• Published 18th Aug 2022
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Alicorn in Canterlot - ramdom_player201

A human wakes up in Canterlot in the body of an alicorn. [Slow-burn Slice-of-life]

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Ch:02 - Found

When I wake up, I just want to go back to sleep. I let out a yawn and snuggle deeper into the covers. No. I need to wake up. I mustn’t let them find me, but this bed is just so warm and cozy… Wait, what am I thinking, I need to get my bearings and make an escape. I push my head out from the blankets and take in my surroundings.

This isn’t the alleyway… and this is not my bench. Maybe it was all just a dream and I’ve awoken back in bed at home? I stare at my hoof. Nope, this is real. And what am I doing in a bed? I force myself out from under the covers and stand to get my bearings. Okay, I’m in a room. Definitely a bedroom, since it’s got a bed. And this bed… is absolutely massive. I scramble towards the closest edge, but my flailing limbs get tangled in the covers before I can escape, leaving me with my forelegs dangling over the edge and my back legs stuck in the covers.

Carefully, I shuffle my legs around until I can feel them coming loose. Unfortunately, this also meant that I could begin sliding forwards off the bed. And so I fall off the bed, landing hard on my muzzle. Okay, this time it definitely hurt. I carefully shift myself into a lying position, then bring myself to stand. Front up, back up. Alright, time to explore my surroundings. But first… I glance back at myself, my wings are still there, and they’re uncovered. I quickly brush my hoof against my head to check for my-the horn. And now I feel exposed. I jump up against the golden-ish bed frame and try to reach for one of the covers. I reach over with my hooves and brush them against the edges. Oh right, no hands.

My ears twist to the door. My eyes follow. A green-eyed pony stares back at me. She(?) is a unicorn, with a pinkish-white coat and blue mane. Standing up against the bed, I am just above eye-level, but I can tell that I’d come in shorter than her when on all fours. The worst thing about all this, is the way she is watching me: as if I was the cutest thing in the world… Ugh.
“Hello there, young one. Do you want help getting back into bed?”
No I don’t, I want my blankets to hide under, but there’s no way I’m going back up there now that I'm awake. Unfortunately, she takes my silence as a yes and I find myself floating up and over the bed. Not being used to suddenly floating through the air, I begin to flail my legs. Luckily, it’s not long before they touch down on the mattress. Before she has a chance to try tucking me back into bed, I clamber over the main covers. Upon picking out a suitable-looking blanket, I push my head under it (sideways so that my horn can fit) and crawl through until my head pokes out of the other side.

Of course, she laughs at this, but I just ignore her. Once my blanket is securely draped over my back, I hop back down from the bed and go to investigate the room. The floor is entirely covered in red carpet. It’s soft against my hooves, but thin enough that I can feel the hard floor below it. The walls are mostly white, with a band of gold running around the bottom. This band extends upwards and around the two doors that are in the room. There is also a window on the far wall, also framed in gold, yet it is covered by thin white curtains. I can tell that it must be morning from the light leaking through into the room. I turn my attention back to the doors. The largest one is opposite the end of the bed, although offset at a slight diagonal. It’s still open and the unicorn pony is watching me curiously from it.

The other door is closer to me and also smaller. Upon closer inspection, I see that it has a door knob. I’m not sure how ponies are supposed to be able to open something like this without hands. Although judging by the way that other pony made me float, it’s probably some kind of weird magic. After examining it, I determine that I have no idea how to open it, I choose to ignore it instead in the wake of being watched. I don’t want the ponies to know I can’t open it and feel the need to help me.

Walking around to the other side of the oversized bed, I find a short bookcase. I take a moment to glance over the titles, but it’s in a language I don’t recognise. This confuses me slightly as the unicorn pony was clearly speaking English. I decide not to dwell on this fact and jump up at the window. Nudging the curtains aside, I gaze outside. The sun is still low in the sky, which suggests early morning or late evening. I am inclined to believe the former, although I am slightly annoyed that I slept the entire night. And even that I slept through being relocated. That last part sends a shiver up my spine. I never saw my tarp cover in the room, so whoever had found me must know by now of what I am. Not to mention that pony who just came in, she definitely saw me like this, although she hasn’t brought it up.

Speaking of her, she hasn’t really done much except stand around or put me back in bed. I glance back at her, she’s watching curiously from that same spot by the door. I guess she’s here to check up on me or something. Having seen pretty much everything there was to see in the room, I was starting to get slightly bored. It’s not like I could read any of those books, and I didn’t want to go back to that bed. That leaves me to see what this pony wants and maybe see if I can leave the room.

I cautiously drop back down onto all fours and make my way in her direction. Although instead of walking straight towards her, I circle round her such that I have a clear view of the open door. She doesn’t seem to know quite how to respond to me. Maybe it’s because I’ve been ignoring her. I just wait in silence to see if she’ll make a move.
“Oh, uhm… Hello there young one, my name is Snow Blossom. And what might your’s be?”
Oh right, ponies have weird names. I’m not going to bother coming up with a silly name.
“Good morning Snow Blossom, my name is Jonathan.”
“That’s an unusual name, Jonathan. Would you like some breakfast?”

I haven’t eaten at all since waking up as a quadruped yesterday and therefore I am hungry.
“I suppose, thank you for asking.”
“Would you like me to bring it to your room?”
I wasn’t going to sit around in this room if I could help it, and I don’t want these ponies to start doing stuff for me, I’d rather find out where I am and how long I’ll have to be here for. Since I was found asleep on a bench outside, they’ll likely have a lot of questions, especially with my current form and all that.
“If it’s okay with you, I’d rather have a look around, I’d like to better understand where I am.”
“Of course, I’ll accompany you to the kitchens and you can choose something from there.”

I turn away from her and approach the open door. The corridor outside is quite large. Why does it need to be so big, even the ponies are tiny in relation to it. Speaking of ponies, there are ponies standing on either side of my door. They look identical to the city guards I saw the day previous, from their coats and manes right down to their armour. The corridor stops with a dead-end to my left, the same side as the window in my room. To my right, it just continues in a slight curve until I can’t see beyond it. Snow Blossom comes out from behind me and begins to lead me down the corridor. One of the guards falls into step behind us, leaving the other outside the room. Wait a second, those guards are guarding me...?

Author's Note:

Here is another chapter.
Of course, a pony foal who falls asleep on a bench in an alleyway is going to get the attention of any royal guard patrols. Don't think he'll escape that easily.
I may or may not start writing chapter 3 today.