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This story is a sequel to A Passing Through Kamen Rider

Twilight's coronation has come and gone and the crown weighs heavy upon her head. Or it would if
it hadn't been stolen by a figure from Princess Celestia's past. Now it's up to Wyatt, Twilight, Spike and Daring Do are on the case to bring it back. But with a mysterious benefactor on Sunset's side, the task may not be as simple as grabbing it and going home in the time it takes to say, "Henshin!"

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Legend states that any who drink this mysterious liquid before lying down for the evening will awaken a new man (or woman).
Well... the legends are true. I bought a bottle of Fantasia from a shady merchant. The next day, I awoke a world away with a new body.
That was a long time ago now, before the three Pony Tribes truly united as one nation. Discord's prison cracking allowed me to break my own petrification and I have to say I'm not happy with how Celestia's been running Equestria in my absence.
My name is Kikiru Kiru. I'm a female Dunesfolk Lalafell, an Adventurer... and I used to be human.

A crossover with Final Fantasy XIV. Heavensward and Stormblood content may or may not be included, as this story was conceived before the announcement of either expansion.

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Going to a convention was one of the things I had on my possible things-to-do list, but I never went to one because going alone seemed stupid to me, a friend invited me to a convention nearby my city and I agreed to go with him, I didn't have any cosplay nor intended to wear one, I wonder what kind of stuff I could buy, maybe some Dragon Ball items, who knows.

Featured 02/12/2019, 03/12/2019, 04/12/2019.

"♪'P' is for 'priceless', the look upon your faces♪
♪'E' is for 'extinction', all your puny races♪
♪'R' for 'revolution', which will be televised♪
♪'F' is for how ‘fucked’ you are, now allow me to repriiise♪
♪'E' is for 'eccentric', just listen to my song♪
♪'C' is for 'completion', that I waited for so long♪
♪'T' is for the 'terror', upon you I’ll bestow ♪
♪My name is Perfect Cell, and I'd like to say...hello.♪"

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This is the Theme Song

[Displaced] How long as it been? How long has it been since I was frozen in time, since I arrived here? I don't know. But I do know, that this place needs my help, and as a Crusader. I will do my duty. My name was lost, but my title... Is Reinhardt. And with my ruined armor, and my deteriorating hammer, I will protect the innocent. I will save this place. I am... The Crusader, of Equestria.

I do not own the images, nor Reinhardt, or the song, nor MLP.

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My introduction to this world wasn't exactly what you would call warm. Long story short I accidentally unleashed the Starscourge and wasn't able to fix it, luckily I was imprisoned by the princesses before too much damage could be done. They managed to finish what I started and made great progress in keeping the plague away from most towns and cities, but unfortunately I wasn't able to get my side of the story out (not that they would believe me) and was branded a monster. Well thanks to 1,000+ years of being stoned and Discord being an idiot or just being himself I am free to correct my fuck up.

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My name is Michael Goodman Bizarro, and never in all my life would I ever imagine that I'd end up in a variation of my little sister's favorite cartoon.

It wasn't supposed to be like this, you know. I was having a good time at comic con in my Bizarro costume when I bought some stuff from the Merchant and was sent to Equestria. Now I either need to find a way home or adjust to my new life as Bizarro.

A Displaced, Reverse Gender Role Equestria (RGRE) Fan Fiction with EQG Girls taking the roles of ponies. Sex Tag is for references to sex and sex scenes in later chapters.

I do not own any of the characters or art in this story. Characters and story are from DC and Hasbro respectively.

Majority of art owned by Eric Powell.

From The Stars and The Underground

Featured 8/16/19. Thanks to all of you who've read my story I was featured. I hope I can continue to entertain you all with my story.

Featured 8/17/19. I'm glad so many of you are enjoying the story so far, and I'm grateful towards everyone who has followed me or added my story to their Favorites. I hope I can continue to entertain you.

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Alright, do you want some advice?
Don't go evil if you don't want to have heroes trying to kill you repeatedly. I know, sometimes you have to do things that are morally questionable, but at others, just be a good guy. Wait in line rather than summon a horde of undead to tear the throats out of everybody except the barista. Or just freeze everybody in place. That's at least funny in a conventional sense.
I'm (sort of) reformed now.
Unfortunately, there're these six mares and their ruler who are making this VERY DIFFICULT.

EDIT: After four days, the Featured streak has ended. It was a good run.
EDIT: Featured again on 10 May? Aw, stahp it guys. Stahp.

EDIT: New coverart courtesy of Leila Drake. Go to her and commission stuff.

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Hello, my name is Robin. Well, it used to be Madison before getting ripped from my universe and thrown through the void.

So there I was getting ready for an awesome time at a convention before I had to return to my studies. I used to be a scholar of military history and tactics. I always enjoyed furthering my education and I saw knowledge as the greatest of powers. Turns out that's a great field to study if you're going to be thrown into a feudal environment!

So suddenly I find myself in Equestria, looking like Robin from Fire Emblem: Awakening, and the Royal Sisters are trying to hunt me down. I can't really blame them, I can get a little... enthusiastic when learning new magic.

This story is set in the Displaced multiverse.

This is the first story I've ever done of ponies and the first one I'm writing for FimFiction. I'm not the best author, but I like to think my writing is decent enough that the plot won't crumble. I'm always striving to be a better writer so don't be afraid to point out any mistakes you may find.

Special thanks to KiaraGate for helping me with the story. Thanks for letting me bounce ideas off of you, you've helped me a lot!

*As the story progresses I may add additional tags and or characters.

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(Displace story)

Me, my Girlfriend and my other friends went to a con, you know the drill. While we were in Equestria I decided to give any of the Mane 6, CMC, Spike or Princess's who were killed from other Displace fics a second chance at life while keeping a eye on the other displace.

Image and Characters belong to their rightful owners. Prologue had been proofread by NewUnitedEmpire and Chapter 1 had been proofread by me.

Chapters (4)

Equestria. A world plagued by monsters. Their cities protected by magical shields, ponies afraid to step beyond the borders.

Four mares, friends for years and students of the powerful alicorn princesses, they possess the means to fight back.

And at their side, a dragon of unparalleled power. Sealed away for a thousand years, he is awakened by the very mares he now fights beside. But can he be trusted?

And what does he mean by "I'm not really a dragon?"

My own entry for the 'Displaced' series of fics. While I know they tend to have a dubious reputation, I'll try my best to provide you all with an enjoyable fic that brings the worlds of MLP FiM and Final Fantasy together.

Swords, sorcery and an awesome story. What more could you want?

Generously edited by Thadius0 he also providded much inspiration for this fic.

Edit: Featured the same day I posted the fic ; 6/02/16. Thanks so much guys and girls. I love you all~

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