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This story is a sequel to Ofolrodi

" Is it bad that this line made me want a Shell vs Sera fight scene? "


He said, I dreamt, I wrote from 830-930 AM and here we are.

Seraphimus vs Shell, just because!

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Comments ( 8 )

This makes me very happy. The battle just needs to go on for another twelve chapters and we'll have a proper Easthorse fight scene.


I'm glad you like.

It's also my first written fight scene.

And we have fanfic of fanfic at last! <3

How deep will this go?

That's what she said!

But it's just about Rainbow's internal struggle right after she finally falls asleep in the latest chapter this chapter.

I was only actually jesting about recursive fanfics. I'll read this one when I catch up.

I do this thing in Oblivion where I cast area-of-effect Frenzy and watch everyone fight each other over the right to kill me while I kick back and watch

...well, this is new

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