• Published 20th Nov 2019
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My Little Crusader - King Rose

[Displaced] How long as it been? How long has it been since I was frozen in time, since I arrived here? I don't know. But I do know, that this place needs my help, and as a Crusader. I will do my duty. My name was lost, but my title... Is Greifhardt.

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My Little Crusader- Prologue

??? POV

Okay, where do I begin? Well I guess it’d be fitting to start this story off where it really began. At the BlizzCon in California. Don’t ask my name, because I can’t remember it. But I was dressed up as my favorite Overwatch character, and the one I main. Reinhardt. Yup, I was dressed up as the tank himself, but I had on the Greifhardt armor, which was the armor I used in the game. I had every part of the armor in place and I nailed it down to the detail, but due to focusing too much on the armor, I forgot the most important part of Rein. His hammer. I forgot, his fucking hammer. I had given myself so much shit because of this fact, but I had a contingency plan. I brought my entire life savings, in order to hopefully find and buy the Greifhardt hammer.

After being in the Con, for several hours and looking and searching, I found nothing. No, Greifhardt hammer. I was about to give up hope when I saw it. Sitting there on a table next to many more items from different fandoms and for different hero’s sitting there. I was elated, and I didn’t care what the price was, I wanted that hammer. So, I walked over there and stood at the table for a few seconds before a man dressed as McCree, walked up.

“Howdy, partner. What can I do for ya?” He asked using McCree’s voice.

Just as I was about to answer, he pointed to a sign that read: ‘Purchases must be bought in character.’ And so, I answered in character: “Hello, my friend! I would like to purchase this magnificent hammer you have here!” I enthusiastically told him, in my best Rein impression.

“Well, you can’t have a crusader without his hammer, so I’ll take… $150 for it.” He told me.

“Wait, what? I mean, Really? Just for $150? This hammer seems handcrafted!” I asked breaking character for only a second.

He nodded and I shrugged, taking out my wallet and handing him $250. He looked at me questionably, and I just gave him a gesture saying, “Keep the change.” and I picked up the hammer. I could feel the mossy texture, and its sleek design. The spikes looked real, and I was smiling like a giddy child. But as soon as I turned to say thanks, the entire stall where I bought the hammer, was gone. My eyes widened and I turned around, only to fall unconscious. I fell backwards, and I thought I was going to hit the ground and fall on my back, but instead… I fell into a chair. As my eyes drooped and became heavy, I could make out a soft voice saying, “Cryostasis engaged.” I looked around to see my newly bought hammer leaning against the arm of the chair, or the throne really, and I let my head fall to the side, and I slumped over, frozen in time. Cryogenically preserved. Asleep.

“What on Earth?” I mumbled, before succumbing to sleep, only barely noticing my voice gaining an accent.

Hundreds of Years Later- Third POV

As the armor sat there unmoving, and having been unmoved for hundreds of years, and the throne room being hidden by an unknown force, moss had grown over the armor, and its hammer had plants growing and ensnaring it, gripping the hammer keeping it in place. Then a purple and beautiful butterfly flew over to the overgrown giant, landing on its crested helmet. The armor's hand suddenly flinched upwards, before resting back into place. The sudden motion causing the butterfly to fly away, but only mere seconds after the butterfly flew away, voices were heard.

"Sweetie Belle hurry!" A young voice called.

"We can hide in here!" A different and southern, but still young voice pointed out.

Then following the voices and into the ruins of the throne room, entered three small fillies. The first, was an orange furred pegasus, with a magenta mane, and tail, with small stunted wings. The second was a normal filly, wearing a big red bow, and having a red mane, and tail and tan white fur. The last was a unicorn, with white fur, and a light purple mane and tail. They were all dressed in flower girl dresses, like they had been at a wedding. They looked scared, frightened and terrified, like something was chasing them. Because something was. The fillies ran and looked desperately for something to hide behind.

"Over here!" The unicorn whisper-yelled.

They all then galloped silently and hid behind the gigantic hammer, which was three times the size of their own figures. They all huddled behind the hammer, and stayed silent as many bug ponies entered the room, their wings buzzing, throats hissing, and venom dripping from their sharpened teeth. These were Changelings, and they were out for blood. They had already taken the capital, and the Elements were captured. These were the last ponies left, who were not captured. One Changeling motioned the swarm to find the fillies, and in almost no time, they were found.

"Hey! Let us go!" The pegasus filly named Scootaloo cried.

The earth pony Applebloom, and the unicorn Sweetie Belle, only cried tears of fear and sorrow as the lead Changeling approached the fearful fillies, he lifted Scootaloo's head up to have her eyes meet his. Her eyes were filled with fearful rage, while his emanated with disgusting lust.

"Well, well, well. Such a cute little pegasus~." He swooned as the rest of the swarm agreed. "What do you say boys? Want to have a little fun~?" He asked as the swarm all gained looks of lustful intent.

It was disgusting. The armored giant that sat on the throne watched, and inside the helmet of the giant... a voice softly awoke, and spoke.

"Ugh..." The voice, known as Athena woke. "What in the world happened? Wait." Athena whispered as she turned her digital eyes to look at the disgusting scene that was about to play. Her sensors registered this as one thing. One truly disgusting thing. Rape. Athena was appalled and began to look for a way to help, when she registered who's face she met in the helmet.

His face was old and his hair white as snow. He had a scar going down his right eye, blinding it and his beard was white as snow. Athena looked through the armor's operating systems and found what she was looking for.

"Reinhardt awaken!" She spoke softly. "This world needs you! Disengage Cryostasis!" Athena called within the helmet.

All throughout the suit, a warming heat began to generate, defrosting the cryo-frost. The sleeping giant was no longer sleeping.

Reinhardt's POV

I awoke slowly, and was met with a small figure. She looked like Cortana from Halo, but she wore a dress.

"Please! Hurry Reinhardt!" She yelled softly.

That voice. It was Athena! The A.I from Overwatch. What was she doing here? Before I could speak, I noticed two things. The first being that I was in a throne room, ruined from time, and my hammer was gripped by vines. The second... Three little fillies about to be raped by Changelings. How did I know they were Changelings? Well because I, am a motherfucking Brony. And the three fillies were Scootaloo, Applebloom, and Sweetie Belle. The CMC. This was most likely the Canterlot Wedding, but no time for that. I slowly but tightly gripped the arms of the throne I sat upon, and my anger rose higher with each passing second. Then a HUD formed in my sight, and it showed my health and abilities, all of which were Reinhardt's, and they were all deactivated. All except one. I let out an evil smile and I had an idea.

"Athena?" I whispered quietly, as said A.I appeared on my HUD. "Can you amplify my voice to make it sound like I'm everywhere?"

She was confused at first, but swiftly realized my plan, she nodded and activated the speakers, which were miraculously still operational. So, I set my plan in motion.

Third POV

As the lead Changeling licked his lips in a disgusting and suggestive manner, Scootaloo became afraid. She didn't want to be violated. And least of all would she want her friends violated. She began to hyperventilate.

"WHO DARES TO DIRTY MY RESTING GROUNDS?" A booming voice, deeper than Big Mac's, and more commanding than Celestia's bellowed. It sounded as if it came from everywhere.

"Who the tartarus? Where are you? What are you!?" The lead Changeling screamed.

"LOOK AT THE THRONE YOU DISGUSTING FILTH!" The voice commanded, and so everyone did. Only to see gleaming blue eyes pierce through everyone's soul. The owner of these eyes was none other than the ruined armor. "YOU HAVE SINNED IN FRONT OF ME! YOU TRIED TO DESECRATE THIS SACRED PLACE!?" The booming voice roared, causing everyone to flinch in fear. "YOU SHALL NOW, FACE! MY! WRATH!" The voice boomed as the armor began to twitch, struggle, and finally break free of the vines and plants that held it in place.

Working out the joints, the armored giant stood to its full height of seven feet, four inches, and towered over everyone. The Changelings wide eyed with fear, and the giant reached out its massive hand, and placed it onto the handle of the hammer. With ferocious strength, the giant ripped the hammer from its resting place, and it held the massive weapon menacingly. The giant slowly began to approach the swarm in front of it without fear. While inside the helmet Reinhardt was grinning like a mad man.

"What're you all so scared of?! It's just a hunk of junk!!" A brave Changeling cried. "Let me show you how it's done you cowards!!!" He then shot himself at Reinhardt who didn't move an inch.

The Changeling used his magic and amplified his strength to an amount which an adult dragon would be thrown on their ass. The Changeling struck Reinhardt and large amount of dust flew up from everywhere, but with that strength, at least a small amount of rubble should've been created. But no such thing happened. Not even a pebble moved. And when the dust cleared, all the Changelings were scared stiff. They expected a few things, but this wasn't one of them.

"Is that all you had to offer?"Reinhardt asked darkly.

The dust cleared to reveal the Changeling's hoof resting harmlessly on the armor of the giant. The armor didn't even have a scratch. It was unharmed, and not even the moss on the armor was disturbed. The Changeling took several steps back and looked fearfully at the towering giant.

"You three fillies best close your eyes." Reinhardt spoke, to which the CMC responded by closing their eyes tightly.

Reinhardt raised his hammer up, and swung it down with impossible speeds, and the hammer impacted the Changeling's side, causing the Changeling to explode into bloody pieces. Organs flew everywhere, and lime green blood splattered all over the throne room floor. Fleshy remains of the once whole Changeling scattered everywhere. The same lime green blood, rested messily on the hammer which blew the Changeling into pieces. Several other Changelings leaned over and threw up what was once their lunch onto the ground at the brutal scene before them. The rest were all sweating heavily, and they were all frozen in fear. Reinhardt didn't show mercy. He killed mercilessly.

"Y-You bastard!!" A Changeling cried as the rest landed on the ground, running at Reinhardt to attack him.

"You fillies move out of the way now!!" Rein yelled to the CMC, to which they speedily ran behind the crusader.

Their fatal mistake was running straight at the crusader, because the crusader raised his hammer above his head and the rockets inside the hammer activated and blasted with a shit ton of force, but Reinhardt kept it in place. He was charging it, and when the rockets were at their utmost limit, he swung the hammer to the ground.


Next up: Crusade Into Canterlot

Author's Note:

Hello everyone, it is I, King Rose! I had an idea for this when I started to play Overwatch again a while ago. It just wouldn't leave me and I have high hopes for this story. I hope you enjoy what this has to offer, and till next time I bid you all Adue~

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