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No one in Ponyville is certain why the strange bug-pony is at the market, nor why he is talking to the silversmith. Or well, the bug-pony isn't doing the talking. Which is the strangest part of all.

(I had no better cover art really.)

(Featured on 2021-11-27. Thank you all.)

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What just happened.

this is a vary fun little one shot story.

Was it a dream?

There needs to be more of this story!

Yes a changeling from dark soul with the holy pebble from the fate of arachia god, by getting the silver pendent to worship it will be the first encounter to be seen in preinvading of chrysalis hive, that changeling would defeat powerful being with the companion of the holy pebble

Changeling used Ventriloquism! it was super effective!!! :pinkiehappy:
the hard part was looking that lazy/bored (trust me, it really IS harder than it looks when you are surrounded by others watching you:trixieshiftright:)

Just another Tuesday in Ponyville.

You been giving Alexa too much E lectricity.:trixieshiftright:

As long as the changeling holds to silence, they may as well be a God. It was very wise to hold its peace and let everyone's assumptions be presumed true.

Even the rock's.

Especially the rock's.


To write this? Quite a bit.

I see you have played Dead Space XD

Nah, she needs more of the stuff.

Wednesday actually.

...Yes, of course. Ventriloquism. That is what he used.

He will defeat powerful beings with that pebble, they may just be purple and have a horn though, not chaos power or changeling royalty status.

Oh, I am writing on the sequel as I am responding to comments.

Ha! No. You will wish it was though, so will Twilight Sparkle.

Silver Wind blinked and stared at the pebble, and then the bug-pony, and then back at the pebble. “I… What?”

That is a fair question.

The chain was weaved, the pendant attached fit in her hoof, but just barely. It was meant for some vampire costume or the like, but she supposed for it to be used in the worship of… Arachia? Yes, that was the name the pebble had used. Being used in the worship of Arachia didn’t seem too bad.

Yup, not bad at all.

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Say, should anyone warn the little Changeling spiders do actually eat bugs?

11064188, 11064272
Actually, I'm pretty sure it's Skyrim.

The beacon (as well as the associated quest) has a reputation of being very annoying.

Oh, it is a reference to that questline! I thought it was the dead space beacon. Also yeah, spiders do eat bugs, but I find that to be even more fitting.

Is it a changeling?
Is it a rock?
No it's-!

“DO YOU HATH NO EARS PLEBIAN!? My compatriot requires silver! The true currency of the free world!"

So Silver Standard, then? You know, that didn't actually work quite as well as advertised. :trollestia:

My silly American history references aside...this tale certainly didn't go as I expected. I feel like we need a whole other story for this just so to get the proper context for what the heck is even going on. :rainbowlaugh:

And interest g Changeling, not Kevin, but a diffrent flavor of inscrutable and follower of a spider God?

Well, you will get some more context eventually.

Aye, he is special and so is his pebble.

This, um... this feels like a reference to something - some other franchise or real life thing - that I'm just not getting. I mean, a brief search of Arachia didn't turn up much and it lacks a crossover tag but... well, if it's meant to just be a bit of weirdness, it doesn't feel like it, so I'm having a difficult time really enjoying it as such. It just feels like it's a deep cut from something and it just goes over my head, if you'll forgive a monumentally mixed metaphor.

It is just meant to be strange and bizarre. There is no crossover to other properties or stories. The pebble and the changeling do have an in-world explanation for what they are and where they came from, but that is not something I shall reveal just yet.

Silver Wind should DEFINITELY keep the change and set it aside for a while.

If she wants to get ahead of demand she should start preparing for mass producing those necklaces. And maybe invest in silver futures.

I do not know why you assume that the worship of Arachia is about to skyrocket in Equestria, but I like your enthusiasm.

ok so, fun little story time:

I've learned a little ventriloquism, but since we've had to wear masks all the time it's just easy mode these days. I've had the plumber where I work convinced one of the inmates is screaming into the septic plumbing for about 3 weeks here. I think he's starting to catch on that it only happens when i'm around.

I imagine the pebble speaking similarly to Dr. Borous.

we need Maud to meet sir pebble and his changeling compatriot

I mean, a little bit like that, yes.

They would most likely have a very rewarding conversation.

"I would like to purchase one love, please."

Sounds like the buildup to that weeks villain in Ponyville

Can you wright more about this? I found it interesting. Ps i did not know she was russian.

inmate, like in prison? Now I'm curious, what place do you work?

When Twilight finds out about this she's going to freak out! Oh I can't wait to see how Silver Wing reacts to Twilight not knowing anything about what's going on

I mean, maybe in the future.

Who was Russian? What are you talking about?
Ps. I am writing on a sequel.

We'll see if that scene will be written or not. The main focus in the next story will be on the changeling and Twilight.

For Twilight probably both

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