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The Mayan calender was right in a way. The world ended not because of war or natural causes, but because of the idiots who saw the end as a reason to start a damn Purge and it was a test by God. Not that I'm truly capable of caring anymore. Now I've been given a way out of all that, out of the Hell my life has been, and I'm not looking back.

MC doesn't know about Kingdom Hearts, references he'll make, or worlds he'll visit if I choose to go that route.

Chapters (67)

Cover Art by skydragon90 Check him out, he's got good artwork.
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Thanks again to SuperSonicHeroes. You are awesome, my friend!

Twilight Sparkle is a seemingly normal Unicorn. Sure she's the Element of Magic, leader of the Bearers of Harmony (affectionally called the Main 6) and has been the personal student of Princess Celestia since she was 10, but other than that she's just a normal Unicorn.

But that's all about to change.

It started off when she dreamed of a strange place full of stained glass and dark, shadowy creatures, and a voice telling her that she would be the light that would save this world.

And then the dark storm came, and the shadowy creatures from her dreams became a lot more real.

Fortunately, that was the moment she unlocked her own power: a weapon of light called a Keyblade.

Unfortunately she ends up being separated from her friends, and her world exploded. Quite literally.

And then she awakes to meet a duck who's a sorcerer, a dog who's the captain of their knights, and a mouse who also wields a Keyblade and happens to be the King of the "World" she was on.

Oh, and she's now a human.

So all in all, normal for Twilight has just gone out the window.

After getting a crash course in Heartless, Nobodies, Keyblades (which includes the adventures of their one friend Sora) and the ongoing fight between the Light and the Dark, Twilight sets out to find her friends and hopefully find a way to restore Equestria. And maybe make some new friends along the way.

But in the shadows, sinister forces conspire against her, and she may find out that her greatest enemy is the one she'd never suspect.

Will Twilight Sparkle prevail? Or will her Heart fall to the darkness?

The only way to find out is to read the tale of Twilight's Awakening.

Okay, so a bit of spoilery stuff to get out of the way quick:

-This story starts during Magical Mystery Cure, but immediately goes AU when they cast Starswirl's Unfinished Spell. You'll see what I mean.
-Kingdom Hearts-wise, the story takes place during the events of Dream Drop Distance. Mostly because I haven't played Kingdom Hearts 3 yet, so I can't write about anything that happened in that.
-Certain worlds that Twilight visits in this story will have their stories diverge from canon after she appears. But I don't think anyone will notice since that's already happened in the actual Kingdom Hearts games. I'm looking at you, Aladdin and Hercules.
-Some of the worlds that appear will be from Disney franchises that haven't appeared yet, but there will also be some worlds that aren't from Disney properties. I'd tell you which ones, but that would just be spoiling the surprise. :twilightsmile:

Hope you guys enjoy the story!

Chapters (7)

Sunset Shimmer sees the same phantom throughout Canterlot High School. A boy her age with spiky hair, who briefly appears before vanishing. It catches her eye, distracts her from her friends and their fret on the future. The future of Equestrian magic, the future of their powers, the future in general. Sunset can’t focus on that when the present holds a mystery she is forced to solve, especially as it overwhelms her as the days wane. The boy appears in two places at once, then three, until she comes to school to find dozens. Sunset is at the end of her rope when she stands face to face with him, the real him, unconscious within the portal leading to Equestria. As adamant as she is to help anyone in need of help, is it wrong to think that Princess Twilight Sparkle can deal with him? Let Sunset figure out the rest of her life with rampant Equestrian magic first? All she has to do is push him further into the portal, into Equestria. But she isn't that kind of person, and pulls him into her world instead.

Takes place after Kingdom Hearts III, and contains heavy spoilers for that game!

A complete rewrite of my previous story Kingdom Hearts: Friendship's Turmoil. As such, it has no connection nor bearing to this story besides a similar premise. This story does not require any other readings to enjoy.

Sunset Shimmer vector by Uponia
Sunset Shimmer's Necklace vector by CurvesandLines
Sora Illustration cut-out by SubjectULTIMA

Chapters (10)

( Chapter proofreading by: Pinkiepierocks and MD stephen51991 )

Yen Sid, receives a message from an old friend of his asking for the assistance of a Keyblade Bearer. Dark and mysterious happenings have suddenly started appearing in Equestria. Sora is sent on a mission to take care of the situation starting by looking for the world's key hole and locking it. As a request on Yen Sid's part, Sora will also remain there for a year to train and unlock abilities he never knew he had to prepare him for 2nd attempt at the Mark of Mastery and become a Keyblade Master. However, he will need the help of his new friends to activate it until he can learn to do it on his own. Of course this doesn't mean he'll be the only one getting something out of this exchange. His friends will be gaining some new powers along with him. The question is, will they be able to take on the Darkness that is slowly making it's presence known to Equestria. One thing is certain: Things are gonna get crazy with Sora and the Elements of Harmony.

I do now own Kingdom Hearts or My Little Pony nor do I own any pictures that you see in the story.

I do not own the background music, and it is optional for the reader to play them at certain parts of the story, you are free to not click on them if you feel like it. they are there basically help with the atmosphere of parts of the story.

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They Mayans predicted that the world would end on 2012. Most of humanity replied with Chaos and violence , but some treated it like a normal day.
Such as a group of friends who passed the test of god and earned the right to an amazing adventure.
Follow this rag tag group of friends as they continue the legacy of the Foretellers.

Crossover with Equestria Girls and Kingdom Hearts.

Takes place before the first movie.

Collabs with:
A Wielder and His Students by Golden Flare
Balance by BioQuillFiction
Keybearer by Chaos Nightmare
Life of a Nobody by Xinrick
Keys to the Harmony by Lancerot

Chapters (36)

Was originally on Lancerot's page, but he has handed over to me to continue, as he is busy with the BS that is life throwing crap at everyone.

Eclipse. That is my name. Or at least now it is. You know how it is, bla bla bla tragic\boring story bla bla bla end of the world, I'm spared you get the gist. I get a keyblade, get sent to equestria but here's the kick in the nuts. I'm reborn as a pony with all my human memories. And I mean re born, out of the womb kind of reborn.

I HAD TO GO THROUGH PUBERTY AGAIN!!!!! Oh and apparently now that I'm 18 again, apparently The entire Multiverse has be on speed dial.....buck my life.

Crosses over with:
A Wielder and His Students
Life of A Nobody

Chapters (40)

There was a time when I thought that there were no other realities. Well I was wrong. Me, a random college student, was sent to a world of sentient multicolored ponies, and all I had left were the bad memories of my life on Earth and my clothes.

This will be a Kingdom Hearts crossover, but it won't happen in the first chapter.

Chapters (15)

Sora was an average teenage boy, though average was an understatement. At the age of fourteen, he was thrust into a battle between light and darkness, wielding a mystical weapon known as the Keyblade, saving worlds from creatures known as the Heartless and finding his friends, Riku and Kairi. He has saved the universe many times from the Heartless, saved Kingdom Hearts from being controlled by those with evil intentions, and has made new friends in each world he visited.

However, he fails his mark of mastery exam after almost getting himself killed by Xehanort's younger self, needing to be rescued by his friends as Riku and Kairi become Keyblade Masters. Needing more training before he can retake his exam, Master Yen Sid gives him coordinates to somewhere in the galaxy, though the information on what was there or why was unanswered, obeying his teacher. But as he was close to reaching the coordinates, his own gummi ship, which he crafted on his own while on a break a week prior to his exam's failure, malfunctions for some unknown reason and crashes into the world of Equestria.

With no way to make it back home, and Equestria too far from the rest of the worlds to contact his friends or fix his ship, Sora is stranded on this new world until someone realized he's been missing. Until then, he's going to have to fit in, his magic transforming his body into being a part of the world like in many others he visited in the past, and be patient. Little does he know that there were also dangers that lurked in this world, aside from any Heartless that may appear.

Sora's story takes place after the events of Dream Drop Distance, his adventures beginning in Equestria before the season 1 premiere of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Kingdom Hearts is owned by Square Enix and Disney. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro.

EDIT: Those who are new to this story, there are links in a majority of the chapters where they lead to soundtracks of Kingdom Hearts to help build an atmosphere in the story. Sadly, most of them may come up as dead links because those videos had been taken down by the YouTuber for some reason, even if there are some still active by that same person, or they'll be gone as well if they happen again. With how many chapters I've put in this story, and how many links there might be, I don't have the patience to take them down or find new links with the right music I chose for those moments if I can remember which ones. So, up until Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree (Part 3), ignore the links, as much as I hate to say that with the hard work I've done. Hopefully this crossover will be as enjoyable without music as it keeps on going. :twilightsmile:

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The end has come, The Mayan calendar was right and the end of the world has come, not in a mysterious planet X or a asteroid that could wipe us all out it came from earths inhabitants Man. Riots are happening in the streets of every major city and the governments can barely contain them.

But that isn't the focus of the story the focus is about me a survivor see the Mayan Calendar was a test by god believe it or not, the test was to see who would remain passive on this day and I passed. Now I get some powers and to go to a new world. Unfortunately I never chose the world and just asked to be sent to one at random.

Preread by Rikusorasephiroth
Edited and rewriten by Kye Belmont
Cover art by Caprisias

Chapters (20)

Displaced Fic
You know the deal, probably to the point that the descriptions themselves have become cliche, but here it goes. I went to a convention as Roxas from Kingdom hearts. After dealing with the merchant, I found myself in the land of Equestria from My Little Pony, around the time when Discord was first imprisoned. Being an avid fan, I decided to help Celestia and Luna imprison him. After that, we became friends. But after certain painful events, I found I couldn't face them anymore. So I left. And vowed never to return.

Chapters (31)
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