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This story is a sequel to Discovering Friendship

What happens when four super powered teens fall in love with a comic book and decide to make a deal with a God of Chaos and a Princess?

Shenanigans, that's what!

Set in the Discovering Friendship Universe, SUPER SERIOUSLY NOT CANON. This entire story is based solely off the fact that I just marathoned Miraculous Ladybug. I do not own any Miraculous Ladybug junk mentioned in this story, nor any My little pony junk mentioned in this story. I only own the Humanized Universe, and barely even that as the original idea came from smilingdogz - I just turned it into something more with permission.

This story will contain
Romance - because Scootabelle
Slice of Life - because we need normal situations to lead towards
Adventure - Because ADVENTURE
Comedy - because laughs, and Pinkie demands at least one appearance per three chapters at least.
and whatever else I tagged this thing as, some tags conflict. Tagged crossover for safety reasons.
And yes, I AM working on the main story and hoping to update soon! These side stories help build ideas for the main story.

Chapters (3)

This story is a sequel to Discovering Friendship

Hello everyone! I don't know how well this will reach you all, but hopefully things are made clear. If you are confused, just ask and we'll explain!

An 'interactive story' with the Characters from Discovering Friendship explaining things about how their worlds works. Chapters will correspond to questions asked of me and each character. Will also be answering questions from the comments section.

This story is written in the format of Rarity's Fun Facts from Beauty and the Beat

Image taken from Derpibooru and is by PoisonicPen
Rated Teen as some topics the characters will speak about are darker than others.

Chapters (23)

This story is a sequel to Discovering Friendship

Sometimes there are just too many things someone wants in a story. To make it flow properly it has to follow a set idea and have consistency. These ideas very much lack that. Some are funny, some hit you in the feels, none of them line up with the story - at least not close enough to be a part of the main story.

Chapters (8)

Twilight Sparkle, aspiring student of Princess Celestia has been tasked with the most difficult challenge a Magian must face. Making friends. Along the way she will discover what it means to truly be a friend and uncover a power unlike any other.

Image by smilingdogz who without, this story wouldn't be possible.

Chapters (46)
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