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Hi everyone my name is Daniel and I am a huge Pokemon fan and mlp fan so when I was on fimfiction and looking what was new I found another user was randomizing people to see what three Pokemon they got and could use it for what ever so I did it I just didn't think it would send me to equestria and running away from twilight all the time

Pokemon DNA Injection and story idea is by: DisplacedWriter thank u for the randomize

Chapters (2)

Spike constantly goes around doing self-absorbed, rude things, yet somehow nopony notices! Score!


Chapters (1)

After a dozen books and twice as many adventures, there was little that could out-puzzle Daring Do. Ancient tombs, civilizations long forgotten, dastardly villains—she'd seen and bested them all. There wasn't a single adventure she hadn't conquered.

Though, as always, Rainbow Dash succeeds at proving to be the exception to the rule.

Preread by Carabutt and Jondor.

Cover art by Rossby Waves.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to How Could You Want A Pony Like Me

Tempest and Twilight have been together for almost a year and Tempest has now moved in with Twilight and enjoying life but what happens when a little battle happens at the Gala

Chapters (1)

Star Tracker had always wanted friends. He never thought he'd win a prize to spend the day with the Princess of Friendship as an honourary family member aboard the zeppelin cruise.

Now, it seems like he would not leave Twilight Sparkle alone.

Though annoyed, she starts to wonder.

(Warning: slightly spoiler-y for those who have not seen Once Upon a Zeppelin yet. Star Tracker and everypony mentioned in this fic belongs to Hasbro. WHERE IS HIS CHARACTER TAG??
Also, this fanfic ships Twilight and Star Tracker platonically.)

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Gordon Freeman's Side Trip To Equestria

What promised to be just another day filled with royal duties, politics and politicians, Princess Celestia instead find herself trapped by an unknown, briefcase carrying individual who sends her away to keep her from interfering with Gordon Freeman's story as he journeys across Equestria to find his trusted crowbar.

Of course, this story is not about Gordon Freeman, but Princess Celestia, and she's no longer in Equestria... except at the beginning of chapter one where she is sitting on her throne, waiting for this thing to get started while thinking about cake... Oh, right. Spoilers.

But taken away by this unknown and powerful being, Celestia now finds herself in a strange facility, with a stranger device, and an even stranger disembodied voice desperately trying to kill her. And during all of this, there is only one pressing matter on her mind, besides of finding a way back home: Is the cake truly a lie?

She's determined to find out.

If you've read the previous fic, you know what to expect. If not, go and read the previous fic first. Though it is not required to understand the story told.

Chapters (3)

You're probably wondering how I, Chase Vander Dussen, a simple archaeology major/adventurer, ended up in Equestria. Well, shut your traps and let me tell you. Stuck in a new strange world, I must learn how to survive myself and this strange land of Technicolor ponies. Yippee me. By some freak accident, I am spirited away to a land far from Earth. Now I must survive this new land with just my wits, my resolve, my will, my hat, and more importantly, my whip.

What doesn't really help me, is the fact that I came alone, scared and have no clue what to do now that I'm here. At least the first pony I encounter is Twilight. She seems reasonable.

Rated Teen for mild swearing

Chapters (6)

Tempest and Twilight have been dating a few weeks and a group of ponies have made Tempest question her new life and realtionship with Twilight.

(Minor spoilers for MLP Movie and Season 7 Final)

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Dead Heart

After the incidents on Nightmare Night, Jonathan has more or less adjusted to life in Equestria - but he misses his magical abilities, an essential part of his special talent. So he returns to his homeworld to get a wand. Twilight Sparkle and Arcus Tangens, eager to strengthen the new bonds of friendship, decide to join him on his quest. They have no idea how valuable their discoveries are and how far both the living and the undead will go to use them to their advantage...

Rated Teen for violence, language, and mildly suggestive behavior.

World of Warcraft belongs to Blizzard Entertainment.

Chapters (10)

The inspiration for this story came to me after seeing a picture of Harry, Hermione and Ron in the immediate aftermath of being accidentally transformed into ponies by Hermione. I hope you all enjoy it.

Chapters (2)
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