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"You can kill a person with an apartment just as well as with an axe." (Heinrich Zille)


Twilight Sparkle

Alicorn, Mage

After becoming a princess, Twilight is still struggling with finding out what her responsibilities are all about. When she gets stranded in the strange world Azeroth, she needs to rethink her priorities very fast.

Tak Rivermane

Tauren, Shaman

An expert on herbs and medicine, Tak's occupation takes him to all kinds of places. He wields the power of lightning, which gives him a great advantage in fights, but is unable to refuse a request from Twilight.

Jonathan "Priest" Baker

Human / Undead, Priest

Jonathan is used to relying on himself so meeting Twilight and her friends proves to be a challenge for him. He has a dark past, enabling him to have sympathy with the lonely and cursed. The Light, a mysterious form of magic, grants him the ability to heal.

Mara Dust

Earth Pony, Empath

Mara works at the Ponyville Post Office, sorting the mail before Derpy delivers it. Her ability to see auras is an extremely rare talent which makes it hard for her to get her Cutie Mark.

Arcus Tangens

Earth Pony, Warrior

With a keen eye, excellent reflexes and travelling experience as a surveyor, Arcus is always eager to go on adventures. More often than not he gets into trouble for his curiousity. His mate, Maple Leaf, sure thinks so anyway.

Darren Houndslayer

- Bio yet to be revealed -

Ditzy Doo "Derpy Hooves"


The most popular mailpony in town and mother of Dinky, Derpy is always there for her friends. For some strange reason, accidents keep happening around her. Time Turner supports her in every way he can.


Pegasus, Spirit

Dead and kicking. A bit too caring at times. That is where Mara and Priest come in.

Spirit Rez


Spirit Rez is not a fighter - but he knows how to make the best coffee in town and is proud owner of the second most famous café in town, the Steaming Cup. He knows all kinds of drink related spells, such as the Chamomile, Booze Booster and Brainfreeze. Fiancée of Mara Dust.


Troll, Shaman

A Darkspear troll, Vol'Shalai enjoys hunting down the Scourge, brewing potions and dirty jokes. He is married to a beautiful but resolute troll Lady, Miwemba.

Stories of Ponies and other People

  • Twilight Goes to Dalaran Twilight Sparkle, the princess mage of Equestria, is stranded on a strange world. She tries to get home again, making some unusual friends in the process. by Leila Drake 18,529 words · 1,611 views · 112 likes · 2 dislikes
  • Dead Heart Now Priest is stuck in Equestria, an undead in the midst of colorful ponies. And then there are rumors of a ghost... by Leila Drake 67,439 words · 1,218 views · 84 likes · 7 dislikes

Side Stories


  • Rebirth of the Damned Months after his death, Arthas Menethil, long known as the Lich King, is given another chance. In a world populated by talking ponies, of all places. by Borsuq 654,186 words · 26,912 views · 2,621 likes · 156 dislikes
  • An Affliction of the Heart Can a creature that feeds on love ever feel it? by Anonymous Pegasus 35,358 words · 34,365 views · 4,769 likes · 75 dislikes
  • Celestia Sleeps In A dispute between Celestia and Luna leads to Celestia accidentally making contact with humans. by Admiral Biscuit 149,259 words · 17,475 views · 1,367 likes · 68 dislikes
  • Sweetie's Shadow Looking for a way to get over her fear of public speaking, Sweetie Belle borrows an instructional book from Twilight's library to help out. One thing leads to another and some how ends up binding King Sombra to her as her shadow... by Note Sketch 123,832 words · 14,736 views · 2,137 likes · 41 dislikes
  • A Pony Walks into a Police Station Stuck on desk duty from a broken wrist, Sergeant Piobar's day got off to a bad start. It's April Fool's Day, which only adds to the misery. And then a pony walks through the front door. by Admiral Biscuit 1,702 words · 4,122 views · 466 likes · 4 dislikes

Favourite Quotes

"As soon as I get home, I gotta do something manly to make up for this. Like blow something up. Or lift something heavy. Or bake some cupcakes. My cupcakes are rad."

- Hunter, in: Preservation of Innocence, written by The Weakest Link

Dreams are bullshit when you’re awake through them!

- Dave Smith, in: My Voice in a Head, written by Lord Destrustor

“Are you really asking me to let him live in my home? We’ve barely just met! And he’s an alien from another universe!"

- Twilight Sparkle, in: You Do (Not) Belong, written by 2dextreem

"The powers of harmony are wondrous tools. The strength of love has made safe all of Equestria on two separate occasions in as many years.  Are these not things from which you may draw courage?"

- Luna, in: Machinations in the Dark, written by BaryonBrony

"Let me put it this way: How fond are you of this side of the planet?"

- Discord, in: The Rise of Darth Vulcan, written by RealityCheck

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Glad you enjoyed it.

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>>2038877 I think it's the following things:

- a HiE who doesn't know what the hell is going on instead of just geeking out

- surprising plot twists

- fleshed out characters

- interesting lore/worldbuilding

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Thank you for taking interest in my story from biochemistry with love, may I ask what did you like most about it?

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Would you be willing to lend Evowizard25 your talents as an artist? He is in need of somebody to draw his art.

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Is it true that you draw pictures of OC's? Will you do it for free? Uh, you are still alive, right?

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