end at least.

Don't worry about diminishing it lol. I'm still kinda freaking out that it got so much attention. I mean, it's gotta be a fluke somehow. It hit the featured list. That's crazy, right?

I'm still gonna keep writing it, I'm just kinda shocked is all.

I'll give it a chance.

The Monk
“A spider’s got to spider.” -Scarheart

A white unicorn guard stuck his head through the door, “Twilight Sparkle is here to see you, Princess.”
Oh, thank goodness. If I hadn’t been so tired I might have leapt for joy.

Twilight Sparkle: "Princess Celestia, I came as fast as I could! What is happening!? Is anything wrong!? What can I do!? :twilightoops:"
Celestia: "Oh...You're...not...an alicorn! Whelp, looks like I'm royally screwed! :facehoof:"
Twilight Sparkle: "Bwwhaa-a-a-aahhh???? :twilightoops:"

Wow, this is actually very good! Very meta in places, (got me laughing at the word counter joke). I'd say nice beginning chapters, and I'm looking forward to future chapters for this nice story! :derpytongue2:


I mean, it's gotta be a fluke somehow. It hit the featured list. That's crazy, right?

I don't know about that "fluke" part. I've noticed that Human & Celestia stories are among the type of stories that seem to have a higher chance of getting featured, and a story with human becoming Celestia I say is close enough. it also doesn't hurt that this story is funny.:rainbowlaugh:

Now this is epic.

ok, so this universe was created just for him, ok, so Equestria is for him to command now, and to fuck up twilight life, and to totally fix everything before happens, or whatever; death is right, he should stop complaining if a universe was created just for him, after he stupidly died, for me that would have been awesome, but in the body of 17.

He/She should still tell Twilight she gained memories of a different life and lose most of her current ones. Especially memories of how to do magic and is hoping Twily could help teach her how to re-learn the basics

Random infodump character is weak. This eliminates all the mystery of why he's here and closes off several avenues that the story might otherwise have taken. And what's the payoff for handling it this way? Letting us know that he's ethically in the clear to do whatever he wants? Ok, but it seems to me the costs outweight the benefits. Rather than telling us a story that we might become emotionally involved in, you've "informed us" that nothing matters because this entire universe is just a playground for him to do whatever.

Also kind of weird that he apparently thinks it's important that Twilight knows he's gay...when he's occupying the body of the pony who sustains life on the planet by keeping the sun in motion and he doesn't know how to do that. Come on dude, there are more important things going on here.

Um, it's still a real universe with real sentient ponies living in. The point isn't to make it a play ground for the mc to do whatever they want ethics free. They aren't a god they're Celestia.

The idea was that they were just trying to get twilight to say something. She didn't even hear any of it because time was frozen.

That cloaked pony pulled out a yellow cigarette pack with a pink butterfly on it? Discord, is that you?

I have a feeling there’s more to this story than meets the eye...

I have to agree with Bucket on this one, you blew your load far too early. What suspense and mystery there could have been is wasted, and what was shaping up to be a potentially interesting and fun story took me very far out of the realm of suspension of disbelief. The MC was quite literally told that he was in a world that was specially made for him, and that Celestia doesn't exist anymore, forcing him into it.

At that, the dude who told him this stuff was a complete jackass who essentially toyed with him and barely told him anything at all. This especially came after the MC made a surprisingly realistic and smart choice in getting help from someone who might know something, that being Twilight. Then he gets completely cockblocked by this random stranger who essentially tells him "your body now, deal with it" and "yeah this was made for you so you don't get to complain." I'd be fucking pissed if I was in that situation, regardless of how or why it came to be.

That said, this story is supposed to be self-indulgent wish fulfillment, so I might be being a little harsh with the criticism. Regardless of who or what anyone says, it's your story that you're going to tell at the end of the day. My best advice is to keep learning and keep writing. Though my interest with this story did get killed with this chapter, I'll keep reading, as I do still have high hopes for it.

You know, I like fics with premise like this one, but I'm not sure you have any direction for yours. Do you? It just feels like you winging it. Nothing against the idea that there's no original Celestia, though. At least there won't be 50 chapters of main character trying to figure out what happened to her only to learn that she never was in the first place.

But there is an issue. Despite the fact that universe was created for him and with him as Celestia it doesn't mean there was no Celestia before him in that universe. If universe was created from scratch then someone had to create memories for everyone in it. And to get consistent memories for everyone it has to be simulated over at least a few years with some "Celestia" in it, so she did exist at least in that simulation. Even more likely universe was copied over from another one without a copy of Celestia, but this also means she did exist and in first case she actually "died" considering she wasn't carried over out of the simulation unless someone played her role there.

In any case everyone in that world remember Celestia, so if they ever learn he isn't her nobody likely believe him that universe was created this way and he didn't stole her body somehow.

I wonder are you going to play severe amnesia card in the next chapter to explain her lack of knowledge of the world and how to magic of fly.

Let’s see how it goes.


They aren't a god they're Celestia.

Well that depends on your view of Celestia ^^;;;

If this story is about some dude who just mr. magoos himself into being Celestia I am going to be over the moon! (I swear to you when I thought of writing this comment those were the exact words I thought of with no intentional pun meant)
Take a like and a fave! :twilightsmile:

even though Luna is best pony…:unsuresweetie:

The cloaked figured staggered into the room and started coughing. It was pretty bad. Not to mention the fact that it went on long enough to start getting awkward. Mr Poe, is that you?

Is that a Lemony Snicket reference I spy? It's been a while since I saw one of those!

You forgot two extra periods

"Exchange" really left its mark

And then Celestia destroyed all racist laws and traditions of Equestria , proclaimed an democratic social Republic and retired to the pony Bahamas. The End

This is going to be fun hahaha


LordBucket makes my life so much easier, because I can just quote it and say "this" instead of writing the same thing out in a less coherent way.

Nope, technically not using old English correctly. Thou is the informal version of you used towards an inferior. IE: to thou someone is generally done by someone high (a monarch) to someone lower than them (pretty much everyone is below the monarch) but not to equals. Equals get you.

I like how you gave a refreshing spin to the HiE genre with the protagonist actually being Celestia instead of just occupying their body. Also death by fan fiction and energy drink must be the most badass way to go. I look forward to see how the new Celestia handles her responsibilities.

Sounds like someone may like mmmmmmmmmbananas.

O-O I actually made it onto the featured list. 8/30/2021

Welcome to dat club tho

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