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One with the Sand

I just like to write some things and some stuff.


Oh boy, how a normal day can change so quick. It's a wonder how I'm still a sane man, but I've got the people I surround myself with to thank for that, and one wonderful girl.

It'll be a while before I get passed what I had, but with what I've got now, I think I'll manage to make the transfer.

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How do I know this story won't die after only one chapter?

That's a super valid question; however, the only answer I can give is that I've started to pick up old hobbies again, this being one of them. I'd love to keep you entertained, and I'll try my best to keep updates coming. My personal schedule is a bit hectic though, so I can't give a solid update schedule. I'll finish this story, I just can't be sure how long it'll take currently.

I see sex and romance tagged.

Half-life 3 confirmed.

If that's all it took, Half life would be on it's 568th installment, and Gabe Newell would be supreme overload of mankind.


Just more motive to travel between dimensions.

Also, I NEED MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I appreciate the enthusiasm, and I'll do my best to deliver!



Also, nice have a chat with the author.

Now this, is a new spin on things and I like it. I’ll track this and see where it goes.

Thank ya, I tried to break off from the norm slightly. It's definitely gonna be a challenge to my skills though because it's been quite a while since I've done any kind of writing. I'll do my best to keep your interest!

Has potential and seriously there isn't enough SSXhuman male fics.

I'll be keeping an eye on this!

Thanks, I'll be trying my hardest to make that potential blossom! It's gonna be an interesting test for me. Hope to keep ya entertained!

Alright the story so far is keeping me invested in the MCs I'll keep an eye on this for updates have a like.


Overall better than most shit.

Not liking the shipping.

My waifu.

Lol, I understand you there. I feel more comfortable writing with an unknown character though. It allows me to build the character from scratch, and, hopefully, establish a connection to the reader. I can tell his story without anyone knowing about him, kinda like meeting someone for the first time. If I can do that, even a bit, then I know I've improved at least a little.

Glad to hear it! It's turning out much better than I thought. I guess the years I've had off from writing have allowed me to saturate the things I've learned into mah brain lol. I'll do my best to keep ya entertained!

Can't wait to see the others reactions to Aaron

I have a little something planned that should make it interesting. Longer chapter coming up as well, so it'll be just a bit longer before it's up. I won't make y'all wait too long though!

Okay, so this isn't a bad story in my opinion. It's nice to see a "human in EQG" story from time to time.

One critique I have is that it's a bit tell and not show.

Another one being that I feel Aaron was a little quick to accepting the new reality. Then again, I'm the one to talk because I did something like that in a similar story in the past.

I feel you're on a decent tack with this story. My advice would be to submit this in some Fimfiction groups that specialized in writing critiques, editing, writing help, etc. They can give you some constructive feedback and points to improve your story.

Best of luck to you and looking forward to seeing more of this story,

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