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This story is a sequel to Discovering Friendship

Hello everyone! I don't know how well this will reach you all, but hopefully things are made clear. If you are confused, just ask and we'll explain!

An 'interactive story' with the Characters from Discovering Friendship explaining things about how their worlds works. Chapters will correspond to questions asked of me and each character. Will also be answering questions from the comments section.

This story is written in the format of Rarity's Fun Facts from Beauty and the Beat

Image taken from Derpibooru and is by PoisonicPen
Rated Teen as some topics the characters will speak about are darker than others.

Chapters (23)
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Comments ( 85 )

dear applejack what would happen if i say the name of sweet apple acres in vain?

ooc like taking the name of texas in vain

Why are you such a science-lacking faggot?

twilight do you think with enough mana you could go to a diffrent dimention where you could meet a diffrent version of yourself like a version of you thats a mother,changeling, vampire, and so on

you can expect a lot of questions out of me just a heads up cause i am a very curious person now on to the question you mentioned sweetie belle when talking about vampires is she one and on the same note are the rest of the cmc vampires as well?

I do intend to have the characters answer this question. Before that I have a question - have you read Discovering Friendship already? These characters are from that story/universe

i have not for i did not know this was a "sequel"

Thats fine. Was just wondering for when I post the answer for your question :twilightsmile:

I am an utterly biased party as I wrote it.

Yes, Yes I do. It is actually my biggest story right now.

alright i'll get right on reading it but be sure i will have more questions to come for i am a lore nut

Applejack! Rarity!! How did you two get together? You're an amazing couple and I wanna know the story! Also Rares, I know you don't like needing blood as a vamp, especially from AJ, but I'm sure she's more than happy to help you when you need it, don't be so hesitant darling!

scootaloo my question is does useing magic have a risk of bring back that bird people disease (I can't remember your species name sorry about that)

Sweetie how do you feel about Octavia and AJ?

question for pinkie if you are undead has that caused any issues out side of the whole getting shot thing

you are quickly becoming one of my favorite author's with this question story really neat and super interactive

Spike did you really have a crush on Rarity when you first saw her or was that part of your cover?

...Is there a reason why you do NOT link to Discovering Friendship in the synopsis?

it was complained about the last time I did it, but I don't see the harm in it at this point.


I remember Vinyl mentioning something about the blood of someone you love being much more.... invigorating? Strengthening? Than regular blood from others... is that true? Does Applejacks blood give you more power than others? Also how exactly does that work?

And another question for you darling: I understand how you don't want to be a fighter and how uncouth it is for such a fashion forward woman like yourself, but don't you think training with Vinyl might be a good idea? Especially if you had Applejack there with you? It could be a good way for you to learn more and become much stronger, plus the two of you could train together and find a cohesion between the two of you. And while I understand that a lady doesn't fight, and being saved is always nice, I can't imagine how you would feel darling if something were to happen to Applejack and you couldn't do anything to stop it... no offense, Applejack. You are very capable in your own rights, but I feel the two of you together would be an unstoppable duo, and you should encourage Rarity to be as strong and beautiful as she can be!

PS: Saro, this is tons of fun! Interacting with your characters has been very unique and I hope it helps inspire you to write more!

Twilight why dose your world have more advance technology then other worlds is magic and science the same thing

i has question for fluttershy sorry if this seems a bit out there I asked in a prevision question about diffrent dimensions does being a chaoticin (that how its pronounced?) make it easier to look or does it not matter?

twilight hows the research into other dimensions coming along

Celestia if Pinkie is descended from you does that make her royalty or some form of nobility?

sorry for the freqent question just the nature of my way i guess tho that may have something to do with the fact that i worship the dadric prince of knowledge but besides the point what where the original terrens/titains/ whate ever created the races like?

wait if (nox or was is nyx?) was born from twilights blood does that make her twilights daughter?

creation lore everypony whoot I wonder if there device can see video's cause I have some footage of ancent being's and I wanted to know if these are from you're world or not seeing as it's difficult to managemultiverse information at time's oh yes the question are these being (assuming you can see them) the titans that you described if not then wel i'm sure rainbow enjoyed the fight

um to anyone who want to answer, "what is meaning of life"......"also how old is spike, luna, and celeitia or is that something you just don't ask??"

Rainbow how fast are you compared to Spitfire?

Pinkie dear, have you ever had a crush on Rainbow Dash? If I remember correctly I could've sworn there were others who believed this may have been true as well.... I think... Rarity? said something that hinted at that... (sidenote: I actually think you and Dash would be an amazing and adorable couple.... no offense to Twi of course. Her and Dash work in an interesting dynamic as well, just wanted to throw it out there. :) )

I wonder if the portal to there world has closed?

I wonder if nix (or is it nox?) would feel if she knew what her sister is up too to get her back

I never did get one question answered about that potential titian fight oh well maybe next time

Previous chapter, first two lines. Celestia and Spike answered that.
(and it's Nyx)

while it is similur I was asking if that was what the titains looked like and/or if thats how the battles took place


From my understanding those beings are 'Pokemon' and share no resemblance with the Titans.

No. They technically held their battles in a sort of purgatory before Terra(the world)was created and a fight amongst them would literally shatter a world on the first blow. Which is why they settle their differences with their creations instead.

fair enough but those three are the closest I have to a mental image of the titians so that's staying as head cannon

how big of a party is pinkie pie planning

Vinyl since of our three resident vampires you're the most likely to answer without fluster why exactly did your sisters get embarrassed about talking about biting in front of their friends or to put it another way exactly how intimate is the act of biting and drinking your lover's blood to vampires?

I have a vampire to tend to

i honetly thought that would of been a vampire to slay

are Trixie and Twilight related?

Twilight would you take a chance to meet a different version of yourself?

pinkie pie can you die? but a happy follow up question what would you name a possible future kid/kids (one per gender if possible)

Pinkie how'd you feel when you learned Celestia is your multi great grandmother?

nox nyx? which ever is the correct one besides a princess/queen what would you wanna be when you grow up

wow I have asked a lot of questions

Rarity not calling you a bad caretaker or anything but don't you think you might have overreacted a tad when Vinyl showed up? I mean she probably intended to send Sweetie back to you after she got her powers under control.
Follow up: when you and AJ were still keeping your relationship a secret what kind of dates would you go on?

Ah altered memories forgot about that

i'm glad to see you back in action

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