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My Little Crusader - King Rose

[Displaced] How long as it been? How long has it been since I was frozen in time, since I arrived here? I don't know. But I do know, that this place needs my help, and as a Crusader. I will do my duty. My name was lost, but my title... Is Greifhardt.

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Crusade Into Canterlot

My Little Crusader- Crusade Into Canterlot

Third POV


Reinhardt, the once sleeping giant who had waken to find the CMC almost being violated, had slammed his hammer down onto the ground and it was as if the entire world had slowed into a crawl. Reinhardt’s hammer struck the ground and fiery bolts of lightning danced across the ground, like a wonderous ballet. And like a tree, the crackling rips in the ground grew until it encompassed the entire Changeling horde which tried to run at The Crusader. Then, swiftly, a massive shockwave of sound, wind, and pure unrestrained strength ripped through more than eighty percent of the Changeling horde, scattering flesh, carapace, lime-green blood, and organs everywhere and blinding some of the remaining horde with the blood of their brethren.

Reinhardt then heard Athena speak to him: “Reinhardt, the rest of your abilities activated!” She exclaimed.

Reinhardt’s face went into one of slight embarrassment: “Right… So… It seems that I’ve forgotten how to use them.” Reinhardt told the A.I.

“Figures.” Athena sighed. “To use your Fire Strike ability, just use your rocket hammer and swing upwards. That’ll be all I can explain right now, because you need to pay attention to your battle!” Athena screamed at him.

Reinhardt rolled his one good eye and gripped the handle of the hammer with both hands, before tearing it out of the ground and rocketing it upwards creating an arc of flames which burned through twelve more Changelings and wounded several others.

Reinhardt ran at the remaining Changelings and swung his hammer horizontally and obliterated dozens of blinded Changelings before the rest had regained their sight and began to fly around The Crusader. Reinhardt looked around and watched the Changelings swarm around him and try to confuse him. Unfortunately, one of these Changelings tried to attack him, prompting Reinhardt to catch his attacker’s body with his colossal hand. Struggling in Reinhardt’s grip the Changeling blasted his captor with a large stream of venomous magic, directly into Reinhardt’s face. But in retaliation to this attempt, Reinhardt simply crushed the Changeling in his grip, snapping bones and killing the bugger instantly.

The CMC watched terrified, as the once ruined giant came alive and protected them. But they also watched as the moving armor murdered hundreds of Changelings, right before their eyes. Suddenly one of the Changelings that was previously swarming the iron giant, bulleted towards the cowering CMC. Sweetie Belle released a blood curdling shriek of terror as the Changeling tried to attack the fillies.

“Oh, hell no! No, you don’t!!!” Reinhardt bellowed roughly.

Reinhardt reached out and tried to grab the Changeling advancing towards the CMC but was stopped as the Changelings surrounding him sped up greatly, causing his vision to be cut off. Reinhardt growled as he spun around trying to look for a way out of the tornado encompassing him.

The CMC backed away as the Changeling advanced towards them slowly. Applebloom looked around hastily trying to find something to help defend them, until her eyes landed upon a ruined eagle head laying a few feet away from her. With her remaining courage, Applebloom grabbed the eagle and struggled to lift it in front of her, and her friends.

“Oh, what’s that gonna do? Turn me to stone?” The Changeling cackled as he lunged at the CMC, his fangs barred and primed to rip apart the fillies.

Applebloom tightly shut her eyes and wrapped her hooves tightly around the eagle head until a defiant crack of energy resonated. One second… Two seconds… Ten seconds… Fifteen seconds had passed as Applebloom waited for her end, but it never came. She slowly opened her eyes to see a brilliant, and vibrant blue shield emitting from the ruined eagle head. The shield cut deep into the ground and lying unconscious against the shield was the Changeling that tried to attack them.

“Whoa!” Scootaloo drooled upon seeing the shield.

Sweetie Belle looked at the shield in thought before looking at the swarmed Reinhardt.

“Applebloom!” Sweetie called. “Try releasing your grip on the eagle head.”

In response Applebloom did what was asked, and released her grip, causing the energy shield to immediately vanish back into the eagle head.

“Sweetie!” Applebloom gasped. “Can you throw this to that giant using yer’ magic?” She asked.

“I’ll try.” Sweetie said nervously.

Sweetie activated her magic and slowly lifted the shield, her pale-gold aura struggling to lift the enormous shield. She then built up the kinetic energy using a magical blast and sent the eagle head shield roaring into the tornado, where it disappeared. Ten agonizing seconds later, a familiar blue glow emitted from the center of the tornado. Then the swarm of Changelings surrounding Reinhardt exploded, or rather, they became bugs on a windshield due to the speed they were going at when they hit the energy field. This eliminated all but one Changeling, the one that tried to attack the CMC, but was knocked out.

“Well, that was one weird wake up. I think.” Reinhardt mumbled. “Do you fillies have any rope or something?” Reinhardt asked the CMC.

“Sorry, but we didn’t know there was going to be an invasion.” Scootaloo replied to Reinhardt coldly, still cautious about the ruined giant.

“Now let’s see…” Reinhardt grumbled while looking at the throne. “Ah-ha! Here we are!” Reinhardt exclaimed.

The Crusader then picked up the cloth laying on the throne and tied it tightly around the unconscious Changeling. Reinhardt then looked back to the CMC as his adrenaline vanished and the realization hit his brain.

“Wait… Where the hell am I?” Reinhardt asked with confusion written all over his words.

“Well, yer’ in Canterlot. The capital of Equestira.” Applebloom told the confused giant. “By the way, what’s yer’ name mister giant?” The Earth Pony asked.

“Why, my name is-!” Reinhardt paused as he tried to remember his real name but came up empty. He does remember his life before getting here but his name was the only thing that he couldn’t find but he could find his last name. So, he decided to screw it and say the only other name that was proper. “My name is Reinhardt Lancer. And I’m pretty sure I’m in a different dimension.” Reinhardt sighed.

“Different dimension?” Sweetie asked.

“Never mind that, I’ll explain later but for now. We need to interrogate this bug to find out some information.” Reinhardt told them as said Changeling began to stir.

The Changeling slowly opened his eyes to see that he was tied up and looking down at him was a very pissed Reinhardt. The Changeling whimpered in confusion, as it had no clue what the hell was going on. Reinhardt noticed his confusion and saw that his eye color had changed. Instead of their previous venomous green, they were an innocent and lovely blue.

“W-What’s going on? W-Who are you? W-Where am I?!” The Changeling in question cried out with fear.

“Hey, hey, calm down.” Reinhardt told the Changeling while leaning his hammer on the arm of the throne. “What’s the last thing you remember?” Reinhardt asked much to the confusion of the CMC.

“The last thing I remember was walking with one of my friends at the park when suddenly I was pulled into a green portal! My friends tried to help me, but they were unable to save me. Next thing I know, I’m tied up and you are towering over me!” The Changeling explained.

“That sounds like… No that was three years ago.” Reinhardt mumbled. “What’s your name?” He asked.

“M-My name? I-It’s Servo, Servo Charger.” Servo answered causing Reinhardt Lancer to gasp slightly. “But, what does that have to do with anything?” Servo asked.

“Did you happen to have a friend; whose last name was ‘Lancer’?” Reinhardt asked.

“Yeah. Heh, he was a huge Reinhardt fan. We planned to go to BlizzCon together but then I was sucked through that portal. I don’t know how much time has passed but… I hope he didn’t forget me.” Servo sighed sadly.

“I… I didn’t my friend. I didn’t.” Reinhardt spoke sorrowfully.

“What?” Servo asked snapping his head up. “W-Will?” Servo asked, disbelief written throughout his eyes.

“I-I guess that’s my name… Will, eh?” Reinhardt/Will said.

“Di-Did you not remember your own name?” Servo asked with a small chuckle, as Reinhardt/Will untied his best friend turned Changeling.

“You remember the Displaced on FimFiction, right?” Reinhardt/Will asked, to which Servo nodded. “Well, I think I’m now a Displaced!” Reinhardt/Will suggested.

“Well, take the damned helmet off and we can see!” Servo laughed as tears formed in his eyes.

Reinhardt/Will chuckled and raised his hands to his helmet, then a loud hiss erupted from the helmet and Reinhardt/Will’s face was revealed to look like the real Reinhardt. This caused Servo and Reinhardt/Will to laugh uncontrollably and the two best friends started to cry uncontrollably at the same time.

“W-Well, I’ll be d-damned! You a-are a Displaced!” Servo laughed.

“C’mere you!” Reinhardt/Will laughed as he wrapped his armored arms around Servo, who returned the hug with his Changeling hooves.

The CMC watched as long-lost friends reunited, and then something strange began to happen. Servo began to glow! Neither he nor Reinhardt/Will cared so they ignored it. Then, Servo’s carapace color began to change. It went from a sickening black to a melting silver, and his eyes remained their innocent and calm light blue, but his wings transformed into, not that of a normal Changeling no, but that of a dragon’s wings, and his hooves no longer had any holes in them, and his mane and tail were a mystifying glittering gold color. He was embracing love! After the glow had faded, Reinhardt/Will had a look at Servo’s new look and he chuckled.

“I like the new look, my friend! By the way, what should I be called now that I know my real name? Or should I just put my first name into Reinhardt’s name?” He asked.

“Hmmm… How about… Reinhardt William Lancer? I think it sounds good.” Servo said while wiping away his excess tears.

“I like it!” Reinhardt exclaimed happily while his tears dried.

Applebloom then decided to speak up as she had gotten worried for her family.

“Mister Lacer? Mister Charger? Can we hurry this up? We need to save Canterlot!” Applebloom reminded the friends.

“Right, let’s get out of this throne room first.” Reinhardt told them, while placing his helmet back on, and lifting his hammer.

The five of them made their way out of the throne room and found themselves looking over a terrible sight. Reinhardt grit his teeth and growled at what was playing out before him, even the moss that had been lying dormant upon the ruined giant’s armor for several centuries, was pissed. Billowing pillars of smoke choked the sky of its original clearness and swarming throughout the Capital, was thousands upon millions of Changelings, and the screams of terror riding through the air caused Servo to look on in disgust, but the most horrifying sight, was the of the castle. It had been devilishly warped into a make-shift hive!

“Servo….” Reinhardt whispered to his best friend who was sitting on his shoulder. “This was not, what happened in the show.” Reinhardt told Servo in a whisper so that the CMC couldn’t hear.

“We have to help.” Servo told Rein.

“Then what are we waiting for.” Reinhardt stated darkly. Not asked but stated. “But first, you all need to get into my hand.” Rein told them as the CMC complied, albeit confused, but complied, nonetheless. Once Servo had gotten into Reinhardt’s colossal hand, Reinhardt looked to Athena. “Athena, how fast can you get us to that castle?” He asked.

“How fast do you need to be there?” She asked while frowning deeply at the terrifying scene.

“Get us there ASAP.” Reinhardt told her.

“Then you better hold on to that hammer, because it’s going to get bumpy.” She told him.

Reinhardt gripped his hammer with all he had, while the moss and vines gave him extra grip. Then, Rein’s armor’s booster jet activated and glowed a rusted gold, before bursting and sending Reinhardt, who was holding Servo and the CMC close to his chest, rocketing off leaving a trail of blue energy behind. Reinhardt armor rattled from the G-Force winds that pressed on him trying to slow him down, as Servo held the CMC close to him, shielding them from the harmful winds. The Canterlot castle was growing closer with each second and Reinhardt’s anger grew. He wondered if the Elements of Harmony had been captured yet and if so, why haven’t they released Cadence yet? Questions like these swam through Rein’s head but were disregarded when he arrived at the castle gate.

“Athena, kill the jet!!” Rein called as the jet stopped pulsating with energy.

Reinhardt had to think fast. If he didn’t stop soon, he would crash right into the wedding room, destroying everything, but if he did stop there was a chance Servo and the CMC would be injured. Suddenly, an idea came to mind. As Rein skidded across the castle floor and through the hallway, he lifted his spiked hammer, and slammed it down onto the hallway floor, ripping and tearing through the stone and concrete used to construct this once great castle. The wedding room door was coming up fast, and Reinhardt braced himself, and the others for the impact. Reinhardt then had something come to mind, which he’s always wanted to say. So, he opened his mouth just before impact.

Inside the Wedding Room- Thirty Seconds Before Impact- Cadence’s POV

All was lost. Auntie was defeated and cocooned, Twilight and her friends were captured, and their magic was inhibited, my sweet Shinning… was being controlled and Chrysalis had won. She laughed manically and boasted of her victory.


“Please Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo… Get help.” I whispered, praying for salvation.

Then my ears perked up and my head raised to look at the door. I could hear a faint pulsating of energy, and it seemed like the others could too, because they all looked to the door, as the sound stopped, and was swiftly replaced by the growing sound of stone, marble, and concrete being ripped from the ground. Louder, louder and louder the sound grew until it was right at the door. My eyes widened as the door exploded into rubble, dust filled the room, and I heard an indescribably pissed voice roared:

”Are you ready!?!?! HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Third POV

The rubble of what was once the door flew and was scattered everywhere. A chunk of rubble flew right towards where Chrysalis was hovering but before it struck her, she blasted it with a stream of magic. Chrysalis looked at what was once the door in anger, and shock. In the dust cloud she watched as a colossal figure place four other figures down onto the ground. The colossal figure then slowly closed the gap between the two, each step shaking the room around them.

“You dare to attack your new Queen, insolent beast?!?!” Chrysalis roared at the figure who then stopped at the edge of the dust cloud. “Who do you think you are?!” She demanded.

“I am the hammer of justice!” The figure bellowed back, startling Chrysalis with the deep tone and loud roar. “I am the one who will bring about your judgment!” The figure continued as the dust settled, revealing the armored giant, Reinhardt.

Celestia who was still encased in the cocoon gasped with shock and surprise. Twilight’s eyes widened as a legend as old as Nightmare Moon, stood in front of her. Cadence gasped as she was filled with hope when the dust revealed the CMC, but she was also filled with a mixture of fear and curiosity when standing with the CMC was a silver, dragon-winged Changeling. The rest of the Elements were all the same, utter shock and confusion. They didn’t know who or what had just crashed into the room, all they knew was that it opposes Chrysalis, and that meant it was an ally.

Reinhardt stood in front of the Changeling Queen with determination and rage. His grip tightened around his hammer and after taking deep breath in, he exhaled and looked back up. He then charged forward, letting out a battle cry Reinhardt swung his hammer at the tyrant Queen, in response, Chrysalis launched back to avoid being hit by the hammer and hovered in the air. Tearing his hammer from the ground, Reinhardt swung it upwards, trying to hit Chrysalis with a Fire Strike. Taking the Queen by surprise, Chrysalis only barely missed getting burnt before setting up a shield and stopping the Fire attack but had gotten burnt because of the late timing. In retaliation she blasted a large beam of magic directly at the Crusader who lifted his left arm up into the air to defend himself, and tightened his fist, activating the Energy Shield. As Chrysalis continued to fire the beam at Reinhardt, the Crusader kept up the Field only to see it starting to crack. Reinhardt quickly shut down the Field and swiftly turned to the side to avoid being hit. The blast was sent straight into the ground behind Rein and taking Chrysalis by surprise he sent a colossal fist straight into the Queen’s side, causing her to cough up lime-green blood and sending her crashing into a pillar.

Taking advantage of the other Changeling’s attention towards the fight, Servo and the CMC snuck over to where Cadence was being held.

“You girls get the Elements out. I’ll release Cadence.” Servo whispered, gaining a response from the CMC nodding.

Servo turned to find Cadence fearfully looking at him, to which he ignored and focused his mind to releasing Cadence. Then a silver beam of silent magic quickly erupted from his horn and burnt away the slime trapping Cadence. Surprised, Cadence’s attention was regained by Servo quickly motioning towards Shinning Armor. Nodding, Cadence carefully walked over towards her corrupted fiancé and tried to get him to snap out of it. But it wasn’t working.

Reinhardt used his Charge ability to try and crush Chrysalis, but the Queen was too quick and jumped out of the way in time, causing Reinhardt to demolish the pillar. Turning around to reengage Chrysalis, he was met with a piece of the broken pillar to the chest. Letting out a growl of pain, Reinhardt swung his hammer down onto the pillar, destroying it. Using the destroyed pieces of the pillar, Chrysalis sent the chunks of marble flying at Reinhardt. Retaliating, Reinhardt activated his Shield again, and it looked charged and ready to be used again. Struggling against the constant bombardment, Reinhardt slowly marched his way towards the Queen, and slowly but surely, he had made his way to the Queen. Swiftly deactivating his Shield, Reinhardt grabbed Chrysalis, causing her to yelp with pain, as he threw her into another pillar. Taking a breather due to the exhaustion of fighting, this allowed Chrysalis to launch herself at the Crusader. Striking the Crusader, Reinhardt was launched into a pillar behind him and roared with pain, and in rage Reinhardt slammed his helmet into Chrysalis’ face, causing an audible crack to reverberate through the room.

“GAH!” Chrysalis cried in pain.

Chrysalis stumbled back in pain, as lime-green blood leaked from her muzzle. Using this chance, Reinhardt stood back up and used the back of his hammer hitting Chrysalis in the stomach, sending Chrysalis into the ceiling. After landing weakly on the floor, Reinhardt and Chrysalis both gasped for breath, and they looked at each other in a standstill.

“Please Shinning… Come back to me.” Cadence pleaded as she hugged Shinning’s neck.

As she did, a spark of her magic was transferred was into Shinning and this snapped him out of his mind-control. He looked around dizzily and confused.

“W-Wha? Where? Is the wedding over?” Shinning asked dazed.

When Cadence explained to him what had happened, he tried to activate the shield around the capital, but he was out of magic. So, Cadence used her love to give him some magic. A pink circle of magic surrounded the two and they started to emit massive amounts of love magic. Chrysalis gasped at the amount of love magic that was pulsating and was being pushed back from the castle. Reinhardt knew what was going to happen and ran over and blocked Servo from the magic. Chrysalis screamed as she was forced out of the capital and thrown into the badlands. Once the magical pulses ended, Reinhardt and Servo looked back to see all of the Main Six, Princess Cadence and Celestia as well as Shinning Armor looking at them, with several Royal Guards walking up beside them.

“Well, this is awkward.” Servo stated plainly.

As soon as Servo said that, all the guards raised their spears aimed at Servo’s neck, causing him to yelp in surprise.

“Halt! Filthy creature!! You are under arrest!” One of the guards yelled.

“Like hell he is!” Reinhardt stated as he slammed the butt of his hammer on the ground. “He is my good friend, and if you dare to threaten him, I will do to you what I did to Chrysalis!” Reinhardt roared.

“Then you are under arrest to creature!” The same guard yelled back.

“NO!” The CMC all yelled together as they stood defensively in front of Reinhardt and Servo.

“You can’t arrest them! They helped save Canterlot!” Applebloom yelled.

“Yeah, and plus, Reinhardt wouldn’t let himself get arrested!” Scootaloo added.

“And Servo was forcefully taken from his home!” Sweetie argued.

Rainbow, Rarity, and Applejack looked at their sisters, or in Rainbow’s case surrogate sister, with shock and disappointment: “Sweetie Belle! Get back over here! You don’t know if that Changeling could still be with Chrysalis, or if that… Thing, is working with her!” Rarity scolded. “Now get over here!”

“No!!” Sweetie yelled. “Reinhardt is not working with Chrysalis! You saw what he did to her, and Servo freed Cadence, allowing her to get to Shinning Armor! And on top of that Reinhardt saved us from a swarm of Changelings at the throne room in the mountain!” Sweetie defended the two.

“Now c’mon fillies, you don’t know what yer’ talking about.” Applejack reasoned. “Now get away from them.”

“Would all of you, SHUT UP!!!!!!!!” Reinhardt screamed. “You three, am I correct to assume that you are the older sisters of these three fillies?”

“Yeah, that’s right! What does that have to do with anything!?” Rainbow Dash demanded.

“Well, I just thought that you’d want to know that the swarm they said I defended them from was about to violate them before I woke up.” Reinhardt told everyone darkly.

Hearing this caused the room to die in silence. Rainbow, Rarity, and Applejack were in a state of shock, rage, and fear. Twilight, her brother, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and the princesses were in a state of horror. The guards were just in shock.

“W-What do you mean, Violate?” Fluttershy asked shakily.

“I mean, that the swarm was going to rape them. Right in front of my cryogenically preserved body. Till I woke up.” Reinhardt answered her.

“To find that a legend saved those three little fillies. It’s truly a miracle.” Celestia said.

“What do you mean ‘Legend’, Princess?” Pinkie asked.

“Everypony, may I introduce to you, The Ruined Crusader. The first Royal Guard in all of Equestria.” Celestia announced, to literally everyone’s shock. Including Servo and Reinhardt.

“But, Princess! That’s impossible! The Ruined Crusader died in Eichenwald! How is he still alive?!” Twilight asked.

Reinhardt looked down to Servo, who just gave him a shrug. Being tired of all the yelling, Reinhardt lifted his hammer and slammed the butt of it back onto the ground, causing everyone to quiet down.

“If you all want, I could lead you to where I slept.” Reinhardt told them with exhaustion etched in his voice.

“That would be nice thank you.” Celestia responded with a bow.

“Rise… I don’t like being formal. Just… follow me.” Reinhardt told them.

And so, with several Royal Guards including Shinning Armor, the Princesses now including Luna, the Main Six including Spike, and the CMC followed Reinhardt and Servo up the Canterlot Mountain, and after an hour, they arrived at a ruined castle which was barely noticeable. It was Eichenwald Castle. They all entered through the broken gate and entered the throne room, where everyone except the CMC Reinhardt and Servo, was horrified, at seeing so much Changeling blood and corpses. A few guards even fainted.

“W-What in Equestria happened here?” Celestia asked shakily.

“I’ve told you the answer to that already…” Reinhardt began cryptically while his eye glowed the same piercing blue. “I. Woke. Up.” Reinhardt said while walking up to the throne.

Reinhardt placed the cloth that was used to tie up Servo before back onto the throne and laid his hammer back where it laid before he woke up, and slowly he sat down, landing in the throne with a loud clunk.

“Are you okay Will?” Servo asked.

“I’m fine Servo. Just... Just tired is all.” Reinhardt told him.

“Umm… E-Excuse me?” Fluttershy asked slowly walking up to Servo.

“Is there something you need?” Servo responded.

“W-Why is y-your friend sleeping on the t-throne?” She asked. “And w-where are you going to sleep?”

“Well, back home, he would usually sleep wherever. Me, him and another guy were roommates, and we all quickly became friends. Though weird thing began to happen around us. It started with our friend named, Alex. He was sucked into a red portal, then I was sucked into a green portal. I don’t know how Will got here, but… If Alex ended up here, we have to find him.” Servo explained. “And as for where I’m going to sleep? Well I guess I’ll just sleep here somewhere.” Servo told her.

“No, you’ll be sleeping in a jail cell.” The same private from before stated.

Before Servo could retaliate, they all heard a hissing sound. Turning back to Reinhardt, his armor was letting out steam, and the front parts of it was opening to reveal a very muscular sixty-year-old man, who was wearing an all-white undershirt with grey jeans. Covering his entire body were scars, most notable, was a long scar going across his left eye, causing it to go faded white, and blinding it, and on his feet were grey military boots. The man walked over to the private who was three feet smaller than him, and after stopping in front of the private leaned down to him.

“If you ever disrespect me, or my family in Eichenwald ever again, this will be the last face you ever see. Do I make myself clear?” The man, known as Reinhardt, asked with a commanding tone.

“Y-Yes sir.” The private whimpered.

“I didn’t hear you.” Reinhardt told him getting closer to the private, essentially towering over the cowering pony.

“Y-Yes sir!” The private finally sputtered out.

“Good.” Reinhardt nodded while walking into a different room, with Luna, Celestia and Cadence following.

“What art thou looking for Reinhardt?” Luna asked.

“I’m looking for a bed.” Reinhardt told her while removing the wood from something, revealing it to be a bed, in somehow, an almost perfect condition.

“How is it that you survived all these years?” Celestia asked.

“That is because Commander Reinhardt was placed into Cryostasis.” A voice responded.

“Who said that!?” Cadence asked while looking around startled.

“That would be me.” The voice said while a moss-covered screen turned on, near the bed.

“Ah! Athena, I see you were able to access the limited tech here.” Reinhardt smiled. “Could you do a little research for me?” Rein asked.

“Sure, what do you need?” Athena asked.

“Whatever you can get. Historical records, locations, everything. Focus mainly on magical anomalies more specifically, with Dragons. Look up the name Alex Torch. Get it to me in the morning, and make sure Servo found a place to sleep. Also… Celestia?” Reinhardt listed before turning to the Alicorn. “I’ll need a little help restoring this place to its original beauty. Though, I would like to keep the ruined aspect. So, the walls, floor, gate, roof, windows, etc. will need to be restored, but don’t get rid of the moss or vines.” He told her.

“If I may ask, what do you plan to do here?” Celestia asked.

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m gonna live here with Servo, and hopefully Alex too.” Reinhardt told her.

“Well, this was your resting place for so long, so I guess it’s only fitting. But would you like help cleaning up the bodies in the throne room?” She asked.

“Nah, I’ll do it myself.” Reinhardt told her. “Got to get the muscles used to running again. That was the most fighting I’ve done in a long ass time.” He chuckled while brushing the dust off the bed. “I’ll take a nap before going back down and celebrating with you and the others. Just let me rest for a while, even though I’ve been resting for such a long time.”

The Princesses nodded and all but Celestia left. Her usual smile fading as Luna and Cadence left.

“Is there something you need Celestia?” Reinhardt asked.

“Yes… I need to know something. I need to know, why? Why did you leave? Why did you leave us?” Celestia asked as tears begun to drip down her cheeks. “Why did you leave us when we needed you most? Why?” Celestia asked as tears ran down her cheeks.

Reinhardt watched with sympathy and guilt. For what reason he didn’t know but before his conscious could do anything, his body and voice acted on its own. Reinhardt’s body engulfed the crying Princess in a comforting hug, and he ran his fingers through her mane.

“I left because I had too.” Reinhardt told her as the mind of William watched on in confused sympathy. “I didn’t want to leave you, you have to believe me, but I was forced to. It was either leave or watch you all die. I’m sorry, I really am. But I can’t remember much from back then. I hope you can forgive me.” Reinhardt told Celestia. “Are you calm now?” He asked gaining a nod from the Princess. “Good, now go and be with everyone. You need some rest too. I’ll see you at the party.” Reinhardt told her, and Will regaining control over his body.

Reinhardt ignored it and climbed into the bed. After taking his boots off, he pulled up the covers and closed his eyes and begun to nap.

As Reinhardt’s armor sat upon the throne, a small breeze blew past it blowing leaves in front of it, which spelled out these words: My Little Crusader. And the scene faded into black leaving only a few faint words.

To Be Continued…

Next Time: Crusade To The Party

Author's Note:

Hello everyone! It is I! King Rose, with a new chapter to My Little Crusader! This will likely be the last story I update for a little while, due to Thanksgiving being almost in no time at all away, but still. I hope you enjoy this chapter! It's one of my more... Detailed chapters. But till next time, I bid you all, Adue~

I do not own anything except for Servo Charger. Reinhardt and Athena belongs to Blizzard, and MLP belongs to hasbro. The video doesn't belong to me either, I just thought the music went well with it.

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