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All of Equestria is united in celebration for the return of their beloved Princess Nightmare Moon. But when Celestia and everypony else recieve her she's skeletally starved, filthy, and very nearly dead. Meanwhile, while everypony's eye is turned, a lusty Blueblood pursues Twilight Sparkle, intent on adding her bloodline to his own so his family might step closer to godhood. (Alternate Universe, there never was a Princess Luna)

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Sequel to The Return of Princess Nightmare Moon! After having made a full medical recovery Princess Nightmare Moon tries her hoof at wooing one of her subjects, Nurse Bandaid. Meanwhile, Chrysalis returns to feed on Celestia, still vying for the position of godhood. (Coverart by Mewaponny!)

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This story is a sequel to The Affection of Princess Nightmare Moon

Sequel to "The Return of Princess Nightmare Moon" and "The Affection of Princess Nightmare Moon".

An unknown villain tries to pit Princess Nightmare Moon and Queen Chrysalis into another battle. Nurse Bandaid is caught in the middle. All the while Celestia is distracted with personal matters and Court Vizier Twilight Sparkle must try to run Canterlot on her own. Discord is unaccounted for, but he loves his sisters dearly. Who is pulling the strings of conflict between the five Children of Faust?

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