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This story is a sequel to The Second Pony in Space

Long ago, Starswirl the Bearded created a time travel spell. Nopony has ever traveled through time without the use of that spell. Except for one.

Rainbow Dash has returned to Equestria, and nothing makes sense. She knows the pegasus that visited her, but if Rainbow had been gone for ninety two years, she should be dead. And she knows that purple unicorn, but she should be an alicorn and look different. Her dragon should look different too.

But Nightmare Moon returns, and Rainbow and her new friends need to go obtain the Elements of Harmony to stop her from causing eternal night. But Rainbow doesn't want to send Princess Luna back to the moon again, and needs to show why she represents the Element of Loyalty.

Loyalty isn't always easy for everypony, but maybe Rainbow can make it look like it is...

This is the second story in the Shadow-Dashverse. Reading the previous story is highly recommended to understand what's going on.

Thanks everyone!

2/19/17 One thousand views! Thanks for reading!

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This story is a sequel to The First Pony to Time Travel Without a Spell

Rainbow Dash has become an alicorn Princess, but there's still so much that she needs to do. A cutie-mark-removing unicorn, out of control vines that even Discord can't stop, and a power-hungry centaur are just the start. Plus, a certain entity just doesn't seem to leave no matter what...

Starlight Glimmer is Rainbow's friend, and Rainbow gave her a promise. She needs to stop her world's Starlight from going down the same path of revenge as her friend. But it's hard to explain this to somepony that you see in so many different lights. Especially since her world's Starlight doesn't believe in the multiverse.

And Discord is going to be in so much trouble by the time this is all done.

"Twilight, for the third time, I'm sorry I stole your alicorn-ness! ... What do you mean you don't mind? Then why have you been complaining about it?!?"

This is the third story in the Shadow-Dashverse. Reading the previous two stories are highly recommended for better comprehension.

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Nightmare Moon was the first pony in space. The next documented pony in space was Princess Celestia, from when she had been sent to the sun when Nightmare Moon returned. There was a pony before Princess Celestia who went into space. She was undocumented. Who?

This is the first story in the Shadow-Dashverse.

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