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Twilight stalks and harasses a nine year old filly...but it's in the past, so it's totally legal.

Now with Reading by CaptainBron3y

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Scootaloo needs to talk about sex. Unfortunately, she goes to Twilight for help, and gets a lecture, instead.

(Possible unequivocal spoilers in comments)

And with a YouTube reading, apparently:
They really nail the panic in Scootaloo's voice! I love it!

Made the feature box! 2019/04/25-26-27-28!

Peaked at number one in the feature box!!!

Broke 1000 views! 2019/04/26!
Broke 2000 views! 2019/04/29!

I love you all! Thank you!

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This story is a sequel to Magic School Days

The Crusaders are returning for their second semester at Hogwarts. You can look forward to a nice quiet and relatively uneventful experience. Well as uneventful as magic allows, anyway.

Their presence has not already caused a wave of chaos that shook the magical world to it's core. You can't prove anything, so it never happen.

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In 1980 Sybil Trelawney made a prophecy that would alter the Magical world forever. It is well known that this could have applied to either Harry Potter or Neville Longbottom, but what if there was another child that could have fulfilled the prophecy to, a girl? Unwilling to take chances over what Snape heard, Voldemort orders for her elimination as well. Chaos though, has other plans.

Ten years later and it is time for Scoti Alaw Prewett or Scootaloo to return to the dimension of her birth and attend her magical schooling alongside her two best friends. Chaos ensues.

A CMC Goes to Hogwarts story that focuses on their time at the school with little pieces of the overall goings on in the background. Plushies in pic owned by me and made by the wonderful Sewpoke whoo can be found on Twitter

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This story is a sequel to The Witch of Canterlot

Queen Chrysalis is the most perfect, brilliant, intelligent foe Equestria has ever faced, and in just a few days she's going to unleash her plan to conquer Canterlot, and then Equestria, once and for all. At this late stage, nothing can stop her! She can just sit back and enjoy herself until the moment comes to drop the hammer.

Sunset Shimmer isn't perfect, but she's had once heck of a time in Saddle Arabia and can't wait to tell Princess Cadance all about it!

They'll get along like a house on fire.

A one-shot sequel to The Witch of Canterlot.

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This story is a sequel to Divine Labor

After the Equestrian Fluttershy offered her human counterpart some emotional support, the others asking questions about their own pony analogues was all but inevitable. But some are bound to obsess over their equine achievements more than others.

And at least one is going to do something about that obsession.

Part of the Oversaturated World.

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When Princess Celestia arrives at the Castle of Friendship unexpectedly, Twilight is overjoyed to spend some time with her mentor and fellow alicorn.

Unfortunately, Celestia is not here on a pleasant visit. The nobles, in another attempt to gain leverage over the crown, are attempting to force Twilight into an arranged marriage. Either to one of them, or to a ruler of another country.

Understandably peeved by this, Twilight responds in a way everypony who knows her saw coming.

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Rainbow Dash has always had a large secret that she kept hidden away from everyone. However, this secret was revealed after Rainbow Dash received a letter from her earth pony fashionista aunt that happens to have the same name she does, stating that she is visiting Ponyville. From there, secrets and other pleasant surprises are shown at the most fabulous place in Ponyville: Carousel Boutique.

NOTE: In case if anyone wonders, Aunt Rainbow Dash borrows many characteristics from g3 Rainbow Dash along with some notable differences. Vector art was made by Tzolkine from DeviantArt

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*Rated T just in case of sensitive subject matter*

The bubbly and over-enthusiastic Pinkie Pie has always had difficulty understanding social cues and graces, but her and her friends have always perceived it as simply being Pinkie's fun-loving personality.

However, after a recent evaluation from a doctor reveals Pinkie has high-functioning Autism, she fears the worst from her friends. What would happen if they didn't like her anymore because of her mental disability?

Thankfully, those fears are put to rest after discovering all of her friends love and support her for who she is... except for one problem - she hasn't told Fluttershy yet!

Seeing as the shy and quiet mare is already super sensitive, Pinkie fears that her admittance to the disability will cause her to think she is weird or stupid; though when Fluttershy worriedly checks up on the pink party pony after a strange and unusual absence from her hyperactive friend, she knows she must spill.

How will her pegasus pal react to the shocking news?

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Celestia and Luna have just announced their intention to retire and pass the throne to Twilight.

Before everyone can start assuring Twilight she'll do great as ruler of Equestria, Twilight refuses and explains why it wouldn't make sense for her to take the throne. From there, the conversation swerves.

This is a story for those who think Celestia and Luna retiring is a bad idea, and that Twilight found her true calling as a teacher rather than a ruler.

Featured: 8/22/2020 - 8/26/2020

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