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Hello my name is Ben I have been a Brony for a good 5 or so months and have done some Alpha and Omega fanfic on fanfiction and now think on doing some MLP storys


This story is a sequel to Tempest's Princess

Tempest and Twilight couldn't be happier with there love life till Tempest gives birth to their new son Ben Sparkle

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also please make more chapters for this story

I Like, But why do not you show the wedding ??

I thought it may be a boring story but I may make a wedding one or add it to my new Story for them both which will have more then one chapter

and if it is a story that counts for ben ??

Why is their son named "Ben"?

8475238 i agree i love ben

I am in agreement on this. While I have no quarrel with the name Ben in real life. 'Ben' is not a pony name, it doesn't have multiple syllables and explain what the pony is going to do in their life or anything...

I haven'T read them yet, but I already think they are to short to be "that" good.

I'll be honest I don't really have any good names for their kid so just called him my rl name XD

Somehow I expected Twilight to be the one giving birth to their baby.
When I started thinking for a name for him, I had the words

"war,Twilight, Twist, Dark, Fizzle and stuff like that in my head, something that maybe shows a connection to the other two.

War Twist?
okay I'll be honest and I'm to lazy to think further about it since it is done already.

It was a nice start, I hope you add an adoption to your new story too, maybe even before they actually get together, this would creat a different situation as well. Maybe Tempest would rescue one foal from an accident and somehow he get's really attaced to her which might annoyes her at first. I just like to think about an adoption story where they don't get along right away and the mother learns to love him after a while.
The idea came to me when I thought about a...(how do they call it?....) lonely and grumpy character, like a deserted soldier?, that walks through the woods finding a filly that is really scared and traumatized, only trusting that one Mare for that one reason and not wanting anyone else near her.

That's a good idea I might add it to my new story and also I let Tempest have the child since she is a commander and more tuff mare etc so thought she should have the foal

Hhhmmm now that you say it, I just imaged her acting like that clumsy father that is affraid to break the baby if he touches it.

I hope you don't missunderstand my comments, because I know how easy it is to do that with written words, I tried my best to explain it to you right away and even if I should complain I end up liking it anyway most of the time. However my opinion is my opinion and I'm not trying to say that it means less because of it.

he was there son

I think you mean he was their son. I noticed this multiple times throughout your story. I like the story but the word usage problem is very noticeable and it would make it more enjoyable if it were fixed.

Tempest and Twilight's Son: The first question that comes to my mind: HOW? Twilight Made it with her Horn or learn a become male?? :rainbowderp:

What was all that about? :twilightoops:

Totally agree with you, this story could've used a bit of auto-correct to really make it better....... And more understandable :twilightsheepish:

A reading has been made of this awesome fic here!

I loved it! Your voice is so nice!!!

Cute but needs some edits.

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